Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Turn the fake show into reality

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The curtains in Qin Miao’s bedroom were very thick and heavy, even at noon, it was difficult for sunlight to penetrate through, so one could sleep very peacefully. But the person lying in the middle of the big bed at this time was not at all calm. He frowned in discomfort, his eyes kept moving, as if he had fallen into a nightmare and would wake up at any time.

Finally, a headache woke him up. He suddenly opened his eyes, stared at the ceiling for a moment, and his eyes slowly became clear.

Numerous memory fragments rushed into Chu Suiyun’s brain, and his temples jumped.

Chu Suiyun sat up supporting his head and his back against the head of the bed. After a while, the chaotic memories finally returned to their place, forming a complete story.

Ah, he remembered everything, everything about being kidnapped, being taken to the villa, a few crazy passive heats, and being exiled on Flower Snake Island n. He also remembered that in the end it was his father, whom he had not seen for a long time, who suddenly appeared and took him away.

After being taken away by his father, he has been in a state of chaos, and only vaguely remembered that he was first taken to the Federation, and only returned to Yun Country after a few days of hospitalization. When he woke up again, he forgot what happened when he was with Qin Miao before.

After sorting out the memory, Chu Suiyun looked around and found that this was not the old house of the Qin family, but the large flat where Qin Miao always lived.

Before he passed out, it seemed that during the engagement ceremony, Qin Miao suddenly fell into his susceptible period, and then he went to help him… 

But why is he here now, how long has he fainted? Was the engagement ceremony a mess?

Chu Suiyun began to think wildly.

At this moment, there was a “click” sound from the bedroom door, and someone pushed the door open and walked in.

Qin Miao was surprised for a moment when he saw Chu Suiyun who was already awake, and then quickly walked to the bedside and asked, “Are you awake? Is there any discomfort?”

Chu Suiyun shook his head and asked Qin Miao, “Why am I here?”

Qin Miao breathed a sigh of relief, sat down beside the bed, and replied, “You fainted for two days, and I brought you here. A doctor came to see you and said you were fine. But you have not woken up.”

“Two days.” Chu Suiyun was surprised, “That’s really long.”

No wonder he could remember so many things.

“You haven’t eaten anything for two days. I’ll help you prepare something to eat.” Qin Miao was about to get up and go out.

Chu Suiyun suddenly called him: “Qin Miao.”

Qin Miao had a vague premonition and looked back.

Then Chu Suiyun smiled bitterly: “I want to tell you, sorry, for three years ago. I seem to have forgotten a lot of things without realizing.”

His voice slowly flowed out of the warm room on a winter afternoon. With a little guilt, Qin Miao’s eyes were red for a moment.

Qin Miao did not expect that Chu Suiyun would mention three years ago after waking up. In other words, he never really hoped that Chu Suiyun would be able to retrieve the memory of three years ago.

The past was like smoke, although it seemed a little lonely that only one person could cherish that memory, but it was not a good memory after all. The future was still long, so there was no need to dwell on past encounters.

Qin Miao had always thought this way. He thought he didn’t care at all. Anyway, Chu Suiyun was there, and he leaned on him, and one day he could return to him again. Didn’t the facts some time ago also prove this.

He thought he didn’t care, he thought it was all good.

But when he heard Chu Suiyun talking about it, Qin Miao realized how much he longed for Chu Suiyun to remember, and he asked hesitantly: “Do you remember something?”

Chu Suiyun nodded: “I remember it all, about Richie Maxson, Flower Snake Island, and you.”

He said this, slightly raised his head to look at Qin Miao, and his expression was serious. The slightly dim room seemed to be lit up by the faint smile at the corner of his mouth with Qin Miao reflected in his eyes.

An emotion of feeling fortunate rose in Qin Miao’s heart, and then turned into cowardice. He walked back to the bed and asked cautiously, “I want to kiss you, am I still qualified to kiss you?”

Chu Suiyun shook his head first, so Qin Miao thought that he was rejected, and his heart twitched for a moment, but the next second, Chu Suiyun answered his question with his lips that he took the initiative to stick on.

It turned out that him shaking his head meant: without a doubt.

Chu Suiyun’s arms wrapped around Qin Miao’s shoulders and neck, Qin Miao’s palms wrapped around the back of Chu Suiyun’s head, and the two kissed each other.

Different from the deep kisses that were always mixed with desire in the past, this kiss was lingering and gentle.

This continued for a long time, then the two tacitly distanced themselves from each other at the same time, with their noses facing each other and looking at each other deeply.

Qin Miao smiled slightly: “Then are you going to turn the fake show into reality with me now?”

Chu Suiyun thought for a moment and replied, “I’ll think about it.”

“What is there to think about?” Are you not satisfied? Do you still want a trial period?”

“It’s not impossible, I can give you an internship period.” Chu Suiyun said.

The hand on the back of Chu Suiyun’s head withdrew, wrapped around the back of his neck, and said arrogantly: “Impossible, I have never been an intern.”

Chu Suiyun patted his hand away and said with disgust “Look how proud you are.”

Then Chu Suiyun lowered his eyes, hesitated for a moment, and finally said what he had buried in his heart for three years: “Three years ago, I always thought we were just friends with benefits, just the kind for emergencies.”

Three years ago, Chu Suiyun had just become an adult and faced with an Alpha who was older than himself, he was not confident. Qin Miao seemed to be at ease in their relationship, Chu Suiyun thought that in the adult world, this kind of thing was very common. If he made a fuss, he would be at a disadvantage, and he never dared to think about it, thus he disguised himself as being free and easy, and told himself that it was no big deal. When he returned to Yun Country, this relationship will end naturally.

