Miss Mercenary Chapter 21

 Chapter 21 The Past

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The red Ferrari stopped in front of a black villa and waited for the gates to open; when the door was wide enough, she stepped on the accelerator coldly and fiercely, and the car flashed in quickly, a beautiful drift, steady park in the garage!

Di Ge, who was sitting in the back seat, driven by inertia, had his body thrown out. His head hit the car door directly, and his eyes were shining with gold stars. Leng Yihan opened the car door, and immediately saw a large area of ​​wetness on his waist. Knowing that it was not the time for her to be angry, she bent down and picked him up carefully, took the key and went upstairs.

Leng Yihan’s body was relatively tall, a standard model body, while Di Ge was only half a head taller than her. Di Ge was held in her arms, his hands hooked around her neck, and he cooperated, giving off the appearance of a little wife. He buried his head in her arms, as to whether he was shy or snickering, only he knew.

Opening the door, she laid Di Ge on the bed, took off his windbreaker, and found a medicine box in the cabinet. She gently took off Di Ge’s clothes. The blood from earlier had scabbed, and tightly stuck onto the clothes. Finally taking off his shirt, it revealed a woman’s chest no women would want. If it wasn’t for the lack of two lumps on his chest, then he would really be no different from a woman.

Leng Yihan didn’t have the heart to watch the beautiful scenery. Seeing that his trousers were also dyed, she took off his trousers without thinking, leaving behind a pair of small red pants.

Di Ge looked at the only pair of trousers left on his body, and his charming peach eyes looked Leng Yihan, blinking innocently! With a smile in his eyes, he thought to himself, what if he took off those panties too?

The sterilized alcohol was poured on his wound by Leng Yihan like splashing water, and the burning pain made him clench his teeth tightly. Not allowing himself to make a sound, only a frown showed his pain.

A full two bottles of alcohol were poured, and the blood was washed away and flowed onto the expensive bed sheets, revealing a ferocious wound. Leng Yihan’s eyes flickered slightly, the wound was deeper than she imagined, showing how dangerous it must have been at that time. Di Ge’s life was really picked up from the palace of the king of h*ll; if the knife edge was deeper by one centimeter, it would have cut Di Ge’s kidneys and cut several important nerves and arteries at the same time.

Thinking about this, her movements couldn’t help but be gentler. She smeared white plaster on his wound. You must know that this plaster is not an ordinary thing. Even if you have money, you may not be able to buy it. She found it during a mission, a kind of fruit. She brought it back when she saw that it looked strange, and gave it to Mo Lixin to study who found that it had an excellent repairing effect, so she used it to make this ointment. She had never been injured so couldn’t use it, but she always had it on her body. She didn’t expect it to be used by Di Ge.

After applying a thin layer, Leng Yihan placed her hand to his wound. In less than a minute, the layer of plaster actually dried up and cracked, then fell off completely, revealing a scab. It had already scabbed and won’t crack.

Di Ge had been watching her movements quietly, with a layer of mist in his flirtatious eyes. He had always known that Leng Yihan’s kung fu was not simple, but he never knew that she actually learned internal strength. Internal strength did not only appear in novels, it really exists, but it is possessed only by some unknown people.

The conditions for learning internal strength is very harsh. Even if you get the method, you may not be able to learn it. In ancient novels, martial arts films, there were many with high internal strength, it was cheaper than buying vegetables. However, some things can only exist in novels.

The intersection between him and Leng Yihan was not deep, the only thing he knew was her identity as the young lady of the Leng family and knowing that she had extraordinary skills. The rest he was ignorant to; this was the rule of the dark world. Even if their relationship was better, they won’t reveal their identities to each other. It’s one thing for others to know, but it’s another thing to say it yourself.

The intersection between them is limited to that bit of intersection. If he hadn’t been pestering her, it is estimated that he would have been forgotten as a passerby, maybe she wouldn’t even have ever seen this passerby at all.

Leng Yihan naturally knew what he was thinking, but she ignored it. The most important thing between friends is trust. Since she chose to trust, she was not afraid that he will know her secrets, not to mention that she has no secrets.

Seeing Leng Yihan calmly let him look, Di Ge was extremely happy. Did it mean that the distance between them was a step closet? However, his face did not show it, he still had that wicked smile, but the smile in his eyes became more real.

“Little Han, I’m hungry!” Di Ge suddenly said with a flat mouth, aggrieved. He blinked his evil eyes, which were still sparkling and unforgettable!

