Not Obedient Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Recognized or not recognized 

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“Yes, it’s been a long time.” Lian Yin still lowered his head, then called out to his colleague in the same group and handed him the lighting board, “Brother, I’m sorry, I suddenly want to go to the toilet, maybe I have an upset stomach. Brother, can you take it for me, thank you.” 

As he said this, he made a painful diarrhea expression. So frightened, his colleague hurriedly took the lighting board and told him to go to the toilet quickly. 

Lian Yin turned around and was blocked by Lang Zhuoyu’s tall figure. He gritted his teeth and pleaded, “Teacher, my stomach is not feeling well. Please let me go to the toilet first.” 

“Okay.” His face looked unsightly, so he had no reason not to let him go. 

The moment Lang Zhuoyu stepped aside, Lian Yin couldn’t wait to leave from his side and even forgot to say thank you. 

Lian Yin deliberately stayed in the toilet for a while. When he walked back to the lounge carefully, he found that Lang Zhuoyu was no longer there. 

He breathed a sigh of relief, hurried back to his post, and took over the board again. He held up the light board, and the interview ended successfully at four o’clock in the afternoon. 

“Teacher Wen has worked hard.” Lian Yin followed his colleagues to say goodbye to Wen Ting. 

“You’ve worked hard, bye.” Wen Ting was very approachable, waved at them, and left the lounge. 

They can get off work after today’s interview, they didn’t need to go back to the company, thus they just disbanded on set. Lian Yin did not delay for a minute, and went straight to the subway station. 

After getting off the subway, it was just before dinner time and Lian Yin was going to buy some food in the supermarket and go home to cook.

Although the salary of this internship was very low, it was fortunate that the work and rest schedule was regular. He clocked in at nine in the morning, got off work at six in the evening, and can cook a meal when he got home.

It’s just that this was an internship job, and the salary was not enough to cover Lian Yin’s expenses. He still had some savings, but he had to start to find a part-time job. 

Lian Yin thought about the trivialities of life and walked around the supermarket. When checking out, he took out his mobile phone to pay and saw a WeChat message from Lang Zhuoyu. 

Lang Zhuoyu: Can I come visit you today? Let’s have a meal together. 

After a long day of exhaustion, promising to go to dinner with him for an hour and wear women’s clothes, he really didn’t have the energy. Thus, he replied: I have something to do tonight, I haven’t gone home yet, I don’t think I can eat with you tonight. Maybe next time.

After replying, Lian Yin put away his phone and walked home with the vegetables. 

After seven o’clock in the evening in early spring, the sky was already dark and the lights on the roadside had one good, one bad, and one flickering constantly. The light on the whole road was really not enough. 

Therefore, Lian Yin didn’t recognize the person suddenly until he met Lang Zhuoyu who was standing on the side of the road. 

Lang Zhuoyu stood tall and straight, beside his car, pressing his mobile phone. The silver Volkswagen was parked in the parking space on the side of the road, opposite the building where Lian Yin lived. Lang Zhuoyu often sent Lian Yin home before, so he knew the location of his home, and at this moment, he was obviously waiting for him. 

Or rather, waiting for “Tong Tong”. 

The light here was not good, so only when Lian Yin walked in front of him did he find the familiar car. When he raised his head, he met Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes, and he couldn’t dodge even if he wanted to.

Seeing him here, Lang Zhuoyu seemed a little surprised, opened his eyes wide, and asked aloud, “Lian Yin? Why are you here?” 

Lian Yin’s mind was in a mess, and he never thought that Lang Zhuoyu would appear. It was at the door of his house that they met, so he did not have his guard up in the slightest.

“I…” He opened his mouth unprepared. Remembering that when they first met, he made up a nonsense setting, he answered with a guilty conscience, “I’m here to find my sister.” 

“Is that so?” Lang Zhuoyu said as he walked over, his eyes seemed to glide over the bag in Lian Yin’s hand, and asked, “What are you looking for her for?” 

