Miss Mercenary Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Charming Paradise

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Charming Paradise was the largest nightclub in Y City. Without a net worth of more than nine figures, you may not even be able to enter the door. All the equipment here was not worse than that of a seven-star hotel. The lady who accompanied the alcohol could speak at least four languages, and it was even demanding for waiters and bartenders.

Although it was a nightclub, it was open all day long. Almost all the well reputed people who can be named in Y City would gather here; and here, as long as you are qualified to come in, no matter whether you are male or female, all services will be provided. You can enjoy the top lady and top male of your choice. It can be said that there are only things you can’t think of, and nothing you can’t get.

There was also the world’s most advanced security equipment here. Reporters and paparazzi would be invited out when they entered the door, so there was no need to worry about being photographed secretly. Of course, no one dared to cause trouble here, unless you want to never come in or disappear forever. This was because the largest gang in Y city, Life Death Door, was present, so who would dare to provoke them?

Life Death Door rose together with the top ten families and no one knew who its master was. Perhaps some people know, but it was a secret. In Y city, other gangs would be wiped out when they start to rise, and Life Death Door was Y city’s underground emperor. As long as they stand on the top of Y city, no one will offend this mysterious group.

She had seven-inch high-heeled boots, specially made black clothes and black trousers, a black windbreaker over her coat, a pair of glasses on her fair face, and her long hair tied up in a high ponytail.

“I’m sorry, miss, please show your card!” The good-looking waiter politely stopped Leng Yihan’s footsteps, with a standard fifteen-degree smile on his face. His eyes were plain, without the slightest snobbery, one had to admire his good manners.

Throwing out the card in her hand: “Call your manager to see me.”

The waiter took the card and took her to a small private room: “Wait a minute, miss!”

Charming Paradise was Life Death Door’s facade, so its manager was definitely a special existence. People who come here naturally knew what this place was. It can be said that the manager here was half an emperor and those who directly looked for the manager must absolutely be a person with status. If your status was not enough, the result is definitely not something you can bear. This is why the waiter did not doubt and went directly to the manager.

The manager in the top private room changed his face slightly when he saw the card held by the waiter. He put on his clothes, then fixed himself before coming down with the waiter.

Pushing open the door of the private room, the manager walked in front of Leng Yihan, bent down and saluted, with a respectful look on his face: “Nice to meet you Miss! Just call me Pei Yan”

Although he was calm, the waiter showed a shocked look at the moment. He turned around and closed the door of the private room, then stood guard at the door.

Leng Yihan looked at the person in front of her. She didn’t expect the manager of this Charming Paradise to be so young. He was in his early twenties, not inferior to the appearance of a celebrity. Slender and tall, elegant in every gesture; but in the mysterious Charming Paradise, how can its manager be an ordinary person?

That card was given to her by Mo Lixin, and it was only useful in special places, and this Charming Paradise was one of them.

“I’m here to get something!” Leng Yihan simply explained her intention. Pei Yan seemed to have understood her intention long ago, and took out a black chip from his pocket and handed it to her.

After taking the chip, Leng Yihan got up and left. To avoid suspicion, Pei Yan didn’t send her off and the waiter at the door led her.

After walking a few steps, she suddenly remembered that she heard that the alcohol collection here was very complete. She suddenly felt a little craving for a drink, and said to the waiter: “Find me a seat!”

The waiter was stunned for a moment, then immediately took her to the side. Leng Yihan would not go to a private room alone. The waiter took her to a table with a red sofa surrounding the table where she ordered a bottle of CALVADOS (a kind of brandy, which is expensive). The waiter didn’t believe his ears. CALVADOS can be said to be the representative of brandy, and brandy itself was a powerful alcohol. This lady actually ordered a bottle?

Although he was surprised, out of professional ethics, he still brought one over and poured it for her. Leng Yihan’s eyes swept across the hall. There were many people in this hall, all of them well-dressed, minus the few female and male company sitting beside them.

After holding the glass, she drank the alcohol in one gulp, and the waiter who watched it couldn’t help but be stunned: Is she really drinking alcohol? He was afraid she hadn’t even tasted what the alcohol was?

The hall here was full of people in groups of three or five. She was the only one who seemed to be drinking alone, but without being called, the male and female entertainers would never go out to solicit a guest. Suddenly feeling bored, she looked at the waiter who had been standing by the side: “Sit down and drink with me!”

The waiter was slightly startled, but also took a glass and filled it for her before pouring alcohol into his own.

Picking up the cup and sniffing it, he took a small sip, and his movements were so elegant that he didn’t look like a waiter, but like a wine tasting connoisseur.

Leng Yihan looked at it and chuckled softly: “Why do I think you are an expert?”

The waiter smiled politely: “The waiters here have high requirements. In addition to receiving guests, alcohol tasting is also one of the necessary skills!”

Leng Yihan was still drinking the alcohol in the glass in one gulp, it was like drinking water. After a few glasses of alcohol, Leng Yihan was still like a normal person, the amount of alcohol she can consume was frightening! Not even a man dared to drink like that!

Seeing the waiter’s doubts, Leng Yihan explained in a good mood: “I am immune to alcohol!”

She still remembered that she was thrown into an alcohol jar by the old man for several days, and then made to drink a lot of herbs. As a result, she was completely immune to alcohol. For her, drinking was actually drinking high-end drinks, that’s it. Ordinary alcohol left no taste in her mouth, and only these strong alcohols made her a little interested.

The waiter knew, if it wasn’t for this, he would probably have to regard Leng Yihan as a monster.

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