Not Obedient Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Silver and goods delivered and settled, this is the end 

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After slamming the door out of Lang Zhuoyu’s house, Lian Yin immediately regretted it. 

He didn’t know what was going on with his temper. Obviously he wasn’t so easily angry with others, but he just got angry and left just now, as if he couldn’t help it. 

It’s almost work time now, and he probably won’t be late taking the subway at this time. But because he came to take care of Lang Zhuoyu temporarily last night, he didn’t even have his bag, so he could only go to work empty-handed. 

On the subway, Lian Yin was still thinking about why he was so angry. 

After thinking about it for a long time, he had no clue. Maybe it was because he took care of that guy for one night, but didn’t even get a thank you and  was kicked out. 

Thinking of this, Lian Yin felt another nameless fire in his heart. 

If you drive me away, just drive me away, I also don’t want to see you! 

A week later. 

“It’s time to get off work, Little Yin, you aren’t leaving yet?” Xu Rong packed up her things and pushed her chair to the table. Seeing Lian Yin who was still sitting in his seat, she asked casually. 

Lian Yin trembled, then regained his senses. He turned his head to say goodbye to Xu Rong: “I’ll leave right away, see you soon, Sister Rong.” 

“Goodbye, go back early.” Xu Rong smiled and left the company. 

Lian Yin saved the file, then shut down the computer. He got up, packed his backpack, then became one of the last employees to leave.

He walked into the elevator and just saw the WeChat message from Lin Jiayu: Little Yin, we will be there in about ten minutes, you can come over. 

While the elevator door was open and the signal was good, Lian Yin replied “ok” to Lin Jiayu.

Ten minutes later, Lian Yin came to the shopping mall opposite the company’s office building and found the place where he and Lin Jiayu had an appointment – a Hong Kong-style restaurant. 

Lin Jiayu didn’t send any message, she should have not arrived yet. Lian Yin walked in first, and a waiter immediately greeted him and asked, “How many are you dining with?” 

“Three.” Lian Yin replied, “Help us find a seat by the window.” 

“Okay, please come with me.” 

The waiter led Lian Yin to a table for four by the window and handed the menu to him, then reminded him he could scan the code to order directly. 

Lian Yin guessed some signature dishes that could not go wrong and ordered. As soon as he placed the order, he heard Lin Jiayu’s voice. 

“Little Yin, sorry for the long wait.” 

Lian Yin turned to look at the entrance. Lin Jiayu walked over with a bright smile, followed by Tong Tong, who had delicate makeup. 

He got up and greeted the two sisters: “Sister Jiayu, Sister Tong. Sit down.” 

Lin Jiayu sat opposite Lian Yin, and Tong Tong sat next to her. 

“I ordered a few signature dishes first. What else do the two sisters want to eat, you can order more.” Lian Yin said after sitting down. 

“It’s okay, anything works.” Lin Jiayu was very easy-going. 

Tong Tong was more direct, and her tone was more decisive: “Anyways, we didn’t meet for dinner, right?” 

That’s true, but Tong Tong being so rude, it seemed a little lacking of respect and his face.

  Lin Jiayu seemed to have become accustomed to her best friend’s speaking style and didn’t notice it, so only Lian Yin was embarrassed at the table. 

“Yes, but I still hope that my sisters can eat well too.” Lian Yin added a sentence to relieve his embarrassment. 

Tong Tong picked up the water in front of her, took a sip, put down the cup and asked, “You said you had a new thought about my matter. What is your idea, even asking Jiayu to drag me out?” 

“Eh, don’t talk nonsense, it’s me who thought we should come out for a meal, it’s not Little Yin who asked me to pull you.” Lin Jiayu said with a smile. 

Lian Yin gave Lin Jiayu a thankful look. Tong Tong’s aura was still as strong as ever, and he may not be able to stand it if he were by himself. 

“It’s like this, I think it’s time to take the initiative to end the relationship with Lang Zhuoyu.” Lian Yin looked directly at Tong Tong and replied. 