“Looking for her…” Lian Yin quickly used his brain and thought of the things in his hands, “Finding her for a meal!” 

Lang Zhuoyu smiled knowingly and asked, “You two cook together? Is she at home?” 

After being asked by him, Lian Yin remembered that when he just rejected Lang Zhuoyu’s invitation as “Tong Tong”, he said that he was not at home. 

People can’t lie! He wanted to bite off his tongue and explain in a panic, “She’s not there? I, I didn’t ask her. We have a good relationship and sometimes we don’t even need to greet each other.” 

“So, it’s like this. It seems like you two can’t have dinner together. She just told me she’s not home. Lang Zhuoyu shook his head.

“So it’s like that.” Lian Yin lowered his head acting sad.

The two were silent for a moment, Lian Yin was about to find an excuse to get away, but heard Lang Zhuoyu ask, “Why didn’t you ask me why I came to see your sister?” 

Lian Yin’s pupils suddenly shrank. 

D*mn, totally forgot about this! 

How could Lian Yin remember to ask? Because he was “Tong Tong” himself, he knew the relationship between Lang Zhuoyu and “Tong Tong”. In addition, he just rejected Lang Zhuoyu on WeChat, and he knew the reason why the other party came to him, so subconsciously, he didn’t ask about it. 

But without knowing the circumstance, most people would ask a man what they were doing  when found downstairs their sister’s house. 

“Did Tong Tong already tell you about my relationship with her?” Lang Zhuoyu continued, “You two are really close.” 

Lian Yin raised his head in surprise and looked at Lang Zhuoyu, dazed. How did this guy come up with the question and announce the correct answer in advance? 

Thinking that there was no more reasonable possibility than the answer provided by Lang Zhuoyu at this time, Lian Yin had no choice but to follow his words and nodded, “Yes, I know you are her, er, boyfriend.”

   He didn’t say it smoothly because he wasn’t comfortable with the term “boyfriend”. He had never linked these words with Lang Zhuoyu and said it out loud. 

“Why are you so nervous?” Lang Zhuoyu saw his reaction and asked with concern. 

“When you saw me this afternoon, your whole person was tense. Are you afraid of me?” Lang Zhuoyu smiled, “I remember when I was in high school, I wasn’t very strict with you, right?” 

“No, it’s not like that.” Lian Yin lowered his head. 

“Did you suddenly learn that your high school teacher has become your sister’s boyfriend, and can’t accept it?” Lang Zhuoyu asked. 

Raising his eyebrows, Lian Yin thought, “Why did this guy announce the answer himself? 

No matter why Lang Zhuoyu found the explanations for himself, he couldn’t think of a better explanation for a while, so he nodded: “A bit and I haven’t seen you for so long, when I graduated, um, I also deleted you.” 

“So even you know that it wasn’t good.” Lang Zhuoyu said jokingly, then took out his mobile phone, showed the QR code, handed it to Lian Yin, and asked, “Then can you add me back now, classmate Lian Yin?” 

He said this, and Lian Yin pursed his lips, finding that he had no way to refuse. 

Lian Yin put his hand into his trouser pocket, rubbed his phone twice, hesitated for a moment, then finally took out his phone, opened WeChat, and added Lang Zhuoyu back. 

Lang Zhuoyu glanced at Lian Yin’s mobile phone and asked casually, “You and your sister use the same model?” 

Lian Yin shook and almost threw away his phone. 

What’s the matter with this guy? Why is he observing so carefully? Lian Yin complained in his heart, but was calm on his face, and replied: “This was cheap. We bought it together.” 

“So that’s how it is.” 

After adding each other on Wechat, seeing the friend “Lian Yin” regained, he consciously showed a smile, then took the phone back: “Okay, since both of us were dropped by your sister, we should go home.” 

Lang Zhuoyu kept a smile on his face and returned to his car. He opened the car door and said to Lian Yin, “I’ll officially invite you to a meal when I have time next time. We can call your sister too. It’s not too early today, you should go home early to cook and eat, I’ll leave first.” 

