Miss Mercenary Chapter 8

Chapter 8 This brother-in-law is not simple

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Lying on the bed, after the trouble, most of the drowsiness disappeared. She turned over and took out the computer from her bag. After thinking about it, she still typed in the words ‘Xi Moxuan’.

Xi Moxuan, 26 years old, appeared in K City when he was 17 years old. He started from scratch by doing jewelry design. He established the international brand “LS” in three years, and later became involved in real estate and the stock market. He became the richest man in K City, worth hundreds of millions. During this period, he annexed several companies, married Leng Huayu, the eldest miss of the Leng family, as his wife at the age of 25, and began to be involved in the real estate industry in Y City…

Leng Yihan looked at Xi Moxuan’s information indifferently. This was the information sent by the most advanced intelligence network. There was nothing more complete in the world regarding this information; but even with such an advanced intelligence network, there were still somethings that cannot be found. Because Xi Moxuan’s information before the age of seventeen… was blank!

An email was sent, and it was actually from Mo Lixin. She opened it and smiled, thinking why was Mo Lixin willing to leave his laboratory? It turned out that he had invented a new weapon and asked her to try it out.

The old man asked her to come back, but he didn’t say that she couldn’t use her Chonghua identity for activities. Today, she was really sullen. Although she didn’t care about it, she always felt that there was something in her chest. It was only when she went back to her previous life did she feel relaxed.

She used her password to log in to the bounty hunter list, where there was a bounty ranking. The higher the bounty, the higher the ranking; killers can pick up tasks here and have exchanges after they are completed. Speaking of mercenaries and killers, there was no difference in essence, since they both accept tasks for money; the only difference was that killers kill people directly, while mercenaries would accept tasks under any conditions. As long as there was enough remuneration, mercenaries would do whatever they could to achieve their goals, even having more people work together to complete a task. She was more of a killer.

She was now in Y City, so naturally she would not go to other places to do tasks. After searching the list, a name called Di Ge jumped onto the screen. The bounty was 100 million. When she clicked it, someone had already taken the lead and took over the task, so she had to change to the next one.

Mohe! A strange name aroused her interest. After a search, a row of small words appeared on the computer: Mohe! Gender ‘null’, age ‘null’, computer hacker who appeared three years ago.

Just these few words were enough to explain his mystery. People who can work in the highest intelligence bureau have the world’s top computer skills. She wasn’t expecting to kill such a dark horse!

She took out a chip from her bag, inserted it into the computer, and entered a series of numbers instantly. In less than two seconds, a series of password characters appeared on her computer. The chip was the work of Mo Lixin. Just because someone else can’t break it doesn’t mean she can’t break it. Countless instructions popped up from the chip, and the data on the computer was constantly changing.

It took ten minutes, then finally, the screen turned pure blue, and the lines formed a simple map. Coincidentally, the middle of this map was Y city where she was now.

With a smile on her lips, her fingers fluttered. She immediately exited the program and deleted everything clean. She closed the computer, leaned against the bed, and felt much more comfortable, because now she had found a prey that made her interested enough!

She was able to directly invade Mohe’s computer program just now, but his protection was too tight, and he would definitely find out. Although she got what she wanted, she would expose her own location and at the same time, it also proved his strength.

The top intelligence bureau had become her temporary database, but Mohe’s code took ten minutes to decipher, which clearly showed the gap between the two.

It was a good night’s sleep. When the cold in the morning arrived, everyone else went out. Only Xi Moxuan and his wife were still at home. Leng Huayu was still sleeping and Xi Moxuan was sitting in the dining room eating breakfast.

“Good morning!” He was alone in the grand dining room. Leng Yihan walked directly to her seat, and the maid brought her breakfast, and she buried her head and ate it.

Xi Moxuan raised his head a little as response and Leng Yihan didn’t care. She quickly finished her breakfast and when she looked up, she saw Xi Moxuan eating elegantly; a noble temperament naturally exuding from his body making people unable to take their eyes off. The small movements were so pleasing to the eyes when he did them. She believed that Xi Moxuan was definitely from a noble family. As for why he had to start from scratch to build his business, this was an answer she wanted to find out.

Including last night’s Mohe, Leng Yihan found two things that interested her. She has to say, this kind of life is really good.

The tip of her eyes glanced at Xi Moxuan’s beautiful hand. The joints were distinct, wide and thick, it must feel very secure when holding it; but what she saw was the thick layer of calluses on the belly of the fingers, and at a glance, she knew that he often held a gun. 

Mysterious background, considerable wealth, handsome appearance, noble temperament… This brother-in-law is not so simple!

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