Not Obedient Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Packed up and sent to be an assistant 

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The subway was a public place, and Lian Yin didn’t want to answer Lian Tiancheng’s phone here. He didn’t know what the other party was calling to talk about with him, in short, it wouldn’t be what he wanted to hear.

    So Lian Yin pressed the phone to mute and waited for the other party to hang up by himself.

    More than ten minutes later, Lian Yin got off the subway, and just walked into the subway station. Lian Tiancheng called again as if he had predicted the time.

    Lian Yin unconsciously looked at the people around him, everyone just got off work and was hurrying home, so no one noticed his unnatural expression.

    After hesitating for a while, Lian Yin still answered the phone: “Hey, what are you doing? Didn’t I say to stop calling me when you’re fine?”

    A thick and hoarse voice came from the receiver, which could only come from being soaked in tobacco and alcohol for many years.

    “What are you saying? I’m your father, why can’t I call you? And I’m not fine.”

    Lian Yin said impatiently: “What’s the matter?” 

The other party laughed: “Lian Yin, you are from the big city now, have you forgotten about your father? What did you promise me back then, don’t you remember it? You promised to give me living expenses every month…”

    “Didn’t I give it to you? I give you money on time every month, so don’t spray your nonsense here.” Lian Yin walked out of the subway station. The sky was still bright outside, summer was indeed coming quietly.     

“You gave it? You obviously haven’t given me money for two months. In fact, I was quite understanding. I used my own money last month, and I didn’t come to you, but you can’t take it too far. Are you going to cut off the living expenses like this?”     

“Are you sick? I gave you half a year’s living expenses at one time two months ago.” 

The subway station was not far from Lian Yin’s rental house, which was equivalent to an urban village. All kinds of jagged old buildings were adjacent to each other, and the wires and signal lines were chaotically entangled in the cramped sky.     

The decades-old cement road was full of potholes, and some depressions store water all year round, giving off a musty smell.

    Lian Tiancheng pretended to be a scoundrel: “Really? You didn’t say it clearly and I thought you were prosperous. You gave me so much money that month, I enjoyed it all at once. Now that it’s all spent, I can only ask you for some again.”

    Lian Yin shouted in surprise: “Lian Tiancheng, that’s 20,000 yuan!”

    The owner of the small fruit shop on the street poured a basin of water on the street, and Lian Yin quickly stopped, almost getting splashed.

    “Twenty thousand yuan, it’s not too much, and it’s not two million, do you think it can’t be spent?”

    Lian Yin was trembling with anger.

    He originally just wanted to have half a year of pure time to himself, to concentrate on studying and completing the internship, and striving to become a regular in this company directly. He didn’t want to think of Lian Tiancheng when he paid him his salary every month, it would make him depressed for several days.

    In the end, who knew that this old rogue would actually spend half a year’s money in one go, and demand more so confidently.

    “I told you. I sent you a text message when I transferred the money.” Lian Yin gritted his teeth.

    “Hey, I didn’t see it, there are too many spam text messages on this phone now. How can you send a text message? I haven’t seen it. What should I do, I have no money.”

    Lian Yin stopped in place, clenched his fists. He snorted coldly at the phone: “How do I know? If you don’t have money, you have no money.”

    After that, he hung up the phone.

    The sun gradually set in the west, and a gradual orange light burned in the sky.

    Lian Yin stood between the dirty and narrow streets, staring at the sky in a trance, the oil painting-like colors were covered by the ugly and crooked buildings around, and the wires intersected horizontally and vertically, like a big fork.

    Giving Lian Tiancheng money every month was a deal between Lian Yin and him.

    At the beginning of the college entrance examination, Lian Tiancheng said that Lian Yin didn’t pass the exam anyway. Instead of wasting four years and a lot of money to go to a university, it is better to go to work early and support himself.

    He said that he was a big man who endured other people’s gossip and dragged Lian Yin to take the college entrance examination at the age of 18. His obligation was completed and he would not give Lian Yin a penny in the future.     

And of course Lian Yin wanted to go to university. Even if he failed in the exam, it was only relative to his usual grades, and the school he got into was not bad at all when compared to the whole country.     

