Not Obedient Chapter 3

Chapter 3 I like your manliness

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Lian Yin stared at the screen of the mobile phone for a long time and the message sent by A Gentleman like Jade fell into deep silence. 

He could also be classified as falling under the silence skill. 

Very good, he actually met an opponent. This part-time job was quite challenging. He thought Tong Tong’s price was a little high, and he felt a little ashamed. Now it seems that the three thousand RMB was totally worth the money. 

Lian Yin packed up his schoolbag and prepared to go back to his rental house for lunch. On the way, he thought for a long time about how to continue chatting with the A Gentleman like Jade guy. 

As soon as he got home, the WeChat message rang again. Lian Yin thought it was the A Gentleman like Jade, but when he took it out, it turned out to be Xu Lin, his colleague when he was a part-time model, another model. 

Xu Lin: I’ve helped you photoshopped your image for you. I won’t charge you since you helped me last time. In the future, my photos will still be the old price. 

Xu Lin: [Picture] 

It turned out it was just Xu Lin having finished the photo. Lian Yin even returned him an ok emoticon package, clicked on the picture, and downloaded the original picture. 

The original picture was of his back shot under the chaotic light and shadow, wearing a short skirt that was almost hip-length, with long hair scattered around the waist, and curves that were graceful and provocative. 

Lian Yin happily changed the picture and sent it to his circle of friends with the text: I have wine, waiting for your story. Address 10 College Road, Pirate Ship Bar. 

It’s part of his job, officially called maintaining customer relationships. 

He got 10 likes in one second, and he covered his mouth with joy for a long time.

After maintaining the customer relationship, Lian Yin walked into the kitchen, rummaged through his refrigerator for a long time, and found that there was nothing delicious. He clicked on the take-out software, and after 10 minutes of browsing, his appetite was gone, so he decided not to eat. 

He had a lot of bad habits, one of which was that he didn’t like to eat. It’s not that he really didn’t like to eat, but his cooking skills were average. It took time to cook alone and takeout was too oily. He disliked it and didn’t want to eat it. 

This habit can be traced back to his high school days because, at that time, the mealtime was tight and he ate too fast. His stomach was fussy and his mouth was picky. Later, he went to college and supported himself. After a period of hardship, he couldn’t eat three meals a day. 

So he was able to starve quite a bit and was a little too thin. 

That is to say, because of his youth, there was no problem for the time being. 

Lian Yin turned off his phone and took out a book to read for a while. No one would believe it, but Lian Yin was still a good student. Basically, when he had free time during the day, he would read his books. 

As a result, today, when he just opened his book, his WeChat rang.

A Gentleman like Jade: Is the photo in Moments you? 

Lian Yin took a look. F*ck, because he was doing blind dates as a part-time job, A Gentleman like Jade was thrown into the category of “clients” by him and the moments that maintained client relationships were seen by this guy! 

What to do! If this guy saw it, he might scold him in his heart… Wait! 

Lian Yin placed down the fingers that he had put in his mouth due to anxiety. 

He originally wanted to make this guy retreat because of the difficulties, so if he disliked it after seeing it, won’t he have fallen straight into his bosom? 

So Lian Yin decided to add more fire. 

Lillian Lian: Sorry, Gege (older brother), I should let you know. In fact, this person works in bars, I hope my brother won’t despise me because of this.”

A Gentleman like Jade was typing for a while, and sent several messages in a row. 

A Gentleman like Jade: This is indeed not a job that a woman from a good family should do. 

A Gentleman like Jade: But I can’t control your behavior before marriage. I just hope that when you get married in the future, you can stay at home obediently and don’t do these public jobs. 

A Gentleman like Jade: Actually, what I want to remind you most is about your skirt. It’s too short, the skirt should be at least past the knee, and it shouldn’t show too much skin. 

Lian Yin suddenly felt that he returned to the Qing Dynasty. Fortunately, A Gentleman like Jade added another: Of course, you can wear it at home for me to see. 

He even closed his eyes and held the phone tightly, his fingers white and trembling. He was so angry that he almost dropped the phone again.

What’s the matter with this man! How…how can he be so confident? 

Why is he so confident that he will marry him! He didn’t even know if he was a woman, yet he could say such a thing? 

Lian Yin’s hands trembled. He couldn’t hold back and secretly stabbed at him. 

Lillian Lian: But, if you want people to be obedient at home, you need to support me. Can Gege support me? 

The real thought was: Peasant, how much money do you have to be so confident? 

The other party really didn’t hear the sarcasm in Lian Yin’s words and answered the question seriously. 

A Gentleman like Jade: I can give you pocket money every month, which can be used to buy the things you want, it will be separate from living expenses. However, the rest of my income will be at my own disposal. 

Lillian Lian: Hehe… how much? 

A Gentleman like Jade: Fifty thousand. 


Lian Yin sat up suddenly, holding the phone in both hands, staring at the screen in surprise. 

No way, does this guy really have a lot of money? 50,000 a month? 

Waaa, I’m a little moved. Lian Yin clutched his small chest and was about to be conquered by the power of money. Can someone get such a high salary as a wife now? What’s the point of working hard! 

Suddenly, A Gentleman like Jade withdrew his message. 

A Gentleman like Jade: I made a mistake, five thousand. 

Lian Yin: … 

I knew that this guy was a fake. 

Lillian Lian: Wow, that’s quite a lot~ Brother is amazing! 

