Not Obedient Chapter 31

 Chapter 31 Who do you think of at this time? 

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  The first thing Lian Yin did when he got off the plane was to send a WeChat message to Lang Zhuoyu, saying that he had landed successfully.

    It took a few minutes for Lang Zhuoyu’s reply to arrive.

    Teacher Lang: It’s good that you’ve arrived.

    The corners of his mouth rose, and Lian Yin put away his phone and concentrated on his journey.

    When walking out of the airport and sitting in the taxi going home, Lian Yin received an invitation from Xu Lin to go to a gay bar for a drink in the evening. Xu Lin said he had to come, otherwise the place would not be warm enough.

    Xu Lin was a model who lent him money during Lian Yin’s difficult time two years ago. It was also Xu Lin who helped Lian Yin by introducing the bar work and solved his urgent needs.

    Therefore, Lian Yin always had a feeling of gratitude for Xu Lin, and would not easily refuse his invitation. Moreover, he will only go to work tomorrow. He can just go play. There was nothing important going on, so it didn’t matter if he agreed.

    Deciding to go to the appointment, Lian Yin went home first, put his luggage away and took a shower. After coming out of the bathroom, he stood in front of his wardrobe, looking at all kinds of clothes, hesitating for a while, then wore a conservative but lively patterned shirt.

    He had no plans to find a man, so he just wore whatever he wanted.

    Xu Lin knew the bosses of many venues. Because he had many handsome guys and beauties who were also models in his circle, the bosses liked it when they came to hold a venue.

    Today, Lian Yin guessed that Xu Lin really wanted to have a good time, because he chose a gay bar often gone when hunting for targets.

    Almost an hour later, Lian Yin came to the bar. Under the dim dazzling lights, Lian Yin barely saw where Xu Lin was and walked over.

    “Xu Lin.” Lian Yin greeted him with a smile, and sat down familiarly.

    When Xu Lin saw him, he stretched out his hand to embrace him and introduced him to the other people he was with.

    “This is Xiao Fang.” Xu Lin pointed to a young man with exaggerated eye makeup. Xiao Fang was named and raised his hand to Lian Yin.

    The rest of the people introduced themselves one by one, but Lian Yin didn’t even bother to memorize them. This was because Xu Lin was only calling out nicknames, and at first glance, he knew that these people were just hanging out with each other to play around. In the future, he might not even see them again, so there was no need to waste his energy.

    After the introduction, Xu Lin leaned on Lian Yin’s body, soft and boneless, and grumbled, “I haven’t been out to play for a long time. I must find a handsome guy tonight to relax.”

    Xu Lin was a fun-loving, handsome guy who only loved eight-pack abs. It’s really uncommon for handsome guys who can meet his requirements, so he had a fixed partner and only dated that one for a period of time. Besides being mindful and having freedom, he only required single-mindedness for himself and the other party.

   If they don’t want to play, say it straight, but they can’t go to someone else without telling the other party.

    Because that was dirty.

    Now coming out after a long absence, it seemed that he had broken off with the previous one.

    Lian Yin was not very keen on this kind of thing, and didn’t quite understand why Xu Lin regarded these meetings as a way to relieve pressure. It may be that his family of origin was broken but very traditional, making it difficult for him to accept this way of life quickly even after he had left.

    “But to be honest, Lian Yin, it’s so boring that you just drink every time you go out. Find a handsome guy to open a room today.”

    “No, all you can meet here are scumbags.”

    Lian Yin took a sip of wine and refused. Didn’t he meet Zhou Xu at the bar? He was still like a dog skin plaster a few days ago. He can be considered a past trauma.

    Xu Lin burst out laughing, and said jokingly, “Oh, from what you said, coming here is definitely for fun. If you want a good man, then you might as well go on a blind date and find someone to marry.”

    Lian Yin roasted silently in his heart: I actually had a blind date with a man.

    “Forget it, Little Lian is still young, don’t mislead him.” Xiao Fang, who was traveling with him, joked.

    “However, your idea is also very good, everyone has their own choices.” Xu Lin suddenly changed his tone and shook his glass, “That is, a young person like you wants to give everything for every relationship, looking forward to meeting true love. For me, I gave up this idea long ago. Let’s just go run our kidneys, and not care.”

    “Have you never really liked anyone?” Lian Yin asked.

    “Well…” Xu Lin propped his chin with his hand, thought for a while, and smiled slyly: “Yes, I really liked a lot of men’s—p*nis.”


    All the people present burst into laughter, being amused by Xu Lin’s words.

    Lian Yin was helpless and laughed dryly. He thought, if he could send emoji in real life, he must have turned into a sweaty smiling soybean now.

    Xiao Fang suddenly interrupted at this time: “I had someone I really liked when I was in school. I wanted to be with him at any time, I wanted to see him every day, I thought about him first in everything, and I felt like I could do anything for him. The most outrageous thing I’ve ever done was when we were in different places, I suddenly wanted to see him, took out all the cash I had and bought a high-priced plane ticket and went to find him in another city.”

    “Cheesy!” Everyone shouted, unable to stand it.

    Xu Lin shook his head and smiled. He turned around and saw that Lian Yin was in a daze. He reached out and poked at him: “Hey, what are you in a daze for?”

    Lian Yin blinked and came back to his senses. A little… ill at ease and shy?

    “You aren’t?” Xu Lin sat up straight and couldn’t believe it, “Did you think of someone because of what Xiao Fang said just now?”

    “Ah?” Lian Yin was stunned, and quickly denied, “Of course not, no. “

    Xu Lin was a shrewd person and he knew what he was thinking at a glance at his expression, so of course he didn’t believe it. He grabbed Lian Yin and shook him: “Hurry up and be honest, did you think of someone? When did this happen? Is he handsome or not? Did you do it?”

