Not Obedient Chapter 21

Chapter 21 An older man’s body can’t stand being tormented 

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It was Friday, the last day of the week for work, everyone was restless, and they started chatting in the morning to discuss the arrangements for the weekend. 

Lian Yin sat in his seat to sort out yesterday’s interview materials and writing up the record. Suddenly, there was a “hula” sound next to him, and Xu Rong spun her chair and slid over. 

“Little Yin, do you have any plans for the weekend?” Xu Rong asked. 

Lian Yin put down his work and answered her seriously, “Maybe I’ll sleep at home.” 

“That would be too boring.” Xu Rong made a bitter face, then remembered something, then patted Lian Yin on the shoulder, “By the way, I have a Hao Yangmao link (link where a person can get commissions by sharing). I can buy tickets for the amusement park at a 30% discount. I will send it to you, and you can go play with your friends.” 

Xu Rong can always find some amazing discounts. The link was sent to Lian Yin quickly, who was instructed to buy a ticket. 

“Do you want to buy two?” Seeing Lian Yin pressing the plus sign on the quantity, Xu Rong gossipped with a smile, “Do you already have someone in mind?” 

Lian Yin was startled, trembling with fright, vaguely explaining: “With friends.” 

With Lang Zhuoyu. 

He didn’t date him because he wanted to date him! There was something very important, and there was an opportunity, so he made an appointment with him. 

Since yesterday, Lian Yin confirmed through Lang Zhuoyu’s words and deeds that the other party did not recognize his true identity, so he developed a bold action plan: use his true identity to speak ill of himself in women’s clothing, in order to persuade Lang Zhuoyu to quit. 

But this thing can’t be done too abruptly. It doesn’t seem like a normal thing to do to directly on WeChat talk about his sister’s shortcomings. It was better to make an appointment to meet and reveal it inadvertently. 

This is called a side description. It is more credible and more three-dimensional than a frontal description. This was taught by Lang Zhuoyu, and it will definitely be effective.

So until just now, Lian Yin was thinking about how to ask him out. The amusement park mentioned by Xu Rong would be a good choice. 

After buying the ticket, he hesitated for a while, then sent a screenshot of the electronic ticket to Lang Zhuoyu. 

Lian Yin: I want to go to the amusement park. Want to go together? 

After sending this sentence, Lian Yin was a little nervous. He didn’t know if the tone of the invitation was natural or unnatural, and he didn’t know if Lang Zhuoyu would agree. 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t reply immediately. He might be busy with his own matters, so Lian Yin didn’t receive a reply until the lunch break. 

Teacher Lang: …? 

Teacher Lang: Do you want to invite me? 

It’s not natural enough! Lian Yin wanted to stab himself to death with a sword, and he hurriedly typed an explanation: I originally wanted to go with a friend and bought two tickets, but he suddenly had something to do. 

Teacher Lang: Is it Saturday? I may not have time. 

It was only then that Lian Yin realized that Lang Zhuoyu was a busy person. He himself had always been a student, and the internship place also had weekends. He thought that weekends should be a holiday. In fact, there was no such thing as weekends in Lang Zhuoyu’s work. 

It’s just that when he interacted with Lang Zhuoyu as “Tong Tong” before, he always took the initiative to ask himself and he didn’t seem to be busy on weekends. This made Lian Yin forget Lang Zhuoyu’s schedule for a while. 

Lian Yin: It’s okay, you are busy with your work. 

Lian Yin lowered his eyes in disappointment, and suddenly the phone rang again. 

Teacher Lang: I just checked. There is no arrangement for Saturday. Do you want to go to this amusement park? Tomorrow morning? Do you want me to pick you up? 

Lian Yin unconsciously raised a smile at the corner of his mouth, but when he saw Lang Zhuoyu asking if he wanted to come pick him up, he quickly refused: No! I can go by myself! 

On Saturday morning, Lian Yin came to the gate of the amusement park on time, put his hands in the pockets of his sweater, and stood boredly waiting for Lang Zhuoyu. 

He said he was looking for a parking space. Lian Yin silently complained. The subway is the best, fast and convenient, and you don’t need to park yourself. 

