Miss Mercenary Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Surrounded

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Leisure time always passes quickly. It was rare to see Leng Yihan staying in the classroom until the end of class. In the past, she always went somewhere right after Teacher Liu finished. With the pen cap in her mouth and the pen in her right hand, she was drawing something on her notebook.

“Ding ding…” The bell finally rang. Shi Wenjing immediately pulled on Leng Yihan’s arm and said with a smile, “I know a new coffee shop, let’s go have coffee together!”

After speaking, she turned to look at Yin Wenyuan: “Wenyuan come too!”

Yin Wenyuan nodded shyly, while Molly on the side pressed the send button on her phone after hearing their conversation, revealing a cruel smile.

The three walked out of the gate, and in less than ten minutes, they saw a brand-new coffee shop. It was mainly pink, a coffee shop for lovers, but the three of them? Can they also go?

Shi Wenjing pulled Leng Yihan to a position by the window, and Leng Yihan wondered, “Have you been here before?”

She picked up the menu and ordered coffee: “I couldn’t find you a few days ago, so I took Wenyuan here to drink a few times!”

Leng Yihan heard that and looked at Yin Wenyuan, but at this moment Yin Wenyuan’s baby’s face was slightly unnaturally flushed, and a clear smile flashed in her eyes.

Seeing Shi Wenjing’s senseless appearance, she couldn’t help worrying about Yin Wenyuan, but it was their fate, and no one could help.

The three of them chatted and killed time, only walking out of the cafe when they were about to go to class in the afternoon. It was not far from the school. Reese School was built in a remote place, and many of the streets here were almost empty. There were also only two streets between the coffee shop and the school.

When the three of them walked halfway, a dozen men in black came out of the alley, blocking the front of the three, and someone behind them blocked the escape route. Shi Wenjing squeezed her hand in fear, while Yin Wenyuan pulled Shi Wenjing behind him, blocking the front with his own body. Leng Yihan looked at his actions and smiled approvingly.

Although Yin Wenyuan was a little shy, there was no shortage of masculinity he should have.

Leng Yihan kept a faint smile on her face, folded her arms and looked at the man who was standing in front, obviously the leader: “Can I know who wants me to die?”

Leng Yihan’s words were very plain, with no fear at all. The man looked at Leng Yihan without speaking, made a gesture to the people behind him, and everyone rushed up. A cold light flashed in the corner of Leng Yihan’s eyes, then her body went flying and the few people who had just approached her were kicked aside.

On the other hand, Yin Wenyuan was obviously not so relaxed. While protecting Shi Wenjing, he also had to deal with the attacking people. His not so good kung fu was not enough at this moment, and there was a trace of anxiety on his baby face.

A man on the side stretched out his hand to Shi Wenjing while Yin Wenyuan was fighting back and Leng Yihan kicked him away, then she had her back to Yin Wenyuan, protecting Shi Wenjing in the middle. She rubbed her wrist, and said, “Take care of her and I’ll take care of the rest!”

After speaking, she shot out quickly, only to see a shadow passing by in the air, followed by the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. Except for the leader, everyone was killed in an instant.

The man was so shocked that he forgot everything in the moment. Was this person a human? How terrifying, killing so many senior thugs in an instant.

Before he could recover, Leng Yihan sent him to h*ll. She didn’t need to ask him to know who wanted to kill her, so she didn’t bother to waste words with him.

Shi Wenjing leaned against Yin Wenyuan’s arms with a pale face, not daring to look at the corpse on the ground. Yin Wenyuan just took a deep look at Leng Yihan and said nothing. Compared with Shi Wenjing, he had seen such things a lot, so of course, there was no surprise. The only thing that could surprise him was Leng Yihan’s strength. He knew that she knew martial arts, but he didn’t expect her to be so powerful and so numbed to killing.

Leng Yihan looked at Yin Wenyuan with a light smile, her eyes as quiet as always. She didn’t take any precautions against his guessing eyes; there was no reason to. With that trusting look, he still regarded her as his best friend and he trusted Shi Wenjing too.

