Not Obedient Chapter 17

Chapter 17 A class reunion will always have someone bragging

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The high school group chose to meet on the weekend, the third day after Lian Yin received the invitation. 

Time was a little tight, so Lian Yin took some time to go to the counter to buy a lipstick from a luxurious brand as a birthday present for the monitor. 

Zhao Jiaze, the person who called Lian Yin, liked to do this kind of coordination the most. This time, he had booked a villa, which was specially used for gatherings, and it seems that they were going to play all day. 

The villa was quite far from Lian Yin’s house, so it was almost noon when he arrived. 

“Lian Yin! It’s rare for the person who never showed up at a reunion before to also come. Sure enough, only the class monitor has the honor to invite you.” Zhao Jiaze came to open the door, and greeted him too enthusiastically when he saw him. 

“Long time no see.” Lian Yin was forced to hug him. 

Zhao Jiaze dragged Lian Yin to the villa. More than a dozen classmates had already arrived and were gathering in the living room to drink and chat. 

“Come, come, our handsome guy is here.” Zhao Jiaze pushed the person on the sofa, “Leave the C seat, let our handsome guy come to sit.” 

Several classmates smiled and gave up the middle of the sofa and it was given to Lian Yin. 

Lian Yin was a little embarrassed. Zhao Jiaze’s words sounded peculiar, but he had no proof. 

The classmates didn’t see Lian Yin very often. A few of them who had a good relationship with him came up to ask a few questions. Lian Yin answered casually, then fell silent and only listened to the bragging of the people in this circle. 

“The one with the best grades among us is Mo Han, right?” A classmate said, “Mo Han, tell me what you’ve been up to lately. Students of Beicheng University, what are you busy with every day?” 

Mo Han had a thin build. The young man, wearing glasses with thick bottle caps, was a few people away from Lian Yin, also sitting in the center.

He waved his hand, his tone seemed very helpless: “Don’t mention it, I’m too busy. I’m doing a research with my teacher recently. Staring at me every day, wanting me to publish it in CSSCI, it’s exhausting.” 

“Wow!” A classmate exclaimed. 

“That’s something only people who came from a top university can do right?” The classmate who asked first sighed, “You are the best among us in terms of grades and you are still working this hard. It takes a long time to get a reply from you every time, I guess you must be busy studying.” 

Being surrounded by everyone and complimenting him, Mo Han couldn’t hold back the smile on his face. 

“It’s alright, it’s okay. The people in our school are very hardworking, so naturally I have to work harder so that I won’t be left behind.” Mo Han pretended to be modest. 

Lian Yin held the can of soda and listened silently, without saying a word. 

Suddenly, Mo Han’s words changed: “Actually, I wasn’t the best student in the class before, didn’t Lian Yin often leave me behind? He’s also amazing.” 

The atmosphere in the living room froze for a moment. 

Mo Han didn’t seem to notice the change in atmosphere, and continued: “It’s a pity. During the college entrance examination, I don’t know what went wrong with you, Lian Yin, otherwise we would be able to study at Beicheng University together.” 

Lian Yin did not speak, taking a sip of soda. 

Zhao Jiaze couldn’t look over Mo Han’s pretense, so he snorted coldly and sneered, “What are you pretending to be? If you didn’t have those extra points, you wouldn’t even be able to touch the gates of Beicheng University.” 

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere changed again. Several people whispered in each other’s ears and laughed softly. Mo Han’s face looked like he had eaten a fly. 

He squeezed the wine glass in his hand and retorted stubbornly: “The extra points were also because I usually get good grades, why didn’t I see you get extra points?” 

A classmate aided his injustice: “The extra points were also due to the fact that Mo Han had been outstanding for the past three years, and it is also a manifestation of his strength. He cannot be denied because of his poor scores in the college entrance examination.”

Zhao Jiaze glanced at Lian Yin for a while, then smiled mockingly at Mo Han: “The quota for extra points was just given to a substitute. If it weren’t for the fact that the person who was going to get extra points failed to live up to expectations and chose to commit crimes during that time, it would not be your turn.” 

“You!” Mo Han trembled with anger, stood up and pointed at Zhao Jiaze, his fingers trembling. 

“Me? What about me, you don’t know what to say, top student?” Zhao Jiaze’s tone sounded like he was looking for a beating. 

Mo Han gasped for a few breaths, and basically was shouting out: “I got the extra points by my strength! That guy violated the school rules. A good student can’t just be judged by looking at the grades. His behavior was wrong, so I justifiably earned it.” 

“Heh…” Zhao Jiaze wanted to say more, but was interrupted by a loud noise – 


Lian Yin slammed the can in his hand to the ground, causing a loud noise. With great force, the can was deformed when it fell to the ground. 

Fortunately, the soda in it had been drunk, otherwise the splash of liquid would wet everyone sitting here. 

The whole room was completely silent and everyone’s eyes were focused on Lian Yin. 

Lian Yin stood up slowly, stepped over the crowded feet of the people around him, and walked out of the living room in silence. 

For a long time after he left, no one recovered, until Mo Han gritted his teeth and said, “Why is he throwing a tantrum?” 

Today’s birthday, the protagonist, Feng Yuyan, the class monitor, quickly said something to ease the atmosphere: “Everyone finally got together. Let’s play some board games.”

After speaking, she took out the prepared board games, organized everyone to play games, and after the game started, she silently chased after Lian Yin. 

Lian Yin sat beside the swimming pool in the backyard of the villa, a slender figure tucked into a slightly larger sweater. His arms wrapped around one knee, and the other leg swayed in the waterless swimming pool. 

“Are you all right?” Feng Yuyan carefully sat down beside him. 

