Not Obedient Chapter 23

Chapter 23 The little fool doesn’t know his identity has been revealed 

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The curtains were not drawn tightly, and a dazzling ray of sunlight hit Lang Zhuoyu’s face, and the eyeballs under his eyelids moved, and he woke up. 

After waking up, Lang Zhuoyu was confused for several seconds until he touched the warmth curled up beside him. 

Who is it? 

He turned to look and saw an unexpected person. The big boy, still wearing a coat, was lying beside him. Probably because of the cold, his legs were curled up in front of him and he was sleeping peacefully.

It’s Lian Yin, he came to the house last night to take care of himself. 

Lang Zhuoyu sat up with his body propped up, his head heavy. The hangover gave him a headache and nausea. 

He raised his hand to his forehead and rubbed his swollen head. The memory gradually came back, reminding him of what happened last night before he fell asleep. 

Lian Yin came to his house, helped him change clothes, made soup, and finally took him back to the bedroom, but after entering the bedroom, for some reason, he hugged him tightly. And then… 

Ah, he seemed to have fallen asleep while hugging him. 

Thinking of this, Lang Zhuoyu sighed. He was really drunk last night. 

He didn’t know if Lian Yin was really stupid, or if he was fearless, thinking that he really didn’t recognize him. He didn’t even think about anything and went straight to the house. 

If he wanted to go deeper and ask Lian Yin casually, how did he know that he was drunk, how did he have his own keys, and why did he come to take care of himself, any question would make this silly child at a loss. 

The person beside him was still asleep. Lang Zhuoyu covered Lian Yin with the quilt on his body, and then, unable to hold back, looked down at his sleeping face, fascinated. 

He should have recognized him long ago, but failed due to various factors. 

Boys develop until they reach adulthood, and it has been three years since Lang Zhuoyu last saw Lian Yin. 

In the past three years, he has changed a lot. His facial features have grown longer, and his stature has become a little taller. Although he was still the same slender, his whole aura had changed a lot. 

In addition, the person he met before was wearing women’s clothing. The effect of makeup and clothing on a person is very significant. What’s more, he believed “Tong Tong”’s statement at that time, thinking that Lian Yin went to the south for school, so he never thought that “Tong Tong” would be Lian Yin’s female cross-dressing identity. 

But this does not mean that Lang Zhuoyu was blind. 

After, he learned at Feng Yuyan’s birthday party that Lian Yin was actually studying in Beicheng, and then he met Lian Yin in men’s clothing three years later on the set. Almost instantly, he connected “Tong Tong” with this boy. 

One person at different times, will have changes to their temperament, posture and habitual movements, just as there was a big difference between three years ago and three years later. But in the same period, no matter how the person dressed up, the aura around his body will never be very different. 

Lang Zhuoyu still had a bit of wishful thinking at that time. Maybe there really exists two people who were so similar in the world?

He searched a lot of cross-dressing videos, and most of the boys in the videos were no different from girls after they changed clothes. The aura cannot be seen through the screen, but the difference between Lian Yin and “Tong Tong” was very similar to the difference between men and women in the video. 

It was also at this time that Lang Zhuoyu learned that it was necessary to cover up the Adam’s apple in cross-dressing, so boys in women’s clothing would always use caution around their necks. 

“Tong Tong” was also the case. Lang Zhuoyu had an impression every time they met, the other party was either in a high collar or had an accessory around his neck. 

In the end, he called his former colleague for verification and asked if Lian Yin’s mother had a cousin named “Tong Tong”. After his colleague went to help him inquire, he gave him a negative answer last night. 

After hanging up the phone, Lang Zhuoyu left the alcohol table, went to the bathroom to wash his face, and finally accepted the fact that Lian Yin didn’t have a cousin at all, it was a lie he fabricated from beginning to end. 

Lian Yin came to his house without any scruples like this last night, dressed in men’s clothes, as if he had no fear, as if he was sure that he did not recognize him. 

Or perhaps Lian Yin didn’t care at all whether he recognized him or not. He didn’t care whether he would be angry after knowing the truth, and was never worried about whether he would cut off contact with him after learning about his deception. 

The whole blind date was a hoax. Only he took “Tong Tong” to heart in the process, even though he clearly shouldn’t have. He also felt pity for this big boy wearing the skin of “Tong Tong”. 

But for Lian Yin, this was just a game. 

A boring and unpleasant game in Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes.

Lian Yin didn’t care about Lang Zhuoyu’s feelings in this game, that’s why even his lying was so flawed. 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t want to think about why Lian Yin would dress up as a woman and become his blind date, he was upset. 

The hangover and deceitful truth irritated him. 

“Mmm.” At this moment, Lian Yin, who was sleeping beside him, grunted and slowly opened his eyes. 

When he woke up, he was still a little confused, and couldn’t focus, so he  didn’t recognize where he was. After almost half a minute, he was fully awake, and then sat up with a swish. 

“I, morning, good morning.” Lian Yin looked at Lang Zhuoyu in a panic, his heart drumming. 

He actually slept so soundly! 

Lian Yin wanted to strangle himself to death. He was hugged by Lang Zhuoyu last night and couldn’t break free. He thought that he would naturally let him go when he fell asleep. 

Before falling asleep, Lian Yin’s last thought was: get up early tomorrow before Lang Zhuoyu was awake. He would sneak away without knowing it. 

Because of Lian Yin’s understanding of drunk people, Lang Zhuoyu’s actions last night revealed he had blacked out and he won’t remember anything when he wakes up. As long as he leaves early, no one will know that he had come. 

As soon as he woke up, he looked directly into Lang Zhuoyu’s clear eyes, and the plan to leave stealthily fizzled out. 

Lian Yin was flustered and didn’t know how to explain the reason why he appeared at Lang Zhuoyu’s house. 