Lian Yin typed this strange answer with a blank face, smacked his mouth, put the phone aside, and didn’t want to talk to the other party for the time being. 

The filming ended earlier today, so Lang Zhuoyu didn’t have to watch and went back to the hotel to rest.

He was used to working at night, and since he had nothing to do, he opened his WeChat and saw the blind date whose real name was Tong Tong, but his online name was Lillian Lian. 

Lang Zhuoyu really didn’t know the connection between the two names. 

And the other party’s avatar was still an animated pink rabbit. He clicked it and zoom in to see something that said “In my eyes, all the gay men (slang if translated directly = men same; so Lang Zhuoyu doesn’t understand) within the Terracotta Warriors will be picked out for him.” 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t understand it very well, but the other party’s WeChat seemed very youthful, similar to his previous students. 

A very lively girl with a young mind. 

It’s a pity that he can’t have a good blind date with her. 

Tong Tong was introduced by Lang Zhuoyu’s parents. Lang Zhuoyu didn’t have a good relationship with his parents. He didn’t want his future partner to have a relationship with his parents, but he couldn’t avoid it, so he could only contact her first. 

Originally, he wanted to bluntly reject the other after adding her as a friend, which would be best for them both, who knew that his mother would emphasize that the other party liked him very, very much. 

After adding her as a friend, Lang Zhuoyu also believed his mother a little bit after listening to the other call him “Gege”. 

Although he didn’t know when and why the other party fell in love with him, but in the end, rejecting an admirer so bluntly will make the other party sad and be too shameless. 

So Lang Zhuoyu decided to force the other party back. 

Make himself into the image that the woman would never like, break the other party’s fantasy, and have the other party retreat. This way, he would not hurt the other’s reputation, and would not make the other party sad. 

That’s why he searched for posts from women complaining about strange blind dates and studied them in order to learn and use them. 

Who knew that after this short day of contact, the other party didn’t seem to have any bad reactions. 

They’re pretty perseverant. 

Then Lang Zhuoyu turned to the photo that Lian Yin had just sent. The hazy light and the beautiful woman, they were a delight to one’s eyes.

He praised a few words in his heart and immediately opened the chat box with Lian Yin and asked if the photo was of her. 

Lang Zhuoyu decided to criticize “her” clothes and gave a big male energy talk. This was what he concluded. The most greasy male image that modern women usually dislike will definitely make the other side shy away. 

Unexpectedly, after talking for a long time, from clothing to living expenses after marriage, Lang Zhuoyu thought about his income. He really seriously thought about how much he was willing to spend on his other half in the future, then shrunk this number again and again before sending it.

After the results were posted, he realized that the number was actually a lot at first glance. 

In order to ensure that the other party would despise him, he quickly withdrew a zero, then sent it. 

Unexpectedly, the other party actually praised him as being amazing! ? 

Lang Zhuoyu was confused. 

He put down his phone, stood in front of the large French window of the hotel suite with a water glass in his hand, silently looking at the busy traffic in Beicheng, a bleak atmosphere wrapping around his body. 

The other party seems to really like him. 

Lang Zhuoyu thought about it for a long time, then decided to take out his mobile phone and continue to persuade the other party.

A Gentleman like Jade: I have high requirements for my other half. They need to have a good figure, a height over 170, and a weight of about 100 pounds. They need to look pure, be gentle and sensible, knowledgeable, and willing to resign for me to be a full-time wife to focus on me and the children at home. They also need to be clean-living and honesty. You can make friends, but you can’t have friends of the opposite sex. You must report to me if you want to go out to play and you must be home before nine o’clock every night. 

A Gentleman like Jade: Can you do it? 

There shouldn’t be any girl who would like this, right? Lang Zhuoyu stared at the phone, expecting an answer. 

Height 178, weight 105 pounds, appearance that has always fascinated thousands of boys and girls, grumpy, not the best achievements, unwilling to be a full-time wife, going home every day at three in the morning, not even a woman, hearing the phone vibrate faintly twice, he picked it up and took a look. He snorted heavily, his fingers flying. 

Lillian Lian: Actually…I am a girl with a very traditional way of thinking. 

Lillian Lian: What you said, that is the life I dreamed of since I was a child. My ideal life is to be a full-time wife, stay at home obediently every day, make delicious dinners, wait for my dear husband to come back, and give birth to many, many lovely babies for him. 

Lillian Lian: Although I can’t cook now and I work until late at night, I like your masculine energy so much, I’m going to be dizzy! I am willing to change for you! [Love] 

On the hotel sofa, Lang Zhuoyu was silent. Holding the phone, he really didn’t know what went wrong. 

In front of the desk in the rental house, Lian Yin put down his mobile phone, put his hands on his hips, pointed at the screen of his mobile phone, as if he was pointing at the nose of A Gentleman like Jade, and roared aggressively: “This little guy! In my chat box, there is no one who can beat me!” 

The author has something to say: 

Lianlian: Isn’t it just comparing who can be more disgusting! Let’s see who make the other more sick! 

A strange appetite for victory increased. 

(Lianlian’s figure is not healthy, he is too thin, it is caused by not eating well, please don’t think that Lianlian’s figure is very good! Don’t have body anxiety! Thin sisters eat well, fat sisters, stay confident and take your time in maintaining your self-confidence!) 

Ps Lianlian’s head portrait can be seen on my Weibo.

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