Miss Mercenary Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Going to school

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The next day, the housekeeper sent someone to call her in the morning and brought the school uniforms. Leng Yihan really was not impressed with the school uniforms because it was too short. Wearing casual clothes made her uncomfortable, even more so those clothing that exposed her arms and thighs. Although she was not a conservative woman, she had a bad habit. She didn’t like the sun, and she didn’t like it very much. After following the old man, she had never worn anything other than black. I can be said that her world was only black.

Regarding Leng Yihan not wearing a school uniform, the housekeeper saw it and frowned habitually: “Miss, why don’t you wear the school uniform?”

In a tone of reproach, as if Leng Yihan had made a big mistake, Leng Yihan glanced coldly at the old housekeeper. This was the first time she looked at someone with this look, not because she didn’t want to touch him, but now was not the time to touch him. She had time, as long as he didn’t die.

But the housekeeper’s eyes felt like it was falling into an ice cellar because of Leng Yihan’s gaze. Although it was only a glance, he really sensed that this ‘lady’ might not be as simple as the surface. That look was a warning. Leng Yihan opened the car door, and there was no more disdain in her expression.

Leng Yihan was quite satisfied with the housekeeper’s understanding, so she decided to let him live longer, but that didn’t mean she would let him go.

As soon as she arrived at school, there were several teachers standing at the school gate to greet her. Leng Yihan couldn’t help but be suspicious, but the next words solved her doubts.

A female teacher in a gray business suit came over and smiled politely at Leng Yihan: “Welcome Miss Leng, please come with me!”

Leng Yihan didn’t expect that Leng Zuhui would really admit her identity as a Leng family member, and it seemed… a little urgent? But this doesn’t have much effect on her. She didn’t care about other people’s calculations on her, but the premise is… if he had that ability!

With the identity of Miss Leng, everything had been done and all Leng Yihan had to do was to go to class directly.

At this time, it was time for class, and it was difficult to see a figure on the campus of Nord University. Leng Yihan walked and observed everything. She couldn’t help but sigh.

Well-designed buildings and high-tech equipment, these flowers and trees were all rare species and even the floor tiles were specially designed. At a glance, most of the entire academy was covered with trees and one was unable to see the edge, so it definitely wasn’t small.

Walking on the boulevard, you can hear the sound of reading from afar. The tender voice of a child was naturally from a child. The neat sound of reading seemed to have the feeling of cleansing the soul. This was the first time she had experienced it; Beside the old man, it was quiet and peaceful, and such a voice seemed to have found the final destination of the soul.

Finding that Leng Yihan did not keep up, the female teacher turned around and saw Leng Yihan listening carefully with her eyes closed, exuding a very peaceful atmosphere, and the sound of a book  being read from a distance also reaching her ears. She couldn’t help but look at Miss Leng in front of her and like her a little more.

What the female teacher heard was only a small sound, but for Leng Yihan, the sound was like it was ringing in the ear. She could even hear the slight sound of the lips opening and closing at the moment of opening; this feeling was really wonderful. For Leng Yihan, this moment was like finding the most beautiful thing in the world.

After a long time, Leng Yihan opened her eyes, looked at the female teacher, and said, “Teacher, let’s go!”

The female teacher looked at her with a smile, and the smile was more sincere, “Okay!”

When the female teacher brought Leng Yihan to the door of a classroom, she hesitated a little. Leng Yihan naturally noticed the teacher’s hesitation and she waited for her to speak.

After thinking for a moment, the female teacher lowered her voice and said, “This class is the most special class in the school because it is filled with children from the top-ranked rich families, and some of them have bad tempers, so you have to be careful.”

Leng Yihan responded with a smile to the female teacher’s kind reminder, but a person who could make her suffer has not yet appeared.

Leng Yihan looked at this classroom. There was a small box at the door, which should be used to put the class name, but it was a whiteboard. Moreover, compared to other classrooms, this place was considered independent since the other classrooms were some distance away from here and the surroundings were all silent, all of which showed the speciality of this classroom.

When the female teacher saw a middle-aged man approaching, who seemed to be the teacher, she walked over with a respectful expression and said, “Mr. Liu, this is the new classmate, I will hand her over to you.”

Instructor Liu glanced at the ‘curious’ Leng Yihan, and replied indifferently, “You can go back!”

When the female teacher left, Instructor Liu didn’t even look at Leng Yihan, turned around and entered the classroom, and then his voice spread over: “Come in!”

Leng Yihan shrugged and reminded herself: You are now a student!

Picking up the school bag and stepping in, she instantly felt countless gazes directed at her like X-rays, and shot her from head to toe. She raised her eyes and glanced at the classroom, and instantly everyone was scrutinized by her. Of course, she also saw a few offbeats who didn’t wear a school uniform like her.

Without introduction, Instructor Liu said in the same tone: “Find a seat by yourself!”

Leng Yihan looked at two empty tables in the classroom, one was next to a boy in black, but he had already occupied it; the other was next to a petite girl, who saw Leng Yihan looking at her. She smiled friendly, then pointed to the seat beside her. Leng Yihan smiled back, then walked a few steps to sit next to her.

Instructor Liu opened his book and started teaching. Leng Yihan took out the book from her school bag and flipped through it casually. Instructor Liu taught finance. She didn’t know anything about this, so she couldn’t help but listen carefully, and occasionally even held a pen to write something in the book. Instructor Liu occasionally saw something sketched on it, and there was a smile in his eyes.

For Leng Yihan, studying was a very new thing because the old man used to throw books to her and let her read it by herself. Listening to a teacher’s explanation, this has never happened before, and what the teacher taught was a completely new thing, thus it naturally aroused her interest.

When almost everyone saw Leng Yihan taking notes seriously, they all showed a look of contempt. Leng Yihan naturally felt it, but this did not prevent her from continuing to listen in class.

Suddenly, a ball of paper was shoved into her palm. She spread it out, smiled faintly, and then threw it to the girl next to her while Instructor Liu was not paying attention.

My name is Shi Wenjing, how about you?

Leng Yihan!

Can we be friends? I like you very much!


If there is anything you don’t understand, you can ask me!


The two asked and answered like this, and Leng Yihan’s eyes always followed the textbook, and the teacher’s words were listened to without missing a beat, so Leng Yihan regained the feeling that she was only eighteen years old.

“Ding ding ding…” The bell rang for the end of class. Teacher Liu packed up the table and walked out, and the classroom cheered as if it had been liberated.

She looked at Shi Wenjing beside her with puzzled eyes, Shi Wenjing shrugged: “Tomorrow you’ll get used to it.”

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