Not Obedient Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Can a Drunk Recognize People? 

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Maybe it’s because he had a long time to relax on the weekend and finally got some clues about the matter of persuading Lang Zhuoyu to quit, so this week, he was full of energy and was working hard until the end of work. 

Seeing him like this, Xu Rong couldn’t help but sigh: “Being young is good. I’ve only graduated three years ago, yet I can’t find the same drive as when I first entered the workforce.” 

“Sister Rong, you look younger than me and still have the ability to work. I’m stupid so I need to do more things.” Lian Yin, who came from the night industry, had a sweet mouth and was very good at sweet talking. 

“Your sweet mouth, here I’ll give you an egg yolk cake.” Xu Rong was overjoyed and couldn’t help feeding Lian Yin food. 

Lian Yin thanked Xu Rong, took the egg yolk cake and put it aside. After all, he was embarrassed to eat during work hours. But he was really hungry. The takeaway for lunch was unpalatable, and he only took a few bites. Now anything would make him hungry and he had been craving this egg yolk cake, but was waiting until he got off work. 

“I’m leaving, bye.” Xu Rong patted Lian Yin’s chair, “Eat slowly, no one will fight you for it.” 

Lian Yin couldn’t wait to take a bite of the egg yolk cake, and said goodbye to Xu Rong vaguely. Then he took the egg yolk pastry in one hand and the bag in the other, and left.

After working for more than two weeks, Lian Yin had adapted to the life of working nine to six. This kind of stable and comfortable work had made him a little addicted. 

This kind of day where you know what tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be, lacked passion and possibility, but also meant stability. Lian Yin had no pursuit of passion for work, he wanted more security. 

Today was also a very ordinary working day. After getting off work, he took the subway to go home. He bought something he wanted to eat in the downstairs supermarket and made it home. After eating, he read a book, kept up with his self-study courses, and played with his mobile phone for a while before preparing to sleep.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Lian Yin finished reading the book and was looking at some small skirts with a mask on. 

In addition to the requirements of his previous job, his women’s clothing was also a hobby. In fact, at the beginning, because he could pass off as the genuine thing, he decided to use women’s clothes at his part-time. Lian Yin was currently planning to be a video blogger or something to earn extra money, but was afraid of being seen by acquaintances. 

He was swiping his phone when suddenly a call came in with the caller ID: Lang Zhuoyu. 

It’s so late, what is Lang Zhuoyu calling? He raised his eyebrows and connected, and before answering, he did not forget to clear his throat and prepare his false voice because the phone number belonged to “Tong Tong”. 

“Hey, is it Zhuoyu’s girlfriend?” Unexpectedly, it was not Lang Zhuoyu, and there was a middle-aged man’s voice. 

Lian Yin was stupid and couldn’t guess the identity of the other party, so he tentatively asked: “Yes, may I ask you who are…” 

“Oh, me, I’m his friend, Liu Dawei. Come and take care of him tonight, He drank a little too much for his entertainment.” Liu Dawei said that Lang Zhuoyu drank too much, but in fact, he was not much better, he was a drunk from what he could hear. 

“Ah?” Lian Yin sat up immediately and asked with concern, “Where? Is he very drunk?” 

“His house.” Although Liu Dawei was drunk, his consciousness was still clear. He stammered to Lian Yin a location, “He’s blacked out, I’m afraid there will be an accident. Quick, I, I have to go home, my wife is waiting for me.” 

“Okay, I’ll…” Lian Yin was about to agree when he suddenly paused, and half of what he said was stuck in his mouth. 

At this moment, a thought flashed in his mind. Now was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to persuade him to quit.

Leaving a drunk boyfriend at home by himself and not paying attention, even if the boyfriend’s friend calls to inform him, him acting indifferent, this kind of girlfriend will definitely make him angry, right? 

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth, sat back on the bed, and said to Liu Dawei coldly, “Isn’t he drunk? You sent him home, what else could happen?”     

“Just get some sleep. Why do I have to take care of him? I’m going to get drunk. I won’t go, let him do what he likes!” Lian Yin quickly finished speaking and hung up the phone with a snap.     