“Huh?” Lian Yin returned to his senses, turned his head to look at her, and smiled, “It’s okay, I just don’t want to hear them continue talking about that.” 

Before Feng Yuyan could think about how to comfort him, she heard Lian Yin continue: “Sorry, on your birthday, I made the atmosphere a little awkward.” 

“No, no, it was them who quarreled first.” Feng Yuyan shook her hand. 

“By the way, the gift.” Lian Yin thought. He reached out and took out a lipstick with a simple outer packaging from his pocket and handed it to Feng Yuyan, “I didn’t pack it into a gift box for you, since you have to collect a bunch of gifts today. Just in case you won’t be able to take it home easily later.” 

The two of them were familiar with each other, and Feng Yuyan didn’t mind if there was no gift box. 

She took the lipstick, recognized it as an expensive brand, and thanked him: “I like it very much, thank you so much.” 

Lian Yin pressed his lips and smiled: “It will suit you, you have fair skin, this color is bright and lively.” 

Feng Yuyan held the lipstick in her palm: “Well, don’t pay attention to what they said.”

Lian Yin shook his head and said lightly: “It’s been so many years, it’s all right.” 

“Then that’s good.” Feng Yuyan patted Lian Yin’s shoulder and stood up, “I’m going out, Teacher Lang is also in Beicheng. Zhao Jiaze invited him and the person will be here soon. I’ll pick up the teacher. Come out quickly too.” 

After speaking, Feng Yuyan turned her skirt and left the backyard to return to the villa.

Lian Yin was the only one left, stiff in place as if struck by lightning. 

A Silver Volkswagen parked in the garage of the villa. Lang Zhuoyu pushed the door to get out, and saw several students waiting outside. 

It’s been a long time indeed. Seeing the students, Lang Zhuoyu also recalled that time, the corner of his mouth raised slightly and he greeted the students.

As the protagonist of the birthday party and the class monitor, Feng Yuyan naturally walked in the front to greet the teacher. She reached out to help Lang Zhuoyu carry the things in his hand. 

“You’re helping me carry it?” Lang Zhuoyu smiled and handed the bag to her. “Just take it and you don’t need to return it to me. It was originally a gift for you.” 

Feng Yuyan was flattered and smiled shyly: “Thank you teacher!” 

As if the stars were over the moon, Lang Zhuoyu was surrounded by a group of students and led into the villa. The students have not seen their teacher for a long time, and their identities have also changed at this time. They spoke more casually and many people gathered in front of Lang Zhuoyu to chat and ask endless questions. 

They asked him why he didn’t continue to be a teacher, whether he really wanted to be a screenwriter, and whether he was in love or married. 

Lang Zhuoyu answered one by one. When he answered the question of whether he was in love, he paused slightly, the smile on his face was so gentle that it could drown a person. 

“There’s someone I’m dating.” 

Romance topics were popular with everyone. When the students heard this answer, they hurriedly asked. 

“Is she beautiful? What do they do? Do you have any photos?” 

Lang Zhuoyu stopped, “I didn’t see you asking questions like this when you were in school, why are you so gossipy now? Well, don’t ask, I won’t say anything else.” 

“Tch—” The students let out a disappointing voice. 

Mo Han also came over and said hello to Lang Zhuoyu: “Teacher Lang, long time no see.” 

Lang Zhuoyu was very impressed with this student, he nodded to Mo Han and encouraged: “I remember that your grades were very good and you passed the test. Keep working hard.”

But he stopped there, turned back and chatted with the other classmates. 

It stands to reason that as Mo Han was the best student in the class that year, Lang Zhuoyu’s attitude should not be so bland. No matter how teachers treat students equally, they will unconsciously be more enthusiastic about the children with good grades. 

Mo Han felt it unsatisfactory, and stopped talking. 

The classmates have been arguing around Lang Zhuoyu for a long time, and the topic had become how to drag the teacher to play games and drink alcohol later. Lang Zhuoyu quickly announced his next itinerary: 

“I just came to see everyone, I’ll be gone in a while and I still have work. Moreover, I’m still here and you’re reluctant to part.” 

Most of the classmates sighed regretfully, and a few persuaded Lang Zhuoyu to stay, of which Zhao Jiaze was the loudest: “Stay, Teacher Lang, we haven’t seen each other for so long! And there’s no way we’re reluctant to part since you can’t control us anymore, hahaha.” 

“No.” Lang Zhuoyu refused, “I’ll help you book a table of hotel meals, which will be delivered later, everyone have fun.” 

“Then… Let’s take a photo together to leave a memory.” Feng Yuyan suggested. 

“Okay, take advantage of Teacher Lang’s presence.” Zhao Jiaze clapped his hands and decided, “I’ll get the camera, monitor, gather the people together.” 

After that, Zhao Jiaze walked away to look for the camera. Feng Yuyan and a few classmates began to discuss taking a photo. 

Zhao Jiaze came over with a tripod and a camera. Feng Yuyan counted the number of people, and said: “Oh, Lian Yin didn’t come, I’ll call him.” 

Lang Zhuoyu raised an eyebrow: “Lian Yin?” 

“Yes, teacher, don’t you remember him?” Feng Yuyan asked. 

“No, I remember him. I wanted to ask, is he here?” 

Lang Zhuoyu wondered, didn’t he say that Lian Yin was studying at a university in the south, why did he appear in Beicheng?

The author has something to say: 

Beicheng University is the top university in this Universe. It is located beside the beautiful hills in the south of Beicheng. It has a long history and is known for its humanities and social sciences. It is the dream school of all liberal arts students. 

There is no prototype, no prototype, no prototype. There are familiar places just because the top universities are similar, but it has nothing to do with any university in real life. Don’t mention real colleges and universities in the comment area~  

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