Not Obedient Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Things Are Going in Strange Directions 

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After Lian Yin left, Lang Zhuoyu found a pair of disposable chopsticks and returned to the lounge. Looking at the table full of side dishes, he didn’t have an appetite to eat it. 

He hesitated for a while, then finally put away the thermos container and everything else into the bag. 

After resting for a while, Lang Zhuoyu got up and went to supervise the filming site.

He Yanfei was waiting for her scene, leaning on a reclining chair to read her script. Seeing Lang Zhuoyu approaching, she immediately sat up and called out to him: “Writer Lang!” 

Hearing He Yanfei’s call, Lang Zhuoyu walked over, lowered his head and asked, “What’s wrong?” 

He Yanfei turned over the script, went to a certain page, handed it to Lang Zhuoyu, and said, “Since I have met you, then I have to ask. Why is my character suddenly angry with the heroine? Like a crazy woman. I don’t think it’s unreasonable.” 

Lang Zhuoyu took a look at the script, his eyes sank slightly, and he moved towards He Yanfei, his tone light: “Your character towards the husband of the heroine has an emotional line, this is the first point where this line appears.”     

He sat on the chair beside He Yanfei and showed her with his finger: “Here, the handkerchief that the heroine unconsciously took out, you deliberately put it in the thank you gift to the heroine’s husband, and the heroine’s husband gives it to his wife as a gift. You will naturally feel jealous when you see it.”     

He Yanfei looked at it, remembered it, and felt embarrassed. Because the scene of the handkerchief hadn’t been filmed yet and she was lazy, not reading it carefully, she couldn’t understand the plot. She wanted to draft a character who was diligent and inquisitive, but instead, she exposed the truth that she didn’t read the script carefully.     

“Ah…Is that so?” He Yanfei embarrassedly tried to recover her honor.     

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t seem to mind that she didn’t read the script carefully, so he handed the book back to her and said, “Do you understand? You like the heroine’s husband, and regard the heroine as a rival in love. It’s normal to feel angry when you see a rival….”     

He said this and his words paused unnaturally. 

He Yanfei took the script back in shame and noticed that Lang Zhuoyu was suddenly stunned in silence. She was a little worried if he was scolding herself in his heart, so she asked carefully, “Thank you Writer Lang, do you have anything else to do?”

Being called by her, after a while, Lang Zhuoyu came back to his senses: “Huh? It’s nothing.” 

“Then I’ll continue reading the script? Bye bye Writer Lang.” He Yanfei immediately said goodbye to him and hurriedly sent the Buddha away. 

Lang Zhuoyu got up and left, walking on the set, suddenly dazed. 

Like, so he feels angry when he sees a rival…? 

“Zhuoyu! Come!” Director Liu Dawei saw Lang Zhuoyu and beckoned to him to come over. Lang Zhuoyu had no choice but to put away his ethereal thoughts and focus on his work. 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t need to stay on the set all day. He went home around the afternoon and started his every day writing. 

A few days ago, his writing was very smooth. Although it was not at the stage where he was full of inspiration, as long as he touched the keyboard, he could complete the tasks he planned for himself that day very smoothly. 

But today, for some unknown reason, he had been sitting in front of the computer for almost half an hour and still hadn’t written a word. 

Lang Zhuoyu flipped through his notebook of inspirations, but he still couldn’t get it back. Now he would rather be on the set. At least when there are many people, there is a place for his attention to scatter, but at home alone, if he didn’t write the manuscript, the picture he saw in the morning will automatically appear in his mind. 

Lian Yin lowering his head and covering his face with a shy look that was energetic and well. 

“Ai!” Lang Zhuoyu let out a sigh of relief, finally giving up on forcing himself to write the manuscript. Letting his own mind go, he reached for the phone. 

Surprisingly, he opened WeChat.

He didn’t use WeChat frequently before and the message reminders were turned off. He only opened it when he got up in the morning and during his spare time at noon to reply to some work or personal messages. This habit continued until he added Lian Yin.

After adding that person, Lang Zhuoyu used WeChat more and more without knowing it. More than one person had joked to him that he responded faster and no longer lost contact like before, replying by chance.     

Now, too, Lang Zhuoyu replied to a few messages at random then clicked on the Moments, and quickly swiped through other people’s news to find the content he wanted to watch.     

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Lian Yin posted a a picture of the sky that he took. The text read: A big rock finally fell to the ground, I’m going back to sleep in the dark.     

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know what Lian Yin was talking about about the big stone, but looking at this sentence, Lian Yin’s voice automatically rang in his ear. The slightly upturned lazy end sound sounded like a cat being coquettish and lazy. 

Before he even realized it, he put a smile on the corner of his mouth and liked this post.     

But after he liked it, he thought about it again. In the morning, Lian Yin and I had already explained everything clearly, and the relationship between the two stopped there. He canceled the like again.     

Just slipping out of Moments, Lang Zhuoyu was about to turn off his phone, but saw that the introducer keep sending him messages like crazy.     

Lang Zhuoyu raised his eyebrows and clicked in.     

After coming out of the studio in the morning, Lian Yin cheered himself up and threw aside the strange little melancholy in his heart.     

He didn’t like women’s clothes during non-working hours, because the makeup was sticky on his face and it was difficult to reach and scratch it. So he went home without stopping and took off his makeup. Thinking of the end of today’s affairs and receiving Tong Tong’s final payment, he ordered a cup of expensive milk tea that he didn’t often drink.     