“Well, I’m sorry, I just fell asleep like this last night…” Lian Yin said apologetically. His mind was spinning fast, trying to explain that he was sent by “cousin”, but was interrupted by Lang Zhuoyu. 

“It’s okay, just get up when you wake up.” Lang Zhuoyu’s tone was calm, unable to hear his emotions. 

Lian Yin felt that Lang Zhuoyu’s reaction was strange. He didn’t ask why he was here, but since he didn’t ask, Lian Yin didn’t want to take the initiative to explain. 

Lang Zhuoyu stood in front of the wardrobe, took out clothes to change, and asked Lian Yin casually, “Do you want to change clothes?” 

Lian Yin was stunned. How could he have the nerve to borrow Lang Zhuoyu’s clothes to wear: “No, I just changed into these clothes.”

“Then you go out and sit for a while, I’ll change clothes.” Lang Zhuoyu said. 

Lian Yin felt embarrassed. It turned out that Lang Zhuoyu was just asking casually, not necessarily having the intention of lending his clothes, but disliked the inconvenience of him here. 

“Okay.” Lian Yin obediently walked out of the bedroom and closed the door along the way. 

After Lang Zhuoyu changed his clothes, he opened a new toothbrush for Lian Yin and asked him to wash up. Lang Zhuoyu didn’t have any extra towels at home, so he simply washed with clean water, and then wiped off the water with a wet tissue. 

After washing up, Lian Yin threw the wet tissue into the trash can, walked out of the bathroom, and asked Lang Zhuoyu worriedly, “How are you feeling, will you have a headache?” 

The kitchen was a semi-open style, and Lang Zhuoyu was standing at the counter. After Lian Yin came out, he was just opposite him. 

Lang Zhuoyu looked up at Lian Yin. He held the fried egg, and walked to the dining table.     

He heard Lian Yin’s question, but directly ignored the other party’s concern. His tone was flat and polite, as if he was dealing with someone he didn’t know well: “Have some breakfast. You should go after you’re done. I remember you’re still interning.” 

Lian Yin was stunned. He was a little surprised when he noticed the alienation in Lang Zhuoyu’s tone. 

Seeing that he was motionless, Lang Zhuoyu glanced at him, then quickly looked away, and said coldly, “If you don’t want to eat, you can just leave.” 

“Are you driving me away?” Lian Yin’s eyes widened. 

Lang Zhuoyu pulled the chair in front of the dining table, sat down slowly, and then looked up slightly, with a very cold attitude.

“I thought I made it very obvious.” 

This sentence was like a slap in the face, hitting Lian Yin’s face hard. He had never heard Lang Zhuoyu speak to himself in such a tone. 

Lian Yin knew that Lang Zhuoyu had a temper. When he was a high school student, he had seen this man lecture with a black face. But to Lian Yin, whether it was three years ago or now, Lang Zhuoyu had never said a single heavy word. 

In addition, he was Lang Zhuoyu’s girlfriend, “Tong Tong”, before. He even enjoyed special treatment of all kinds. 

Perhaps because of this, Lian Yin was spoiled, so spoiled that he was angry because of these few words. 

“Do you think I want to stay here?” Lian Yin clenched his neck and his voice suddenly increased. His fists clenched by his side and his whole body trembled. 

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked to the door and unlocked the door. Before leaving, he finally turned around and left a cold sentence: “Had I known, I should have left you at home alone last night, and had you fend for yourself!” 


With a loud bang, the door slammed shut. 

Lang Zhuoyu sat firmly behind the dining table. When Lian Yin slammed out the door, he slammed his chopsticks on the table. 

He hadn’t let go of his emotions like this for a long time. That’s how adults were. Most emotions were wrapped in the bottom of their heart. Occasionally, it would erupt and even his hands would tremble.

Lang Zhuoyu exhaled, turned his hand over and placed it on his knee. 

The breakfast in front of him also lost the ability to whet his appetite. Lang Zhuoyu swept the food on the table at will, and at a glance he saw the Xicheng side dishes on a small plate. 

He directly reached out, picked up the plate, and threw the side dish into the trash can. 

With no appetite, Lang Zhuoyu stood up and walked into the study, turned on the computer, and forced himself to start working. 

But more than ten minutes passed and the computer screen was still blank, he didn’t write a word. 

Just when Lang Zhuoyu wanted to get up to water the flowers and plants, and relax his mood, Liu Dawei called. 

“Hello, Brother Liu.” Lang Zhuoyu answered the phone.

“Zhuoyu, did nothing happen to you at home alone last night?” Liu Dawei asked with concern, “I’m really sorry, your sister-in-law’s rule was that I have to go home, so I couldn’t stay there to take care of you.” 

“It’s okay, you were drunk too last night. So why not go home and have sister-in-law to take care of you.” Lang Zhuoyu replied. 

After a moment of silence, Liu Dawei said hesitantly: “Let me tell you something, don’t think I’m noisy. You were drunk yesterday, so I couldn’t take care of you and since you don’t have other family and friends in Beicheng, I called your girlfriend and asked her to take care of you, but…” 

Liu Dawei paused, as if he was trying to choose his words, then continued after a while: “I don’t know why she refused to take care of you, but I think love requires both parties to give to each other. I usually hear you mention it occasionally, it seems that you are giving unilaterally, and it won’t last long.” 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t answer. 

“Hey.” Liu Dawei sighed, “You can just treat it as if I’m talking too much, it’s okay as long as you two know this kind of thing.” 

“No, brother, you came from good intent.” Lang Zhuoyu said lightly, “It’s really difficult to have such a relationship for a long time.” 

The author has something to say: 

Reading comprehension question: why did Lang Zhuoyu’s attitude change? (6 points)

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