Not Obedient Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Sometimes a gentleman can’t just look at the surface 

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Lian Yin was hesitating with his mobile phone in his hand, then Lang Zhuoyu called him. 

Lian Yin was startled and hurriedly picked it up. 

“Are you very unhappy today?” Lang Zhuoyu’s gentle voice came from the receiver, with some distortion, but it still warmed Lian Yin’s heart. 

He was a little unhappy, who asked you to suddenly change your mind? Originally, I should have gotten the money and said goodbye to you, but now look at this.

Lian Yin pursed his mouth and whispered, “Well, a little bit.” 

After speaking, he almost bit his tongue off. 

What was he doing just now? Coquetry? Lian Yin’s hidden goosebumps arose. 

“I’m sorry.” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was filled with guilt, “I didn’t think clearly this morning.” 

Lian Yin didn’t know how to answer, so he was silent. Fortunately, Lang Zhuoyu didn’t care about his silence and continued talking. 

“I really didn’t want to get along with you before, because I hate blind dates.” 

Then why don’t you just refuse instead of causing me so much trouble? Lian Yin thought sadly. 

“But after getting along with you, I found out that you are a very good girl.” 

I’m not, you don’t even know. I’m not even a girl. Lian Yin lowered his eyes. 

“I like you very much, let’s try to get along.” Lang Zhuoyu said solemnly. 

Lian Yin swallowed his saliva, and his brain started to run fast. 

At this time, it was not advisable for him to directly reject Lang Zhuoyu because Tong Tong’s words to the introducer had blocked the escape route of rejection and he had always shown that he liked him very much. At this time, he suddenly regretted it again that it was a bit inconsistent with the logic of behavior. 

Could he only just agree? 

It’s just trying to date, maybe this guy Lang Zhuoyu was a scumbag. Listening to him say, “I like you” and “let’s try”, who can say such a thing? He was sure he just felt a little something to himself. However, knowing that he (Lian Yin) liked him very much, he (Lang Zhuoyu) decided to trap him with the thought of not just giving up something that was free. 

But thinking about it from another angle, although the process of persuading a person to quit during a relationship was longer than persuading a person to quit during a blind date, it seems that there was no difference in the results?

Lian Yin gritted his teeth, struggled to maintain a normal tone, and replied, “Okay.” 

Then he didn’t dare to speak any more. 

Lang Zhuoyu’s laughter came from the receiver. After he laughed, he said a few words to Lian Yin, and Lian Yin replied casually, but he didn’t understand what he said at all. 

Lian Yin was in a mess, feeling very bad. 

After hanging up the phone, the mood that had cleared up a little because Lang Zhuoyu cared about him was once again covered in clouds. 

At this point, Lian Yin hurriedly told Tong Tong about his decision. 

He sent a message to Tong Tong: Sister Tong, I decided to agree to Lang Zhuoyu’s request for a relationship first, then proceed according to the original plan. In fact, persuading the other party to quit after dating is not much different from persuading them to quit during a blind date.

Tong Tong should still be paying attention to this matter, so her reply was quick: But Xiao Yin, this is not a long-term solution. If the effect of persuading him to quit during the relationship is not good, things will only get bigger and bigger. According to my thoughts, you should stop the loss in time and directly reject him. You don’t need to worry about the consequences, I will handle it myself. 

Lian Yin bit his lips. With Tong Tong saying that, he felt a little uneasy. After all, it was him who screwed things up.

Just throwing both hands up like this and leaving the follow-up mess to Tong Tong to deal with, Lian Yin couldn’t do it. 

He said to Tong Tong again: Sister Tong, let me try it one last time. 

Tong Tong replied: Okay, you are very responsible. But it’s a different nature now, and if it can’t be done, I don’t want to see it become any worse.

After speaking, Tong Tong transferred one thousand yuan and instructed Lian Yin: Remember that this matter cannot be brought to the level of my parents. You must also never have any further physical contact with him. I will have to trouble you. 

Lian Yin looked at the transfer of 1,000 yuan on the WeChat interface, hesitated for a long time, then accepted it. 

Think of it as a simple part-time job. Taking the money is a reminder to himself not to be emotional. 

After chatting with Tong Tong, Lian Yin let out a long breath, threw his phone aside, and laid on the table, feeling like he had peeled off his skin. 

Lian Yin had never had much contact with a working woman like Tong Tong before, so he wondered if his boss at the internship would be the same as her, making it difficult for him to breathe. 

He thought of Lang Zhuoyu again. 

Lian Yin didn’t want to have too much involvement with Lang Zhuoyu in his heart. Although the high school incident had passed a long time ago, Lian Yin thought that he was not so magnanimous to forgive Lang Zhuoyu. 

In the next period of time, having to deal with Lang Zhuoyu made him feel like he was going to have a big headache.

Furthermore…it was lying. 

Lian Yin subconsciously didn’t want to think about it. He ruffled his hair and sighed: “It’s not easy to make money, it’s really not easy.” 

Three days later, it was the end of the month and it was Lian Yin’s last day working part-time at the bar. 

He dressed up today, ready to stage a perfect end to his part-time job. There won’t be many opportunities to wear women’s clothes in the future.

  Lin Jiayu saw Lian Yin walking in, and at the same time noticed his extraordinary dress up today, and joked: “It’s only been a few months, you can’t help showing your waist?” 

Lian Yin was in high spirits and threw her a charming look: “I’m happily doing so, anyways, there’s heating in here.” 

A girl who had a good relationship with Lian Yin came over and teased: “Look at you, don’t forget to put on a tattoo sticker. Are you tired?” 

