Not Obedient Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Teacher Lang, I’m sorry 

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There was a very commercial street in Yumian Town with many bars. 

Lian Yin waited in advance at the entrance of a bar, and ten minutes later, he saw Guan Shi, the little assistant who arrived as scheduled. 

“Good evening.” Lian Yin greeted Guan Shi with a smile.

“Good evening.” Guan Shi obviously dressed up stylishly and sprayed styling mousse on his head. 

The little assistant’s demeanor was a bit shy and reserved. He had a good impression of Lian Yin in his heart, so he dressed up carefully. 

After the two said hello, they entered the bar, found two bar seats, and sat down. 

This was the third day that Lian Yin came to Yumian Town. He played with Guan Shi for two days, the first night, and yesterday night. The two walked around the surrounding scenic spots. 

The two were not too different in age, both went to college in Beicheng, and both were gay. They had a lot of common topics, so they became familiar very quickly.

Lian Yin thought that it was time to ask Guan Shi to see Lang Zhuoyu.

“I haven’t asked you what you are busy with while on a business trip?” Lian Yin took the wine glass from the bartender and asked casually. 

Guan Shi held a wine glass in his hand, and now that his guard against Lian Yin had dissipated, he answered honestly: “I am an assistant to a big screenwriter. There is a crew here recently filming, so basically during the day I am with the crew.” 

“The crew?” Lian Yin seemed very curious, “It’s interesting, can I go see?” 

Guan Shi had professional ethics, and immediately refused: “No, the filming of the crew is confidential and I cannot take people there casually.” 

“Is that so.” Lian Yin murmured. 

The two were silent for a moment. Guan Shi may have felt a trace of uncomfortableness in the air, and was about to take the initiative to speak, but was interrupted by Lian Yin’s words. 

“Actually, I know who your boss is. His name is Lang Zhuoyu, right?” 

Guan Shi suddenly widened his eyes, looked at Lian Yin in disbelief, and suddenly became alert: “How did you know?” 

He now began to suspect that Lian Yin was a paparazzi. 

Lian Yin noticed Guan Shi’s wary eyes, patted him on the shoulder quickly, and explained, “Don’t panic, I already know your boss.” 

“Actually, I came to Nancheng this time to find your boss.” Lian Yin decided to tell the truth. 

Guan Shi didn’t understand, and asked blankly: “What are you going to do with him? Does he owe you money?” 

Lian Yin almost spit out a sip of wine, waved his hand, and denied: “No, of course not. I did something wrong, he didn’t want to see me, but I wanted to apologize to him in person, so I chased after him.”

“I’m sorry, although I have regarded you as a friend these days, how can I believe what you said is true?” Guan Shi replied honestly.

Lian Yin took out his mobile phone, found the chat record with Lang Zhuoyu, and put it in front of Guan Shi calmly. 

Guan Shi didn’t reach out to take it, but looked at Lian Yin’s hand.

He saw that Lian Yin had sent messages many times, saying that he was sorry for what happened before, and hoped to see him and apologize formally. But basically every time, Lang Zhuoyu refused on the grounds that “he was busy and had no time to meet”. 

The last message was what Lian Yin sent: No matter when you are free, I must make things clear to you face to face. 

The message was sent three days ago, but until today, there has been no reply from Lang Zhuoyu. 

“This is indeed your boss’s WeChat, right?” 

Guan Shi nodded, there was no problem, the WeChat account and the like were all correct. 

“But…” Guan Shi still had concerns.

“I know what you’re worrying about and I don’t need you to do much. I won’t tell him you brought me there as long as I get a chance to meet him and I promise I won’t add to your work. I really… just want a chance to meet.” 

Lian Yin’s expression was blurred in the dim light of the bar, but even so, Guan Shi still felt the apology and guilt in his tone. 

“It’s enough to apologize on WeChat. If he doesn’t want to see you, why do you keep trying.” Guan Shi finally still wanted to refuse. 

Lian Yin sighed: “No. What I did was really too much. If I don’t meet and apologize formally, I wouldn’t even be able to pass the test in my heart.” 

He paused, thought for a moment, and unconsciously said in his heart: “And I want to see him. I don’t know why, but I want to see him.” 

Guan Shi looked at Lian Yin’s sad face, and suddenly realized that he might not be able to have anything to do with the handsome guy in front of him. 

The next morning, Lang Zhuoyu and his assistant came to the studio together. 

The crew had contracted several houses in Yumian Town, where a large part of the scenes will be filmed. 

Lang Zhuoyu was here to supervise the work, and occasionally was required to coordinate or interpret specific scenes, but most of the time he was idle, thinking about how to change his next book. 

The assistant Guan Shi disappeared for a while on the pretext of going to the toilet. Lang Zhuoyu was reading the script and didn’t notice at all. 

It wasn’t until he reached out to the table for a water glass and found that there was no water, that he thought of finding the little assistant to fill up his water glass. But when he looked up, he saw an unexpected person.

“Teacher, let me pour water for you.” 

Lian Yin turned against the light, spread out his palms, and motioned Lang Zhuoyu to pass the cup to himself. 

“Lian Yin?” Lang Zhuoyu was so surprised that he stood up from the chair, “Why are you here?” 

Hearing his question, he lowered his eyes and looked docile, like a high school student who had done something wrong, quietly waiting for criticism with his hands behind his back. 

“I’m here to say sorry to you, Teacher Lang.” 

