Miss Mercenary Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Encounter

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“May I sit down?” A warm voice sounded beside her. Leng Yihan turned her head. Hao Mingchen was standing there with a harmless smile on his face.

“It turned out to be the teacher! Sit down!” Leng Yihan said casually, and the waiter immediately added a cup.

Hao Mingchen sat beside her gracefully, waved the waiter to leave, and raised his glass: “Thank you for your life-saving grace. If there is anything you need me to do, I will definitely help you!”

Leng Yihan then turned to look at him seriously, she saw seriousness in his eyes, and smiled indifferently: “How do you know it’s me?”

“Your clothes!” Leng Yihan was stunned for a moment, then it became clear. Since she had been here for so long, the clothes she was wearing could be said to be exactly the same. Being noticed was obvious, it’s just she never thought he would notice this while he was escaping for his life.

“Teacher came to find me on purpose?” Leng Yihan glanced at him lightly, but her heart was not as calm as she seemed.

Hao Mingchen took a sip of his alcohol: “No, it’s just a chance encounter!”

Chance encounter? Leng Yihan took the alcohol glass and drank it. Her eyes flickered slightly, no one knew what she was thinking.

No one spoke for a while. It was not that there was no topic, but the answers were clear to each other, and asking was just a waste of saliva, so it was better not to say anything.

“Can I call you Yihan?” Hao Mingchen broke the silence.

“Whatever!” After saying that, she poured herself a drink.

Seemingly unable to see Leng Yihan’s impatience, Hao Mingchen continued: “I’m not much older than you, you can call me Mingchen.”

“Huh? Isn’t this teacher?” A sharp voice interrupted the two of them. Not far away, four people were walking in front, while a group of wealthy children followed behind them.

“It turns out that Miss Leng is also here!” Shangguan Mo said in a strange voice.

“Is something wrong?” Leng Yihan looked up at them.

Ouyang Xu was wearing a white shirt, still meticulous and a pure girl next to him was holding his arm. Chu Yu was holding a hot beauty, one hand dishonestly eating her tofu. His crimson shirt’s button on the chest was wide open, revealing a piece of beige skin. There was also a girl next to Shangguan Mo, leaning on him. He was still dressed in black with his chest revealed, being a little arrogant and uninhibited; even Hua Yu, who had always been quiet, was accompanied by a beautiful woman at the moment, but there was no physical contact; his pale yellow shirt was particularly harmonious on his body.

None of the younger noble gongzi’s behind them were left behind, all of them had beautiful women in their arms; Leng Yihan could only roll her eyes in her heart towards these frivolous rich children.

“It’s nothing, I just didn’t expect to see teacher and Miss Leng here, I was just a little surprised!” Shangguan Mo answered confusedly. Anyone could hear the sarcasm in his words.

Leng Yihan pretended that she didn’t hear what he said. She took up the alcohol glass and drank it under everyone’s attention. When he saw the bottle on the table, they all looked at her with surprise. With such strong alcohol, even they don’t dare to drink like that!

Hao Mingchen sat there watching Leng Yihan drinking, and ignored these people. He picked up the bottle and poured Leng Yihan alcohol, but put it down when he was close to the mouth of the glass, looking at her worriedly: “This alcohol is very strong, don’t drink so much!”

Leng Yihan took the bottle in his hand and poured it herself: “Isn’t your care a bit too lenient?”

Hao Mingchen frowned and said nothing.

Shangguan Mo, who was on the side, saw that the two of them ignored him directly and had a little anger in his heart. He would never admit that he was petty, so he sat down in the empty seat beside them.

So, the four of them sat down with their female companions in their arms, and the surrounding seats were also filled by others, surrounding them in the middle. The two of them did not speak from beginning to end. Leng Yihan still treated the alcohol as plain water and drank it cup by cup.

Seeing the bottom of the bottle, Leng Yihan waved her hand and the waiter understood. He immediately brought another bottle to fill her up and the few people on the side were completely ignored.

The beautiful woman beside Chu Yu sat directly on his thigh, while her fingers covered in nail polish continued to draw circles on his chest. Chu Yu’s hand slid into her underwear without hesitation, causing her to kick out repeatedly. 

“Mo, is this your classmate?” The girl next to Shangguan Mo asked in a low voice, holding his arm and casting a provocative look at Leng Yihan.

Shangguan Mo pulled out his arm and put it on her shoulder, allowing her to nest in his arms: “What? Are you not going to invite us for a drink?”

Leng Yihan glanced at them coldly, then for some reason, her mood became better: “Is it that these young masters can’t even pay for alcohol?”

Shangguan Mo smiled disdainfully: “It’s a joke. I just want you to treat me, can’t I?”

“Mo, how can you do this, isn’t this bullying the small?” The woman in Shangguan Mo’s arms said coquettishly, the obvious meaning was: Do you think she can afford it? However, she seemed to have ignored the value of the two bottles of alcohol on the table.

Shangguan Mo gave the woman a fierce kiss on the face: “How can you say that, darling? After all, she is the third young lady of the Leng family, how could she have no money?”

“Oh, it turned out to be Miss Leng, I’m sorry! I couldn’t tell just now!” The woman looked at Leng Yihan apologetically, then turned to look at Shangguan Mo suspiciously: “Mo, I remember that the Leng family has only one eldest young lady and a young master, when was there a third young lady?”

Shangguan Mo scratched his nose: “Master Leng’s daughter from outside, they just picked it up not long ago!”

“Oh, it turns out to be an illegitimate daughter!” The woman said innocently, as if she didn’t mean anything else. Leng Yihan wanted to vomit.

She made a gesture to the waiter at the back, the waiter understood, and immediately went to get six more bottles of alcohol then filled the glasses one by one. One brandy was expensive, but now there were eight and the one the waiter brought was from 1885. Each bottle costed several million, which meant that the price of the alcohol here could cover the net worth of a rich kid.

Looking at the alcohol on the table, even Ouyang Xu was a little surprised. He knew the price of this alcohol and Leng Yihan was just an illegitimate daughter, according to Leng Zuhui’s character, how could he give her so much money? One move and it’s now tens of millions, even they don’t dare to squander like this!

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