Miss Mercenary Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Kendo

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Shangguan Mo walked by Leng Yihan in a very gentlemanly manner, and Leng Yihan was also very cooperative. She did not look pampered and accepted those angry female gazes.

Going all the way to the Kendo Department, which was not far away, she looked all around. The Kendo Department was a large independent building. It was wide and had almost no obstacles. Most of the area could be seen at a glance.

The row of sword holders was placed directly opposite, with relatively sophisticated samurai swords placed on it, and the other side was also placed with special training bamboo swords, and even the floor was a special wooden floor.

In less than a moment, the members changed into protective clothes and masks, but the four did not. At this time, Shangguan Mo was still standing by Leng Yihan’s side, and those smitten girls were already locked out of the door. If you let them in, that would be too much.

“This is Japanese kendo, based on nine types of slashes: Tangzhu, Kasaka Slash, Reverse Kasaya, Left Zhi, Right Zhi, Left Cut, Right Cut, Headwind, and Thrust. The shinai (bamboo sword) is made of four bamboo clapper boards in combination of pointed leather and the leather at the handle. The protective gear has a mask, chest protector, tare, gloves and hakama. Now they are all in the learning stage. Once they are finished learning, they can fight with real swords!” Shangguan Mo kindly explained to Leng Yihan, but Leng Yihan didn’t listen to what he said at all.

She had always grown up in Japan, and she was familiar with these things. If she was compared to them, no one would beat her.

At this moment, her eyes were fixed on the sword placed in the middle. The sword had been used for many years, and the handle of the sword had obvious wear and tear. Compared with the other swords, it was a little old, but she could tell at a glance that it was a good sword.

Walking over, she stretched out her hand to get it, but was stopped by Shangguan Mo: “This sword can’t be touched!”

“Why?” What’s so special?

Shangguan Mo looked at her seriously, and his appearance as a gentleman was also broken: “This sword is Xu’s treasure, you can’t touch it!”

Leng Yihan smiled indifferently, then looked at the sword: “Do you know this sword?”

“What?” Shangguan Mo wondered, does she know?

“There is a famous craftsman in Japan who casts swords. He was originally Chinese and his surname was Tang. He opened a small sword shop in Japan. None of the swords he made were not high-quality. There were countless people asking for one, but his swords were never sold. No matter how much money you pay, he would never sell them. However, if he liked someone, he would give it to them, and he would not charge a penny. For a person who loves swords, his swords were a priceless treasure.”

“How do you know?” It was unclear when Ouyang Xu and the others stood behind them, and it was Ouyang Xu who spoke.

“Yeah! How did you know?” Chu Yu also looked at her with a puzzled look. Although this old man Tang was famous, it was limited to a few people. It stands to reason that with the identity of Leng Yihan, she should not be known.

“Do you also learn kendo?” Shangguan Mo asked, but he felt that it was impossible.

Ignoring their gaze, she took off the samurai sword from the stand with both hands. The samurai sword made by Tang Lao was three points heavier than others’, and it looked rough on the outside. Even ordinary samurai swords were more beautiful than his. Only those who really love swords would know how to recognize them.

Pulling out the blade, the dazzling silver light flashed, dazzling everyone’s eyes. Everyone stopped and looked at the blade in Leng Yihan’s hand. This blade had been there since the Kendo Department opened, and no one had ever pulled it out to look at it. At first, they thought it was an old antique, but they didn’t expect it to be a treasured sword.

Looking at the treasured sword in front of her, Leng Yihan looked at Shangguan Mo: “You’ll know if you try it!”

Holding the upper end in her right hand and the end of the sword in her left hand, Leng Yihan gave him a provocative look: “Do you dare?”

Shangguan Mo narrowed his eyes slightly, a trace of danger flashed in his eyes, and he didn’t speak. He turned around and picked up his sword and walked to the middle of the dojo. All the others stepped aside and left their positions to the two of them. This was a real sword, it would be bad no matter who got hurt.

Slightly restraining her expression, Leng Yihan took the initiative to attack, which may be too impatient in the eyes of others, but Leng Yihan was not an arrogant person. She respected her opponents very much, this is what the old man taught her: Respect for each of your opponents is also respect for martial arts. If you can’t do this, you don’t have the right to learn it.

“Keng!” The swords collided together and made a ‘clanging’ sound. Shangguan Mo held back a bit at the beginning of swinging the sword. After a few moves, he saw that Leng Yihan was not weak, so he used all his strength, and every strike was full of lethality. The people next to him looked on, secretly startled.

The most surprised ones were Ouyang Xu and Chu Yu. Shangguan Mo didn’t know about it, but they knew very well that Tang Lao’s sword was heavier than other swords, and it was more difficult to control. If one wanted to control this one in a short time, they were afraid that no one could do it; but Leng Yihan’s movement of swinging the sword at this moment was like flowing water, and there was nothing wrong with it.

The two shadows in the field intersected back and forth, and the swords collided and made a loud noise. Shangguan Mo’s hands were a little weak at the moment.After more than ten strokes, the sword in his hand was a little unstable.

“Keng…” Finally, the sword in Shangguan Mo’s hand was cut in half by Leng Yihan, and her sword was also at his neck. With a little effort, his life would be over.

Leng Yihan calmly retracted the sword into its sheath and gave a fair evaluation: “Your sword skills can only be regarded as lower middle rank. In front of a master, they can take your life within two moves.”

“You…” Shangguan Mo was a little angry, but what Leng Yihan said was the truth and could not be refuted.

“Miss Leng also has a sword from Lao Tang?” Ouyang Xu’s opinion on Leng Yihan changed naturally at this time. Leng Yihan’s swordsmanship was superb, and because she knew Lao Tang well, it was reasonable to have his sword.

Unexpectedly, Leng Yihan sighed regretfully: “I wish. Mr. Tang originally promised to make me a sword, but passed away before he finished and my dream was in vain.”

Ouyang Xu was also a little surprised. Old Tang’s temper was so stinky. When he went to ask for a sword, he had personally experienced it; he never expected that she could make Old Tang agree to help make her a sword?

“Okay! Now that I have checked out the Kendo club, let’s leave first!” After speaking, she went out.

“Hey!” Chu Yu wanted to say something, but Leng Yihan had already left the door.

He felt a little regretful, but then saw Leng Yihan quickly retreating back and closing the door.

At this moment, Leng Yihan finally realized how dangerous her situation was. The smitten girls outside the door had been suffering all the time. As soon as she went out, she was swarmed. It was like she killed their father.

Looking at Shangguan Mo with a dark face: “How can the people outside be resolved?”

Shangguan Mo smiled, and finally found a sense of pleasure. He just had a woman put a sword on his neck. Although his skills were not as good as the others, it was also a loss of face. Seeing her in a difficult state, he felt a little balance in his heart.

So that day Leng Yihan stayed in the Kendo Department until they left and went out with them, thus avoiding the danger of being trampled on. However, since then she had truly become the public enemy of the girls, and Leng Yihan’s name was now known by the entire school in one day.

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