Tong Tong didn’t speak, but her eyes were serious, obviously waiting for him to continue talking. 

Lian Yin swallowed his saliva and continued: “Sister Tong, your initial plan was to make me pretend to like the other very much, and then persuade them to quit by doing some excessive things, so that you have an excuse to tell your parents. Then because of emotional problems, you won’t have to go on a blind date for the time being and receive a period of respite.” 

“That’s right.” Tong Tong nodded.

“But due to some misunderstandings, I used your identity to establish a relationship with Lang Zhuoyu.” Lian Yin pinched the tablecloth unconsciously, “None of us thought that this would happen and then I also thought about continuing to persuade him during our relationship to retire, but the effect was not obvious.” 

“Well, what do you want to say?” Tong Tong asked. 

Lian Yin took a deep breath and said, “I think now that I’ve been dating him for a while, no matter who proposes to break up at this time, you can still use the excuse of emotional frustration to not continue dating for the time being. The goal has been achieved.” 

“So I plan to formally propose to end this relationship with Lang Zhuoyu. Sister Tong, you can use the excuse of incompatibility to explain to your parents.” 

And I can escape from this relationship. Lian Yin pursed his lips. 

After speaking, Lian Yin overcame his complicated emotions towards Tong Tong and looked directly at her firmly, then saw her nodding slowly. 

“You’re right, my original purpose was this.” Tong Tong knocked on the teacup, and the next second, she changed her words suddenly, “Lian Yin, at the beginning, I actually looked down on you.” 

Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, there was a hint of confusion in his eyes. 

Lin Jiayu also changed her face, and reminded her best friend in a low voice, “Tong Tong.” 

Who knew that Tong Tong would continue on her own way, ignoring her best friend’s reminder and Lian Yin, who had already begun to fidget. 

“Because I don’t think you are motivated. As a college student, in order to make quick money, you came to a night bar to sell alcohol, and also wore women’s clothes to get some money.” Tong Tong said without mercy, “Moreover, for these thousands of dollars, you are very respectful to me and you don’t dare to say a word of resistance. I really thought you were the kind of person who would do anything for money.” 

Lian Yin clenched his fist and put it on his knee, he couldn’t help but reply: “Who can’t get along with money.” 

“Yes, no one can’t get along with money.” Tong Tong smiled, “But I slowly found out that you may have promised to help me for money at first, but not after.”

Tong Tong’s smile expanded, magnified, and her tone became gentle for the first time: “You really wanted to help me do things well, not for money, but out of responsibility.” 

Lian Yin was stunned, not expecting to hear such a sincere compliment from Tong Tong’s mouth. 

It’s just that the words before the compliment didn’t sound good. 

“Although the development of things was different from what I expected, you did help me a lot, saved me a lot of time, and helped me achieve the original goal. I am very happy, the task has been completed. Now, I don’t have to be so tense and can go out for a vacation.” 

Having said that, Tong Tong looked at Lin Jiayu beside him and grabbed her hand: “And Jiayu, she said a lot of good things about you in front of me, thus I was willing to be more tolerant of you, otherwise, according to my requirements for my subordinate, you would have been kicked out a long time ago.” 

“It’s because your requirements are too high. Little Yin is not your employee, and this matter is not work.” Lin Jiayu replied helplessly and rolled her eyes. 

Tong Tong rolled her eyes too, shook off Lin Jiayu’s hand in disgust, and continued to turn around and said to Lian Yin, “Anyway, thank you for helping me out a lot, I will give you the promised three thousand yuan now.” 

While talking, Tong Tong turned on her mobile phone and directly transferred 3,000 yuan to Lian Yin. 

When Lian Yin saw the transfer amount on his mobile phone, he reminded her anxiously: “Sister Tong, you have transferred too much. You have already given me two thousand in the process.” 

“Oh, is that right?” Tong Tong didn’t care. “Then take it. Anyway, this matter took a lot longer than expected, so it can be considered overtime pay.” 

