Not Obedient Chapter 18

Chapter 18 The First Cold War That Wasn’t Serious 

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Hearing Lang Zhuoyu asking about Lian Yin, Feng Yuyan didn’t think much about it, and answered as a matter of course: “Yes, he went to Beicheng University A. If I remember correctly, he studied New Media.” 

Beicheng A University was also a very good school, but it can’t compare with Beicheng University at all. According to Lian Yin’s results, a mistake of at least 30 points in the college entrance examination will cause them to be admitted to Beicheng A. 

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned. Although this result was expected, when he heard it with his own ears, even after more than three years, it still made him feel regretful. 

On the night of the college entrance examination results, he was the first to ask Lian Yin, because Lian Yin was the top performer in the class and all the teachers cared about him very much. 

But that night, he received good news from countless students, but he did not receive an answer from Lian Yin. When he asked again the next morning, he found that Lian Yin had deleted him. 

At that time, he guessed that this child must be very unsatisfactory about the test. He inquired about Lian Yin’s score from the side, which confirmed his conjecture. But he didn’t know which school Lian Yin eventually went to. 

After the students graduated and he left his job, he no longer cared about it. At this moment, it was the first time he knew the school that Lian Yin was currently attending. 

“I’m going to call Lian Yin over to take a picture.” Feng Yuyan said as she walked towards the backyard. 

Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes chased after her unconsciously, he really wanted to see this student who he felt sorry for again.

Feng Yuyan pushed open the door leading to the backyard, and unexpectedly found that Lian Yin was no longer there. 


With a soft sound, Lian Yin squatted down on the ground. He stood up and clapped the dust on his hands, then looked back at the fence he had just turned over. 

He climbed over the wall. 

Although it was normal to invite teachers to a class reunion, it is limited to gatherings at the dinner table and teachers would say goodbye after eating. Lian Yin really didn’t expect this group of people to play this kind of card to invite a teacher to a party in the villa. 

Therefore, although he knew that Lang Zhuoyu was in Beicheng, he had no idea that this person would come. The moment he heard Feng Yuyan say that Lang Zhuoyu was coming, Lian Yin was ready to run away. 

Nonsense, was he going to wait for Lang Zhuoyu to see himself. New hatred and old hatred will counteract? 

Lian Yin was not sure if Lang Zhuoyu would recognize himself directly after seeing his men’s clothes. He dared not take the risk. 

He called a car, and when he walked to the side of the road to wait for the car, he received a call from Feng Yuyan, asking where he was, and to come and take a group photo. Lian Yin apologized to her, saying that he was in a hurry and left beforehand. 

“Alright then, you pay attention to safety.” Feng Yuyan’s tone was a little regretful, but she didn’t say much. 

Sitting in the car, Lian Yin glanced outside and happened to see a silver Volkswagen driving out of the villa. 

He squatted in the back of the seat and urged the driver: “Sir, hurry up, hurry up.” 

The driver saw that he was hiding, stepped on the accelerator, and quickly left Lang Zhuoyu’s car behind him. 

Only then did Lian Yin dare to sit up straight and let out a long breath. 

He turned his head to look out the window, feeling uneasy.

Since the reunion with Lang Zhuoyu, this kind of hiding and secretive thing had become commonplace, which made Lian Yin feel a lot of pressure. He felt like a criminal escaping between the cracks, always on guard not to be caught by the police. 

Lian Yin couldn’t imagine what would happen if he saw Lang Zhuoyu in his real identity one day. 

After graduating from high school, he deleted Lang Zhuoyu and even said unkind words to him; now he was pretending to be a woman with him and deceiving him. When the truth was revealed one day, Lang Zhuoyu will definitely hate him. 

Lian Yin rubbed his palms hard. 

Come to an end soon, finish things. Even if Lang Zhuoyu is annoyed with himself, anyway, they will never meet again in the future. 

After returning home, Lian Yin felt like he had taken an exam for three days and three nights. He was not tired, but mentally tired. 

When he fell on his bed, his first thought was: Fortunately, there is no need to remove makeup today. 

It was still early and Lian Yin planned to take a nap. Today’s free time was really rare. There was no need for classes or part-time jobs on the weekends, and he didn’t want to think about Lang Zhuoyu for the time being. He wrapped the quilt around himself and quickly fell asleep. 

But even if he didn’t want to think about it, the other party wanted to send themselves to the door. 

After a good night’s sleep, he was awakened by the ringing of the mobile phone, and looked at the caller ID on the screen. He was silent for a long time, then he swiped it to cut the call.

But soon the other party changed to another method. The WeChat message alert sounded ding ding ding ding. 

Lang Zhuoyu: I’m having dinner with friends, would you like to come? 

This sleep was too heavy. Lian Yin glanced at the time above the message, only to realize that it was already past 6 o’clock in the evening. 

Lian Yin replied: No.

Lang Zhuoyu’s reply came quickly: Then do you want to eat something? I’ll order it for you. Or if you wait a bit, I can pack it up and take it to your house? 

Holding the phone tightly, he gritted his teeth. 

Xiao Tong: No, don’t come, I have something to do at night, let’s talk later. 

Lang Zhuoyu looked at the message sent by the other party on the screen of the mobile phone, and could almost imagine the expression on his face that was cold and very resistant. 

His eyes darkened, and he didn’t reply any more, just putting the lock screen of his phone back in his pocket. 

