Monster Resurgence Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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Lou Yan had slapped Fu Xuezhou’s pale face red.

He still held the dagger against Fu Xuezhou’s vital point.

Fu Xuezhou frowned, his eyes staring straight at Lou Yan, showing no discernible emotion. He seemed genuinely afraid of being cut off of children by Lou Yan, so much so that he didn’t even flinch.

Lou Yan felt a strange mixture of chills and satisfaction. He sneered, then provocatively slapped Fu Xuezhou’s face again, intending to stop there and see if the door was locked.

However, as soon as Lou Yan moved, Fu Xuezhou forcefully pushed him down. The silver-haired man bent slightly, grabbing Lou Yan’s wrists with one hand. His silver hair cascaded from his shoulder to Lou Yan’s face, making Lou Yan feel like he was being crushed by a mountain, with no room to struggle.

Lou Yan tried to free his hands, but they remained motionless, turning purple from his efforts.

In the blink of an eye, the roles of dominant and submissive had reversed.

Lou Yan’s legs were also firmly pressed down. Knowing he couldn’t break free, he stopped struggling and stared coldly at Fu Xuezhou.

Though Fu Xuezhou wasn’t particularly muscular, his slender and youthful figure completely overshadowed Lou Yan’s.

“Threatening me?” Fu Xuezhou said. “Lou Yan, you’ve got guts.”

Layers of silver hair cascaded onto the face, these silver hairs were even more beautiful than strands of gold and silver threads. Occasionally, a few strands of hair touched Lou Yan’s cheek and neck, icy cold, feeling like silk. But Lou Yan only felt goosebumps. To him, these silver hairs were more dangerous than venomous snakes.

Lou Yan turned his head to glare at Fu Xuezhou’s hair, maintaining his cold smile. “I’ve done bolder things than this, Fu Xuezhou. Haven’t you forgotten who was screaming in fear earlier?”

Fu Xuezhou narrowed his eyes, pinching Lou Yan’s chin and forcing him to meet his gaze. He asked casually, “Lou Yan, I’m curious. Why do you want to kill me? You used to respect me and always obeyed my orders.”

Lou Yan’s chin and neck were lifted into a straight line, and he was almost laughing from anger. “Isn’t that a question for yourself?!”

“Me?” Fu Xuezhou tilted his head slightly, then suddenly laughed. “Indeed, you remember quite a lot of things you shouldn’t. Tell me, how much do you remember?”

Lou Yan’s chest heaved violently as he stared intensely at Fu Xuezhou, disbelief trembling in his voice due to the raging fury and hatred. “Do you only care about how much I remember?” 

Fu Xuezhou tilted his head, casually asking, “And what if I do?” 

When it came to the past, Fu Xuezhou’s emotions were calm, even intrigued. He seemed entirely unconcerned about the destruction of the world, as if Lou Yan’s ability to recall memories from past lives amused him more than the end of the world itself. 

Yet, Lou Yan wasn’t the only one who died in that inferno, nor was he the only one betrayed. Countless people perished in the flames, their screams unheard. 

The mastermind behind it all, however, showed no remorse, casually asking Lou Yan about his memories with a smile on his face, without a trace of guilt. 

A monster. 

Fu Xuezhou was a monster… 

Lou Yan’s breathing became rapid, his eyes filled with various intense emotions, causing Fu Xuezhou to pause. The hatred, the anger, illuminated Lou Yan’s eyes as if flames were flickering within. 

But soon, Lou Yan calmed down, staring at Fu Xuezhou and speaking each word deliberately, “Why should I tell you how much I remember? What are you, Fu Xuezhou?” 

Fu Xuezhou didn’t get angry; instead, he chuckled lightly. “What kind of anomaly did you swallow? Why do you have the ability to reverse time?” 

Lou Yan didn’t know the answer to this question. He himself didn’t understand what kind of anomaly he had swallowed. But even if he did, he wouldn’t tell Fu Xuezhou. He remained silent, refusing to answer. 

Fu Xuezhou tightened his grip on Lou Yan’s chin, almost crushing his jawbone, his voice low and domineering. “Tell me, how do you have the ability to reverse time?”

Lou Yan keenly sensed Fu Xuezhou’s interest in this ability from his emotions. Lou Yan narrowed his eyes and deliberately scoffed, “What’s so special about this ability?”

Fu Xuezhou looked down at him. “There’s only one person in the world with power over time.”

Lou Yan thought of the humanoid anomaly he had swallowed. “Who?”

Fu Xuezhou replied calmly, “Now it’s you.”

“Now it’s me?”

Then who was it before?

Was he telling the truth?

Lou Yan wanted to know the answer, but Fu Xuezhou released Lou Yan’s hands and suddenly pressed on Lou Yan’s injured ankle.

Lou Yan wrinkled his brow in disgust, then ruthlessly kicked Fu Xuezhou away with his other leg. “Get lost!” 

Fu Xuezhou grabbed the leg that Lou Yan kicked with, not forgetting to pinch his injured ankle. “Broken?” 

A sharp pain mixed with a hint of itchiness surged through Lou Yan, causing his lips to pale. The itchiness indicated that his foot bones were healing, but if Fu Xuezhou were to crush his bones again at this moment, Lou Yan’s foot would be done for the night. 

