Not Obedient Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Your Assistant Courier Has Been Delivered 

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 Lian Yin walked out of the editor-in-chief’s office and into the corridor, still in a trance.

    He never imagined that a joke between him and Guan Shi would come true in just a few minutes. He thought that he had just made a bold statement: “If I can, I can’t ask for more.

 He wished he could travel back 10 minutes and slap himself.

    Talking nonsense!

    But… Lian Yin thought about it. Going to Yumian Town at no expense, looking for Lang Zhuoyu, and following him, although there may be some chores to do, but it would be like traveling and would feel very good.

    The most important thing was he got to see Lang Zhuoyu.

    Lian Yin stood in the corridor with his head slightly lowered, staring at his toes, and unconsciously raised the corners of his mouth.

Xu Rong saw Lian Yin returning to his position, pushed her chair to slide over to him, and asked, “How is it, what did the editor-in-chief look for you for?”

    “Sister Rong.” Lian Yin smiled helplessly, “Don’t act stupid, you clearly know what’s going on. When did you tell the editor-in-chief about my relationship with Teacher Lang?”

    “Hey, it was just last meeting. The editor-in-chief asked if it was possible to find Writer Lang Zhuoyu. This was related to the number of views and exposure of our account, so I was quick to say it at the time.”

    Lian Yin covered his face and wailed, “Sister Rong, do you know that because of you, I will be sent by the editor-in-chief to be Teacher Lang’s free younger brother.”

    Xu Rong patted him on the shoulder and comforted: “It’s all right, you’re going to travel at no expense. I believe Writer Lang is not a mean person and won’t make it hard for you.”

    She sincerely comforted Lian Yin, but she didn’t know that this guy buried his face in the palm of his hand, but the corners of his mouth was hung up to his ears.

    “You try to contact Writer Lang first. If he agrees directly, then there is no need to send you to be a younger brother, how great.” Xu Rong gave him some advice.

    This was indeed the editor-in-chief’s plan. She asked Lian Yin to contact Lang Zhuoyu first. If the other party directly agreed to the interview to Lian Yin’s face, then only the reporter and the editor needed to go, there would be no need for Lian Yin to work as free labor. If he didn’t agree, then they would have to rely on Lian Yin to go and ask.

    Lian Yin didn’t dare to delay, so he immediately found Lang Zhuoyu. Thinking about it, he finally chose to ask him in a business manner: Teacher Lang, our editorial department has been tracking and reporting your new movie. In order to cooperate with the movie promotion, I would like to invite you to accept a video interview, do you have time?     

After sending the message, Lian Yin quickly closed the WeChat page, as if for fear of seeing Lang Zhuoyu’s denial reply. Thus, he forced himself to shift his attention elsewhere. But after a while, he couldn’t help but look for Lang Zhuoyu’s reply, but didn’t see any new messages.     

This was repeated several times, and it took about ten minutes before Lang Zhuoyu replied.     

He seemed a little surprised: Me?     

Lian Yin almost laughed out loud, and quickly replied: Yes. Teacher Lang, don’t you know where I am an intern? Last time we went to the studio to interview Teacher Wen.     

Teacher Lang: I remember it was the first time I saw your mens wear.     

When Lang Zhuoyu mentioned this, Lian Yin’s face burned with pain. The matter of deceiving the other party came to his mind again, and he felt very guilty. Just as he was about to continue replying, Lang Zhuoyu’s message came immediately.     

Teacher Lang: Although it is your request, I have never been interviewed by video, and I don’t want to accept too many interviews. It’s fine for everyone to pay attention to the work. There is nothing to know about me.   

Lian Yin hurriedly begged: Teacher Lang, don’t, this is the first time my editor-in-chief has directly assigned me a task. If you don’t agree… the editor-in-chief will send me to Nancheng as a free labor force for you, and have me serve you with tea and water until you agree.     

The other side was silent for a while and Lian Yin did some other work first. During this period, he flipped through WeChat several times. Work people and others talked to him, but there was no news from Lang Zhuoyu. Almost half an hour later, a small red dot appeared on the landscape head portrait again.     

Teacher Lang: Good.

    Lianyin didn’t hold back. He laughed and asked cheerfully: Did you agree to be interviewed? Then I’ll schedule it.

    Although it was a pity that he agreed so quickly and he could not go to Nancheng for free, thinking that he could save so much time and cost for the editor-in-chief, he would be considered a hero. If he asked the editor-in-chief, she should allow himself to go with her to the interview.

    Teacher Lang: No, I mean, come and bring me tea and water. Ok, come.

