Miss Mercenary Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Kiss

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She was still dressed in black casual clothes. She walked into the classroom with her schoolbag on her shoulders, and suddenly found that the atmosphere today was a little weird, many people’s eyes fell on her intentionally or unintentionally.

Shi Wenjing mysteriously pulled her down and asked in a low voice, “Yihan, were you pressed down by Hua Yu last night?”

Leng Yihan patted her head helplessly: “Stop being such a gossip!”

Shi Wenjing stuck out her tongue playfully: “I’m just caring about you!”

Chu Yu leaned on Hua Yu’s shoulder with a splendid smile and Shangguan Mo’s ambiguous eyes made Hua Yu blush. He knew that he shouldn’t get drunk, in the end, he made such a joke of himself.

Leng Yihan chose to ignore everyone’s ambiguous eyes. When Hao Mingchen came to class, he looked at her worriedly and said nothing.


The warm sun shone on her body through the gaps between the leaves, which was warm and comfortable.

“I heard you were kissed!”

“Ah?” Leng Yihan didn’t react, what did it matter to him that she was kissed? But this was the first time Jiang Yuze took the initiative to speak to her, but why did he say this?

“Hmm!” Jiang Yuze leaned over. Knowing that he was not malicious, Leng Yihan didn’t dodge, but didn’t expect him to kiss her.

The little lips kissed her back and forth on her lips, as if to erase something. Seeing him kissing her so earnestly, Leng Yihan did not dodge and let him commit crimes on her lips.

The feather-thin kiss fell on her lips. It was itchy and a strange feeling filled her heart, sweet and indescribable. She also felt this way when Hua Yu kissed her last night, however, she was a little angry. Now that he was kissing her like this, the feeling was even clearer.

“Don’t think about it!” As if feeling Leng Yihan’s absent-mindedness, Jiang Yuze bit her lips lightly and announced domineeringly.

“Haha…” Leng Yihan chuckled in a low voice, without pushing the boy away from her, saying, “A little brat, what do you know?”

As soon as Jiang Yuze heard her say that he was a child, an inexplicable anger welled up in his heart and he blurted out, “I’m fourteen, not a child!”

“Gah? Fourteen?” Leng Yihan was a little surprised. No matter how she looked at him, he looked like a twelve-year-old child. How could anyone be so short at fourteen? Could it be that his nutrition was all given to his head and he forgot to grow his body?

Jiang Yuze was a little annoyed at Leng Yihan’s suspicious gaze. As if to prove that he had really grown up, he leaned down and bit Leng Yihan’s lips incoherently.

Holding the disobedient little hand, Leng Yihan said helplessly, “I believe you, okay?”

Although he didn’t feel the sincerity in Leng Yihan’s words, he still withdrew his hand. There was a blush on his lovely face, it seemed that he realized what he had done!

“Don’t kiss anyone else in the future, wait until I grow up!” Hearing Jiang Yuze’s words like an oath, she wanted to laugh a little, but didn’t answer him directly because she couldn’t.

She pulled him down and buried his red face on her shoulders. She couldn’t guarantee that she could hold back from kissing him if she looked at it any longer. That look was really cute.

Jiang Yuze’s chest felt obvious softness, and his face burned even hotter. He buried his head in Leng Yihan’s neck and did not dare to raise his head. He tentatively hugged her waist with both hands. Seeing that she did not respond, he slowly tightened, feeling the fullness in his arms, and closed his eyes contentedly.

A pale yellow figure flashed from one side. Leng Yihan turned her head but saw nothing, she would never think it was an illusion.

Letting go of Jiang Yuze, she patted his cheek: “Okay, I’m going back!”

Jiang Yuze didn’t say anything. He looked at Leng Yihan’s back and swore: He must prove it to her, he has grown up!

Leng Yihan walked to the shade of the tree, her body was pulled over and pressed against the tree trunk, then an overwhelming kiss fell on her lips. She pushed the person away angrily: “What are you doing?”

Hua Yu’s cute baby face tightened at the moment, his eyes full of anger. Looking at Leng Yihan’s blood-red lips that he kissed, a suspicious red smeared on his cute face.

Immediately thinking of the scene he just saw, his face was covered with frost: “How can you let other people kiss you?”

Leng Yihan wondered: Why can’t other people kiss her? Leng Yihan grew up with an old monk. Everything she learned was taught by the old man, but he taught everything, except for her feelings. How could a monk, an old man, teach these things? Yihan spent most of her time practicing martial arts, and had not been in contact with many people, so naturally her EQ was zero.

Seeing her confused look, Hua Yu was even more angry. He roared, “How can you kiss others when you kissed me?”

Even if Leng Yihan was stupid, she can understand that this was Hua Yu’s possessiveness. She looked up into his eyes: “What qualifications do you have to order me?”

The two hands on her shoulders hung down weakly. Yes, what qualifications does he have to order her? He was the one who forcibly kissed her last night, what right does he have to ask her? That was the first time he kissed a girl, and it was also the first time he approached anyone other than the three of them. To her, he always had an indescribable affection, and was inexplicably attracted to her. Knowing that he kissed her forcibly, there was actually a trace of sweetness in his heart, yet when he turned his head, he saw that she kissed someone else. How could he accept this? But he really had no right to ask her to do anything!

Seeing that decadent figure drifting away, Leng Yihan suddenly felt a sense of guilt, did she hurt him? But she has no regrets, no one can order her around, not even the old man!

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