Miss Mercenary Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Ambiguity

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No one knows that the reason why Leng Yihan drinks these alcohols is not because of how high-end it is or how much face it will give her, but just because only spirits can make her taste some flavor. As a mercenary, what she lacked the least was money, any task was hundreds of millions, so she did not care about these tens of millions.

Ouyang Xu raised the cup, tasted it carefully, moving elegantly and noble, which made people never get tired of seeing it. The three of them also raised their cup; but the beauties frowned, it’s strange to not get drunk if you drink such a strong alcohol.

When two of them saw Leng Yihan drinking this alcohol as water, they directly put their cup to their mouths. The spicy feeling made them unable to stop coughing, and after half a cup, they started to feel dizzy.

The hot beauty beside Chu Yu followed their example and took a sip, then leaned over to Chu Yu’s mouth. Chu Yu accepted it with joy, held her head when she was about to leave, and kissed her fiercely.

Leng Yihan thought she was crazy, otherwise how could she sit with this group of people?

“Where did Miss Leng live before?” asked the pure beauty next to Ouyang Xu, with a simple face. Her eyes were very clear, but Leng Yihan couldn’t have a good impression of such a woman.

Hao Mingchen has been sitting next to her silently. Seeing that their goal was not him, he chose to remain silent. Hearing her question at this time, he also raised his head to look at Leng Yihan.

Leng Yihan glanced at the glass of alcohol in front of her. The woman thought she was asking her to drink before speaking, so after hesitating for a moment, she picked up the alcohol glass and endured the scorching taste. After a few sips, she put down the glass with a burning face, forcing herself not to get drunk: “Can you say it now?”

“Did I say something?” Leng Yihan asked in confusion.

“You…” The woman became angry, but she couldn’t resist the alcohol and fainted on the sofa.

Leng Yihan drank the alcohol indifferently, taking a sip, seeing everyone beside her speechless.

Chu Yu held the alcohol in his hand and sighed: Several million! It was an alcohol that they couldn’t bear to drink, yet she treated it as if it was water, what a waste!

Hua Yu looked at the alcohol in his hand. He had been looking at it since the waiter poured it, and he had not put it to his lips. He knew his alcohol tolerance and was generally okay, but this strong alcohol, he’ll get drunk with half a cup! But what he was worried about was not getting drunk, but him sampling alcohol in the future!

Shangguan Mo saw that he had been staring at the alcohol glass, and asked doubtfully, “Why don’t you drink it?”

Hua Yu thought about it, tentatively put the alcohol glass to his mouth, and took a small sip. Except for the spicy moment at the entrance, this alcohol had a soft taste and pure fragrance, giving people an elegant and comfortable feeling. With so many years of history, the aroma was even stronger. For those who love alcohol, this was the best alcohol in the world.

Although he didn’t like alcohol very much, such a good alcohol was naturally better than the ones he had before. He couldn’t help but drink two more sips, then his white baby face immediately began to turn red.

“Hug!” A glutinous voice sounded in her ears. Leng Yihan almost thought she was hallucinating, but when she saw Hua Yu looking at her pitifully, with his arms stretched out for a hug, Leng Yihan’s face instantly turned black.

“Hahahaha…” Chu Yu laughed rudely for the first time. He had never seen Hua Yu look so cute before. He didn’t expect him to look like this when he was drunk.

The people on the side were also in consternation. Who could tell them that the person who is asking for a hug now is the one who was so quiet that he can be ignored?

The smile on Shangguan Mo’s face was stiff. He looked at Hua Yu with a half-smile, then a calculation flashed in his eyes.

Leng Yihan ignored him. Hua Yu pouted aggrievedly, and hugged Leng Yihan’s shoulder directly: “Xiao Yu wants a hug!”

Leng Yihan turned her head angrily, but her lips touched a soft spot. In an instant, Leng Yihan’s mind went blank. Hua Yu’s fair face was close at hand, and under the long eyelashes were wide-open eyes, incomparably clear without the slightest pretence. These eyes without impurities made her unable to be disgusted.

Suddenly, the pain in her mouth made her return to her senses. When she encountered the strange softness, a trace of doubt flashed on Hua Yu’s lovely face. He bit it subconsciously and found that the taste was good. While Leng Yihan who was stunned allowed him to get away with it.

Silence! Who can imagine that a good baby who has been silent all the time, when it bursted out, was actually so hot? He could even threw off such a strong person? Strong, too strong.

Leng Yihan finally recovered, a trace of anger flashed in her eyes. She raised her hand and slashed fiercely. Hua Yu fell on top of her, the hand around her neck was still tightly grasped, making it difficult for her to move it away. She threw him back to his seat, grabbed the glass and took a few sips.

Ignoring everyone’s strange eyes, she got up and left.

Ouyang Xu looked at Hua Yu who was still pouting in his sleep, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he drank the alcohol from the glass: “Bill!”

The waiter walked up to him: “Thank you sir, but someone has already paid for it!”

Looking at the waiter, didn’t he just see Leng Yihan go out? “Who paid for it?”

The waiter smiled politely: “This is inconvenient for me to answer, sorry!”

Putting down the alcohol glass, the three of them looked at each other, and continued drinking as if nothing was wrong.

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