Miss Mercenary Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Rescue at the bar 

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She was silent majority of the time. It wasn’t until the afternoon that Leng Yihan got up from the grass and went to the classroom to pick up her school bag and went out. It wasn’t because she couldn’t leave school, but because she didn’t want to stay in that house. If she could stay for a minute less, she would definitely do that.

She rejected the driver and walked aimlessly on the long road by herself, her mind blank. When she came back to her senses, she didn’t even know where she was going. It was already evening, and colorful neon lights adorned the night, the whole city was shrouded in a fog.

Scanning the rows of bars, her eyes were drawn to a small bar, a bar that would be difficult for ordinary people to notice! Compared to all the bars on that side, it was indeed a bit small. After thinking about it, in a moment, she was already inside. She walked to the counter to find a seat and sat down: “A glass of whisky!”

Glancing across the hall, the business here was not very good, only twenty people were drinking, which can be said to be a very poor business.

As a result when the wine glass was handed by the bartender and when she was taking a sip, before she had time to swallow it, she suddenly saw a person walking by and the expensive alcohol was donated to the floor.

It’s not that she was emotional, but this person was indeed enough to make people spray out alcohol. She turned to look at the quiet bartender, who else was it besides Hua Yu’s baby face? And the one who was dressed as a waiter and was serving guests with a natural look was actually the black-bellied guy, Shangguan Mo. The other people she looked at were all the hands and faces of the Kendo Department, Ouyang Xu and Chu Yu were naturally there as well.

The few people who didn’t even want to wear regular school uniforms, wore coordinated vests? What’s that about!? She didn’t know if these rich young masters had a brain spasm and decided to run off to work.

Apparently those people saw Leng Yihan, but they ignored her because a group of elegantly dressed women came in from outside. Someone immediately took them to the private room, while those women kept winking at them. That expression…Leng Yihan hurriedly turned her head, but couldn’t help but get goosebumps.

Chu Yu put down the tray in his hand, came to Leng Yihan’s side, and put one hand on her shoulder. He still had a sinister smile on his face: “Why did you come here? Did you miss me?”

Leng Yihan rolled her eyes at this narcissist: “I came here by accident, how could I have known that I would meet you here?!”

Listening to her words, it seemed like she was reluctant to see them. He covered his heart, and pretended to be sad: “It hurts for you to say that. Even if you admit that you miss me, no one will laugh at you. There is no limit to my charm.”

With such a scene and the identities of a customer and waiter, it made Leng Yihan think of a special profession, and her whole body shook. What is she thinking? She drank the alcohol in one gulp and said to the bartender, “One more drink!”

Seeing her drinking such strong alcohol like water, Chu Yu frowned slightly and said to the bartender, “One glass of Bloody Mary!”

In less than a few minutes, a bright red cocktail was placed in front of her. The blood red color really looked like blood. She picked up the glass, drank it all, and wiped her mouth. She always felt that there was no taste.

Chu Yu really couldn’t compliment her for drinking so much. Although she was good at drinking, she seemed to be wasting good alcohol!

She asked the bartender for another glass of whisky, ignored Chu Yu’s distressed eyes, drank it with one gulp, and walked out of the bar calmly!

She didn’t know where this was. When she reached out and touched her glasses, pressing on the bump on the edge, a clear road map appeared on the lens. Holding the schoolbag over her shoulders, she walked back step by step.

A man covered in blood suddenly appeared in a dark alley, staggering towards her, while the shadows behind him were chasing him tightly.

When the man saw the girl in front, he didn’t want to implicate the innocent, so he immediately switched to running to the other side, and the people behind him were getting closer to him.

After running for three streets, he was finally caught up. The man leaned against the wall weakly, taking a big mouthful of breath, trying to recover some physical strength.

Several dark shadows approached step by step. The dagger in his hand shone with silver light in the dark night. The man could no longer run. He had a long sword cut on his thigh and his entire pants were stained with blood. There were also several wounds on his arms and chest, his piece of clothing had already lost its original color.

The man was desperate at the moment. Because of the blood loss in his hands and feet, he couldn’t exert his strength at all, his consciousness was also a little slack. Even if he was killed in this wild country alley, it is estimated that his body will take several days to be found. 

Just as a sword was about to penetrate into his heart, a shadow flashed by quickly, then there was the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. Those people probably didn’t even know how they were killed when they died.

Knowing that he was safe, the man fainted with confidence. Leng Yihan just felt that these people were familiar, recognizing them as mercenaries, but she didn’t know what his identity was. Saving people isn’t her thing, but it seems like she had no choice.

Given the task, she carried the tall man’s body and walked out step by step. A petite woman was carrying a man bigger than her on her shoulders, walking with no difficulty. No matter how you looked at this picture, you would feel shocked. It’s a pity that no one could see this picture.

Finding a hospital, Leng Yihan left him there and after paying the money, she didn’t care about his life or death. She looked at the blood on his body sinisterly; she would never let people get blood on her body when she murdered them. Although she had no cleanliness addiction, it was just too disgusting. However, now that she had blood all over her body, she would never do such a thing next time.

In order not to be seen by others, she skipped the entrance and returned to the room. When she came out of the bathroom, what she saw was the surprised maid: When did the Third Miss come back?

Leaning on the bed, she didn’t even feel sleepy at all. Thinking of Mohe, she took out the computer from her bag and inserted the chip. After breaking past countless data, Leng Yihan saw a sentence that made her vomit blood: Have you even asked my opinion before coming in?

Obviously, the person had already found out and the password must have been changed. Now, it will be even more difficult to enter, but this made her even more excited. Staring at the ceiling, she did not know when she fell asleep.

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