Miss Mercenary Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Yin Fengyue

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When Leng Yihan returned to the Leng’s house, she felt that today’s atmosphere was a little weird when she entered the door. The housekeeper invited her to the hall.

As soon as she entered the hall, Leng Yihan was calm but there was an invisible flash of anger in her eyes.

Next to Leng Zuhui, a woman in a long purple dress was sitting there, looking at Leng Zuhui with deep love in her eyes. There were some fine lines on her face, but she still couldn’t hide her beauty. When she saw Leng Yihan come in a trace of guilt flashed on the woman’s face and she couldn’t help lowering her head.

“Yihan! Why don’t you come and greet your mother?” Leng Zuhui said with a smile. Those who didn’t know probably thought he was a kind father.

Looking at the hands that were holding each other, she knew that her mother was fascinated by Leng Zuhui’s tenderness again, and felt powerless to say anything.

Although she doesn’t like weak people and her love for this mother was limited to her bloodline, she was still her mother after all, so how can she ignore it?

“Yihan…” Yin Fengyue called out cautiously.

Seeing the apology in her eyes, she didn’t know what to say. She walked over, ignoring everyone’s shock, grabbed Leng Zuhui’s clothes on his chest, and lifted him from the chair: “Let’s talk!”

He thought that Leng Zuhui would be furious, but he cooperated unexpectedly, and followed Leng Yihan to the study.

“Bang!” Leng Yihan slammed the door behind her, leaving behind everyone who looked at each other in dismay.

The two were relatively silent, then finally Leng Yihan spoke first: “Speak up! What’s your purpose!”

Leng Zuhui sorted out his clothes, went to the desk, and stared at her: “I just want to reunite mother and daughter, what other purpose could there be?”

Leng Yihan chuckled softly: “Who do you think will believe what you say?”

As far as her attitude just now, if it was put in the past, would he have cooperated like this? She absolutely didn’t believe that he still had any feelings for Yin Fengyue, his mistress who he had been separated for 18 years. The only explanation was that Yin Fengyue said something to him and it just happened to be of value to him and the person to realize this value is… Leng Yihan.

Leng Zuhui looked at Leng Yihan carefully. His daughter, when he brought her back, she was just another chess piece. For businessmen, the most important thing was interests. In front of interests, family affection was very minor, this is what he has learned since he was a child.

When he brought Yin Fengyue back, it was just to make her more obedient and after coaxing her with some sweet words, Yin Fengyue really told him everything; only then did he know that his daughter had such great ability, and everyone around her was extraordinary. Furthermore, they knew martial arts; although he didn’t know who those people are, but according to Yin Fengyue’s description, they are definitely not simple people. If it was an ordinary person, how could they give her two villas in a wealthy area of ​​Tokyo?

A chess piece and a chess piece with its own value are basically two different levels. As long as he can find out who is next to her, if he was really powerful, isn’t it just around the corner for him to open the door to Japan? At that time, won’t his position in the ten major families be sat firmly!?

Leng Zuhui smiled lovingly: “Why should Yihan be on guard against Dad? Dad just wants to know about your past and the friends around you, lest you be deceived by them and don’t even know!”

“You just want to see if they have any value!” Leng Yihan said coldly. Leng Zuhui choked, and then smiled: “How can Dad be like that? Since he is your friend, Dad just wants to see them and thank them for taking care of you! Why do you think about Dad so badly?”

Leng Yihan was unmoved, her eyes were infinitely cold: “If you want to make plans against them, talk about it in your life!”

She turned around indifferently, slammed the door and went out. Leng Zuhui did not retreat because of Leng Yihan’s warning, his eyes were shining. According to Leng Yihan’s statement, those people’s abilities may be superior to him, such a person, why won’t he take advantage of it?

Leng Yihan took Leng Zuhui upstairs, and Liu Yuyuan also rushed back after receiving the news. When she saw the woman sitting on the sofa, the hatred in her eyes burst out undisguised: “You b*tch, what did you come back for?”

Yin Fengyue met her gaze, and leaned on the sofa in fear, trying to use this to support her body that was about to fall, while holding the corner of her skirt tightly with one hand.

Seeing that she was still so cowardly, Liu Yuyuan calmed down her original anger. This woman couldn’t fight her eighteen years ago. Eighteen years later, she can still get her out of the way. She thought about straightening her hair that had been ruffled by the wind. She walked to the side and sat down: “I didn’t expect you to come back one day. He was so heartless back then, did you forget it?”

As if thinking of something, Yin Fengyue looked at her angrily, with blue veins on her hands, her body trembled involuntarily, but she didn’t say anything; no one noticed the calmness in the depths of her eyes!

Liu Yuyuan was very happy with her reaction. She stood up and looked down at her like a arrogant queen: “You never want to fight me, even if I don’t love him, he is still mine, you can only be swept out of the house!”

“Crack!” A loud slap slapped Liu Yuyuan in the face. She looked at the woman in front of her in disbelief. The hotness on her face told her that this woman dared to hit her.

“Mommy!” Leng Huayu heard that the woman was back, so she just came over to have a look. She didn’t expect to see Liu Yuyuan being beaten!

How could Liu Yuyuan withstand this slap? She immediately fell to the side, her cheeks swelled instantly, and blood flowed from the corners of her mouth. Liu Yuyuan regained her senses and was about to give her a slap when Yin Fengyue pushed her away.

This action angered the two of them. The mother and daughter went up together and tore Yin Fengyue’s hair and clothes. The noble ladies of this rich family was no different from a shrew in a fight.

As soon as Leng Yihan came out, what she saw was the scene of three people fighting together. Although she didn’t want to make a move, she couldn’t let them kill her. However, Leng Yihan showed no mercy at all, and it hurt them.

The two of them glared at Leng Yihan but it was extremely painful to move, so they could only lie on the ground and stay still. When the housekeeper came in and saw it, he was so frightened that he immediately went to get the doctor.

Leng Yihan looked at Yin Fengyue on the ground indifferently, her face was red and swollen, her hair was disheveled, her clothes were torn in a mess, her fair skin was blue and purple, was this still the appearance of a lady?

Without going to help her, she asked lightly, “Do you still want to stay here?”

Yin Fengyue curled up in the corner of the sofa and nodded. Leng Yihan felt that this person was really hopeless. If this person was not her mother, she would have thrown her out directly.

No matter how angry she was, Leng Yihan still picked her up and took her to the hospital. Leng Zuhui left the mother and daughter behind in order to show his feelings, ran over, said a lot of good things, and coaxed Yin Fengyue into a smile. Leng Yihan knew that some things could not be changed even if she wanted to, so she closed the door and left.

Yin Fengyue looked at the closed door thoughtfully, even ignoring Leng Zuhui. At this moment, in her eyes, there still that deep love, but even more was her gratitude!

It was already late at night, and the traffic on the street still did not decrease. Countless luxury cars were driving fast on the wide road; Leng Yihan found that she was a little out of tune with the city. Wasn’t she used to being alone? Why did she still feel a little lonely?

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