Miss Mercenary Chapter 5

Chapter 5 I provoked you?

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“Peng…” An object smashed on the table in front of Leng Yihan, almost hitting her hand, then four people surrounded her. Six people in the class were not wearing school uniforms, and there were four in front of her. Although they looked good, that expression… Leng Yihan frowned slightly: Does she look easy to bully?

“Hey! What are you doing?” Leng Yihan hadn’t moved yet, and Shi Wenjing, who was beside her, stood in front of Leng Yihan with the posture of a hen.

Looking at the thin girl in front of her, Leng Yihan’s heart warmed. No one had ever stood in front of her before. What the old man said to her was: If you want to be strong, you have to overcome everything in front of you. They are all her backers, but they will never stand in front of her like this.

Simple and neat buzz cut, black eyes bordered with gold threads on his face, an absolutely masculine appearance, expressionless… The head of the four handsome guys in the special class, Ouyang Xu.

With brown hair, an enchanting face, the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile that wasn’t a smile, who knows how many people he had attracted… One of the four handsome guys in the special class, Chu Yu.

Dressed in black, looking like he was wearing a couple’s outfit with Leng Yihan, he had an appearance that didn’t suit his outer look. His face was lazy, but he definitely was a black bellied pereson… One of the four handsome guys in the special class, Shangguan Mo.

An incomparably cute baby face with the flesh on the cheeks making people feel the urge to ravage it if the danger in his eyes can be ignored… One of the four handsome guys in the special class, Hua Yu.

Although she hadn’t seen the few people in front of her before, according to the information she obtained, it’s easy to see through their identities.

At this moment, Shangguan Mo’s whole body exudes coldness. His eyes looked coldly at Leng Yihan: “Go and change your clothes!”

“Ah!” Before Leng Yihan could respond, Shi Wenjing called out first. Don’t blame her for being surprised, but what Shangguan Mo said was far from what she imagined.

Leng Yihan raised her head and looked directly at him. Her eyes shot onto Shangguan Mo’s face through her lens: “Why?”

“Gasp!” Leng Yihan’s words made those who watched the show gasp; who were the four of them? The young master of the leading family in Y City holding the lifeblood of Y City, they were famous with both the black and white paths. The people here were either rich or noble, but in front of the four of them, they were all tiny. No one ever dared to talk to them like that, unless you wanted your family to be devastated tomorrow.

Ouyang Xu, who was on the side, was holding a book. He touched his eyes with his other hand, and said, “Leng Family’s Third Miss, Leng Yihan. Master Leng gave birth to an illegitimate daughter in another place and was brought back to the Leng family half a month ago.”

“Hahaha… It turned out to be an illegitimate daughter!”

“It’s just… looking at her like that, I thought she was something amazing!”

“Born from a b*tch, why is she so arrogant?”

“…” The insulting words sounded and Shi Wenjing clenched her fists tightly, still blocking the front of Leng Yihan. Her face lost the weak look and was replaced by a sneer: “Hmph! What if she is an illegitimate daughter? I can’t tell how noble you guys are, but illegitimate daughters are also human beings. If there is a choice, who would be willing to be an illegitimate daughter without status?”

A woman in a floral dress swayed and looked at Shi Wenjing with a look of contempt: “I remember that Miss Shi’s mother was once the principal’s lover! Although she later became Mrs. Shi, Miss Shi was also an illegitimate daughter for several years. Is this pitying another for having the same disease?”

“You…” Shi Wenjing’s face was flushed being poked at her weak point, but she couldn’t refute it.

Leng Yihan looked at this distressed woman. Her heart softened and she pulled her behind and looked at Ouyang Xu with an indifferent face. She didn’t forget that it was because of his words that so many things were brought out in the open: “What do you want to do?”

Ouyang Xu was expressionless: “Explain your identity!” He replied calmly, as if that was the case, but unfortunately Leng Yihan was not so easy to fool.

“You better don’t mess with me, the price is not something you can afford.” Not a threat, just a statement.

At this time, Shangguan Mo also interjected: “You can’t wear pure black clothes!”

Many people knew that this black color was the patent of Young Master Mo. Today, Leng Yihan wearing pure black clothes was undoubtedly a provocation to him.

Chu Yu put one hand on Hua Yu’s shoulder, ignoring Hua Yu’s slightly wrinkled brows, picked up the scattered hair in front of his forehead with his hand, and said lazily: “Can’t you just peel it off her? Why so much nonsense?”

As soon as these words came out, it immediately attracted the approval of everyone. It must be known that these four young masters were also unparalleled in their martial arts.

“You…” Shi Wenjing was about to get angry, but was pressed down by Leng Yihan, shaking the corners of her clothes. She said, “I don’t have much of a body shape, neither a bulge in front nor a warp in the back, I won’t look good if stripped.”

Then she pointed to the girl in the flower dress: “36, 24, 38, what a good figure, but also a sloppy face, it must look better than me when stripped.”

As soon as Leng Yihan said these words, a burst of laughter suddenly came out. Chu Yu hugged Hua Yu’s arm and shook his shoulders. Needless to say, he must be laughing.

And Molly, who Leng Yihan pointed to, had a livid face. The Mo family was also ranked in the top ten. As the young lady of the Mo family, where was she not praised and envied, what does it mean to be sloppy? ‘What does it mean that she must look better when she is stripped? Isn’t this a blatant insult?

Molly, who was furious, raised her hand and was about to slap Leng Yihan in the face, but Leng Yihan pinched her wrist and couldn’t help but glare at her angrily: “You…”

Leng Yihan increased the strength on her hand and Molly’s wrist was bruised, but she still said calmly: “Miss Mo, don’t use your eldest miss temper with me. Even if I am an illegitimate daughter, I am definitely more noble than you. A chicken like you who wears colorful clothes to try to become a phoenix can’t even enter my eyes. It’s best not to mess with me in the future, or be careful of your face, you won’t even get to be sloppy anymore!”

After speaking, Molly’s face turned green. She wanted to refute, but Leng Yihan increased the strength on her hand and almost broke her slender wrist. It was unclear if it was because of grievance or pain, but her face was already full of tears.

Leng Yihan let go and Molly’s body was unstable, she fell back directly. Fortunately, the girl behind caught her, which allowed her to avoid intimate contact with the ground. She shrank in the girl’s arms, cried, and stood up.

She clapped her hands and turned to look at the four gods in front of her: “If you destroy the Leng family, I will definitely not blink, but if you still try to provoke me, I believe you will not want to see that ending!”

Immediately, she looked at Chu Yu again, with a trace of contempt in her eyes: “You must have a good figure, Young Master Chu, so I must peel it off one day if I get the chance.”

Shi Wenjing, who was already red-eyed, was amused by Leng Yihan’s words, and laughed with a ‘pu’, her eyes looking at Leng Yihan became one of incomparable worship and adoration.

It stands to reason that when the four of them heard Leng Yihan’s words, they were so furious that they wanted to kill her, but unfortunately it backfired. The four of them let her go and said nothing. Everyone was shocked: When did these four bullies change their tyrant tempers?

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