Not Obedient Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Laughing at the thought of you, hee :) 

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Lang Zhuoyu took a few steps, but was suddenly blocked by Lian Yin who rushed in front of him. 

It was far away from the shooting location, and there were no people around for a long distance, so Lian Yin can safely stop the person and say, “I know I’m wrong. Although I didn’t know it before, I know what I did wrong when you said it now.” 

“I know there’s no basis in my words. Even if I say I know I’m wrong and I’ll change, you won’t necessarily believe me. But Teacher Lang, can you give me a chance to prove that I can change?” 

Lian Yin earnestly asked, looking over, his eyes sincere. 

Lang Zhuoyu paused, took half a step back unconsciously, and said coldly, “You know what you did wrong? I said I received your apology, do you want me to have to forgive you?” 

“Is that not possible?” Lian Yin blinked and tentatively asked, “Forgive me, can’t you?” 

Lang Zhuoyu almost laughed in anger at him: “You just said it yourself, you won’t ask for my forgiveness. ” 

“But when you apologize, there is always a little hope that you can be forgiven…” Lian Yin whispered. 

Lang Zhuoyu avoided Lian Yin’s direct and frank gaze, and whispered, “I don’t forgive you.” 

Lian Yin’s shoulders collapsed immediately, obviously very discouraged. 

After Lang Zhuoyu said those words, he walked past Lian Yin a step. After Lian Yin waited for him to walk in front, he fell two steps behind Lang Zhuoyu and followed slowly. 

The two were walking one after the other on the slate road in Yumian Town, when a small orange cat sprang out in front of Lian Yin and ran away. 

“When did you come?” Lang Zhuoyu, who was walking in front, suddenly asked. 

Lian Yin’s eyes lit up, and he quickly replied: “I followed you, so on the same day.” 

Lang Zhuoyu was silent for a moment, as if he did not expect Lian Yin to have been here for so many days. Then he asked again, “How do you know my itinerary?”

“Uh, I went to ask Director Liu.” Lian Yin scratched his cheeks with some guilt, “In women’s clothing. But I promise it was just for a special reason, I really couldn’t help it. I can’t find you, so I wore women’s clothing to find Director Liu. I won’t do it in the future.” 

“…Don’t be so nervous, I don’t blame you.” Lang Zhuoyu felt helpless. 

After more than ten seconds of silence, Lang Zhuoyu asked again: “Where do you live now?” 

“A homestay.” 

“When will you go back, I remember that you are still an intern.”

Lian Yin said embarrassedly, “Tomorrow. I only took five days off, which is the longest vacation I can get. So if I don’t see you today, I would have to go back without success this time.” 

Lang Zhuoyu turned his back to Lian Yin. Walking in front, Lian Yin didn’t see the faint smile on the corner of his mouth, “Who brought you to the crew?” 

Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, then whispered: “Secret, a noble person.” 

Lang Zhuoyu stopped. He looked back at him, and didn’t ask any more questions. 

The two walked back to the shooting venue. Lang Zhuoyu was called by Liu Dawei to discuss some matters. Lian Yin found his little chair and sat down in an inconspicuous corner. 

Guan Shi secretly ran to him and asked, “Did the boss ask who brought you in? What did you say?” 

Lian Yin gave him a hearty smile: “Don’t worry, I didn’t say a word.” 

Only when he was relieved, did he say two more words to Lian Yin, feeling that it was not appropriate to stay here for a long time. If Lang Zhuoyu saw the two of them talking happily, he was afraid that he would immediately know that he brought Lian Yin in. 

Although, looking at the current situation, even if the boss knew that he did it, he would not necessarily blame him. 

In the next few hours, when Lang Zhuoyu was called by the crew to negotiate some matters, Lian Yin sat quietly on the chair in a daze. When Lang Zhuoyu was free, Lian Yin tried to talk to him, but besides asking Lian Yin twice if he wanted to drink water, he didn’t reply often.

The individual was still stubbornly resisting in the dark cloud of the Cold War. 

Lian Yin had no complaints about this situation. The development of things had been much better than he expected. He thought that he would be rejected by Lang Zhuoyu again, and then he would pack up and leave pitifully. 

He sat on the side with his elbows on his knees, his chin on his palms, and looked at Lang Zhuoyu not far away with a smile on his lips. The warm sun in May happened to hit Lang Zhuoyu’s body, sketching a soft golden border. 

Teacher Lang seems to have always been a gentle and soft-hearted person. 

No, no, he doesn’t seem to be. In high school, he used to give the most Chinese homework. 

Then he was generally soft-hearted, but very gentle. 

Time passed quietly, Lang Zhuoyu had been with the crew long enough today, so he packed up and prepared to leave. He wanted to leave and Lian Yin naturally had no reason to stay here, so he had to leave. 

“Pay attention to safety on the way back and also when you return to Beicheng tomorrow.” Lang Zhuoyu urged as he parted. 

Lian Yin nodded his head. 

Separated from Lang Zhuoyu outside the crew, he walked on the ancient town path while humming a song. 

“Wait, Lian Yin.” Someone from behind stopped him, it was Guan Shi’s voice. 

“What’s wrong?” Lian Yin stopped and waited for him to chase after him. 

Guan Shi quickly caught up, pursed his lips, and asked hesitantly, “After thinking about it for a long time, I still want to ask, what is the relationship between you and my boss?” 

The relationship between them is related to how Guan Shi should deal with the possible future. questioned. 