“Do you want to bring food for your girlfriend?” Liu Dawei, who was sitting opposite, sipped his wine and asked casually. 

“No, let’s eat.” Lang Zhuoyu shook his head and picked up his chopsticks again. 

Liu Dawei read something from his expression and smiled: “Hey, it’s first time I saw you like this. Why? Did you quarrel with her?” 

“It wasn’t a quarrel.” Lang Zhuoyu frowned. 

Liu Dawei took a bite and nodded: “Yes, who can you quarrel with with this temperament? Then, what’s the matter?” 

Lang Zhuoyu frowned, looking very distressed, he said solemnly: “She was not honest with me.” 

“Huh?” Liu Dawei stopped his chopsticks, “What do you mean by that? She’s making you wear a green hat (cheating on you)? That’s not it, didn’t you just get together?” 

“What are you thinking?” Lang Zhuoyu glared at him and explained, “It’s just that I feel that she didn’t tell me a lot of things.” 

“Family, work and hobbies? Can’t you learn these things gradually?” 

“No.” Lang Zhuoyu shook his head, “I feel that she has more important things hidden from me, so she feels uneasy to see me.” 

This matter must be important to the extent that she thinks that once I know it, I will never see her again. Lang Zhuoyu thought in his heart, but didn’t say it. 

The atmosphere at the dinner table became gloomy for a while, and Liu Dawei smacked his lips: “Hey, forget it, don’t talk about this. Have you finished writing the book in your hand?”

Lang Zhuoyu also knew that it was useless to talk to Liu Dawei about this kind of thing. The other party was uncomfortable, so he continued on this topic: “No. I don’t have time to write it for now. There is a book that needs to be adapted, and many changes need to be made, some even involve the skeleton of the story. The film side is also urgent.” 

“Busy? We have to go out on location again and you have to follow.” Liu Dawei sighed. 

“Yes, there is nothing I can do, it’s work.” Lang Zhuoyu said lightly. 

The two toasted. 

After Lian Yin threw the cold “talk later” to Lang Zhuoyu, he held the phone and waited for a while, not receiving Lang Zhuoyu’s reply. 

He came back to his senses and scolded himself for being an idiot. He was the first to show his impatience. Did he still expect Lang Zhuoyu to continue sticking his face to his cold *ss? 

Throwing the phone aside, Lian Yin got up and stretched his muscles, ready to read a book for a while. 

As for eating, he was not hungry right now, he would think about it when he was hungry. 

Unexpectedly, not long after he opened the book, the WeChat message on the mobile phone rang again. 

Lian Yin subconsciously thought that it was a message from Lang Zhuoyu. Without delay at all, he immediately picked up the phone. 

The result was a nasty guy. 

Because of the special nature of his work, he often wears women’s clothes, so Lian Yin had two WeChat IDs. Friends, classmates and family members who don’t know his women’s clothing were on the same account. Lillian Lian’s account was mostly clients and some friends who knew about his women’s clothing. Using a software called “WeChat Avatar”, both numbers were logged in. 

It was the other number who received the message at this time. 

Mo Han: Why did you leave early today without seeing Teacher Lang. 

Lian Yin pursed his lips, didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and put the phone lock screen up again. 

But Mohan didn’t feel give up at all, and the messages he sent were endless. It was so noisy that Lian Yin couldn’t concentrate at all, so he could only turn on the phone again.

Mo Han: Could it be that you are still resenting Teacher Lang for giving me the extra-point recommendation? 

Mo Han: Lian Yin, don’t be so petty, it’s been almost four years, do you want to remember this for the rest of your life? 

Mo Han: If you really have the ability, even if you don’t have extra points, wouldn’t it be the same for you to be admitted to Beicheng University by yourself? What’s more, looking at your grades, even if you add 20 points, you wouldn’t be able to touch the threshold of Beicheng University. 

Mo Han: Teacher Lang is just fair and just, he did what he should do, and gave the quota to the person who should be given it. Why should I be resented by you for almost four years, you are so unreasonable. 

Mo Han: Lian Yin? Why don’t you respond to me? Are you there? 

Hanging his fingers on the screen, he stared at Mo Han’s chattering message bombardment, his face sinking like water. 

After a while, he pressed his fingers. 

Lian Yin: Get lost. 

Then, the person was blocked in a smooth manner. 

Lian Yin threw the phone on the bed, out of sight, out of mind. 

He leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling, dazed. 

Did he resent Lang Zhuoyu for not giving himself extra points? It seems that he had been complained for a long time, but the moment he walked out of the examination room, Lian Yin knew that even if Lang Zhuoyu gave him the quota, it would not change the reality that he could not be admitted to Beicheng University. 

Lian Yin felt that his feelings for Lang Zhuoyu were as complicated as a ball of wool with no thread. Inside, cotton threads of various colors and thicknesses were intertwined, forming a tangled mess.     

If you have to find an emotion called “resentment” in it, it seems to be there, but it has been wrapped in many unknown yarns that have been newly entangled after the reunion, and it took a long time to see it. 

The more contact, the larger and more complex the ball of yarn becomes. This kind of chaotic entanglement meant trouble. People are afraid of trouble, so Lian Yin wants to avoid it, and wants to drive Lang Zhuoyu away as soon as possible, so that he will never have to face this trouble again.    

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