Miss Mercenary Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Cute kid

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It seems that he felt Leng Yihan’s gaze, so his head turned over and looked at Leng Yihan with sleepy eyes. There was a suspicious crystal liquid on the corner of his mouth, which made Leng Yihan couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Following her line of sight, he touched the saliva at the corner of his mouth, and his fair face was stained with a blush. Leng Yihan was fascinated by his charming look.

Leng Yihan was not the kind of person with special fetishes, just pure appreciation. There were no impurities in her clear eyes but she just couldn’t take her eyes away.

Jiang Yuze! One of the top ten aristocratic families, the youngest young master of the Jiang family who had a high IQ of 200. He had already obtained many degrees before the age of twelve and this genius was the boy in front of her now.

As for why such a talented person was still sitting in the sixth grade of primary school, it was probably because his parents wanted him to grow up with children of the same age and have a happy childhood!

“Ding ding…” The bell rang for the end of class, and the students got up to thank the teachers, then they ran out with a tail wind behind them. All the children here were from rich families, all dressed beautifully and looked like they were carved with jade, incredibly cute.

Leng Yihan found a blind spot, sat on the grass and watched the children playing. This was childhood! But she never had one. From the age of three, the old man began to ask her to run every day, do the horse stance at night, walk through the forest alone at the age of four, learn boxing at the age of five, karate at the age of six, and by the age of twelve, she was already able to wield a samurai sword with great skill; when she was a little older, she did her first mission at the age of fourteen and she had since embarked on the path of a mercenary.

Not to mention playing, she spent every day in constant practice. When she stopped, she was already too tired to have any strength and would fall asleep holding a quilt. Sometimes she would even have to face the sneak attack of the old man. Unable to have a good night’s sleep, she had a dark circle under her eyes almost every day for the past two years.

She envied them having such a simple childhood, but she didn’t regret following the old man. If she were to be a flower in a greenhouse, then it wouldn’t be her.

“Tell me, why did you fall down in front of Yuze this morning?” A childish voice came out and Leng Yihan looked around to see a few twelve-year-old girls with colorful dyed hair and a villainous look. One of them was obviously the head, reminding her of Molly, the proud peacock.

In front of them, a weak girl was pushed to the ground, her knees bleeding. She hugged her legs and her shoulders kept shaking. She wanted to cry but didn’t dare to cry out loud. She weakly said: “Yes… I’m sorry. I didn’t… didn’t mean to… fall on purpose, it was because… because the ground was slippery… I fell accidentally…”

Another girl stepped forward, looked at her contemptuously, and said to the girl in front: “Sister Yang, it doesn’t look like a lie, let’s just forget it!”

The girl called Sister Yang raised her head arrogantly: “I won’t settle the score with you, but next time, I find out about this I will break your legs!”

With a heavy ‘hmph’ sound, she took the people behind her and left, leaving the girl crying very sadly. Leng Yihan wondered: Why are children so mature now?

There were slight footsteps from behind. Leng Yihan laid on the grass with her arms behind her. Looking at the sky, she said, “Aren’t you going to comfort her? After all, the person was wronged because of you!”

Jiang Yuze didn’t speak, he laid on the other side of her, looking at the sky silently.

The bell for the next class rang, and the students all returned to the classroom. Only the person behind did not move, looking at the empty seat: “Don’t you need to go to class?”

Turning his head to one side, the boy who was lying on the other side was now lying beside her with his hands resting on his head, looking to the horizon, still not answering Leng Yihan’s words.

Leng Yihan felt that it was boring, so she ignored him, closed her eyes and listened to the teacher’s explanation over and over again, as well as the students’ puzzled questions, with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

Jiang Yuze turned his head and saw that she was listening carefully. He hears this kind of voice every day, what’s so good about it?

Leng Yihan felt his gaze, opened her eyes to meet his eyes that didn’t have time to move away, and naturally read his doubts: “Everyone is different, so they appreciate things from different angles. It’s not surprising.”

Jiang Yuze didn’t say anything. He was acquiescing to her statement. He was a little surprised by her behavior. If it was in the past, he would never approach anyone, let alone let others see his emotions. There was an inexplicable goodwill, and he had no disgust for those clear and traceless eyes, instead, that quiet temperament made him involuntarily want to approach her.

Leng Yihan put her head in one hand and turned to Jiang Yuze’s side. Her eyes stared straight at Jiang Yuze’s face making him feel like he was being trespassed on. Jiang Yuze closed his eyes and let Leng Yihan look at him, but the slightly fluttering eyelashes betrayed his emotions.

From a close look, not a single pore could be seen on Jiang Yuze’s face, as if it had been soaked in milk. The entire face exuded a rosy luster, especially the cheeks that had a tendency to flush. The eyelashes cast a small shadow on his face, the bridge of the nose was exquisite and small, and the thin lips glowed with pink luster. No matter how you look at it, it looks like a masterpiece carefully crafted by God.

Finally unable to resist Leng Yihan’s gaze, Jiang Yuze opened his eyes a little angry, but even more shy. Although he didn’t feel disgusted when she looked at him and was actually a little happy, but no matter who it was who got stared at like this would feel uncomfortable!

“Hehehehe…” A string of pleasant laughter came out of Leng Yihan’s small mouth. Her eyes bent happily and she stretched her claws to Jiang Yuze’s beautiful face, and pinched the tender flesh. The smile deepened and Jiang Yuze just watched her ravage his little face like this. Leng Yihan grasped her strength well and did not make him feel pain. She slid her calloused fingers on his face and it made his heart slow down involuntarily.

After a long time, Leng Yihan withdrew her claws with some unfulfilled desire, laid back down to her original state, and said sincerely, “You are the cutest boy I have ever seen!”

Jiang Yuze disliked the term ‘boy’ inexplicably. It was unclear whether it was because no one dared to speak to him by this term or because he was just a child in her eyes!

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