Lian Yin raised his eyes tentatively, peeking at Lang Zhuoyu’s reaction, and then said, “You already knew that Tong Tong was me dressed as a woman, didn’t you?” 

Lang Zhuoyu’s emotion couldn’t be read through his tone: “I’m not a fool.” 

Then Lang Zhuoyu sat back in the chair, turned on the computer, and said coldly, “I’m still working, no matter how you got here, please leave first. I’ll contact you when I have time.” 

“I’m not leaving.” Lian Yin’s face was righteous, but his heart was actually beating hard. 

“You always say, ‘I’ll contact you when I’m free’, but I don’t know when you’re free. I came here to apologize to you, so I can wait. There will always be free time, I won’t take up too much time.” 

“Don’t make trouble, this is a place for work.” Lang Zhuoyu said sternly. 

Lian Yin put a finger on the center of his lips, and whispered: “I won’t make trouble, I promise to wait and not disturb you.” 

Lang Zhuoyu was helpless and didn’t want to pay attention to him, so he focused his attention back on work. Lian Yin picked up Lang Zhuoyu’s water cup and ran away, and soon came back with hot water. In the other hand, he held a small chair that he found who knows where, placed it down, sat beside Lang Zhuoyu, then quietly propped on his knees, watching the crew work in full swing. 

During the period, Guan Shi came over to see if the two had quarreled and he was relieved to see that Lian Yin was sitting honestly on the side and was at peace with his boss. Then he took a closer look. The boss’s water glass was still full, someone had added it for him.     

Lang Zhuoyu sat there and focused on changing the story for an hour. After saving the document, he turned his head and saw that Lian Yin held his chin and closed his eyes in a very awkward posture.     

“Lian Yin.” Lang Zhuoyu called him.

Lian Yin head nodded, then he woke up, his eyes still dazed. His soul flew out and he called out, “Teacher Lang.” 

Seeing this, Lang Zhuoyu sighed and looked around at the rest of the crew, but found that no one noticed. He said to Lian Yin, “Come with me.” 

Lian Yin hadn’t woken up yet, and followed Lang Zhuoyu to a quiet place in a trance. 

After arriving at the place, Lang Zhuoyu looked at the watch and seemed very impatient, and asked, “Just say what you want to say.” 

Lian Yin rubbed his eyes and woke up. Then he took a deep breath, raised his eyes to look directly at Lang Zhuoyu, and said solemnly, “Teacher Lang, I’m sorry for lying to you. I know what I’ve done is too much, so I won’t ask for your forgiveness, but I still want to face you and apologize to you.” 

“It’s not my idea to pretend to be a woman and have a blind date with you. It’s Tong Tong herself. She doesn’t want to have a blind date, but her parents are pressuring her hard. She wanted to temporarily avoid the next blind date because of emotional frustration after the blind date failed. That’s why she hired me to pretend to be a woman to persuade her blind date. It wasn’t until we met for the first time that I knew that the other party was actually you.” 

Lian Yin paused and changed his tone: “Of course this matter is still my fault. I agreed to this matter because I wanted to make money. I’m sorry, I know that anyone would be very angry after being deceived like this.”     

“I actually wanted to give up after knowing that the blind date was you. I told Sister Tong, but this kind of thing was very difficult to end once it started. Once a lie was told, it needed countless lies to make up for it. Later, I thought that I should finish the matter quickly, so that it can also decrease the harm to the lowest level, but I didn’t think it through. It was wrong from the very beginning.”     

“No matter how much I say, it can’t actually make up for the damage that has been done, so I’m sorry.” 

The voice fell and Lian Yin moved towards Lang Zhuoyu, bowing deeply.     

Lang Zhuoyu’s expression was as usual, and he seemed unmoved. He asked lightly, “Are you done?”    

“It’s done.” Lian Yin answered honestly, like a middle school student who was called into the office by the teacher.

Lang Zhuoyu took off the glasses on the bridge of his nose. He was slightly short-sighted and wore glasses at work. 

“Lian Yin, do you know what disappointed me the most in this matter?” 

Lian Yin was at a loss, opened his eyes and looked over, filled with confusion. 

“It’s your casual treatment of feelings.” Lang Zhuoyu put away his glasses and said in a serious tone, “I don’t know what feelings mean to you young people. It seems like you can talk about it casually. Even things like feelings can be used as a tool to make money. Even if it’s not me, can someone else be deceived by you like this?” 

“I…” Lian Yin’s heart rate rose. Frightened, he really hadn’t considered this situation. If the other party wasn’t Lang Zhuoyu, would he have no regrets now? Maybe at this time, he would still be immersed in the smoothness of finally finishing things. 

Lang Zhuoyu understood from Lian Yin’s expression, the child hadn’t thought about this at all, and sighed in disappointment: “You can’t use lies to deceive another person’s feelings, it’s immoral. Even if it’s not me, if you change it to anyone else, everything you did was wrong. Maybe it’s just because it’s me, because I used to be your teacher, that you have such a strong sense of guilt.” 

“No…” Lian Yin thought subconsciously. He refuted, but he was half silent, because he himself didn’t know how he would react under the same situation if it were someone else and whether it would be as Lang Zhuoyu said. Would it be? Guilt-free cheating and playing with the feelings of others?

“You can go, I have received your apology.” After Lang Zhuoyu finished speaking, he turned and left. 

Lian Yin stayed in place, distracted.

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