“Teacher and student.” Lian Yin replied very naturally, “He used to be my high school teacher, but I graduated a long time ago, and he hasn’t been my teacher for a long time.” 

An actual proper teacher and student?

Guan Shi was surprised, he thought Lian Yin called Lang Zhuoyu, Teacher, just as an honorific title. But… 

“You two are really not like teachers and students.” Guan Shi murmured. 

“Huh? What?” Lian Yin was puzzled. 

“It’s nothing.” Guan Shi didn’t continue to speak, he wasn’t sure what the two were arguing about and he didn’t want to comment much. 

They were really like that? No, for a few moments, he felt that these two were a couple who were having an awkward fight. Lian Yin came all the way to apologize, but Lang Zhuoyu did not forgive him on the surface, but in fact softened his attitude long ago. 

Apart from couples, what other relationship can be so awkward and so entangled. 

Not to mention that Lang Zhuoyu doesn’t look like he bends (is gay), and now Lian Yin has honestly told himself that their relationship was not a couple. 

Guan Shi felt that there must be something wrong with his senses. He thought that Lian Yin was a member of the boss’s family, so he would be much less likely to be scolded. He didn’t expect… It seems that if he was discovered, he will not be able to escape. 

“It’s nothing, I’m leaving, goodbye.” 

The assistant turned around to leave after speaking, but Lian Yin held Guan Shi apologetically, “Well, sorry, I did look for you to see Lang Zhuoyu at the start, but these two days after getting along with each other, I really treat you as a friend. When you’re back in Beicheng, come fine me to play with me in the future.” 

Guan Shi was a little surprised. He turned his head then repeatedly agreed: “Okay, okay, I understand, bye.” 

After returning, Guan Shi saw that his boss was waiting for him and he hurriedly stepped forward. 

Lang Zhuoyu asked him casually, “Where have you been just now?” 

“T… to the toilet.” Guan Shi felt guilty. 

“Is that right?” 

Guan Shi didn’t know whether Lang Zhuoyu’s words were a casual response or whether he was suspicious of himself, wanted to raise his spirit to help him with his things or was checking on his well-being.

Back at the hotel, Guan Shi put Lang Zhuoyu’s bag on the table, and when he got up, he heard the terrifying whispers of his boss. 

“Did you bring Lian Yin into the set?”

“!!” Guan Shi was shocked. His first reaction was that Lian Yin sold him out. After all, as a person who came to ask for forgiveness, when you’re anxious, anything can be said? However, that didn’t seem right, Lian Yin promised. 

Fortunately, Lang Zhuoyu quickly explained to him: “I saw you chatting with him very happily today.” 

It really exposed a flaw. Guan Shi had to confess, admitting that he brought Lian Yin into the studio. 

“But!” He also wanted to defend himself, “but before that, Lian Yin and I spent three days together. I felt we were already friends and I believed him. He said he just wanted to see you and it won’t interfere with us, that’s why I brought him in.” 

“You mean he spent three days with you before?” Lang Zhuoyu’s focus was a little off. 

Guan Shi didn’t know why he was paying attention to this, but he nodded honestly. 

Lang Zhuoyu lowered his head, resting his fingers on the glass table in front of him, and muttered to himself, “He just asked for a five-day leave, and he’s leaving tomorrow, and he actually spent three days on you.” 

Uh, Guan Shi said silently in his heart, boss, I can hear you. 

After talking to himself, Lang Zhuoyu said to Guan Shi solemnly, “Does this mean you can bring anyone to the strictly confidential studio after they play with you for two or three days from now on?” 

Sure enough, he could not escape the reprimand. Guan Shi knew that he did not do things properly, so he bowed his head and silently accepted the lecture. 

“There cannot be a next time.” Lang Zhuoyu said, waving his hand, “Go and rest.” 

Unexpectedly, he was let off lightly. Guan Shi suddenly stood up and ran out of Lang Zhuoyu’s room. Before leaving, he couldn’t hold back his gossiping heart and asked, “Boss, Lian Yin said that he came to apologize to you, have you forgiven him?” 

Lang Zhuoyu replied ruthlessly, “No, what he did was very serious.” 

Guan Shi was dumbfounded and wanted to say, but the way you acted doesn’t seem like you didn’t forgive him at all. 

But he didn’t have the guts to say it. Soon Lang Zhuoyu looked out of the window in a trance. The sunset outside the window was burning. Looking at this scene, he unconsciously expressed the most real feelings in his heart.

“But I’m happy to see him.” 

Yes, happy. 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know why he felt this way. 

After he determined that Lian Yin had been deceiving himself in women’s clothes, he felt humiliated and angry, even felt sad because he had a good impression of “Tong Tong”. But at the same time, it wasn’t that he didn’t give Lian Yin a chance to confess to himself. However, Lian Yin did not show any sign of repentance or confession at that time. 

Therefore, Lang Zhuoyu believed that the child’s frivolous attitude towards feelings had been rooted in his nature, and there was no possibility of changing it. After calming down, he decided to stay away. 

But now Lian Yin had come all the way to Nancheng, just to apologize to himself in person, saying that he knew he was wrong and that he could change in the future. 

Lang Zhuoyu felt that perhaps he had not reached the point where there was no cure. 

Thinking of this, the pitiful appearance of Lian Yin reappeared in front of him. He was looking at himself and asked in a pleading manner, “Forgive me, can’t you?” 

Lang Zhuoyu raised the corner of his mouth unconsciously. 

Then, suddenly froze. 

What are you laughing at? Why are you thinking of Lian Yin and laughing?

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