Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Memory: End – Breaking the promise

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Shi Hao quickly pushed the door and got out of the car. Within a few seconds, all eight people in the two cars had gathered on the side of the road. They passed through the large gap in the guardrail and looked down to see the SUV going straight, crashing into the big tree and going crooked.

“Sh*t…” Shi Hao couldn’t help but marvel, he didn’t expect those two to go crazy like this; being double-teamed by the front and back, their first reaction was not to stop, but to speed up and change lanes. However, the speed was too fast, they got out of control, and rushed down the cliff.

“Boss! It seems to be burning!” A man reported after seeing black smoke rising from the front of the car.

Hu Ren’s face was so black that water was dripping, he raised his hand and ordered sharply, “Go down and save the people!”

After speaking, he took the lead and slid down the gap in the guardrail. The rest quickly followed.

Hu Ren arrived first and found that the windows and doors were locked tightly. He tried to pull the door, but to no avail. He took a half step back and searched for something to break the window, but found that there was not even a stone around.

“F*ck!” He cursed loudly and instructed his subordinates, “Look for something that can smash the window!”

Several people turned around. The rest came to the boss’s side.

“Boss!” Suddenly the person who discovered the black smoke said again, “It wasn’t the car that was burning, it was the grass. It seemed that someone threw a lighter in the grass.”

“What?” Fortunately, at this time, his subordinates found a hammer. Hu Ren grabbed the hammer and knocked hard against the window.

The glass shattered with the sound, and Hu Ren knocked away the broken glass, finally revealing a hole, allowing a glimpse of the inside of the car.

– There was no one in the car.

“They ran away.” Hu Ren’s tone was unexpectedly calm.

After a second of delay, he let out a sigh of relief and ordered: “Search! They shouldn’t have ran far, search around here!” 

A few hundred meters away, Qin Miao was in front, Chu Suiyun was half a step behind him, and the two were moving forward silently.

On the road just now, they were blocked by two cars in front and behind. Qin Miao wanted to stop, but was stopped by Chu Suiyun.

Then Qin Miao saw a scene that he could never forget in his life. Chu Suiyun said to himself firmly and loudly: “Accelerate, turn, then let’s rush off the road. We’ll pretend to be in a car accident, throw the car and run away.”

His expression was calm to the extreme , but the words he said were insanely bold.

Qin Miao was shocked for a moment. Chu Suiyun always acted a bit too crazy in times of crisis. He was kidnapped in the beginning, but his reaction was to find a way to escape, not just waiting with his hands tied.

There was no time to hesitate now. Qin Miao decided to listen to Chu Suiyun’s words for once. He clenched the steering wheel and said to Chu Suiyun in a deep voice, “Sit firmly.

The SUV was like a ferocious beast attacking the enemy; it broke through the guard rail, nearly self-destructing as it hit the steep slope.

Unlike a car that was really accelerating out of control, Qin Miao controlled the car to slow down just before it rushed down, and then without even realizing it, he quickly unfastened his seat belt and leaned over to protect Chu Suiyun.

The vehicle eventually hit a large tree and successfully stopped.

When the car hit the tree, the speed of the car was already very low, and neither of them was injured. After reacting, they got out of the car and left immediately. Before leaving, Chu Suiyun lit the lighter that Qin Miao carried with him and threw it into the car.

This deliberate “accident” bought them several minutes to escape.

They walked through the woods at full speed for five minutes. Qin Miao walked ahead to clear the way, and Chu Suiyun followed closely.


Suddenly there was a strange sound behind him, Qin Miao looked back and found that Chu Suiyun had fallen to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Qin Miao walked quickly to him, wrapped his arms around him and helped him up.

“Qin Miao…” Chu Suiyun lowered his head, his voice was low, mixed with panting, and then he slowly raised his head and looked at Qin Miao.

“I seem to have passive heat,” he said.

Qin Miao was surprised: “How come? It’s been more than an hour… Could it be that you have been enduring it?”

Chu Suiyun had not shown passive heat symptoms this entire time, and Qin Miao thought he would not have a reaction.

“I felt it half an hour ago.” Chu Suiyun explained, “I may have been a little dull and didn’t notice.”

Qin Miao gritted his teeth, stood up and observed the surrounding environment. He saw a small dirt pile that was tightly covered by vegetation.

He carried Chu Suiyun up and walked towards the area: “We can’t hide here, let’s find a place to hide first.”

“Sorry.” Chu Suiyun was depressed, consciously aware he was causing trouble.

“It’s not your fault.” Qin Miao replied.

After the two came to the small dirt pile, the vegetation was overgrown, vaguely covering most of their figures. Qin Miao helped Chu Suiyun to sit behind the small pile, and then sat on the side himself.

