Not Obedient Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Suddenly appearing after being unable to contact 

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Friday morning. 

“Lian Yin, come here.” The man at the desk opposite Lian Yin tapped on his desk, and then walked out without stopping. 

Lian Yin didn’t know what happened. He stood up blankly and followed the man to the smoking room. T

here were only two people in the room, Lian Yin and the man. The man’s name was Li Cui, and he was the leader of the editing team. 

Li Cui stuffed a piece of paper into Lian Yin’s hand, then lit a cigarette on his own and smoked it. 

“Look for yourself, what mistakes you made in this document.” Li Cui looked impatient, and he sprayed a mouthful of smoke in front of Lian Yin as he spoke. 

Lian Yin endured the pungent smell of smoke. When he saw several obvious typos and mistakes in the document, he suddenly felt sorry: “I’m sorry.” 

“It’s all your fault that I was scolded by the editor-in-chief, asking how I can make these mistakes at my level.” Li Cui frowned in disgust, and after speaking, he looked suspicious as if he had thought of something. 

“You shouldn’t have done it on purpose right? Were you dissatisfied because I asked you to write something for me and made typos on purpose to get me scolded?”

“No, it was just my work mistake, sorry, team leader.” It was indeed his own fault and there was no way to refute it. Although Li Cui forced him to do the work he was supposed to do, how could Lian Yin, an intern, refuse. 

If it was Lian Yin’s previous temperament, he would definitely have a falling out, stabbing at Li Cui. However, recently, Lian Yin had really been absent-minded about what he’s been doing. It was not the first time he had made a mistake.     

“Okay. I can also see that you are diligent and smart, at least enough to have you write such an important document.” Li Cui exhaled again, “Go back, and focus on work during work hours.     

“Yes.” Lian Yin obeyed obediently and returned to his position. 

Seeing him returning to his position with his head down, Xu Rong asked with concern, “Have you been punished? Hey, it’s alright, that Li Cui loves to train interns. He is looking for a sense of existence. And the job he gave you originally shouldn’t be done by you.”

“It’s just doing a favor, it’s not very tiring to write a hundred words.” Lian Yin smiled at her. 

Xu Rong looked him up and down for a moment, then asked tentatively, “But, you’ve been really out of shape recently. I called you a few times before you realized it. What happened?” 

“Is it that obvious?” Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, then bowed his head apologetically.

He was really out of shape recently, because he couldn’t help thinking about Lang Zhuoyu. 

He met with Tong Tong last week, and after clarifying the final decision, he sent a message to Lang Zhuoyu, asking him to find a time to meet because he had something important to say. 

As a result, on the morning of the third day, Lang Zhuoyu replied as if he had just seen the message and was very unfamiliar with him: “I’m sorry, my schedule for the past few days is full, I’ll contact you when I’m free.” 

He forgot to say: Please go to my assistant to coordinate the time first. 

Seeing this sentence, Lian Yin couldn’t say anything, only stammered: “Okay.” 

This unfamiliar sentence was like a line, which suddenly separated the relationship between the two. Although they had not officially said goodbye, there seems to be no difference. 

It’s obvious that he should breathe a sigh of relief, this was the result that he had been wanting for so long, wasn’t it? Lang Zhuoyu can get out of this deception and Lian Yin didn’t have to continue to suffer the self-criticism of deceiving others. Why did he feel uncomfortable? 

Lian Yin couldn’t understand this, but this matter had been following and lingering, causing his thoughts to wander frequently during working hours. 

“Look, you’re distracted again.” Xu Rong’s voice rang from the side. Lian Yin shook his body and quickly recovered. 

He didn’t even realize that he was wandering again. 

“Hey, let’s get to work, you look a bit like the time when I broke up after graduating from college.” Xu Rong murmured. 

Lian Yin’s heart jumped, as if he was stabbed by this sentence, but he didn’t dare to think deeply, and quickly forced himself to work.

During the lunch break, Lian Yin left the company and went downstairs to buy coffee. 

He bought a cup of iced Americano. He hasn’t slept very well these days and tend to get sleepy at work, so he could only rely on caffeine to refresh himself. 

When he walked out of the coffee shop, he didn’t even pay attention to the pedestrians around him until he was suddenly blocked by a hand, and then he looked up.

Looking at it, Lian Yin frowned. 

“Zhou Xu.” He coldly called out the person’s name. 

“It’s me.” Zhou Xu smiled frivolously, “Did you forget me? Why did you come here?” 

After he asked, his eyes floated to Lian Yin’s chest, and he saw the badge hanging there. 

“Oh? Have you found a serious job now?” Zhou Xu raised his eyebrows, his words full of mockery. 

“I’m doing an internship.” Lian Yin was impatient to deal with him, and sighed helplessly, “Can you let me go, I’m still at work.” 

“Oh yes, I almost forgot that you were still a college student and it should be time for your internship.” Zhou Xu smacked his lips, then like looking at a product, he swept Lian Yin up and down, “Occasionally I forget that you are so young, really.” 

Lian Yin didn’t want to talk to him. Wanting to walk sideways to go by him, Zhou Xu stopped in front of him again. Lian Yin changed direction again, yet he also changed the angle, like a goalkeeper. 

Lian Yin couldn’t bear it any longer, and said coldly, “What the h*ll are you doing! Get out of the way!” 

“Don’t be so cold.” Zhou Xu smiled. He put his hand on Lian Yin’s shoulder dishonestly, and was slapped away. 