Lian Yin stared blankly at Lang Zhuoyu getting into the car and close the door. The car started slowly, turned around, and drove by his side.

Only then did he react, and shouted to Lang Zhuoyu, “Goodbye!” 

He didn’t know if Lang Zhuoyu heard it, but the speed of the car quickly picked up and disappeared at the next intersection. 

Back at home, Lian Yin went directly into the kitchen, took out the vegetables he bought, and started to cook dinner. 

The food in the pot was simmering and Lian Yin was stunned with a spoon in his hand. 

Lang Zhuoyu, did he recognize himself? 

The makeup when Lian Yin was wearing women’s clothes does not look thick, but in fact, the modification on the facial features was obvious. The eyes were enlarged by eye makeup, and the lips were thicker and more gorgeous because of the lipstick. Shadows and highlights with a wig can even change the bone structure. 

In addition, women’s clothes are very different from men’s clothes. When wearing women’s clothes, Lian Yin’s figure was more obvious. When wearing men’s clothes, he preferred oversized loose clothes. There shouldn’t be too many similarities in terms of body shape. 

But Wen Ting, who only met him for the first time today, said that his men’s and women’s clothes were similar in temperament. Lian Yin was really not sure whether Lang Zhuoyu recognized him. 

In his words just now, in some places, it seemed that he was deliberately pointing out his own flaws, but the meaning revealed in the words immediately after seemed as if he did not seem to recognize him. So did he recognize him, or not? 

Lian Yin was entangled, and at this moment, the soup in the pot boiled out, recalling his thoughts with an earth-shattering sound.     

“Oops!” Lian Yin quickly turned off the fire, wiped off the soup on the stove with a towel, and sighed to himself, “Really, so annoying!” 

While his hands were busy, the phone in his pants rang. Lian Yin had all group messages blocked, only his good friends would message him privately, thus generally as long as his phone rang, he would read it.

What’s more, he was upset about cooking at this time, so it would be good to change his mood and return a message. So he put down the spoon and picked up the phone to take a look. 

It was Lang Zhuoyu’s message to Lian Yin’s account. 

Teacher Lang: Don’t feel burdened by my relationship with your sister, I’m not your teacher anymore, we can be friends. 

Teacher Lang: In the future, I want to rely on you to know some things about your sister and get along well. Tell me anything you want, and I will buy it for you as a reward. 

Looking at these two messages, Lian Yin was silent. 

Two completely different thoughts appeared in his mind at the same time, almost twisting his mind into a mess. 

One thought was: Does this person really take the matter of being with him so seriously? He even thought of becoming his brother-in-law. 

Another thought was relief: He didn’t recognize me. 

There was a feeling of wanting to escape in Lian Yin’s heart. In this unilateral deceitful relationship, Lang Zhuoyu was very serious many times, which made Lian Yin feel more and more guilty. 

The longer the relationship that should not be formed lasts, the more cruel it will be to Lang Zhuoyu. Lian Yin clearly knew this, but incompetently couldn’t think of a way to solve it.     

Tong Tong hadn’t urged him much recently, perhaps because as long as this relationship doesn’t delay her time, it didn’t matter if it was dating or a split. Have Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu talk, she herself would have an explanation to her parents for the time being. Splitting later was fine.

Dragging it like this was a good idea for Lian Yin and Tong Tong. Dragging and dragging, Lang Zhuoyu will one day be unable to stand this relationship and propose to break up, then Lian Yin and Tong Tong’s goals would be achieved effortlessly.     

This matter, from beginning to end, was unfair to Lang Zhuoyu alone.     

No, it can’t go on like this any longer. Lian Yin was consciously unable to completely ignore Lang Zhuoyu’s feelings.     

He looked at the message from Lang Zhuoyu on the screen, and a vague idea came to his mind. 

Since he didn’t recognize himself when he was wearing men’s clothes, there were a lot of things he could do with his true identity. 

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