At this time, Qin Miao was very fortunate that he stopped Chu Suiyun from tearing off the barrier patch before leaving, otherwise the group of people would find them by following the smell.

“Can you persevere?” Qin Miao asked.

“Yes, but it’s not very comfortable.” Chu Suiyun replied, and then he hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Can you, can you hug me a little?”

Qin Miao knelt down in front of him and took him into his arms. Chu Suiyun put his head on Qin Miao’s shoulder, and unconsciously rubbed his cheek against his clothes.

“In the car just now. I have contacted my eldest brother, he will come to pick us up. We just need to hide for a while, so as not to be discovered by those people.” Qin Miao spoke in Chu Suiyun’s ear, “You endure it for a while.”

“En…” Chu Suiyun replied in a muffled voice.

Seeing that he even closed his eyes, Qin Miao deeply doubted that this person could listen to his words at all.

Qin Miao sighed helplessly, and pushed Chu Suiyun’s chin a little bit forcefully, forcing him to look directly at himself. He asked again: “Did you hear me?

Chu Suiyun’s face was flushed red and he compliantly responded: “Yes.” 

Two noses were facing each other with the other’s breath hot on the other’s face. Qin Miao leaned a little closer, tilted his head slightly, and kissed Chu Suiyun’s lips that were extra rosy because of the heat.

Chu Suiyun, who was caught in the heat, instinctively chased after Qin Miao, with the tip of his tongue across his teeth, looking forward to a deeper contact. But Qin Miao remained sensible and did not let him in. Instead, he stopped and immediately grabbed Chu Suiyun’s chin and pulled the person away.

“I’ll take you home.”

Qin Miao promised him again. He was always repeating this sentence because he was uneasy, and he could only strengthen himself through this repetition: “Then we…”

Halfway through his words, he was stopped by Chu Suiyun’s kiss. Qin Miao raised his eyes and saw that Chu Suiyun’s eyes were unclear and blurry; this person might not know what he was talking about at this time.

So Qin Miao swallowed the second half of the sentence back into his stomach, raised his hand and smoothed the hair behind Chu Suiyun’s head.

“Let’s go, let’s find out if there is someone nearby, maybe we can find an inhibitor.”

Twenty minutes later.

Qin Miao carried Chu Suiyun on his back and walked slowly among the trees. A few hundred meters in front of them, they could already see a solitary dwelling.

Chu Suiyun wrapped his arms around Qin Miao’s shoulders and neck, hanging around his chest, his lips just touching the glands on the side of his neck.

Qin Miao noticed the soft touch on the back of his neck, and warned, “You are not allowed to bite.”

Chu Suiyun quickly straightened his neck: “I didn’t.”

Seeing his reaction, Qin Miao almost felt like laughing out loud.

The two walked for a few more minutes and successfully arrived at the residence. There was a little girl feeding chickens in the yard, and she was really startled when she saw them both. Then the little girl shouted: “Dad! Two strange big brothers have come to our house.”

The people in the house heard the movement and came out. When Qin Miao saw the man, he let out a long sigh of relief, heaven never bars one’s way.

That person was an Alpha.

Qin Miao put Chu Suiyun down, explained the situation to the owner of the house, and asked if they had any inhibitors, and that he was willing to buy one.

Alphas and Omegas usually have inhibitors in their homes. The black and thin Alpha in the house immediately said yes, and then went back to the room to get the inhibitors.

Flower Snake Island’s inhibitors were very old, the kind that Yun Country had discontinued many years ago, because there was a chance of side effects. But in the current situation, Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao couldn’t be picky.

Qin Miao took the inhibitor and wanted to pay for it. The host directly said that it would be fine to use it since it was an emergency, and did not ask for their money.

Qin Miao turned on the inhibitor, walked to Chu Suiyun, and asked, “Are you allergic to inhibitors?” 

Chu Suiyun thought for a moment and replied, “I shouldn’t be.”

Qin Miao lifted up Chu Suiyun’s sleeves and gave him the injection in a slightly unfamiliar manner.

After Hu Ren and the others discovered that Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao had escaped, they immediately launched a search.

They searched for five minutes in the nearby woods, but found nothing. Hu Ren received a call first. After hanging up the phone, he immediately took away the team and organized everyone back to the main road to wait.

Two minutes later, a convoy of five cars appeared in unison and stopped in front of Hu Ren and the others in an orderly manner. The person from the driver’s seat of the leading car trotted to open the rear door.

An expensive leather shoe stepped on the ground, and then a tall and straight man got out of the car.