She put the phone back in her bag and said with a smile: “I believe you can handle the follow-up well. Use my identity to separate from Lang Zhuoyu as soon as possible. If I go on vacation, maybe I will meet a handsome guy or something, so I need to return to my single status.” 

“Yes.” Lian Yin replied. 

“So that’s it. I have to go back to feed the cat, so I’ll go first. Jiayu, if you want to stay, have a meal with Little Yin.” Tong Tong greeted the two of them, turned and left the restaurant. 

Lian Yin watched Tong Tong leave, and when he saw her figure disappear at the door of the restaurant, he felt a boulder in his heart was temporarily put down. 

The deception ends here. 

In the past week, Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu have not contacted each other once. At first, Lian Yin was angry because Lang Zhuoyu drove him away and didn’t want to talk to him. After his anger subsided, he realized that Lang Zhuoyu had not contacted him for a long time. 

After discovering this, Lian Yin realized that Lang Zhuoyu probably really hated himself.

Liu Dawei must have definitely told Lang Zhuoyu about Tong Tong’s refusal to take care of him. The coldness that morning may be because Lang Zhuoyu woke up and found that it was not his girlfriend who took care of him, but a former student he hadn’t seen in three years.

A student cares more about himself than his girlfriend and this student was also related to his girlfriend. Lian Yin’s existence was like reminding Lang Zhuoyu: it’s all your wishful thinking. 

Anyone would feel irritated and would want to push the annoying reminder away. 

So Lian Yin also understood why Lang Zhuoyu was angry with him that day. 

However, it had been a week. Lang Zhuoyu had neither contacted himself nor “Tong Tong”. Lian Yin sent a message of greeting, but did not get a reply. He thought it was Lang Zhuoyu who didn’t want to reply, so he also took a break and gave him a cold shoulder. 

The two started a cold war without warning, and they never contacted each other once. 

After thinking about it clearly, Lian Yin decided to take this opportunity to take the initiative to break up with Lang Zhuoyu, end this wrong relationship, and completely cut off this scam. 

But he still remembered that he was now an impostor, and he had to get the consent of the owner of the name before making the important decisions, and that’s why today’s meeting was born. 

Now that Tong Tong had handed over the follow-up matters to himself, then he can safely talk to Lang Zhuoyu and end this farce. 

“Little Yin, the food is being served, move aside a bit.” Lin Jiayu suddenly spoke up, recalling Lian Yin’s thoughts. 

At this time, the waiter just came to serve the dishes and Lian Yin realized how efficient Tong Tong was. He obviously felt that the conversation took a long time, but in the end, it didn’t even take the time to serve the dishes. 

The waiter placed the dishes on the table and pushed the dining cart away. Lian Yin called out, “Sister Jiayu, let’s eat.”

“Okay.” Lin Jiayu smiled casually, picked up the chopsticks in her hand, and looked at Lian Yin’s side. 

She watched silently for a while, and after a while, she said, “Little Yin, are you really okay?” 

“What?” Lian Yin looked up at Lin Jiayu in a daze. 

“I mean breaking up with Lang Zhuoyu, it really doesn’t matter to you?” Lin Jiayu said softly. 

Lian Yin opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it, the thoughts in his mind were very confused. 

He should have denied it, but he didn’t. 

Lin Jiayu shook her head and said, “Although this matter is business for Tong Tong, one hand paying the money, the other delivering the goods, after all, it involves feelings. I met Lang Zhuoyu the other day. He is a person with good looks and personality. You like men, and have been with him for so long…” 

“Sister Jiayu.” Lian Yin interrupted her suddenly. Holding chopsticks in his hand, his voice trembled indistinctly. 

“I also think it’s a business that pays money for the goods to be delivered.” 

He paused, lowered his eyes, and emphasized: “Now that the money and the goods are delivered and settled, there is nothing else.” 

The author has something to say:

Those are lies.

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