However, it now seemed that the relationship never ended naturally with Qin Miao.

Qin Miao noticed the unease hidden deep in his heart, and tightened his hands, so that Chu Suiyun could feel his body temperature more clearly, then he said in his usual frivolous tone: “Friends with benefit can also develop love after a long time. .”

Qin Miao’s familiar tone made Chu Suiyun immediately recognize how they got along together before, and that unfamiliarity from the memory became fleeting.

So Chu Suiyun, as usual, gave him a blank look and didn’t bother to argue with him.

“Then, little classmate Chu Suiyun.” Qin Miao suddenly stood up, took a half step back and knelt down on one knee beside the bed. He took out a ring box out of nowhere and opened it, revealing the ring that the two of them went to the mall to choose.

“Would you like to turn the act into reality with me?”

The Alpha’s usual confident and frivolous smile reappeared, as if he was in control of everything; he didn’t even consider the outcome of failure. He was extremely confident.

Chu Suiyun did not show a surprised and happy expression like most Omegas who were proposed to in marriage. He did not answer immediately, but smiled, took out the ring from the ring box, put it in front of his eyes and saw his own name in the band.

Then Chu Suiyun grabbed Qin Miao’s hand and put the ring on his left ring finger.

“This ring is yours, so you should wear it well and don’t take it off.” He said, “Since you put the ring on, it’s me asking you to marry me, understand?”

Qin Miao obediently allowed him to put on the ring, and after listening to Chu Suiyun’s words, he pretended to be surprised: “Ah, is this a marriage proposal? Isn’t this a bit rushed, I thought we would spend some more time together first.”

Chu Suiyun listening had his face tighten, and he immediately went to take off the ring: “Do you like it or not.”

Qin Miao quickly softened and held Chu Suiyun’s hand: “I was wrong.”

No matter how many times, Chu Suiyun would be surprised by Qin Miao’s childishness and rogueness. At this time, Qin Miao, who once managed the Qin family and looked older than himself, was clearly acting as a primary school student.

Qin Miao squeezed Chu Suiyun’s hand, and continued after a moment of silence: “At the end of three years ago, you lost consciousness, so when you were taken away by your father, I didn’t even have a chance to tell you— —”

The Alpha raised his eyes, and his usually too sharp eyes became soft at this time: “I’m sorry, I broke my promise, and I didn’t bring you home safely in the end.”

Chu Suiyun wanted to say that he didn’t blame Qin Miao, but he didn’t have time. When he opened his mouth, he heard Qin Miao continue:

“But if we go back three years ago, and you were involved in this matter again, even if I had the chance to help you escape, I would still choose to keep you.”

Chu Suiyun was stunned, and suddenly understood what Qin Miao meant. If it wasn’t for the accident three years ago, or Qin Miao choosing to help him escape at that time, the two of them might never have gotten involved in this life.

“Forgive my selfishness.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Suiyun smiled: “There is no if, what happened, happened, there can be no assumption.” 

The two looked at each other. They seem to have always been like this. They understood each other and have never misunderstood each other. Perhaps because they were both Alphas, they could understand each other’s thoughts even if they don’t speak.

Qin Miao remained in a squatting position, looking up at Chu Suiyun. Chu Suiyun had always known that Qin Miao had an outstanding face, but at this moment, it was still difficult not to feel his heart palpitations so he lowered his head slowly.


Suddenly, a voice belonging to a teenager came from the door.

Chu Muyu was standing at the door of the bedroom at some point, looking into the room with an unexpected face.

Chu Suiyun straightened up abruptly. Qin Miao showed a pity expression.

“Brother, you’re awake!” Chu Muyu didn’t notice the overly tense atmosphere in the bedroom, and walked in.

He walked to the bed and asked with concern, “Do you feel any discomfort?”

Chu Suiyun shook his head again: “I just slept, nothing happened.

“It’s been two days.” Chu Muyu looked at him reproachfully, and then looked at his brother and Qin Miao strangely, “Brother Miao told me that you fainted, so these past two days, I always came to see you when I had the time, and finally waited until you woke up.”

Chu Suiyun suddenly felt a little guilty. He glanced at Qin Miao, and asked with his eyes: “You didn’t tell Xiao Yu how I fainted, right?”

Qin Miao smiled without saying a word, his eyes were meaningful. Chu Suiyun was horrified, he didn’t really want to understand Qin Miao’s eyes.

Chu Muyu didn’t know what was going on, but he felt that he had disturbed the two of them, so he explained a little embarrassedly: “I didn’t want to come in, but Brother Miao left, and I was alone with Aunt Qin, it felt strange. Strange, that’s why…”

Aunt Qin? Chu Suiyun reacted for a second before he understood who Aunt Qin was, it was Qin Miao’s mother.

“That’s right.” Qin Miao was also reminded by Chu Muyu’s words, and explained to Chu Suiyun, “The fact that you fainted in the old house caused a lot of trouble, so basically all the guests attending the engagement ceremony now know about your identity as an Alpha. My mother has been coming over these two days, and wanted to see you as soon as you woke up.”

Hearing this, Chu Suiyun thought of Mother Qin’s noble temperament. The woman was sitting outside the room, and Chu Suiyun trembled unconsciously, feeling a lot of pressure.

But Qin Miao was still busy at this time: “So now the fact that I like Alphas’ has spread throughout the whole family. If you didn’t agree to be with me just now, I might not be able to find someone in the future.”

Chu Muyu looked up at the sky and pretended he heard nothing. Chu Suiyun could not wait to gag Qin Miao’s mouth.

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