Yep, that’s it. When Lang Zhuoyu wakes up early tomorrow morning and hears the bad words about himself from Liu Dawei’s mouth, he will definitely be angry and kick himself away.

Lian Yin proudly leaned back on the bed, opened the online shopping page, and continued to choose small skirts. 

Five minutes later, the mobile phone page was still in the same position as before. He kept his eyes on the screen, but he didn’t focus. Who knows where his soul flew to.

It doesn’t seem safe to be alone while drunk… 

Lian Yin unconsciously put his fingers to his mouth and tapped with his fingernails. 

He remembered that when his scum dad got drunk, he would be very excited, running around screaming, scolding people when he caught them, and fighting several times. 

Even at home, his scum dad would find something to vent his energy, so there were countless pots and pans that had been smashed. Occasionally, if the bowls were smashed already, he would beat Lian Yin. 

Lang Zhuoyu shouldn’t be like this, right? 

Lian Yin was a little worried. Lang Zhuoyu shouldn’t hit anyone, but if he was drunk and had some hallucinations, would he fall down the stairs? 

The state of drunkenness is unclear. Some people are usually dull and honest, but they become violent after drinking. Lang Zhuoyu usually looked serious and reliable, who knows what he would be like when drunk. 

Lian Yin knew too well what it meant to be drunk. When he was a child, he watched a scumbag drink heavily, and when he was older, he worked part-time in a bar. He had seen too many ugly drunks. Getting drunk meant losing your mind, and when a man lost his mind, they were just like a beast. 

No, he had to find Lang Zhuoyu. Lian Yin got up from the bed, put on a thin coat and hurried out the door. 

Fortunately, he had a dual identity. Even if the identity of the person in women’s clothing ignored Lang Zhuoyu, he can change his identity to take care of him. 

The subway was going to stop soon, and he was in a hurry, so he directly hired a taxi and reported the address of Lang Zhuoyu’s house. 

Lian Yin knew the address of Lang Zhuoyu’s house, and he even had the key. 

When Lang Zhuoyu gave him the key, he refused to accept it in every possible way, but Lang Zhuoyu made him relax, saying that he had no other intentions and that he was welcome to come and play occasionally.

Lian Yin kept the key in the cupboard and didn’t dare to touch it. He didn’t expect it would come in handy one day. 

When he came to Lang Zhuoyu’s house, Lian Yin was a little nervous. He once came to Lang Zhuoyu’s house to stay for a while. At that time, it was a date and Lang Zhuoyu suddenly wanted to go home to get something, so he came up and sat down. 

“Hoo.” Lian Yin exhaled, took out the key, and opened the door. 

Pushing the door and entering, it was dark inside. Liu Dawei didn’t even leave a lamp for Lang Zhuoyu. He was not afraid that Lang Zhuoyu would wake up in the middle of the night and trip when going to the toilet. Sure enough, they were all drunks. 

Lian Yin found the light switch in the living room, pressed it, and the whole room suddenly lit up. 

Lang Zhuoyu’s house was a large flat, very large and exquisite, and Lian Yin knew at a glance that he could not earn it by working all his life. 

Lian Yin looked for a pair of disposable slippers from his memory, put them on, walked into the living room, and saw Lang Zhuoyu lying on the sofa at a glance. 

His posture was extremely uncomfortable, with one leg hanging off the sofa because it was too long. The whole person was tottering, and when he approached, he could hear his slight snoring due to the compression of his airway. 

“Teacher Lang?” Lian Yin squatted in front of the sofa and whispered. 

No response. 

“Teacher Lang?” Lian Yin called out again, but still there was no response. He shouted loudly, “Lang Zhuoyu!” 

Turning his head, he seemed to dislike him for being noisy. 

Seems like he really blacked out. Lian Yin was a little helpless. If he was a little conscious, it would be okay, he can change clothes and go to bed himself. Now, he can only work hard and help him alone.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to look through your wardrobe and bedroom. If you don’t speak, it’s considered you giving permission.” Lian Yin said to Lang Zhuoyu. 

Naturally, there was no answer. Lang Zhuoyu continued to sleep. 