“Boss.” Hu Ren walked over.

The man was about forty years old, and the corners of his eyes had traces left by the years he had experienced. When he saw Hu Ren, he asked lightly: “What’s going on? Why are so many people searching for so many days with no results?”

Hu Ren felt ashamed: “When we blocked them, the young master’s car broke through the guardrail. Now the car is still down there, but no one is present.” 

The man frowned, walked quickly to the side of the road, looked down at the bottom of the hillside, and saw the SUV collided against the tree trunk.

“Search for him.” The man’s voice was cold and stern, “You have more than 20 people, even if you have to search every inch of this island, you will find them for me.”

“Yes!” All the subordinates took the orders.

With so many people, they could find anything quickly. Soon Shi Hao found a residence, which was very conspicuous on this sparsely populated island.

Shi Hao had an intuition that their target was likely to be hidden in this dwelling.

There was a little girl in the yard teasing a dog and feeding the chickens. Shi Hao walked over with a smile and asked, “Little girl, is it okay for brother to ask you a question? Have you seen a stranger come to your house today?” 

When the girl saw Shi Hao, she suddenly ran into the house, shouting as she ran, “Dad! Another strange big brother has come to our house!”

Upon hearing this, Shi Hao knew he had found the right place, and immediately contacted the boss. A few minutes later, more than 20 people surrounded this small residential area.

In the woods behind the residential house, Qin Miao hid behind a big tree with Chu Suiyun on his back. He had already heard the movement from the yard.

At this time, Chu Suiyun frowned with an uncomfortable expression, and leaned on Qin Miao’s body, his consciousness sluggish.

Qin Miao never thought that Chu Suiyun would be one of the few people who would react to an inhibitor. Chu Suiyun had never used an inhibitor before, and he didn’t know anything about it. Minutes after the injection, he developed severe side effects.

Qin Miao put Chu Suiyun against the tree, knelt in front of him, and wiped the sweat off his face.

His brother sent a message a minute ago that the helicopter was ready and asked Qin Miao to find an open space and wait. But they were now on the top of the mountain, Chu Suiyun had lost the ability to move again, and there was no way to find an open area.

The sound of shoes stepping on fallen leaves came from behind, Qin Miao did not turn around, he knew that the chasing troops had arrived and they were completely defeated in this pursuit.

Chu Tian came out from the crowd, looked at Qin Miao’s back with cold eyes, and ordered in Yun Country dialect: “Get away from him.”

Qin Miao turned around and looked at Chu Tian unexpectedly with a frosty face.

When Zhao Kai found Qin Miao, he was the only one.

The air flow brought by the helicopter rolled the soft grass stalks into the air. Zhao Kai walked down from the cabin and ran to Qin Miao’s side almost in a tumble. He so anxious, the young man was about to cry.


Qin Miao put one hand in his pocket and looked at Zhao Kai with a faint smile: “What are you doing? Mourning?”

“Bah!” Zhao Kai said angrily, “Do you know that while you were messing around, the family was in a mess? Yet you still have the energy to talk to me, look at you, what a mess!”

With it being summer, Qin Miao’s clothes were thin, and Qin Miao walked through the woods for almost an hour, so his body was very dirty and in a sorry state. 

“D*mn it, did you have a fight with someone who was chasing you?” Zhao Kai shouted, “Richie is too crazy, d*mn it.”

Zhao Kai was talking about the redness and swelling at the corner of Qin Miao’s mouth, which was split, clearly punched by someone.

“No.” Qin Miao denied, “It’s not Richie who was chasing me.”

“Who was it?”

Qin Miao shook his head, walked towards the helicopter, and urged, “Come on, do you really care? I’m exhausted, let’s go back quickly.”

Being reminded by him, Zhao Kai reacted and immediately followed: “Yes, yes, let’s go home first. I think my aunt will beat you to death this time.” 

The two boarded the helicopter, the plane took off with a roar, and the ground slowly dwindled. Qin Miao turned his head to the side and looked out through the glass. Gradually, the whole island shrank into a small dot in the vast sea.

The wound on the corner of the mouth was aching, it was Chu Tian’s beating.

Qin Miao didn’t fight back, and received the punch silently. He also felt that he should be punched.

Because he still broke his promise after all, he failed to bring Chu Suiyun back home personally. If the person chasing them today was not Chu Tian, but Richie, he and Chu Suiyun would face even more extreme dangers.

He had clearly sworn that he would definitely take him home.

Qin Miao’s conceit finally gave him a ruthless lesson at his most high-spirited age. 

The entire Flower Snake Island became smaller and as they withdrew, they finally disappeared under the clouds.

Everything was over.

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