Not Obedient Chapter 4

Chapter 4 My blind date is my high school classroom teacher 

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Putting a delicate butterfly collar on his neck, his change was complete. Lian Yin looked at himself with perfect makeup in the mirror, and hummed a song proudly. 

He was wearing a black dress and boots. In fact, in his eyes, this was already a long dress, after all, it was only above his knees a bit. Black dress, boots, sexy with a bit of cool, and because of Lian Yin’s appearance and makeup, it added a bit of sweetness. 

101 points, Lian Yin gave himself in his heart. After scoring himself, he packed his bag, changed his shoes, and went out. 

Today was the big day, he was going to see that blind date. 

Lian Yin admitted that A Gentleman like Jade was a very admirable opponent. Yesterday he said so many things that made him feel sick, but A Gentleman like Jade actually replied to him with a: “Ya Tou, it’s human nature to like my spirit.” 

Lian Yin almost threw his phone in the trash can. Now he really believed that there are such creatures as Puxin men (a man who is very ordinary but is overconfident) in this world.

He was afraid that if he continued to chat like this, A Gentleman like Jade would become more and more satisfied with himself. After all, it was just chatting, and it was not easy to make a fuss without the person. It would be convenient to do things after meeting. 

Lian Yin also wanted to meet as soon as possible, and quickly persuade the person to leave, so that he could get the money to retire and no longer be tortured by a puxin man. 

So he offered to meet and the two made an appointment to eat at a Korean restaurant and bought movie tickets. 

But Lian Yin felt that if things went well, the two of them wouldn’t have to go to the movies at all. He would persuade him to quit during the meal stage, so that he could go home earlier to go to bed. 

Originally A Gentleman like Jade proposed to pick up Lian Yin, but Lian Yin felt that this was a part-time job and there was no need to reveal his address, so he agreed to meet directly at the restaurant. 

At 6:10 in the evening, Lian Yin got the right time to be late and came to the restaurant. 

The restaurant was chosen by Lian Yin, and he was craving something spicy and cheesy. This restaurant was in great demand. It was a must-eat restaurant on certain reviews, so one couldn’t make a reservation and can only get a seating on the spot. 

A lady came up to ask Lian Yin how many people will be eating dinner, Lian Yin told the lady that he had an appointment with someone and the other party should have arrived. She then picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to A Gentleman like Jade. 

Lillian Lian: Gege, where are you, I’m here. 

After he sent the message, he looked inside, trying to find A Gentleman like Jade from the crowd. 

The other party’s message was fairly quick. 

A Gentleman like Jade: I’m sorry, I might be late, please order first. 

Lian Yin frowned dissatisfiedly when he saw this message. This guy is very daring to be late!

Putting away the phone, he smiled helplessly at the young lady: “Hehe, he hasn’t arrived yet, please help me find a spot.” 

He didn’t expect this restaurant to be a must-eat restaurant in which that it was right at dinner time and already there were no spots left. Lian Yin could only feel aggrieved and hold the number plate to wait. 

While waiting, Lian Yin anxiously looked at the time. Twenty minutes had passed and A Gentleman like Jade had not arrived yet. The dissatisfaction in Lian Yin’s heart almost overflowed from his throat. 

Even until Lian Yin was led by the young lady, the guy didn’t show up. 

Lian Yin was so angry that he ordered all the expensive items on the menu, regardless of whether the two of them could eat it all. He made up his mind that A Gentleman like Jade would have to pay for the meal and he needed to slaughter him. When he handed the menu back to the little lady, the little lady looked at him in surprise, thinking that he was the king of hidden big stomachs. 

Huh, how dare you be so late? I’ll make you bleed in a bit! 

Lian Yin drank the boiling water in the teacup and slammed the cup on the table. 

Lang Zhuoyu was deliberately late. 

He didn’t have this plan at first, but when he was about to set off, Director Liu Dawei called and said that something had happened. The little fresh meat (young idol) who was supposed to play the heroine’s son was acting in two shows without telling the crew and was injured in the other idol drama and was now in the hospital. 

Lang Zhuoyu was not only a screenwriter, but also a producer, so he had to deal with this matter. 

Originally, Lang Zhuoyu could direct this matter remotely. After negotiating with Liu Dawei on the phone, there would be no difference in letting the other party do it. However, Lang Zhuoyu felt that being late would be a better behavior to lower his favorability. 

So he went to the set without any rush and had a meeting with the crew management. 

When the meeting was over, it was almost seven o’clock. He had an appointment with the blind date at six o’clock. If it was any lady, it was time to call and bombard him. He didn’t expect the blind date to be so calm. 

Lang Zhuoyu raised one eyebrow and looked at the message box that didn’t have any urging messages. A guess couldn’t help but raise in his heart —— 

She can’t… really like me this much right? 

Like him so much that she can endure him being more than an hour late? 

The dishes were all ready, Lian Yin was still sitting there alone, he didn’t want to wait any longer, so he picked up the spoon and started eating the bibimbap in front of him. 

Suddenly, the phone vibrated. 

A Gentleman like Jade: I’m at the restaurant, where are you? 

Lian Yin quickly wiped off the rice grains on his mouth, took out a small mirror to fix up the lipstick that was eaten, and when he was ready, he picked up the phone again and replied to him. 

Lillian Lian: I’m in seat 23. 

Putting down the phone, Lian Yin began to look around the restaurant, looking for someone who might be A Gentleman like Jade. 

His eyes swept across the front desk, the aisle, the opposite table and then back to the front desk, suddenly, his pupils constricted —— 

That person! He looks like his high school classroom teacher! ! 

