Not Obedient Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Majia: It’s falling, it’s falling!*

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* This refers to when someone discovers another person’s identity

“Little Yin, help me print out two copies of this document and send it separately in a document bag.” A young woman with a low ponytail handed the document in her hand to Lian Yin. 

“Okay.” Looking at the computer, he was startled and quickly replied. 

After taking the information, Lian Yin immediately set off and walked to the printer. 

Since last week, Lian Yin had started an internship. He studied journalism and media in college, and his internship was at a well-known social software company in recent years. He was assigned to the content production team of an entertainment news account. 

After setting up the printer and waiting for the machine to work, Lian Yin couldn’t help but get distracted. 

He was thinking about Lang Zhuoyu, Lang Zhuoyu sent a message in the morning and asked him to have dinner after getting off work. 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know where Lian Yin works. He only knew that Lian Yin had changed jobs and was no longer at the bar. 

It had been more than three weeks and almost a month since Lian Yin met Lang Zhuoyu as a woman. But because of Lian Yin’s guilty conscience and that the relationship between the two was originally fake, their relationship did not develop like a normal couple in entering a period of intense love. 

On the contrary, it was more like ordinary friends, meeting from time to time for a meal, and occasionally chatting. Even in chatting, Lang Zhuoyu mostly took the initiative.

  Not to mention further physical contact. Up to now, the contact between the two has stopped at holding hands. 

The relationship between them has reached a level that anyone would find strange, but even so, Lang Zhuoyu never once expressed his displeasure. 

The cold shoulder trick seemed to have no effect, and Lian Yin didn’t know what to do. 

Lang Zhuoyu should have some good feelings for himself, otherwise, anyone who was treated coldly by someone he likes would not behave like him. 

“Sigh.” Lian Yin couldn’t help sighing.

“What are you thinking, Little Yin, the information has already been printed and you’re still in a daze.” A colleague who passed by reminded Lian Yin who recovered quickly, apologized embarrassedly, organized the information, and returned to his position. 

As soon as he sat down, a young woman opposite Lian Yin slid their chair to him, and threw down a stack of documents. 

“Little Yin, take a look at this information, we will go to the crew for an interview this afternoon, don’t make any mistakes.” 

“Okay, Sister Rong.” Lian Yin responded. 

Xu Rong was the official employee who was in charge of leading him. She was also very young and just graduated three years ago, so she chated with Lian Yin quite well. 

Seeing Lian Yin immediately turn over the information, Xu Rong sighed, “You are really serious. We are not busy now, so have some biscuits.” 

As she spoke, she handed the cheese biscuits in her hand to Lian Yin. 

Lian Yin was too embarrassed to refuse. Even though he didn’t have the habit of eating snacks, he still accepted it and thanked Xu Rong: “Thank you, sister.” 

“It’s fine, eat more.” 

Putting the biscuits aside, Lian Yin opened the information in his hand, concentrating on looking. This was the first time he followed her out for an interview. Although he was just doing chores, he didn’t want to make mistakes. 

In the movie “The Journey of the Heart”, the director was the famous Liu Dawei and the heroine had a relatively big background. She was the film empress, Wen Ting who had transformed. Lian Yin sighed silently that he could actually see Wen Ting today. 

Immediately afterwards, he saw a familiar name in the main creative team-screenwriter: Lang Zhuoyu. 

Lian Yin suddenly stood up from the chair in fright. Colleagues around him were all paying attention. Xu Rong was also taken aback and looked at Lian Yin blankly. 

Being stared at by several pairs of eyes, he felt ashamed for a while. He glanced around and quickly locked on the empty mug on Xu Rong’s table.

“Ah, Sister Rong, have you finished your water? I just happened to be going to pour some too, shall I help you?” Lian Yin held his cup and reached out to Xu Rong. 

Xu Rong blinked, reacted, and gave him the cup: “Thank you then.” 

Walking to the tea room, Lian Yin’s eyelids twitched. He couldn’t figure out what kind of bad relationship there was between himself and Lang Zhuoyu. How can they meet everywhere? 

If possible, Lian Yin really didn’t want to go to the interview in the afternoon. 

But in matters of work, Lian Yin couldn’t just refuse. In the afternoon, he and two colleagues came to the set on time. 

“Why did you suddenly want to pick up a hat and put it on?” Xu Rong looked at Lian Yin and asked strangely. 

Lian Yin squeezed the brim of the cap, and lowered the hat with a guilty conscience, and said casually, “I’m afraid of the sun.” 

Xu Rong understood and joked, “No wonder your skin is so pale, you even pay so much attention to sun protection in the beginning of spring.” 

“Sister.” Lian Yin changed the subject and asked curiously, “For the interview later, we should only see Teacher Wen, the directors, and not the screenwriters, right?” 

“Well… Logically speaking, since they didn’t accept our interview invitation, so of course they won’t show up.” Xu Rong replied. 

Hearing her say this, Lian Yin relaxed, but he still needed to be careful and didn’t walk around. After all, the set is not too big, what if they meet? 

The interview was arranged in a lounge on the set. Lian Yin followed the team’s colleagues to set up the location and the camera was put in place. Afterwards, Xu Rong ordered Lian Yin to pick up Wen Ting. 

Lian Yin was a little uncomfortable. From the bottom of his heart, he really didn’t want to go. What if he met Lang Zhuoyu along the way? But as an intern, he had no legitimate reason to reject Xu Rong’s arrangement. 