None of the three mentioned this matter, Shi Wenjing was still the same as before, and Yin Wenyuan didn’t say anything.

After a few days of peaceful life, Leng Yihan was completely used to it at this moment. She occasionally went to see Jiang Yuze, but spent more time with Shi Wenjing and Yin Wenyuan.

When the bell rang for class, everyone was still doing their own thing, playing and sleeping, because this was already a fixed law, but this law was broken today.

When Hao Mingchen limped in, everyone looked at him like a monster, but no one spoke.

Leng Yihan looked at his legs and swept over his whole body, and finally determined that this was the person she rescued. He had blood all over his body that day and she didn’t pay attention to it but she didn’t expect him to be another beautiful man. He was different from Ouyang Xu’s indifference, Chu Yu’s charm, the black belly of Shangguan Mo, and the quietness of Hua Yu. Instead, there was a kind of scholarly tiredness on his body, which was very pleasing to the eye.

On his masculine face, there was a gentleman-like aura that only belonged to a scholar, and his eyes were shining with confidence. Although his legs were a little inconvenient, this did not detract from his charm.

“Hello classmates, my name is Hao Mingchen. Teacher Liu has temporarily left because of something. From today onwards, I will be your finance teacher!” Hao Mingchen’s face had a polite smile, neither alienated nor enthusiastic.

“Teacher, are you disabled?” a boy asked mockingly.

The smile on Hao Mingchen’s face did not change: “Teacher was injured a few days ago, but will be fine in a few days.”

“Yo! It turns out that this teacher came to teach us with an injury! Why don’t you hurry back to the hospital and lie down!” Another boy also said.

“No need!”

“Teacher, did you seduce someone else’s wife and get caught in bed and they broke your leg?” Someone asked imaginatively.


“Teacher, do you know that you look like a gigolo?”

“I don’t know!”

“Teacher, have you ever been a male prostitute?”


“Teacher, are you a virgin?”


“…” Silence!

“Hahahahahaha…” After a short silence, there was a burst of wanton laughter. Chu Yu was lying on Hua Yu’s shoulder with a smile, and the corners of Shangguan Mo’s mouth also rose happily, while Ouyang Xu remained expressionless. Hua Yu was as quiet as always. Hao Mingchen answered meticulously when faced with the students’ rude and contemptuous questions, and Leng Yihan didn’t know whether to admire him or laugh at him for being stupid.

Hao Mingchen spread out his book seriously and said, “We’ll start the class now since the questions are done!”

“Open book page…” Hao Mingchen began to explain incessantly, but the rich children below sat in their positions, not in the least listening. Some took out their game consoles and started playing, and some took out naked beauty magazines under their table. The ones who should sleep, slept and the ones who should smoke, smoked. Some girls also took out their makeup boxes, fixing their makeup like it was their mission.

Hao Mingchen swept over the people below and spat out a sentence with the same expression: “The principal said that I can expel a few people!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Hao Mingchen. Ouyang Xu and the four looked at him with a hint of danger. The air pressure continued to drop, but Hao Mingchen on the podium remained calm.

“Teacher, is this true?” a boy with dyed purple hair asked, his originally arrogant face now full of seriousness.

Hao Mingchen nodded. Seeing that his expression didn’t seem to be fake, everyone restrained their behavior, but still laid on the table. Hao Mingchen was slightly satisfied with this appearance, so he picked up the book and continued to explain.

How can one sentence have so much power? Leng Yihan turned to look at Yin Wenyuan, Yin Wenyuan shook his head, saying that he had no comment.

In fact, this was also Leng Yihan’s biggest suspicion. It stands to reason that Reese School was just a private aristocratic school. Why do so many rich children come here? According to the character of Ouyang Xu, the four of them, why are they willing to stay in the classroom? At most, they can just anger the teacher and get them to leave, yet these people seem to be afraid of being expelled. So is it because of the relationship between the teacher and the principal? But why do they dare to bully Shi Wenjing? Aren’t they afraid that the principal will expel them if he finds out?

So what makes them so afraid of this school?

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