When the milk tea was delivered, Lian Yin was chatting with Tong Tong.     

He sent the morning recording to Tong Tong in its entirety, in which Lang Zhuoyu’s meaning was very clear. Tong Tong quickly gave a reply after listening to it, saying that after she goes to confirm with the introducer and her parents, she would send over the money.     

Lian Yin sipped the milk tea. Waiting for a reply for a long time, he took out his school bag and notebook and started reading. 

About half an hour later, Tong Tong replied back, but it was not a transfer, but a menacing phone call. 

“Tell me honestly, did you manipulate the recording?” As soon as Lian Yin answered the phone, he heard Tong Tong asking this. 

“What?” Lian Yin was stunned by the question, and subconsciously asked back.

Tong Tong’s tone on the opposite side was clearly displeased. She said solemnly: “You and Jiayu have a good relationship, I trust her so I trust you, so I left things to you, but I didn’t expect you to use a lie to cheat me. Even if you really can’t complete the task, you can tell me you really can’t, I will reject the person. How could you do such a deceitful thing to me?” 

Lian Yin was still confused. He calmed down and asked, “What happened? I didn’t make a fake recording. I sent it to you, the whole recording. Why do you say I lied to you?” 

“Humph.” The other side sneered, “Look at WeChat.” 

After speaking, Tong Tong quickly hung up the phone. 

After being scolded inexplicably, Lian Yin was angry. He clicked on WeChat with patience, and saw Tong Tong sent a message record. 

Tong Tong remarked below: This is the chat record between me and the introducer just now, you can see for yourself, if the recording is really not fake, what is going on? 

Lian Yin quickly opened the message record and read it. 

Tong Tong: I’m sorry, thank you very much for connecting us. Although I am very satisfied with him, in the end, fate is not enough. He doesn’t like me, and our relationship has ended. 

Introducer: Ah! What’s going on, don’t worry, I’ll help you ask. 

Tong Tong: No, that’s okay. Thank you again. 

Introducer: Don’t give up easily. Fate is hard to come by and it’s not easy to meet someone you like. You really like him, right? 

Tong Tong: Yes, I like him very much. I have never met such a kind person since I started working. But this time his refusal hurt me a lot, I won’t be able to talk about relationships for a long time. Thank you again, I’m off to work first, bye! 

Then the introducer probably spoke to Lang Zhuoyu. After more than ten minutes, they came to Tong Tong very excitedly and anxiously.

Introducer: Don’t be sad, do you have some misunderstanding? I went to ask him, he said he didn’t know you liked him so much and he is very sorry about this. He thought about it. If you want, he wants to try dating you! 

Tong Tong: ? ? ?

The message record ends here. Lian Yin withdrew from the message record and saw the message Tong Tong sent him. 

Tong Tong: Didn’t you say he didn’t like you, why is he suddenly willing to try dating? I don’t have the energy to deal with this matter. You can get along with him yourself! 

Lian Yin was stunned, he didn’t expect things to turn out like this a few hours later. When he was on set in the morning, didn’t Lang Zhuoyu make it clear that the relationship between the two of them was over, why did he change his mind so quickly? ! 

A good gentleman’s words are hard to follow(what you said should count)! What kind of gentleman is ​​A Gentleman like Jade? 

Lian Yin immediately replied to Tong Tong: “Sister Tong, there may be a misunderstanding in this. I will deal with it. But I want to make it clear that I absolutely did not manipulate the recording and I had no intention to deceive you when I did this for you. To tell the truth, up to now, this matter…” He paused and swallowed the complaining words back. 

What he wanted to say was that the trouble and psychological pressure brought to him by this incident have far exceeded his expectations. But it’s no use telling Tong Tong, it would make her impression of himself even worse. 

“I’ll deal with it, but I didn’t lie to you.” 

After Lian Yin finished speaking, he sighed and his thoughts were in chaos. 

He said he would deal with it, but until now, what other way was there to deal with it? Lian Yin really can’t think of it. 

He was depressed, but the source of trouble came to his door blindly– 

Lang Zhuoyu: Are you unhappy? 

Lian Yin looked at the message of concern sent by Lang Zhuoyu, and knowing that Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know anything about it and he should not be angry, his anger dissipated. 

Now, what should he do… 

The author has something to say: 

Xiaogu’s suggestion: direct contact.

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  1. Well, Tong Tong is right, LY just complicated things~ He could say ‘I like you, but you hurt me/played with my feelings, so we are not compatibile’ or something like that :/ But for sure, he keep saying it’s a mess, but in other hand he is quite happy with results! ^w^
    Thank You for the new chapters!

  2. I think Tong Tong could have handled this issue on her own. I don’t think Lian Yin is entirely wrong. It’s her fault for not allowing him to quit when he wanted to. I think she’s just selfish. After that first date even if Lian Yin had been seen, she could have taken over and broken up with him over text or something or at least allowed Lian Yin to end things once she realized he wasn’t comfortable doing it anymore. She’s just spoiled and not a good person from what I see. Realistically her parents are going to send potential matches her way whether she’s heartbroken or not.

  3. And I believe Lian Yun is trying as best as he can given how uncomfortable he is with the situation. He’s not forgetting about his actual goal. To be fair he got the break up recording that he was asked for and it’s not his fault that LZ changed his mind all of the sudden. Technically he’s done his job


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