Lian Yin withdrew from the lounge, and with the memory of the previous two visits to the studio, he successfully found the place where they were shooting. 

Wen Ting was sitting on the side reading the script. Her appearance was that of an ordinary middle-aged woman. The makeup softened her beautiful facial features a lot, but Lian Yin couldn’t help being a little nervous. After all, Wen Ting was too well-known. He didn’t know if she would be difficult to serve. 

“Teacher Wen, our interview is ready, you can come now.” Lian Yin bowed and said to Wen Ting. 

Wen Ting didn’t even have a small assistant by her side. Hearing Lian Yin’s words, she patted her clothes and stood up: “Let’s go.” 

“Teacher Wen, don’t you need to bring an assistant?” Lian Yin asked. 

“No.” Wen Ting waved her hand, “She went to pour hot water for me, and she will find me when she comes back.”

Lian Yin just asked casually, and after she said it was okay, he walked beside and led the way. The two walked side by side for a while, then he suddenly heard Wen Ting’s “eh” sound. 

“What’s the matter, Teacher Wen?” Lian Yin thought something was wrong. 

Unexpectedly, Wen Ting put her hand on his chin and looked at Lian Yin seriously. After a close look, she was not satisfied, and even took two steps back to observe his whole body. 

Watching her nervously, Lian Yin couldn’t help but ask again, “Is there any problem, Teacher Wen?” 

“I think you look like a person.” Wen Ting said, “I’ve passed that person once, I don’t know her face, but your body and temperament are indeed very similar to her. But you’re a boy, so maybe I recognized it wrong.” 

Lian Yin’s cold sweat fell, and he swallowed his saliva, barely holding on to it. Controlling his expression, he said to Wen Ting, “There are quite a lot of people who look alike. I guess I have an average face. Teacher Wen, please this way.” 

Hearing his explanation, Wen Ting was amused and laughed, she couldn’t help but almost pat Lian Yin on the shoulder. 

“Hahaha, don’t tease me, how can you look so good and say that you have an average face?” 

Soon the two came to the lounge that was prepared for the interviews. After he brought the person in, there was no need for the intern. Xu Rong and the others came to greet her, and Lian Yin stood aside to see if there was anything they needed help with. 

Soon the people from Wen Ting’s side were also notified, and everyone gathered around her to go through the interview outline for the last time around her. 

There were so many people around that Lian Yin didn’t notice that Wen Ting took out her mobile phone when her assistant was in contact with Xu Rong. Snickering, she sent a message to who knows who. 

The interview officially started, and Lian Yin stood by the side by the light board, watching Wen Ting answering questions. 

When Xu Rong asked Wen Ting why her stage costume was so plain and unpretentious, and what kind of character she was, Wen Ting thought for a moment, then briefly introduced the character’s identity. She said, “Well… in short, it is a character that is very different from my usual image. It is very worth looking forward to, I hope everyone can meet them in the theater.”

After watching for a while, Lian Yin felt that this interview was quite boring. The outline of the questions was confirmed by Wen Ting and the people on the film side, and the answers obtained were quite satisfactory, all propaganda. 

His hand was a little sore, and he moved his arm slightly, but it hit a warm place. It must have hit someone. 

“I’m sorry.” Lian Yin apologized. Turning his head, his pupils shrank suddenly. 

“It’s okay…you, Lian Yin?” Lang Zhuoyu was also surprised and looked stunned. 

Lian Yin swayed because he was frightened and Lang Zhuoyu supported his upper arm and circling in front of him. Lian Yin reacted as if it was an electric shock and broke away from Lang Zhuoyu. 

Lang Zhuoyu came here specifically to find Lian Yin. 

Wen Ting sent him a message just now, saying that one of the people who came to interview her today was a boy who looked very much like his girlfriend. Lang Zhuoyu’s first reaction was Lian Yin. 

He thought that Lian Yin was Tong Tong’s younger brother and was his student and it would be fine if he didn’t meet him. However, now that everyone was on the set, of course he wanted to go out to meet the person, so he asked for the location of the interview and rushed over. 

After arriving at the place, Lang Zhuoyu saw the young man with a very similar temperament to his girlfriend at a glance. 

Lang Zhuoyu stood on the spot and did not go up to say hello immediately, but quietly watched Lian Yin for a while, then walked over. 

When Lian Yin raised his head to say sorry, Lang Zhuoyu could see his appearance clearly through the peaked cap. 

He didn’t know if three years was too long and his memory had faded; or if Lian Yin had really changed a lot. In short, the person in front of him was quite different from the slender and young boy in Lang Zhuoyu’s impression. 

His facial features had opened up a lot, and his height has jumped up a bit. The temperament of his whole body had gone through a thorough change, and already had the appearance of an adult man. 

Then, Lang Zhuoyu was surprised to find that Lian Yin, three years later, was very similar to “Tong Tong”. 

The moment he met Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes, Lian Yin hurriedly pulled down the brim of his hat, and then said hurriedly, “Teacher Lang.”

Lang Zhuoyu froze in place as if he didn’t hear it. 

He just pulled the brim of his hat and bowed his head, which was 100% identical to Tong Tong habitually bowing her head. 

It took a long time for Lang Zhuoyu to find his voice, and he said dryly, “Long time no see.”

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