My Corpse is Bohemian Chapter 52

Chapter 52: How Undercover Agents Are Made (Part Two)

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“Have you taken on any new jobs recently?” Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu with a keen gaze.

An Bu was wearing a fitted cheongsam, showcasing her graceful figure, elegant and charming, like a classical beauty descending from a painted fan.

“A service lady for a private gathering.”

Jian Ningxuan frowned tightly, clearly not approving of her taking on such a job.

An Bu noticed his expression and reassured, “It’s a favor for a friend, just for one day, no need to worry.”

Jian Ningxuan hugged her without saying a word, wearing a look of grievance as if saying, “I can afford to support you, why don’t you let me do it.”

A hint of amusement flashed in An Bu’s eyes as she whispered, “Mr. Jian, I have a part-time job here. Are you interested?”

“What part-time job?”

“My personal bodyguard.”

​An Bu took out an invitation from the drawer and waved it in front of him. “I got an invitation from a friend. If you want to go, just set aside some time.”

An Bu knew that her casual approach to choosing jobs always worried her cat master at home. So, she made preparations on both fronts. If he had no objections, that would be fine. If he was concerned, she would invite him to join. Apart from not being able to reveal her true identity, she was open and honest about everything else, without hiding or deceiving.

This gathering had only about sixty or seventy people, mostly antique enthusiasts and collectors. The items on display were valued at no more than ten million. If anyone wanted to trade, they could do it privately. An Bu’s purpose was just to find object spirits, check for stagnant energy, and help people as much as possible. As for art theft, she didn’t care.

Jian Ningxuan took the invitation and glanced at it, neither confirming nor rejecting, displaying an indifferent appearance. An Bu had long figured out her cat master’s personality. The more indifferent he appeared, the more concerned he was. That’s just how proud and lovable he was.

The host of this gathering was a businessman named “Lou Fu,” a well-known collector in the circle with extensive social connections and excellent relationships. Approaching fifty, he was good at maintaining his health, and his mental state was as vibrant as that of a young person.

The gathering took place at his mansion, and the guests who arrived early gathered in twos and threes, drinking tea and chatting, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

An Bu stood quietly in a corner, scanning the guests one by one. Soon, she noticed a familiar figure standing by the window. He held a glass, drinking alone, seemingly isolated from the lively crowd. Only when he met An Bu’s gaze did a peculiar light shine in his eyes, instantly bringing him to life.

An Bu secretly gave him a heart and then she saw him look away with a cold demeanor, but his surroundings became colorful and dazzling, like a kaleidoscope.

At this moment, after Lou Fu exchanged pleasantries with the guests, he began showcasing his collection.

An Bu, along with several other service ladies, presented each antique on the display stand for everyone to appreciate.

After arranging the antiques, An Bu stepped aside, silently observing the guests’ expressions. There was no stagnant energy on anyone, and there was no trace of object spirits. It seemed that today would be fruitless.

In the midst of boredom, An Bu noticed someone approaching Jian Ningxuan. It turned out to be the businesswoman named “Fei Xinjue.”

An Bu quite admired this woman, who, at not yet thirty-five, had built a huge business empire and frequently appeared on the covers of financial magazines. She was a legend in the business world, a single noblewoman with both intelligence and wealth.

She had not married yet, not only because of her high standards but also because many men felt inferior in her presence.

Seeing her actively greeting Jian Ningxuan, it was evident that she was very interested in him.

An Bu alertly realized that her cat master had caught the attention of an aristocratic Persian cat from outside!

“Miss, can you give me a magnifying glass?” At this moment, a pleasant baritone reached An Bu’s ears.

An Bu looked over and saw a young man in his twenties standing in front of her. His slightly curled short hair hung on the side of his face, and he had a handsome and refined appearance, like someone from a scholarly family. Unfortunately, the dense Yin energy emanating from him greatly diminished his charm. Only those who had dealt with Yin objects for a long time could possess such rich Yin energy.

An Bu picked up a magnifying glass from a nearby tray and handed it to him, casually asking, “You seem familiar, may I know your name?”

The young man smiled, “I’m Tong Jun, hello, Miss An.” He glanced at An Bu’s name tag on her chest and politely extended his hand.

An Bu symbolically shook hands with him. After he left, she slowly opened her palm, revealing a business card: Xingfu Jewelry Designer, Tong Jun.

Just as she was about to put the business card away, a large hand suddenly reached out from the side and took the card from her hand.

Turning her head, An Bu found that Jian Ningxuan had appeared next to her at some point. He stared at the card with a solemn expression for a while and asked, “Are you interested in him?”

An Bu calmly said, “A bit.”

“How much is a bit?” Jian Ningxuan stared at her intently.

“Probably as much as your interest in Miss Fei,” An Bu replied.

Jian Ningxuan immediately felt relieved, “So, it’s a biao lu.”

An Bu took a moment to understand that he was referring to the stock market trend, where “biao lu” indicated a significant decline.

Jian Ningxuan returned the business card to An Bu. For a stock trending poorly, he had no reason to pay attention.

An Bu glanced at him with amusement and placed the card back on the tray. She didn’t intend to keep it since she already remembered Tong Jun’s name and contact information, but the main goal was to please her cat master.

Jian Ningxuan, seeing this, indeed showed a flash of joy in his eyes.