There was a tattoo on Lian Yin’s waist. To be precise, it was a tattoo sticker. According to his mood, it would change. 

“It’s a bit of a hassle, so I don’t often wear navel-baring clothes.” Lian Yin replied. 

“Then why don’t you just get a tattoo?” The girl wondered. 

He was stunned for a moment, his expression changed, and he said, “It hurts.” 

Hearing that he was afraid of pain, Lin Jiayu and the girl both fell down with laughter, making fun of him being a boy, but was more squeamish than girls. 

Lian Yin retorted silently in his heart: Some people are just particularly afraid of pain, what does it have to do with being a man or a woman? 

After the three laughed, they separated. 

There were not many people right now, so Lian Yin sat down at the bar, asked for a glass of water, and began to enjoy the leisure before he became busy. 

After drinking a glass of water, Lian Yin said goodbye to the bartender brother who was chatting with him, sorted out his skirt and prepared to walk around the venue. 

He straightened up his skirt and looked up. His eyes just fell to the entrance of the bar, and suddenly he saw a familiar figure. 

What the h*ll! Lang Zhuoyu!

The man had an outstanding temperament, and he stood nice and tall. When he walked into the bar, it was as if he was standing at a signing party in his home court, which attracted dozens of pairs of eyes in the audience. 

Lian Yin quickly turned around, slipped away, and ran to the bathroom to hide.

The bathroom was in a relatively hidden corner, and you needed to turn a corner to get to it. Lian Yin turned a corner and came to the door of the toilet, heaving a sigh of relief. 

How did that guy get here! Lian Yin was extremely depressed. Then, he suddenly remembered that Lang Zhuoyu was added to his group of customers (on his phone). So every time he posted something with customers, it always stated the address of the bar. 

He miscalculated. 

Three days ago, after Lian Yin agreed to Lang Zhuoyu’s request to “try it out”, he was always worried, always worried about Lang Zhuoyu’s proposal to meet or date. 

As a result, in the past three days, Lang Zhuoyu didn’t even send him a WeChat message. Lian Yin thought that he had moved directly into the cold palace after he brought himself into his harem and finally heaved a sigh of relief. Why did he suddenly appear here again? 

It’s not that Lian Yin didn’t think about taking the initiative in the past three days to contact Lang Zhuoyu, wanting to hurriedly persuade the person to quit, but he was not in a good mood. Every time he opened Lang Zhuoyu’s dialogue window, he would feel very uncomfortable. 

So the two really didn’t say a word for the past three days. 

Lian Yin pinched his wig and nervously tugged it in his hands. He thought, the person had arrived, hurry up and persuade him to quit. At the same time, he thought, how can he persuade him to quit, he was still working, he can’t do anything. 

Then, Lian Yin thought of a really good rotten idea – then hid. 

I’ll give him the silent treatment! 

“Oh, he’s here.” Lin Jiayu’s voice suddenly came. 

Lian Yin was startled. He followed the voice and saw Lin Jiayu smiling brightly and Lang Zhuoyu behind her.

Lin Jiayu found the person and said to Lang Zhuoyu, “Do you need me to find a quiet place for the two of you?” 

Lian Yin was mad, what happened to Sister Jiayu, did she just sell himself? 

Lang Zhuoyu’s mouth was originally smiling, but when he saw Lian Yin’s fair waist, his face suddenly sank. 

“No need.” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice sounded the same as usual. Lin Jiayu didn’t notice anything wrong, but Lian Yin keenly sensed the danger in this man’s tone. 

“I just came to see her.” Lang Zhuoyu said. 

“Ah, you two are together, right?” Lin Jiayu suddenly said. 

Lian Yin saw Lang Zhuoyu nod, then cold sweat came out.


“Then get off work first. Anyways, it’s the last day before he leaves, so he should have been given a vacation.” Lin Jiayu said, “I won’t interfere with your relationship.”     

Lian Yin: ! ! ! 

He quietly walked in front of Lin Jiayu and asked for help in her ear: “Sister Jiayu…” 

Lin Jiayu glanced at him quickly and whispered, “You don’t want to finish the task quickly?” 

Then she clasped Lian Yin’s shoulders, pushed the person in front of Lang Zhuoyu: “I’ll leave it to you, take her away.” 

Lian Yin was caught off guard and confronted Lang Zhuoyu, his eyes flickering with a guilty conscience. 

Lang Zhuoyu stretched out a hand, put it in front of Lian Yin, smiled gently, and said to him, “Let’s go?” 

Lian Yin’s eyes widened, his heart beating overtime. 

What does this guy mean? Does he want to hold, hold hands? 

Lian Yin, like a robot with no oil applied, raised his hand inch by inch and put it into Lang Zhuoyu’s palm. 

The smile on Lang Zhuoyu’s face widened and he took his hand tightly into his palm, put it by his side, and led the person out. 

In a daze, Lian Yin was taken out. 

Walking outside the bar, the cold wind in late March finally brought back Lian Yin’s wavering thoughts. 

“I didn’t expect you to leave work immediately. I didn’t make any arrangements. Do you have anything you want to do or a place you want to go?” Lang Zhuoyu asked. 

“Ah?” Lian Yin shook and came back to his senses, “What, what do you want to do?” 

Lang Zhuoyu smiled warmly: “Aren’t we dating, what should we do after dating?” 

Do what!? It’s nine o’clock in the evening at a bar street, what do you think two people who are dating are going to do? What are you implying! 

Lian Yin was surprised. 

What kind of A Gentleman like Jade are you! 

The author has something to say: 

Lianlian: stinky hooligan!

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