Lian Tiancheng did not agree with Lian Yin to go to university, because he wanted Lian Yin to serve him, and wanted Lian Yin to work to support himself. He had said it was natural and righteous to support one’s own father.     

Lian Yin originally ignored his vexatious actions, until one day, he found that his ID card and admission letter had been withheld by Lian Tiancheng.     

Lian Tiancheng took these two things and wanted to keep Lian Yin by his side. In order to be able to go to school, Lian Yin offered to give Lian Tiancheng a monthly living allowance, and he would not ask him a penny for tuition.     

These words were like empty promises. Lian Tiancheng, an old oily man, didn’t believe it and forced Lian Yin to give him all the money he secretly saved while working in high school.     

Lian Tiancheng, who got the money, was still insecure. Beicheng was far away, and it was too easy for Lian Yin to cut off his connection with him. So he said to Lian Yin, “If I don’t get the living expenses in the future, then I have no money, then maybe I will have to go to your mother to get a little bit.”     

One move to push Lian Yin into a dead end.     

Lian Yin didn’t want Lian Tiancheng to get in touch with his mother again.     

So Lian Yin promised to pay Lian Tiancheng on time every month, and he also wrote a letter of guarantee under the supervision of Lian Tiancheng, signed his name and fingerprinted it. Only then did Lian Tiancheng let Lian Yin go to school thousands of miles away from home.     

At first, it was 1,500 yuan per month. Lian Yin’s family was in a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Xicheng. The consumption level was not high, and Lian Tiancheng was one person. This amount of money was enough for him to eat.     

But slowly, his appetite grew bigger and bigger, and he started calling Lian Yin every month at the middle of the month, saying that he had no money.

    After more than half a year, one thousand five hundred rose to two thousand five hundred. Nearly a year later, the conditions of Lian Yin was a little better and the number became 3,500.

    He was like a bottomless pit.

    Lian Yin walked into the supermarket, walked around the fresh fruit and vegetable section, and his phone vibrated again.

    Lian Tiancheng won’t give up easily. That guy doesn’t have a serious job and was idle all day, he can keep harassing Lian Yin until Lian Yin gave in.

    Seeing this name was disgusting. Lian Yin pressed the phone to mute it, allowing Lian Tiancheng to call. Then he looked up and saw various fruits and vegetables displayed in the supermarket, and he couldn’t raise the desire to cook for himself.

    Lian Yin went to another area, grabbed a bag of instant noodles, checked out and went home.

    Instant noodles were easy to make and fast to eat. Today, he finished his meal a lot earlier than usual. Lian Yin packed up the dishes and took the pajamas to take a shower.

    He stood in front of the mirror on the washstand, looking at himself with no expression on his face.

    Suddenly, as if thinking of something, he stretched out his hand to slowly lift the hem of his shirt. His waist slightly turned an angle with the movement of his hand, so that the skin of the waist could be clearly reflected in the mirror.

    At the place where the side of his waist connected to his back, a string of pearl-like cigarette scars were there. The scars ripped apart the entire piece of silky white skin, which was horribly mutilated.

    This string of burns was dull in color and had obviously existed here for many years.

    Lian Tiancheng was an alcoholic and had no achievements, but he had extreme self-esteem. At that time, Lian Yin’s mother left with another man, and Lian Tiancheng thought his man’s dignity was being challenged, so he threw all his anger on Lian Yin.

    Beating and scolding were commonplace. The most serious incident was when the young boy Lian Yin retaliated for the first time. Lian Tiancheng was so angry that he pulled off his belt and tied Lian Yin to the sofa. After punching and kicking, he was still not relieved, so he took the cigarette butt from the corner of his mouth and pressed it hard on Lian Yin’s lower back.

    Later, Lian Tiancheng sobered up, admitted his mistake to Lian Yin, and said in a low voice that Dad was drunk, not sober, and impulsive.

    On the spur of the moment, a dozen marks were burned and several cigarettes were marked on the middle of his body, who would believe it.

    This scum just found false dignity and perverted pleasure in Lian Yin’s cries and begging for mercy.

    Therefore, every time Lian Yin wore clothes that showed his waist, he had to apply tattoo stickers. It was not for individuality. Tattoo stickers were troublesome to use and was just to cover up the scars.