Almost twenty minutes later, Lang Zhuoyu was late and apologized to Lian Yin. 

“It’s okay, let’s go. Hurry in, there must be a long queue for the fun rides.” Lian Yin urged.

Lang Zhuoyu reluctantly followed his steps and sighed, “I haven’t been to such a place for almost ten years.” 

Hearing what he said, Lian Yin guessed that Lang Zhuoyu wanted to come, but he was suffering from no one to accompany him, keenly aware that this might be a good opportunity to speak ill. 

“Sister won’t accompany you.” Lian Yin pretended to be natural and said casually, “She is very boring, she just wants to work and make money every day.” 

“Really?” Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t tell it was ill words, his attitude casual, “Only a young man like you would want to come here. Your sister and I have long been disinterested in this kind of place.” 

Lian Yin: ! ! ! 

Is this guy really not coming because he is not interested? In that case, what were you sighing about just now? 

After losing the first battle, Lian Yin was a little flabbergasted: “Let’s go!” 

The two entered the amusement park, and Lian Yin happily pulled Lang Zhuoyu to line up for several rides, such as spinning tea cups, roller coasters, bumper cars, and had a great time, making people suspect that in fact he just wanted to play. 

Just after getting out of the bumper car, he couldn’t even hold back the excited smile on his face, and he was still thinking about it: “It was so fun!” 

He turned around and looked at Lang Zhuoyu, who was smiling reluctantly, and couldn’t help laughing at him: “What’s the matter with you, bumper cars should be bumped everywhere. I see that you have been avoiding other cars on the edge of the field, are you afraid?” 

“You must have never had a driver’s license.” Lang Zhuoyu shook his head helplessly. 

Lian Yin, who did not have a driver’s license, felt that he was being ridiculed, and quickly changed the subject. He pulled Lang Zhuoyu and pointed to an extremely terrifying item: “I want to ride the Drop Tower.” 

This amusement park was quite famous in Beicheng. One of the reasons was that it had the highest Drop Tower in the entire Beicheng. 

Lang Zhuoyu was led to the front of the Drop Tower. He raised his neck to see the Drop Tower that went straight into the sky, almost breaking his neck. 

He was a little worried and asked Lian Yin hesitantly, “Do you really want to ride this one?” 

“Are you afraid?” Lian Yin’s eyes were full of anticipation, “Yes, it will be very exciting!” 

“It’s not that I’m afraid, I’ve never ridden it before.” Lang Zhuoyu had an unsightly appearance, but seeing Lian Yin look at himself with anticipation, he gritted his teeth, “Okay, let’s go.” 

“Okay!” Lian Yin turned around and rushed to the queue. 

This ride was very popular, and it took almost half an hour for the two of them to go. The staff came over to fasten the seat belt for Lang Zhuoyu, and asked him to put his hand on the safety device and hold it.   

   Seeing the layers of safety devices being added to his body, Lang Zhuoyu was inexplicably nervous. 

He looked back at Lian Yin, the child had already fasted all the devices, and he couldn’t see the slightest bit of nervousness and fear on his face. 

“Aren’t you afraid?” Lang Zhuoyu was beating drums in his heart, but he couldn’t help but ask out loud. 

When Lian Yin heard it, he turned his head and blinked, calmly saying, “No.” 

Lang Zhuoyu swallowed and stopped talking. 

Soon, the machine started slowly, and the riders were first led up slowly and gradually reached the top. This kind of slow climbing process was the most uncomfortable. Watching yourself enter the air slowly without touching the ground with your feet, if it was someone who was afraid of heights, they would pass out at a glance. 

When it was about to reach the top, the machine seemed to play tricks on people, sinking suddenly, and the sudden weightlessness caused everyone to scream. 

“Wow ahh!” Lian Yin shouted without restraint. 

Lang Zhuoyu’s face turned pale and he clenched the handle tightly without saying a word. 

The machine then climbed, then landed, repeated several times, and finally came to the very top and stopped. 

The wind was strong at high altitude and Lang Zhuoyu’s hairstyle was messed up. He had a hunch that this d*mn machine would definitely make a big move next. 