Lian Yin stood up, walked to the bedroom, and pulled out a folded pajama from the closet. Then, he went to the bathroom. Five minutes later, he came out with a basin of hot water. 

“Sorry, I’m going to take off your clothes.” Lian Yin informed the drunkard Lang Zhuoyu. 

It’s easy to take off the coat, but the shirt was the trouble. Lian Yin struggled in his heart for a long time before reaching out tremblingly and unbuttoning the shirt one by one. 

The buttons were unbuttoned and the shirt slipped along his skin, and his chest was wide open, revealed in front of Lian Yin without any cover. 

Cough cough…! Lian Yin almost choked to death on his saliva. Isn’t this guy doing literary work? How come he is in such good shape? 

Usually he couldn’t tell when he was wearing clothes, he only knew that Lang Zhuoyu had wide shoulders and long legs. 

Lian Yin swallowed his saliva unconsciously, and kept scolding himself for reacting. He forced himself to look away and meditated: see no evil. 

After casually wiping Lang Zhuoyu’s body and changing his clothes, Lian Yin was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

He estimated Lang Zhuoyu’s height and weight, looked at his excessively thin arms, and consciously gave up the idea of ​​moving Lang Zhuoyu back to the bedroom. 

“Why can’t I grow some flesh?” Lian Yin murmured and stood up. 

He decided to cook some hangover soup first, so that Lang Zhuoyu would be a little conscious later, so he could move him back to the bedroom to sleep, it’s too uncomfortable on the sofa. 

Lian Yin turned around and walked to the kitchen. As he walked, he turned on his mobile phone and searched for the method to make hangover soup. 

Lang Zhuoyu’s dangling legs had already been put back on the sofa, and he was lying on his side. 

At this moment, Lian Yin had walked into the kitchen, and the room fell into silence. In this silence, Lang Zhuoyu slowly opened his eyes. It was unclear whether his eyes were clear or drunk. 

The hangover soup was not made because there was no material. Lian Yin could only use the materials at hand to make egg drop soup. Anyway, it’s all about padding food in the stomach, so the effect should be similar, right? 

Lian Yin walked back to the sofa with the hot egg drop soup, sat up Lang Zhuoyu and had him lean on the sofa pillow, then fed him. 

After taking a spoon down, Lian Yin found that Lang Zhuoyu was swallowing voluntarily, and immediately raised his eyebrows: “Are you awake?” 

“…” Lang Zhuoyu frowned and turned his head away, as if to say: I’m not awake, don’t talk nonsense. 

Lian Yin guessed that he should be a little conscious, but not fully awake.

   Lian Yin patted Lang Zhuoyu’s face and said, “Just move a little if you are awake. I’ll take you to bed, it’s uncomfortable here.” 

After speaking, Lian Yin helped Lang Zhuoyu up. It was not as heavy as expected, sure enough, Lang Zhuoyu was conscious and knew that he had to move. He held Lang Zhuoyu’s shoulders and walked to the bedside. Just as he was about to unload the person from his body, he was suddenly knocked off balance by a force. 

Lian Yin felt that his waist was tightly surrounded by a pair of powerful arms, and when he reacted, he found himself lying on the top of Lang Zhuoyu, with Lang Zhuoyu on the bottom and his chin on his head, as if rubbing and hugging a pillow.     

Realizing the posture of himself and Lang Zhuoyu, Lian Yin’s face blushed. He struggled to get up, but the drunk under him was full of strength, and the arms around his waist were like steel rings, stuck there motionless.     

“Don’t make trouble.” Lang Zhuoyu closed his eyes and frowned, his voice hummed from his nose, “I’m dizzy, let me hold you for a while.”     

Lian Yin’s heart was beating fast. His face was burning like fire and he still wanted to struggle, however, he suddenly felt Lang Zhuoyu’s lips brush the top of his head. He seemed to have dropped a kiss.     

As if his body was overwhelmed with electricity, the noisy cat suddenly became obedient.     

Lang Zhuoyu felt Lian Yin’s obedience, and hugged him tighter with satisfaction.     

Lian Yin laid on his chest obediently, and after a long while, he asked in a low voice, “Lang Zhuoyu, do you know who I am?”

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