Leng Yihan was always very helpless to this evildoer who liked to pretend to be soft and weak. She thought about how good it would be if she hadn’t met him in the first place.

The encounter between the two of them was actually nothing special. A rich man who was playing around ran into an unknown mountain and got lost. He met a passerby and asked for directions. The funny thing is that the rich man was interested in that passer-by, so he pestered and asked questions all the way, and was beaten for every hand and foot that tried to grope the passer-by. As a result, he became addicted to beatings, and ran over to be beaten from time to time.

In Di Ge’s heart, it was not as calm as Leng Yihan. He remembered that he went to Japan to discuss an underground business. He heard that there was an unnamed hill here, full of cherry blossoms that bloomed all year round. The cherry blossoms opened the door to the whole hillside, which was very beautiful. His heart didn’t feel well and he wanted to relax, so he strayed into the area and couldn’t get out.

The cherry blossoms in the mountains were all the same. They went around and returned to the same place. Seeing that he had been here for a long time and his mobile phone couldn’t get through, he couldn’t help but feel anxious. At this moment, he saw a boy wearing a black Taoist robe holding a samurai sword pass by. Yes, a boy!

Sometimes he recalled Leng Yihan’s appearance at that time, and he couldn’t help laughing for a while. The black Taoist robe was very large and she was wearing clogs. Her hair was cut into a short cut and she had a little baby fat on her face that looked as if she was in a rush to go somewhere.

When he finally saw someone, how could he be willing to let her go. He stopped her and wanted her to take him out, but she ignored him and kept walking forward. In desperation, he had to grab her. She seemed to be very impatient and didn’t speak. She just avoided him and walked away. Seeing that she ignored him, he kept pestering her. It was the first time he knew that he was so good at pestering people!

Leng Yihan was so mad at him that she beat him directly, and ran away when he was in a daze. When he wanted to call her, she was nowhere to be seen.

However, Leng Yihan had directed him the way. The tree at the corner of the array was cut in half by her, and he also found the way out; that array already had no effect on him.

He thought that kid was so cute, so he ran and guarded that place, waiting for her to pass by once. Every time she did, he would go to annoy her and would be beaten every time. After ten days, he had to go back to China, so he had to say goodbye to her. It was also at that time that he suddenly discovered that she was actually a girl, and he finally understood where his love for her came from.

Because of the experience of those few days, when he returned to his original life, he always hoped that someone would beat him up. He dragged his brothers into fights every day, and did not fight back, which made him feel abused for a while. He investigated her and often travelled to Japan for business. He bought a house next to her house, and pestered her whenever he was free. For this reason, Leng Yihan regarded him as a extremely dangerous or threatening things and hid from the person every day.

Those days were the calmest and most real days in his life, and it was also the last trace of warmth in his heart, so when he learned that Leng Yihan was gone, he panicked. There was no news of her in the whole of Japan, it was like disappearing out of thin air. In the end, he learned that she had returned to China in the news reported by his subordinates inadvertently; and he rushed back in a hurry. After the attempt assassination, he ignored his body wound, ran to the school, just to see her sooner!

When his life was hanging by a thread, he still thought of her, thus he survived ‘Ghost Blade’. Just to see her. Leng Yihan didn’t know this and he wouldn’t let her know.

“Wow, it’s so fragrant!” Taking advantage of Di Ge reminiscing, Leng Yihan pulled out the ingredients and started cooking. In less than half an hour, four dishes and one soup with excellent appearances were placed on the table. His index finger moved and he ran out wearing a pair of shorts. Leng Yihan had to take out a robe from the room and motioned him to put it on.

Looking left and right, he didn’t think anything was wrong, so he put it on his body and looked at Leng Yihan suspiciously: “Why didn’t I know you could cook before?”

After speaking, he picked up a piece of chicken with chopsticks and put it in his mouth, and kept saying, “Delicious… delicious… mm…”

Leng Yihan sat quietly and ate. As a result, most of the dishes on the table went into Di Ge’s stomach. He patted his full stomach, showed a satisfied smile, turned his head to look at the already dark sky, then with a solemn face, he said, “I have to go out later!”

Leng Yihan didn’t even raise her head: “I’ll go with you!”

Di Ge looked at her in surprise, but he didn’t say anything. The life and death of this trip were uncertain, but he knew that she was not the kind of person who needed others to worry about her safety.

The sky outside the window was dark.

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