Miss Mercenary Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Friendship

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“Get out, get out of here!” A small figure squeezed out from the girls. Her hair was messy and the buttons of her school uniform were pulled open. Fortunately, she also wore a t-shirt inside, so nothing would be exposed, but she had a complete image of a crazy woman.

Behind her, a boy wasn’t much better. His original glasses had gone who knows where and his clothes were torn to pieces, his face covered with ashes. Finally seeing Leng Yihan, Shi Wenjing strode over and stood in front of Leng Yihan with both hands: “If you want to beat her, you have to pass me first!”

The baby-faced Yin Wenyuan was no longer shy and stood beside Shi Wenjing with a cold face: “And me!”

Leng Yihan suddenly felt hot in her eyes. An unknown liquid blurred her vision. She had been with the old man since she was a child and she had never shed any tears. Only the weak needed tears!

She was not weak, so she never shed tears, but today she couldn’t stop it. The tears in her eyes finally fell and they were wiped away calmly. The Old Man had once said: When you have something you care about, it means that you have a weakness and those who have weaknesses are not called strong!

She thought that she was willing to be a person with weakness. Even if she lost her life because of this weakness in the end, she would be happy.

She got up, held the hands of the two of them on the left and the right, and walked into the school gate with her head held high. The girls voluntarily gave way; the hand of Leng Yihan had already scared them and now two more people came to protect her. Shi Wenjing was the headmaster’s daughter, even their parents had to give the headmaster some face, how can they dare to offend her; and Yin Wenyuan, the eldest young master of the Yin family, although his temper was relatively easy-going, if he really cared about something, they will be the only ones to suffer. The Yin family was one of the top ten aristocratic families, so unless they want their family’s company to go bankrupt tomorrow, they shouldn’t mess with him.

Looking at the three people walking away, Shangguan Mo pushed Ouyang Xu aside: “I remember that the gates seem to be made of solid iron, right?”

Ouyang Xu elegantly twisted the leaves that fell on his shoulders: “Pure steel!”

The three of them widened their eyes in surprise, they all saw something incredible in each other’s eyes: pure steel? How much force does it take to break it? And Leng Yihan just broke it with one hand…

At this moment, there was something more in their eyes.

On a tall building in the distance, a person used a telescope to get a panoramic view of this scene, and sighed slightly: “This is what Elder Jiang wants!”

Molly was still sitting on the ground and no one stepped forward to help her because everyone was still shocked by Leng Yihan’s previous act. It was a terrifying strength, and at the same time, there was one more sentence in their minds: Never mess with Leng Yihan!

No one noticed the cold light flashing in Molly’s eyes on the ground.

Leng Yihan pulled the two of them to the garage and said with a smile, “You two seem to have just traveled to Africa, go back and change your clothes! Where do you see the appearance of a young master and a young lady now?”

Looking at their clothes, the two were slightly embarrassed. Leng Yihan’s concern warmed their hearts, so they had to get in the car: “Be careful!”

“I know!” She waved to them, turned back to the classroom, and checked the time. It was past Instructor Liu’s class, so it was no longer necessary to return. Thinking of those loud reading sounds, Leng Yihan walked towards the primary school. 

The closer she got, the clearer those voices became and the happier she was.

“The grass grows on the Lili Plains, one year, one bloom, the wildfire cannot burn it out. The spring breeze blows again…” Cute childish voices composed the most wonderful symphony in the world and those serious faces were reflected in her eyes, how extraordinarily cute.

Suddenly, a little boy caught her eye. Looking at the class plate on the door, it was the sixth grade class 1, filled with eleven or twelve year olds. All of them listened carefully in class. He tilted his head, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he nodded occasionally. His delicate little face was incredibly beautiful. With his expression, how many people were stunned by his cuteness?

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