Miss Mercenary Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Don’t mess with her

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As soon as she got out of the car door, Leng Yihan felt something unusual in the air, and when she looked up, someone came to greet her! No wonder!

“Miss!” The driver looked at Leng Yihan a little worriedly.

Leng Yihan waved her hand and let him go first. She hung her school bag on her shoulder and walked towards the school gate, only to reach the school gate, but couldn’t go any further.

She saw a few girls take the lead, then hundreds of girls surrounded the school gate. Most of them had weapons in their hands, such as: baseball bats, tennis rackets, cue sticks, and some, seemed to have brooms, mops and the like.

At this moment, the girls, who usually had a petite and pleasant appearance, now had a posture of wanting to eat a person up, like a tigress.

“Sisters! It’s this ugly girl. She actually stayed with Yu and the others. What do you guys say: Should we beat her?” 

“Of course I should fight, and I don’t even look at what kind of thing she is, she dares to sully our prince!” A girl dressed as a delinquent shrieked in a loud voice and everyone began to agree.

“Of course we have to beat her, she doesn’t even recognize her own status, how dare she contaminate our prince.”

“That’s right, how can this ugly girl even dare to want the prince? Kill her!”

“Yes! Kill her… kill her…”

“Beat her to death…” The neat voices resounded in the sky and everyone in the parking lot could hear it. More and more people began to gather, lying in the distance to watch the excitement.

In front of the girl, there was a girl whose tail was raised higher than the sky and who was dressed differently from others.

This person Leng Yihan knew, it was Miss Molly from the special class. She probably forgot the pain of yesterday. Is this called: the scar is healed and the pain is forgotten?

“Leng Yihan? Hmph, what do you think you are?” Molly looked like a villain and wanted to laugh at Leng Yihan. Isn’t she doing something wrong? What is she happy about? Did she think these hundreds of mentally handicapped girls could stop her?

“No power, no status, just an illegitimate daughter of a b*tch, you dare to challenge me and call me sloppy, did you even look at your bear like appearance? Do you have that ability?”

As soon as Molly’s voice fell, someone immediately flattered: “Sister Molly is the school belle. How can she be compared to an ugly girl like you?”

“That’s right, Sister Molly is the most beautiful, the princess of our school!”

Although Leng Yihan was dressed in ordinary clothes, her natural temperament cannot be concealed. Although she wears glasses, it did not damage her beauty in the slightest. It was soft and neutral; while Molly look incomparably arrogant. She tried to look noble, but in the eyes of others, she was like the daughter of a nouveau riche, afraid that others will not know that she is rich; there was no comparison at all.

In the shade of a tree in the distance, the four of them stood side by side, watching the farce at the school gate. The girls were all focused on Leng Yihan at the moment, so no one noticed them.

Chu Yu hung onto Hua Yu’s body like his body was boneless, and turned to look at Shangguan Mo: “Mo, are you going too far?”

Being surrounded and beaten by hundreds of people, even if she was strong in martial arts, even if she doesn’t die, I’m afraid she will have a layer of skin peeled off, right?

Shangguan Mo pursed his lips and said coldly, “This is the price!” This is the price of offending him, not to mention she dared to wear clothes of the same color as his, how could he let her go so easily?

Ouyang Xu looked at the school gate without saying a word. With a paralyzed face, no one could see what he was thinking, while Hua Yu frowned at the arm on his shoulder. He said three words lightly: “You are fat!”

Chu Yu was startled, and quickly pulled up his sleeves and looked left and right to see how perfect he was. He hung onto Hua Yu’s neck again and said angrily, “You are wrong, this young master is still perfect!”

Hua Yu resisted the urge to roll his eyes and forced himself to turn his eyes to the school gate.

Molly’s chin was almost lifted to the sky at the moment. The flattering words of the girls made her even more arrogant. She looked at Leng Yihan with contempt, noticed the clothes on her body, and obvious resentment flashed in her eyes. She said to the girls behind her. “Do you see that? This ugly girl actually wore the same color as Young Master Mo. Yesterday, she openly seduced Young Master Mo in the classroom, do you want to peel off her skin?”

When the girls heard that she dared to wear clothes of the same color as their prince, they all glared at each other. The jealousy in their eyes was enough to burn Leng Yihan to ashes.

“Look at her, she has neither body nor face, yet you dare to seduce our prince? Why don’t you run away and take a look at yourself, do you even have that ability?” A girl with heavy makeup said disdainfully. 

No one noticed that Leng Yihan didn’t say a word from beginning to the end, not even a single expression, she just listened to their insults quietly!

“Get out of the way, Teacher Liu is starting class!” A faint voice sounded, which immediately attracted the attention of the girls.

When she understood what Leng Yihan was talking about, Molly snorted and sneered: “You still want to go to class, you can’t even enter the school gate today, ugly!”

“Get out of the way! Don’t make me say it a third time!” Molly waved her hand indifferently in her unchanged tone: “Don’t think twice! Do you really think you are a martial arts master?”

Immediately, she looked at Leng Yihan with sharp eyes: “If you dare to step forward today, all of us will beat you into a meat patty, there will be no scum left behind then.”

“Peng!” Leng Yihan didn’t speak any more and put one hand on the tall school gate. Some people thought she was afraid and evoked a sneer.

“Squeak…” A harsh voice sounded, and under everyone’s horrified gaze, the ten-meter-high school gate was torn down by Leng Yihan’s bare hands, bent slowly in her hand, and finally divided into two sections. She threw it aside and the two sections of the iron rods stuck straight at Molly’s feet. Molly had long since collapsed to the ground in fright, her face as pale as paper.

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