Sure enough, after a pause of more than ten seconds, the machine sank sharply. The distance from the top and the fast speed made it almost like a natural fall. The extreme weightlessness made Lang Zhuoyu feel like he was about to be thrown out of his seat. 

“Ahhhh–! It was so exciting!” Lian Yin’s voice came from the side. 

Lang Zhuoyu felt a little nauseous. 


“Are you alright?” Lian Yin patted Lang Zhuoyu on the back and asked very worriedly.

“Cough cough.” Lang Zhuoyu raised his head from the trash can, but didn’t really spit out anything. He slowed down and said to Lian Yin, “It’s okay, I’m just a little nauseous.” 

Lian Yin was a little ashamed, after all it was him just now who pushed Lang Zhuoyu to ride the Drop Tower. He pulled Lang Zhuoyu to the side of the bench and sat down. 

“I’m going to buy some water, you sit for a while.” 

Lang Zhuoyu wanted to say no, but he disappeared as soon as he let go of him. He had to sit patiently in the chair and wait. 

Soon Lian Yin walked back with the water, unscrewed it for Lang Zhuoyu, and handed it to him: “Drink some.” 

“Thank you.” Lang Zhuoyu took the water and took a few sips. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would get dizzy.” Lian Yin grimaced, looking apologetic. 

Lang Zhuoyu was looked at by his pitiful eyes, and for a while he couldn’t tell who was the one who suffered. He in turn comforted: “It’s okay, I haven’t sat on this before and I didn’t know I would feel faint.” 

“What else do you want to play?” After drinking the water, Lang Zhuoyu calmed down and asked in a self-defeated manner. 

“You’re already like this and you are still playing? It’s almost time, let’s go have lunch and have a rest.” Lian Yin suggested. 

Lang Zhuoyu breathed a sigh of relief: “Okay, let’s go to dinner.” 

The two searched around the park, all of which were fast food with high oil and sugar. Lang Zhuoyu was already sick, how could they eat these? Lian Yin had no choice but to give up the afternoon rides and followed Lang Zhuoyu out of the amusement park to find a light restaurant for dinner. 

After eating, Lian Yin still sternly refused Lang Zhuoyu to sending him home, and took the subway back by himself. 

Lian Yin was in a good mood today, of course not because he went to the amusement park to have fun, but because he was convinced that Lang Zhuoyu must not have recognized himself. 

Judging from Lang Zhuoyu’s performance today, he was not at all natural. If he recognized himself, how could he still agree to go out with him, it would be too late to get angry and block him.

Good! He will make persistent efforts and tell Teacher Lang that “Tong Tong” was not a good match, and let him retreat due to the difficulties. 

Lian Yin hummed a song proudly and opened the door.

At this time, Lang Zhuoyu also returned home. He put the keys in the basket and sighed. 

He took off his coat, changed his shoes, walked to the sofa and sat down, stunned for a while. 

Then he took out his mobile phone, found himself and Tong Tong’s introducer, pondered for a long time, then wrote a paragraph: “Hello, does Tong Tong have a cousin named Lian Yin?” 

Hovering his finger on the send button, after a long time, Lang Zhuoyu finally deleted this sentence. 

You can’t ask the introducer. If your guess is true, then as long as you ask, the introducer will surely alarm the other’s parents. The more people involved, the more troublesome it will be. Just ask someone who knows, but has nothing to do with the matter. 

Lang Zhuoyu leaned on the sofa and thought for a long time, then finally screened out such a qualified person from his mind. 

His former colleague, Lian Yin’s high school history teacher, seemed to be familiar with Lian Yin’s mother, and should know the relatives of Lian Yin’s family. 

Lang Zhuoyu still remembered the name of his colleague, then found the history teacher from the list, and asked in a voice message: 

“Sister He, I haven’t been in touch for a long time. I want to ask you something. Do you remember the student named Lian Yin who graduated three years ago? I remember that you have a good relationship with his mother.” 

“I want to ask, is there a cousin named Tong Tong on Lian Yin’s mother’s side?”

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