Miss Mercenary Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Going to school to learn

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For a few days, Leng Yihan never left the gate. The only people she saw were the maid who delivered the meal and the maid who cleaned the house. In her floating days, she barely had half-a-days free time, and was used to accepting and completing tasks and thinking about terrorists. It was rare to have a good rest for a while!

“Koukou…” Two knocks sounded on the door, and before Leng Yihan got up, a person opened the door and came in. Leng Yihan frowned slightly with his presumptuous behavior.

The housekeeper said to Leng Yihan with a smirk: “Third Miss, young master is waiting for you in the living room!” After that, he added: “The young master is now in charge of half of the Leng family’s company. Time is rushed, please hurry up!”

After the housekeeper closed the door, he left. He didn’t know that at this moment, he had already been labeled as a dead person; Leng Yihan would not be very calculative with others, but she also didn’t need a reason to kill someone.

Putting on clothes casually, Leng Yihan walked downstairs. This building was not the main building, so naturally they would not be in this living room. The housekeeper seemed to be afraid that she would not find a place, so he deliberately called a maid to show her the way. After walking for less than ten minutes, she walked to the main building. Looking from the door, there was already a person waiting there.

He was dressed in a black high-end suit, with a five-point similarity to Leng Zuhui. His hair was cut into a simple flat hairstyle and his slender legs were crossed on the sofa, his eyes staring at Leng Yihan coming from outside.

Leng Yihan also looked at her so-called brother. As expected of that woman’s son, they had the same eyes; eager to show off that he was the master and liked to control everything in his own hands, even if he didn’t know the strength of the other. How ridiculous!

Finally, Leng Lingfeng said, “You are that woman’s daughter?”

Leng Yihan blew on her fingers, sat casually on the sofa beside him, and said, “How did you grow to look like a person, but haven’t learned the morals of a person?”

When Leng Lingfeng heard this, the cold light in his eyes became even brighter. As if he wanted to see Leng Yihan thoroughly, he hooked his lips upward and smiled: “How has Third Sister been all these years?” The tone changed instantly, making people unable to not admire his face changing ability. A moment ago, he could not wait to kill her, but the next moment, he affectionately called her ‘Third Sister’.

Leaning back, she looked directly at him: “Don’t beat around the bush, just say what you want me to do!”

The smile on Leng Lingfeng’s face faded, what you want me to do? He just wanted to see this sister who appeared out of nowhere, but didn’t expect that she would be so disrespectful. Although he knew the reason why his mother had promised to let this woman in this time, he still felt uncomfortable. Who would be happy to know that their father gave birth to a girl outside? Although it was a common occurrence among the rich and powerful, how many of them can really get along peacefully?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he should not have come today, so he got up and left without saying a word. The housekeeper came in thinking that Leng Yihan had driven Leng Lingfeng away, and said in a tough tone: “Third Miss, the young master will take over the Leng family in the future, if you want to continue living here, I advise you to be more respectful to the young master!”

Leng Yihan had always never understood ‘dog language’, so naturally she would not answer him. A servant dared to threaten her? Did he really think that she was an ignorant girl?

“Study?” Leng Yihan looked at Leng Zuhui suspiciously. This father finally remembered that he had an illegitimate daughter and had called her after a fortnight, yet it was to tell her to go to school and study? She didn’t even know what a school was like!

The maid next to her saw Leng Yihan’s puzzled face, and guessed: It can’t be that Third Miss hasn’t even gone to school to study, right? She instantly looked at Leng Yihan with contempt.

Leng Yihan naturally felt those eyes, and even Leng Zuhui believed that Leng Yihan had never gone to school. Because the woman was penniless when she left and with that woman’s delicate temperament, supporting herself must have been hard, let alone having a child and supporting her to go to school.

Leng Yihan suddenly felt a sense of frustration, why should she be despised if she didn’t go to school? Should everyone follow the same path? She really wanted to show them her doctorates.

Leng Zuhui didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt a little guilty and his tone softened: “Yihan, you are now eighteen years old, if you want to learn other things, you are over the age, so go to university, and then I will arrange for you a few good mentors.”

Leng Yihan calculated it, she really seemed to be only eighteen years old. Okay! She has never seen a school before, so it’s not bad to go to check it out. Since she made up her mind, she allowed him to make the arrangements.

Hearing that Leng Yihan had never even attended school, the mistress of the house was naturally going to ‘visit’, so Leng Yihan was summoned again.

Leng Yihan found that she was really cultivated and mature, otherwise how could she not get angry for so long?

Liu Yuyuan, a very gentle name, but worn by a coquettish poisonous woman. Liu Yuyuan naturally did not care about Leng Yihan at all and was very disgusted.

Liu Yuyuan sat there elegantly, taking the coffee on the table and tasting it slowly. Her elegant appearance did not make people feel that she was noble, instead, it felt very contrived. A chicken is a chicken, and you can’t become a phoenix even if you put on floral clothes.

Leng Yihan picked up the Blue Mountain coffee on the table. This was the first time she had seen it during the ‘summoning’. At other times, she was just sitting or standing.

However, the appearance of Leng Yihan fell into Liu Yuyuan’s eyes of not knowing what it was. She put down the cup gracefully, gently stirred the coffee with a spoon, and said with a smile: “Yihan doesn’t know what it is, right? Hehe, ai, it’s too sad to speak about. You were originally supposed to be the eldest daughter of the family, yet you lived in some market for so many years, how sad!”

Then she said: “You know? This is called coffee, the most expensive Blue Mountain coffee! You don’t know this, but this is something only high-ranking people can afford to drink and people who don’t understand who can drink it occasionally would just gulp it down!”

There was ridicule in the open and hidden, but Leng Yihan pretended not to hear it. If she wanted to care about it, it would be time for them to die; and they cannot be killed right now, so she will not do such things to please others !

Liu Yuyuan talked a lot to herself, but she saw that Leng Yihan didn’t seem to care about her at all. In the end, she felt bored and swayed away.

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