The proceedings of such gatherings were simple—officially, it was about appreciating antiques and gaining knowledge, but in reality, it facilitated private transactions and the establishment of necessary networks.

An Bu hadn’t expected to gain much intelligence from it, so discovering Tong Jun was a pleasant surprise.

The gathering ended at three in the afternoon. After receiving her day’s pay, An Bu left with Jian Ningxuan.

“Mr. Jian, I’ll treat you to a big meal.” An Bu raised the stack of bills in her hand. “A whole 500 yuan. Tell me, what do you want to eat?”

Jian Ningxuan: Only 500 yuan, two servings of seafood will wipe it out…

“Don’t underestimate this 500 yuan!” An Bu interpreted his expression in no time. “It can buy 500 steamed buns, 50 bowls of fried sauce noodles, 10 roasted chickens, order any home-cooked dishes, and all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet.”

“As long as it’s clean and hygienic, anything is fine.” Jian Ningxuan had no high requirements for taste, but he couldn’t tolerate dirtiness.

An Bu thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go to the Clever Wife Steamed Meat Restaurant. Turn left at the intersection ahead and go straight for 300 meters.”

She was very sensitive to contaminated food because impurities in such food would increase her death energy. Therefore, the restaurants she recommended were undoubtedly hygienic.

Jian Ningxuan parked the car, and then, with An Bu, entered the steamed meat restaurant. They chose a seat, and An Bu handed the menu to him, asking him to order.

Jian Ningxuan casually ordered a few dishes, but in no time, the waiter brought the food to the table.

Just as they were about to start eating, a loud shout came from the next table, “D*mn, what is this? Waiter, waiter, come and take a look!”

A waiter hurried over and asked respectfully, “What’s wrong?”

“You tell me!” A chubby man pointed at the dishes on the table. “Take a look for yourself. What’s in this bowl of soup?”

The waiter approached, turned pale when he saw it, and indeed, in the three delicacies soup pointed out by the man, there was half a cockroach floating.

“This… We sincerely apologize; it was our mistake. Shall we replace it for you immediately?”

“Replace it?” The man angrily said, “Do you think we can still eat it? Such a big cockroach fell into the soup. Is your chef blind?”

The waiter was at a loss for words, apologizing continuously, but the man continued to insist. It made the surrounding customers lose their appetites.

Jian Ningxuan frowned, putting down his chopsticks.

An Bu, however, picked up a vegetable and put it into her mouth without hesitation.

“Don’t eat.” Jian Ningxuan didn’t have time to stop her, only able to watch her eat the vegetable.

An Bu couldn’t taste anything, but her vitality value was gradually increasing, indicating that the meal was very hygienic.

After tasting all the dishes on the table, An Bu nonchalantly said, “In this season, where would cockroaches come from?” Her voice was not loud, but nearby customers heard it.

Hearing this, the man who was making a scene suddenly turned pale and warned An Bu with a glare.

An Bu didn’t care, took out her wallet, and showed one of the cards, saying, “I’m a member of the Gourmet Association. Seeing is believing. If anyone doubts the hygiene of this restaurant, they can go to the kitchen to see for themselves. As long as they find a cockroach, I, as a Gourmet Association member, will report this restaurant.”

Hearing this, the customers got up one after another, enthusiastically rushing into the kitchen. After a few rounds, not to mention a cockroach, even obvious grease stains were hard to find, showing how much they cared about hygiene.

“This kitchen is cleaner than my home.”

“That man was obviously here to cause trouble.”

“I’ve decided to patronize this restaurant more in the future. It’s really not easy to find such a clean restaurant now.”

“Right, the owner of this restaurant is really conscientious in the industry.”

Customers returned to their seats satisfied, casting disdainful glances at the troublemaker.

The man knew that his scheme had failed and could only leave with a disgraced face.

Jian Ningxuan looked at An Bu’s wallet and asked, “Mind if I take a look?”

“Feel free.” An Bu handed him the wallet.

Jian Ningxuan looked through it card by card. In addition to an ID card and a bank card, there were membership cards from various organizations such as the Gourmet Association, Beauty Association, Pet Association, Anime Association, Swimming Association, Marine Life Protection Association, Acting Association, Foreign Language Exchange Club, Movie Club, Extreme Sports Club, Cosplay Club, and many more. His eyes widened at the wide range of interests.

He suddenly realized that he knew too little about An Bu.

After the two finished their meal, when they were about to settle the bill, the waiter came over and politely said, “To thank you both for your help just now, this meal is on the house, and we also present you with our VIP card. You are welcome to visit us again.”

An Bu accepted the VIP card with a smile and thanked them.

As the two walked out of the steamed meat restaurant and got into the car, An Bu took out the five bills again, swaying them, and asked, “Unused, what should we do?”

Jian Ningxuan casually said, “Keep them for next time.”

“Oh~~” An Bu leaned back in her seat and said casually, “I was thinking of getting a hotel room, but since you say that…”

“Tell me, which hotel?” Jian Ningxuan decisively changed his tone.

An Bu crossed her legs, tilted her head, and assumed a lazy demeanor like an experienced driver, “You decide.”

Without a second word, Jian Ningxuan stepped on the gas, as if injected with adrenaline, heading towards the nearest star-rated hotel.

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