Miss Mercenary Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Dylan

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When school was just over, the school gate was very lively because the four young masters’ cars would pass by the school gate and almost all the girls blocked the school gate, hoping to see the four of them.

Leng Yihan rarely came out right after class, because at this time she wouldn’t be able to go out at all. Usually, she would leave after the girls had finished. They were afraid of her, and she didn’t want to see them.

“Have you seen it, the handsome guy at the entrance is so handsome!” a girl said excitedly, pulling another girl.

“I only saw his car, not the person himself!” Another girl said regretfully.

“Let me tell you more! That handsome guy is really handsome, his purple hair is so beautiful, and he looks even better than a woman!” The girl pulled her clothes excitedly, her face flushed red, her eyes bubbling.

“Hey! Why didn’t I see it? It’s that hateful Ah Jiao, if she hadn’t squeezed me out, I could have seen it!” the girl said angrily.


Listening to the two girls talking and walking away, Leng Yihan shook her head helplessly, she couldn’t understand. Isn’t he a man? What’s so good about it? Thinking of the evildoer around her before, Leng Yihan couldn’t help but get goosebumps! She dare not think about it!

After waiting for a long time, Leng Yihan went to the school gate. The girls’ were still guarding the gate, blocking the entire gate without even leaving a crack. The back tried to move forward while the front tried to push down the back. As a result, when one girl fell down, she pulled down the girls next to her, and they all fell down one after another!

“Ah…” With the girls screaming at each other, most of the girls fell to the ground, leaving the girls at the not so crowded area standing on the side.

The school uniforms were originally short skirts, yet the skirts that were already short enough had been trimmed again. It couldn’t be any shorter, so with this fall, naturally the radiance of spring shone unbounded, making people spray out blood.

The field of vision became empty, and Leng Yihan could also see the person in the distance, dressed in casual clothes, dark red top, dark trousers, purple hair with a cool hairstyle. Leng Yihan immediately recognized the person, and the red limited edition Rolls Royce behind him! There was a ruffian smile on the face that looked like a woman, who was that evildoer if not Dylan?

“Finally found you!” Two arms wrapped tightly around her body and his warm body pressed against hers. His hot breath sprayed on her neck, making her feel itchy.

“Why are you here?” Leng Yihan asked slightly in surprise. She didn’t tell anyone when she returned to China. As long as she didn’t contact them, no one would be able to find out her whereabouts. How did he know and he even went to the school. 

“Sss!” Leng Yihan wanted him to let go of herself as she was almost suffocated to death, but she suddenly heard him breathing in. She broke away from his arm, and not caring who else saw it, she picked up his shirt directly. On his waist, there was a terrifying dark red knife wound, a full foot long. Although it had scabbed, being pushed by Leng Yihan, the blood flowed out immediately.

“How did you get hurt?” Leng Yihan asked in a deep voice. She was not the kind of person who cared about people. At some moments, it can be said to be cold-blooded, but there were always a few people who were exceptions; except for the old man, Dylan was it. They didn’t have the love between men and women, nor familial love, but the kind of care that belonged to comrades-in-arms.

Hearing Leng Yihan’s tone, Dylan knew that she cared about him, and warmth rose in his heart. With her words, it was worthwhile for him to rush to China from Europe.

“I was almost assassinated by ‘Ghost Knife’, and I was lucky enough to get my life back!” Dylan said nonchalantly. He would not hide it. He didn’t need to hide it from Leng Yihan because they were from the same world.

‘Ghost Sword’, the No. 1 killer in the rankings, the most powerful weapon was the samurai sword in his hand, which had reached the point of perfection. His superb swordsmanship, even Leng Yihan had to admire it, being able to kill without blood. If it was him; it is said that he has never failed a mission, so it was unexpected that Dylan could escape from his hands.

However, Leng Yihan felt something a little familiar, as if she noticed something. She remembered that the last time she wanted to take on a task, the person who was one step ahead of her, wasn’t it ‘Ghost Sword’? But isn’t that person called Di Ge? Is he related to Dylan (in chinese dylan is translated from Di Lun)?

“Who is Dige?”

“I am Di Ge and Dylan is my English name! How did you know?” Dylan looked at her suspiciously.

Leng Yihan didn’t answer him. She looked at his wound and blood came out again: “Go get the medicine!”

Dylan didn’t ask any more questions and let her walk him out with her support. Although there was blood, he didn’t feel any pain, but felt extremely sweet.

All the girls looked at this scene and saw the handsome guy and Leng Yihan getting close, all of them had fire in their eyes. Leng Yihan entered the kendo club a few days ago, and was already a thorn in the girls’ hearts. At that time, they were shocked by Leng Yihan’s strength, so they couldn’t do anything. This morning, it was reported that Leng Yihan kissed Hua Yu, and before they had time to find her, she actually hooked up with another handsome guy, furthermore, right In front of them? How can they endure this?

“Leng Yihan, what’s your relationship with him?” a girl shouted. Leng Yihan ignored her and looked coldly at the many girls standing in front of them, wondering what they were going to do?

That person should be the head of the group. Seeing that Leng Yihan did not answer, she felt that she had no face, and she, who was originally angry, became even more angry. She pointed at Leng Yihan’s nose and cursed: “You b*tch, vixen, do you only know how to hook up with people all day long? You hooked up with the four young masters a few days ago and you only kissed Hua Yu yesterday, yet today you hooked up with another person? How shameless are you?”

The girl’s words expressed everyone’s heart, and all of a sudden there were curses.

Dylan stared at the girl coldly, the murderous aura released made her legs tremble. All her anger turned into fear, and she could no longer speak.

He swept over all the girls coldly, grabbed Leng Yihan’s shoulders, and swore an overbearing oath: “Yihan has always been mine, I don’t like listening to other people’s gossip, so you’d better shut up!”

After speaking, the suffocating energy spread out and it shrouded the hearts of all the girls, and no one dared to speak out again, they obediently let the two of them leave!

Walking to the car, he flipped over and pressed Leng Yihan against the car door, fixing her not so petite body between his arms. He buried his head and bullied her lips; he had always pictured being with her for a long time, and now he could finally taste it, it was more delicious than expected!

He originally wanted to punish her, but he became unable to extricate himself. When he thought of what the girl said just now, that when he was not around her, there were so many men involved with her and some even kissed her, his heart was a little uncomfortable and angry. There were actually people who dared to covet his woman.

Leng Yihan pulled him away. Today, she was already kissed by a third person. Even if she was calm, she still had a temper. She opened the car door and threw him in, regardless of whether his wound was open or not. Getting in the driver’s seat, she started the ignition, stepped on the accelerator, and the red car immediately disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The three black Ferraris drove out from the back. Ouyang Xu left early today due to some business, and the three of them were delayed for a while. They didn’t expect to see such a wonderful scene when they came out.

Hua Yu’s face was still expressionless, only those who were close could see the bloodshot in his eyes; while the veins in his hand holding the steering wheel arose. His eyes stared straight ahead. When he stepped on the accelerator, the car rushed like an arrow darting out.

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