    Lin Jiayu said several times that since it was too troublesome, he should go for a real tattoo, but she was rejected by Lian Yin on the grounds that he was afraid of pain.

    Lin Jiayu and the other bar sisters laughed at him for being squeamish, but Lian Yin did not argue.

    No one would know that after that time, even if Lian Yin touched his waist, it would cause tingling pain and chills. Not to mention having the tattoo artist draw with needles there.

    His eyes condensed on the scar. After a long while, Lian Yin continued to raise his hand, took off his shirt, threw it on the washstand, walked into the bathroom, and turned on the shower head.

    The water splattered the dirt and drained into the sewer.

    In the new week, Lian Yin sat at his workstation, added a period, and couldn’t wait to open WeChat.

    Lian Yin: Can you cook? Are you all eating box lunches? Is the box lunch delicious?

    Guan Shi: Don’t ask, Ancestor. I don’t know how to cook, I eat boxed lunches, and Boss Lang eats hotel meals. Although it is a town, there is no shortage of everything, the big fish and meat are delicious.

    Lian Yin: If you eat a lot of big fish and meat, you will feel tired too. It’s hot now, why don’t you learn to cook some hors d’oeuvres or something?

    Guan Shi sent a middle finger emoji: Are you the assistant or am I? I’m not even worried about my boss in such an anxious manner. Does he pay you wages?

    Lian Yin: Hey, aren’t I guilty? I have to find a way to pass on my heart to the Sage, so that he can forgive my sins as soon as possible.

    Guan Shi: Why don’t you come and be his assistant. If you serve him like Li Lianying (character reference), maybe one day you will make the sage happy.

    Lian Yin didn’t care about Guan Shi’s sarcasm, and followed the flow of kindness: If I can, I can’t ask for more.

    “Lian Yin!” Xu Rong called him.

    When Lian Yin was called, he shuddered and looked up, “What’s wrong Sister Rong?”

    Xu Rong just returned from the editor-in-chief’s office and looked at Lian Yin playfully, “Slacking off? Come on, the editor-in-chief is looking for you.”

    What does the editor-in-chief want to do with an intern like him? Lian Yin thought about it for a while, and he didn’t have any job directly arranged by the editor-in-chief, so if it wasn’t a handover job, what else could it be?

    Confused, Lian Yin didn’t dare to delay, and hurried to see the editor-in-chief.

    He knocked on the door, pushed the door in after getting permission, smiled, and greeted humbly, “Editor-in-chief, are you looking for me?” 

The editor-in-chief was a capable woman between her thirties and forties, with big red lips and a plump figure. Behind the desk, her eyes were hidden under reflective lenses.

    She put her hands up on the table and asked very seriously, “Lian Yin, right? I remember you were an intern last month.”

    “Yes.” Lian Yin stood up obediently.

    “Well, yes, I have the impression that you are serious at work, smart, and a good boy.” The editor-in-chief praised a few words, making Lian Yin’s little heart like wings take off gracefully.

    “Thank you for the compliment, editor-in-chief.”

    “I heard Xu Rong say you know the writer Lang Zhuoyu?”

    He was stunned for a while, then blinked. He and Xu Rong did talk, and he told her about his relationship with Lang Zhuoyu, but he didn’t know why the editor-in-chief would bring this up.

    “Yes, he used to be my teacher.” Lian Yin replied.

    “Great.” The editor-in-chief stood up, walked around the table to Lian Yin, and patted him on the shoulder.

    “Our entertainment section has been tracking and reporting Writer Lang’s new works, and we hope to win an opportunity for an exclusive interview. Since you are his student, I hope you can come forward and persuade Writer Lang to accept our exclusive video interview.” 

The editor-in-chief was very excited: “Writer Lang has always been mysterious, and his books are selling well. But he has never released photos. The only photo on social media has been seen by fans until it decomposed. If he accepts our interview, it will be his first public appearance!”

    “What…” Lian Yin was stunned.

    “Writer Lang is in Nancheng now. We will reimburse your air ticket and send you to Nancheng. We will give you plenty of time to persuade him. Little Yin, as long as he can be interviewed, you can be his assistant and serve him!” The editor-in-chief smiled brightly.

    Lian Yin: ? ? ?

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