After being slapped away mercilessly, Zhou Xu was not annoyed. It was as if he was teasing a pet cat, he was extremely patient: “Oh, what a big temper. Seriously, Lian Yin, after seeing you in men’s clothes, I seem to have discovered that I’m okay with men.” 

“Psychopath.” Lian Yin stepped up and wanted to leave. 

Zhou Xu immediately caught up, grabbed Lian Yin’s arm and dragged him back: “Don’t worry, it should be lunch break now, don’t try to use work as an excuse to fool me.” 

Lian Yin grabbed his hand, throwing it away. He asked angrily, “We’ve already… Zhou Xu, what are you doing here looking for me, are you bored?” 

He didn’t dare to speak too loudly or too clearly, so he avoided ambiguous words such as breaking up. After all, this was a public place, and it was only one floor away from the company where he was an intern. He still needed face.

But Zhou Xu obviously had a much lower limit than Lian Yin. He said without shyness: “I know we broke up, but you have to give me a chance to chase you again. Seriously, of all the people I’ve seen, you are the best and most exciting.”

Lian Yin glared at him. 

“Okay, okay, I won’t chase you.” Zhou Xu seemed to make a big concession, “Then I will buy you, just give me a price. But pay attention, because last time you made me go to the police station to get educated, so there has to be a discount.” 

“You’re really sick, go scram and look in the mirror!” Lian Yin rolled his eyes, turned around and wanted to leave, but was caught by Zhou Xu’s strong hand. 

“Don’t be in a hurry, baby. I just saw your company name on your badge. It’s a good coincidence that our company has recently started cooperating with this company. Your boss would be very willing to hear what I say about your company’s employees. Oh, no, not an employee, just an intern.” Zhou Xu threatened. 

Lian Yin pursed his lips. He knew that Zhou Xu’s family was very rich, and his connections in Beicheng were very prestigious. If it’s really like what this guy said and there was some kind of cooperation, he would definitely say something to his boss like “I’m not happy with your intern.” 

Although the boss will think that Zhou Xu is mentally ill, it is hard to say. He might just throw him away in order not to offend Zhou Xu. 

His junior year is almost over, and Lian Yin had no time to find another good internship. 

Seeing that Lian Yin seemed to be stunned, Zhou Xu showed a smug smile. He hooked Lian Yin’s chin with his greasy fingers, and said, “You have my contact information, let’s talk at night?” 

Lian Yin glared at Zhou angrily. Zhou Xu’s face was so close at hand, he wished he could give up his dignity and spit on his face. 

“Lian Yin?” Suddenly a warm and steady voice came. 

Lian Yin and Zhou Xu were both attracted, and when they looked over, they saw Lang Zhuoyu, a tall and gentle man, standing ten paces away, carrying a briefcase. 

When Lang Zhuoyu saw Lian Yin’s face, he immediately stepped over, took him by the shoulders, pulled him away from Zhou Xu, and brought him under his own wings. 

Then Lang Zhuoyu asked Zhou Xu indifferently, “Isn’t this Mr. Zhou? It’s a coincidence to meet you here.”

Zhou Xu also recognized Lang Zhuoyu. His own film company was currently negotiating a contract with Lang Zhuoyu and because of this, he had come to the company office in formal clothes. 

This was the first time Zhou Xu had independently discussed the contract. He had three brothers in his family, so he attached great importance to this conract. Moreover, Lang Zhuoyu was a screenwriter who had been in the limelight over these years. There were no books in his hand that were not selling well, and several companies had snatched them over their heads. 

Zhou Xu finally managed to get a chance to negotiate, so he must get it. 

“Writer Lang!” Zhou Xu greeted warmly. After all, he was the son of a businessman, and he smirked professionally, “I didn’t expect you to come so early.” 

The two shook hands enthusiastically. 

With a business smile on his face, Lang Zhuoyu tightened his grip on Lian Yin as if introducing his own family, and introduced him to Zhou Xu: “Mr. Zhou, this is my former student, you seem to know each other?” 

“Yes, we…” 

“We’ve met a few times.” Lian Yin was afraid that Zhou Xu would say something unnecessary, so he quickly interrupted. After speaking, he peeked at Lang Zhuoyu a little guilty. 

Fortunately, Zhou Xu did not reveal the eccentricity of his strange hobbies in front of him, and acquiesced to Lian Yin’s statement. 

“Is that so?” Lang Zhuoyu smiled, “I thought you were arguing just now. Mr. Zhou, Lian Yin is still a student and young. If there’s anything you took offense, we as older people should be more tolerant.” 

“Yes.” Zhou Xu answered again and again. 

“Then let’s go upstairs together?” Lang Zhuoyu suggested. Zhou Xu naturally did not refuse, he nodded and smiled and led the person away. 

Lian Yin was overwhelmed by this sudden burst of business talk, and was still in a daze until the two left hand in hand. 

He stared at the back of Lang Zhuoyu as he left. But suddenly, after the man walked a few dozen steps, he turned around and gave Lian Yin a cold, expressionless look.

Seeing this, Lian Yin shivered all over, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. 

What does Lang Zhuoyu mean…? 

He stayed in place for a while before he calmed down and took the elevator back to the company. As soon as he sat down at the workstation, Lian Yin’s cell phone rang. 

When he opened it, he saw an unread WeChat message. 

Lang Zhuoyu: At eight o’clock tonight, I have time. You said you had something to talk to me last time, and I just happened to have something to tell you, let’s meet. I’ll pick you up at your house.

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