Miss Mercenary Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Brother-in-law

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“Huh…” Leng Yihan got out of the car and took a deep breath. She had never felt so relaxed before. When she thought about the eyes of those girls, she felt terrified. No matter what happens in the future, she should take a shower and sleep first, then think about it later.

“Third Miss, Eldest Miss and Uncle are back, Madam told you to go to the front hall.” A maid stood at the door to greet her.

Eldest Miss? Leng Yihan thought about it, it seems that there was such a person in the data. She seems to be called… Leng Huayu! But didn’t she marry to the neighboring city?

In the hall, Old Man Leng was still sitting in the center, but instead of a cold face, he had a loving smile on his face, he was completely different from his strong old man image.

Leng Zuhui seemed to be in a good mood, without the fake smile when socializing, he was even a little more emotional; while Liu Yuyuan had changed from the sternness of the past, had a mother-like smile on her face, no high profile at all. Who would think that she was the domineering Mrs. Leng in the past?

Cute and helpless looking Leng Huayu was sitting beside a man, her eyes unable to hide the joy. How could she not be happy! After more than a year of marriage, she has not even returned home or visited her parents; but she has not complained at all. What else was she not satisfied with marrying a man like Xi Moxuan?

Xi Moxuan! The popularity of this name in the business circle was absolutely unmatched. From a self-made young man to today’s leading business leader in K City; he was a legend in the business world. He had a god-like appearance, high status, absolute business ability, and cleanliness; such a man was the dream lover of all women, and now he was her husband.

With such an excellent son-in-law, it’s no wonder that these people who were usually arrogant were so happy.

As soon as Leng Yihan entered the door, what she saw was a happy picture. The three people seemed to have changed as individuals. She couldn’t help but wonder, did she see it wrong?

“Come on, come here, Yihan!” Liu Yuyuan saw Leng Yihan first, and waved to her with a smile, her gentle tone made Leng Yihan very uncomfortable.

Leng Huayu and Xi Moxuan also looked at the ‘Third Sister’ who suddenly appeared, and Leng Yihan walked over with a calm expression. Old Man Leng gave a heavy ‘hum’ and said, “Disrespectful, don’t you know how to call people? “

Leng Yihan glanced at him lightly and walked aside: “Is there something the matter?”

Seeing her ignoring him, Old Man Leng’s face was even more ugly, but because of Xi Moxuan’s existence, he did not explode. His gaze towards Leng Yihan became even more indifferent, but Leng Yihan didn’t care at all. The reason why she came back was because of the old man’s instructions, it didn’t mean that she had to lower her head and listen to them. She was afraid that they couldn’t bear it.

Liu Yuyuan’s face froze, but fortunately she was in a good mood and did not make any expressions. She pointed at Leng Huayu and Xi Moxuan and said, “This is your brother-in-law, Xi Moxuan, and elder sister, Leng Huayu.”

Liu Yuyuan thought that Leng Yihan would be surprised when she heard Xi Moxuan’s name, but Leng Yihan looked at them calmly and nodded: “Hello!”

Leng Huayu’s surprised expression and Leng Yihan’s expression, there actually exists people who are not confused by Xi Moxuan’s charm? She smiled gently: “Yihan, right? I will have a sister in the future.”

Leng Yihan looked at Xi Moxuan slightly. Everyone around her was good-looking and she was beginning to get a little tired of the appearance of men; but Xi Moxuan gave her a bright feeling, the appearance of a standard oriental man. She didn’t know how many women had gone crazy over that face. The wheat complexion, slender figure, and the temperament of a mature man was a temptation that every woman can’t refuse. Even she couldn’t help but look at him with lifted eyebrows and appreciating him.

Xi Moxuan calmly let Leng Yihan look, and he also looked at Leng Yihan, slightly surprised because Leng Yihan’s performance was very different from what he imagined. From her eyes, he could sense her stunned feeling, but it disappeared in an instant and her clear eyes returned to normal!

There has never been a woman who was not fascinated when she saw him, even his wife who had been with him for a year would be in a daze when she looked at him, and she was just simply admiring him? Or was she too good at acting?

Leng Huayu was slightly embarrassed for not receiving a reply from Leng Yihan. If she hadn’t seen that Leng Yihan was not obsessed with Xi Moxuan like other women, she would have thought she was fascinated by Xi Moxuan.

“Hello!” In the end, Xi Moxuan took the initiative to speak, without the slightest fluctuation on his stern face, and his eyes were deep and unpredictable, making people unable to comprehend him.

Obviously feeling the strange fluctuations in the air, Liu Yuyuan smiled and said, “It’s already past the time, let’s eat first!”

Leng Yihan turned around and said, “I’m tired, I’m going back first!” After speaking, she turned around and left without caring about everyone’s faces. She was not suitable for socializing, she had never studied it and had no talent for it. Wearing a mask to fake laugh made her feel disgusted when she saw it, and she didn’t want to deal with a wealthy and noble family. If she could, she would be willing to stay with the old man every day, it would be better than watching this fake worldliness.

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