    “No, it’s nothing, don’t ask!” Lian Yin broke free from Xu Lin’s hand, stood up, and said in a panic, “I’m going to the toilet.”

    Lian Yin ran for his life, escaping Xu Lin.

    Walking to the toilet, Lian Yin stood in front of the sink and washed his face with water. He looked up and saw himself in the mirror, with a blank expression on his face.

    In fact, Xu Lin was really keen, he did think of someone just now.

    He swallowed his saliva.

    But no, he shouldn’t have thought of him in the context at that time.

    The environment here is chaotic and noisy, which is not suitable for thinking about things. The more Lian Yin thought about it, the more he felt that his head was going to explode, mainly because he was not willing to think deeply about that possibility.

    He pulled out a piece of toilet paper and dried his hands when he heard someone call him from behind.

    “Handsome guy, are you alone?” A fashionably dressed young man stood behind Lian Yin, approaching slowly, his hand not honestly placed on Lian Yin’s shoulder.

    Lian Yin, who had worked part-time in a bar, had his own set of methods to deal with this situation.

    He grabbed the other party’s hand lightly, moved it from his shoulder, and turned around, smiling politely: “I’m sorry, I’m 0.5, inclined to 1 and only do 0, we won’t have any results.” (1=gong, 0 = shou, 0.5 = both)

The other party really froze on the spot and he walked out of the toilet calmly.

    He wanted to go back.

    After Lian Yin walked out of the toilet, he let out a long breath. Whether it was the noisy environment of the bar, Xiao Fang’s words just now, or the conversation he had in the toilet, Lian Yin felt tired. He must not like the environment of the bar from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to go home and stay in a warm and safe place.

 Making up his mind to go home, Lian Yin walked to his seat, ready to say goodbye to Xu Lin and leave.

    But he didn’t expect that when he returned, Xu Lin’s people were gone.

    “Where’s Xu Lin?” Lian Yin asked the rest of the people who were still seated.

    Xiao Fang was still there, and he said to Lian Yin, “Just now, a handsome guy with a very scary face came over and grabbed Xu Lin away.”

    Grab, what description is that?

    Seeing Lian Yin still at a loss, Xiao Fang explained it more clearly: “They seem to know each other. That handsome guy should be jealous or something. Xu Lin just found a handsome uncle to come over and sit down, and the two were having a good conversation. The handsome guy appeared, his face, black as coal, took Xu Lin from the seat and left.”

    “Is he okay?” Lian Yin was a little worried.

    “Probably.” Xiao Fang recalled the scene just now, “Although that person took Xu Lin away, he acted cautiously. Instead, Xu Lin scolded him badly and he didn’t seem afraid at all.

    After speaking a bit, Xu Lin was back.

    Lian Yin took a look and immediately understood. His lips were blood red, and the hem of his clothes was pulled out of the waistband of his trousers by someone. He was in a mess and he was swearing while talking.

    “What are you doing?” Xu Lin walked up to Lian Yin, his tone was obviously not good, and it seemed that he was provoked and had yet calm down.

    “Uh, I wanted to tell you, I’m going back first.” Seeing that he was all right, Lian Yin felt relieved.

    “If you want to go, go. It’s really bad luck tonight and I’m going too.” Xu Lin waved his hand and walked to the seat to get his cell phone.

    Lian Yin watched Xu Lin disappear around the corner, turned his head to say bye to the others who were still drinking, and left.

    The next day, when the holiday was over, Lian Yin went back to work at the company.

    In the morning, everyone had not yet entered back into their work state and were basically loafing off. Xu Rong slid her chair over to Lian Yin’s side, and asked curiously, “Hey, what did you do after taking so many days off?”

    Lian Yin had long thought of how to answer this question, and his expression was natural: “Went for a tour.”

    “You especially asked for leave to travel.” Xu Rong sighed, “Students are cool. You intern, then take such a long leave, basically half of this month’s internship salary is gone.”

    “It’s worth it.” Lian Yin couldn’t help but smile .

    Xu Rong said something else, but it wasn’t until the boss came back that she reluctantly returned to her post.

    In the past, Lian Yin didn’t do much loafing around in the past, but today he accidentally caught a glimpse of the weather forecast, so he took a look at the weather in Nancheng and found that it was raining, so he couldn’t hold back and found Guan Shi’s WeChat account.

    Lian Yin: Is it raining heavily in Nancheng?

    Guan Shi replied after more than ten minutes: Yes, it is the rainy season, and it is raining this week. Really getting moldy.

    Lian Yin: Then you must remember to bring your umbrella, you can wear a small towel, it will be much better to wipe it off in the rain.

    Guan Shi: You are quite concerned about me, don’t worry, I’ll bring it all.

    Lian Yin: Don’t let Teacher Lang get wet.

    Guan Shi: …Go away.

    Lian Yin smiled and closed the WeChat interface, brought up the work interface, and started typing.

    After getting off work, Lian Yin said farewell to Xu Rong, got up and left on time.

    The subway in the evening rush hour was very crowded, and Lian Yin followed the sardine-like animals into the subway car. He quickly found a corner, trying to avoid some of the men who were sweating because of the hard work all day.

    He leaned against the side wall of the subway car, and suddenly felt his phone vibrate like crazy. In the noisy subway, the faint sound of music leaked from his pocket.

    Lian Yin’s heart jumped wildly. Almost instantly, cold sweat spread all over his back.

    This ringtone was exclusive to that person.

    He took out his mobile phone and the screen displayed “Lian Tiancheng”, his scumbag father.

    The author has something to say:

    Teacher Lang: (smiles) I only have one line, eh?

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