Lian Yin quickly picked up the bag that was placed on the table, covered his face, and then sneaked his head out from behind the bag to examine the man carefully.

The man was wearing a long trench coat that was expensive at first glance. His face was handsome and it was even a bit aggressive because he was too good-looking. However, the gold-rimmed glasses made him appear gentle and refined, his gestures revealing a graceful gentleman’s demeanor. 

That’s right, it was his high school classroom teacher. Lian Yin was very sure that such a handsome classroom teacher was rare in the world, so even if his classroom teacher wore a rustic cheap top now, he would not make a mistake. 

Help, how could he meet his classroom teacher here! 

What if he recognizes himself? What if he asks him what he is doing here? 

How can he explain this outfit and how could he explain that he came on a blind date when he was only 21 years old? Or why he was wearing women’s clothes and dating men? 

Go, go, don’t look at me, don’t look at me. Lian Yin closed his eyes in pain and muttered words in his mouth, hoping that Lang Zhuoyu would disappear quickly. 

After waiting for ten seconds, Lian Yin raised his head from behind the bag again. 

Then, he saw Lang Zhuoyu facing him, standing straight and tall in front of the table. When he saw him looking up, he gave him a smile. 

“Hello, are you Tong Tong?” 

The voice remained the same as it was three years ago! This was definitely his authentic classroom teacher! 

Lian Yin’s heart was beating wildly. The blood in his hands and feet flowed in reverse, and he was so panicked that he didn’t dare to emerge from behind the bag at all. 

Lang Zhuoyu pulled out his chair and sat down opposite Lian Yin. Seeing that Lian Yin had been hiding his face behind the bag, he asked tentatively, “Why are you hiding behind the bag?” 

Could it be he was shy? Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t help thinking in his heart that he wouldn’t really like me that much… 

Lian Yin squeezed his throat and answered tremblingly in a fake voice: “Ah, I… I got something on my face, wait for me to wipe it.”

After he finished speaking, he reached out to touch the paper on the table, but because his vision was blocked, he touched it several times and didn’t touch it. 

Seeing that his hands were about to fall into the soup, Lang Zhuoyu quickly took out a piece of paper and handed it to him: “Here you are.” 

His fingers were warm. When they touched Lian Yin’s fingertips, Lian Yin slapped his hand and quickly retracted, pretending to wipe his face. 

Lian Yin slowed down the action of wiping his face, but he was thinking about how to get away. He really didn’t expect that his blind date would be his high school classroom teacher. 

After all, there are so many people in the whole country, and it was in Beicheng, thousands of miles away from his hometown middle school. Lian Yin never thought that he would see Lang Zhuoyu again, not to mention meet him because of a blind date, that’s why he didn’t even ask the name of the blind date. It was because there wouldn’t be a difference to him anyways. 

If he had known this would be the case, even if Tong Tong offered him 30,000 yuan, he would not have taken over the job. 

You have to slip away and you must not stay here for long. Lian Yin fixed his wig so that his long hair covered his face as much as possible, then he stood up with his head lowered. 

“What’s wrong?” Lang Zhuoyu asked when he saw that he suddenly got up. 

Lian Yin lowered his head and turned to the side, and whispered, “Oh, I, I’m going to the toilet.” 

After saying that, he was about to slip off, but there was water on the floor of the restaurant, and his high-heeled boots slipped on the ground. With a twist, he lost his center of gravity. 

He fell to the ground uncontrollably and saw that he was going to fall flat on his face. 

But suddenly he was caught by a warm embrace.

Lang Zhuoyu held Lian Yin’s upper arm to catch the person. The moment he caught Lian Yin, Lang Zhuoyu marveled at how thin this person was that his bones were twitching. A strong force quickly helped Lian Yin regain his center of gravity. 

Lian Yin stood up again, subconsciously sorted out the messy wig, and inadvertently, a face was exposed in front of Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes. Looking at the beautiful face in front of him, Lang Zhuoyu was immediately stunned, staring at him in a trance. 

Lian Yin reacted and subconsciously wanted to cover his face, but he heard Lang Zhuoyu speak. 

“You look a bit like a student in my previous class.”

Lian Yin was stunned. Lang Zhuoyu continued: “No, it’s not a little similar, but very similar. However, he is a boy. I never thought there would be two people who were so similar in this world.”

After listening to these words, the little abacus in his heart began to move wildly. 

This means that Lang Zhuoyu didn’t recognize himself? He just thought that he was very similar to his “self” in high school? 

Yes, my transformation skills is publicly know to make fakes pass off as genuine. So many customers who come to drink with him every day don’t even recognize him as a man, let alone this classroom teacher who he had not seen for three years. 

Thinking of this, Lian Yin suddenly stopped panicking and sat back down into his seat slowly. He pulled one side of his hair behind his ear, and smiled gently. 

“Well, that sounds like fate.” 

Lang Zhuoyu looked at him and sighed: “It’s very similar, are you really not related by blood? His name is Lian Yin, a native of Xicheng. I used to teach in Xicheng.”

It’s a little unlikely that two people who have nothing to do with each other would look so similar, Lian Yin had an idea, pretended to be surprised, and clapped his hands: “Oh, what a coincidence! In fact, I am his sister!” 

“So that’s how it is.” Lang Zhuoyu already believed it completely. 

Lian Yin finally let out a sigh of relief. He finally fooled him. After tonight, he will tell Tong Tong that he couldn’t take over this job. 

“However, I remember Lian Yin doesn’t have an older sister.” Lang Zhuoyu suddenly said. 

Lian Yin clenched his skirt tightly. 

The author has something to say: 

Lian Lian: We have been separated for many years and have just reunited.

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