“Don’t touch me with your filthy hands,” Lou Yan said coldly. “If you want to kill me, just do it. Stop annoying me with your antics.” 

“Filthy hands?” Fu Xuezhou murmured, chuckling lightly. “You’re doing quite well with that broken foot. It would be even better if the other foot were broken too.” 

With that, he lightly pressed the footbone in his hand that Lou Yan hadn’t injured. Beads of cold sweat formed on Lou Yan’s forehead. Did Fu Xuezhou really intend to crush his other foot bone? Seeing Fu Xuezhou’s expression, which didn’t seem like a joke, Lou Yan became determined. Without worrying about the secondary injury to his foot, he forcefully kicked Fu Xuezhou in the chest with his injured foot and swiftly pulled back his intact leg.

The pain eventually numbed him, and Lou Yan’s face turned pale. He suddenly flipped off the bed and limped to the door.

Fu Xuezhou leaned against the bed frame, watching his movements.

The ticking sound in the room continued, the sound of blood dripping from the furniture onto the floor. Because of the recent anomaly incident, there was already a thin layer of water on the floor, and with each step Lou Yan took, there was the sound of water being trampled.

The wooden door of the bedroom was locked. Lou Yan tried to push it but it wouldn’t budge. There was no shadow reflected on the door, but Lou Yan wasn’t sure if there was an anomaly lurking outside.

He had come to the door just to check if it was locked. Lou Yan’s intuition told him that tonight wouldn’t be so easy.

Tonight felt too long, and Lou Yan didn’t believe that he and Fu Xuezhou would have a peaceful sleep. One crisis after another had occurred in this illusion; he didn’t believe this room would be a safe haven for them to spend the night.

There must be something more terrifying in this room…

Lou Yan pondered for a moment, about to turn around, but he felt the sound of dripping water in the room becoming more frequent.

What’s going on?

The old woman with bleeding eyes had already left, shouldn’t the bleeding from the furniture have stopped?

Lou Yan lowered his head and saw that the water on the floor, which had originally been only a thin layer, had inexplicably risen to half the height of his shoes. The water was as red as blood. Lou Yan suddenly realized that the air was already thick with the smell of blood, but he hadn’t noticed it before.

Where was this water coming from? How had it suddenly increased so much?!

Lou Yan didn’t know if the water was dangerous. He cautiously turned to look around the room, only to see that all the furniture, walls, and even the candles burning on the candlesticks were oozing blood.

The entire room turned red in the blink of an eye, even the edge of the ancient bed where Fu Xuezhou was sitting, was dripping water like rain onto the ground.

Lou Yan’s gaze was about to sweep past the bed when suddenly it froze.

In the hidden corner under the bed, long black hair hung down to the ground—there was someone under the bed!

Someone was hiding under the bed!

Lou Yan was startled, and as soon as he noticed the person under the bed, the person started to move.

This creature dropped from the bed onto the ground, causing ripples in the blood water on the ground. The ripples spread from the edge of the bed to Lou Yan’s feet, disappearing when they reached his shoes.

After the creature started moving, everything in the room, such as the furniture and walls, stopped bleeding, and the sound of dripping water disappeared in an instant.

The person under the bed crawled out in a spider-like manner, their long black hair trailing in the water. First came the head, then the thin hands, and finally the thin legs.

This creature had humanoid limbs but was not human. It crawled out like a monkey, with its thin limbs supporting it. Its arms and legs were thin and skinny, its skin pale, and its head twice the size of a normal person’s head. It wore tattered white clothes, and now it was reaching out to feel around in the air, swaying after touching the bed frame, then crawling around the bed frame and constantly trying to feel the things on the bed with its thin arms.

When this creature was feeling around the left side of the bed, Fu Xuezhou silently moved to the right side. When the creature crawled to the right side of the bed, Fu Xuezhou moved back to the left side.

Since the creature didn’t touch Fu Xuezhou, it was as if it hadn’t seen him at all. It didn’t jump onto the bed to search, but after checking the bed, it started feeling around other things inch by inch along the walls.

Lou Yan quickly understood that this creature couldn’t see anything.

Then what about hearing?

As if knowing what Lou Yan was thinking, Fu Xuezhou glanced at him standing by the door, then crumpled the red cloth in his hand into a ball and threw it into the center of the room.

The red cloth was made of fabric, and whether it was thrown on the ground or into the water, it made a very subtle sound. However, at the moment the red cloth landed, the creature, which had been searching the dressing table, suddenly jumped up at an astonishing speed and pounced on the red cloth, tearing it to pieces with its claws and teeth in an instant.

The blood water stirred violently, and the red cloth turned into countless flying pieces of fabric. Lou Yan could imagine that if it wasn’t the red cloth lying there but him instead, he would have been torn to pieces by this fierce and terrifying creature by now.

Lou Yan looked down at the water at his feet, cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

If he moved, the sound of water would be heard, and the creature would pounce on him. But if he didn’t move, the creature would eventually find him inch by inch, tearing him apart.

How could this situation be resolved?

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