    Lian Yin: ? ? ?

    Teacher Lang: I have something to do, so I won’t talk. If you come over, contact Guan Shi directly and he will pick you up at the airport.

    Wait, it’s decided this quickly? Before Lian Yin could continue to persuade him, he received a message from the editor-in-chief, asking him how things were going. Lian Yin thought about it for a while, and directly reported Lang Zhuoyu’s intent to the editor-in-chief.

    Editor-in-chief: In this case, I will ask them to book tickets for you. It will be a departure in about two days. Thanks for your troubles.

    Lian Yin couldn’t resist, in fact, he didn’t really want to resist, so he let fate send him to Nancheng.

    Two days later, Lian Yin successfully landed at Nancheng Airport, a rare sunny day after many days of heavy rain.

    It’s been less than two weeks since he was here last time, and the mood was very different. Now the air in Nancheng was obviously hotter than a few days ago, and it was even uncomfortable because of the continuous rain. However, Lian Yin just thought that the sky in Nancheng this time was bluer and the air was fresher.

    Lian Yin dragged his suitcase and inhaled for a long time, his chest stretched out following the movement of his breathing and his limbs were very relaxed.

    Suddenly his phone vibrated. Lian Yin thought it was a call from Guan Shi and immediately went to get the phone.

    As a result, the ringtone of the mobile phone began to play, and the familiar melody made him subconsciously tremble. He almost threw the mobile phone away.

    Lian Tiancheng again.

    Lian Yin looked at the caller ID. His face quickly sank and his comfortable mood was swept away.

    Lian Tiancheng was like a kind of mysterious curse. As long as something related to him appears, no matter how excited Lian Yin was in the first second, he will become restless in the next second.

    He gritted his teeth and finally decided to hang up the phone.

    Since Lian Tiancheng called for the first time a few days ago and Lian Yin told him to do whatever he wanted, Lian Yin had never answered his phone again. In fact, Lian Yin was a little scared.

    He used to send money on time before and he didn’t dare not answer the call of the other party because he was afraid that he would go to his mother.

    Lian Yin always knew that his mother didn’t want to be with Lian Tiancheng, and they didn’t even have a marriage certificate. At that time when Lian Yin needed to study, registering for school was a problem. 

    When Lian Yin was a child, his hometown was still a very backward place. It was said to be a county, but in fact, it was not very different from rural areas. In places the size of a palm, the neighbors knew each other well. Any gossip or trivial matter will be known in half the city within a day.

    Because of this, Lian Yin’s mother would endure humiliation and be with the man who violated her.

    She and Lian Tiancheng have always been a couple, but in their daily interactions, she found that Lian Tiancheng was not a good trusted person.

    So she planned to break up, but Lian Tiancheng didn’t want to, and thought of a sinful way to trap her by his side.

    She was raped, got pregnant, and she and her family feared the rumors.

    So they didn’t dare to hold the criminal accountable for fear of smearing the family’s reputation. Since Lian Tiancheng said he would be responsible, then she would marry him.

    After holding a few tables, they invited the villagers and neighbors to tell everyone that she was pure and there was no violation. They were just and bright.

    Everyone congratulated them, only Lian Yin’s mother knew what happened, but she couldn’t tell anyone.

    After being together, Lian Tiancheng’s nature was completely exposed, Lian Yin’s mother couldn’t bear him any longer, and she happened to meet a man from the city, so she seized her only way out. Facing the risk of being violently treated, she resolutely divorced Lian Tiancheng and followed the man to a city south of Xicheng.

    No one knew her there and she had a new family.

    Lian Yin has only one thought about this, that is, his mother should leave this predicament and have a new life. Lian Tiancheng was not worthy of disturbing her.

    Although she had left Lian Yin, who was still young, to Lian Tiancheng because of her new husband’s dislike, he had not heard from her for many years after that.

    But Lian Yin didn’t like to think about it very much.

    The mother in his heart was the gentle woman who secretly saved money, bought shrimps and steamed them, then peeled off the shells and fed them to himself.

    Recovering from the distant thoughts, Lian Yin decided that the next time Lian Tiancheng called, he would answer the phone. At the worst, he can give him some money and have him stop for a month.

    Lian Yin put away his mobile phone and walked out of the airport and saw Guan Shi holding a sign, bowing his head and pressing the mobile phone intently.

    He dragged his luggage and walked over quickly, unable to hold back. He pointed to the sign with his name on it, feeling very speechless: “What are you doing with a sign, it’s not like you don’t know me.”

    “You’re here?” Guan Shi looked up at him, put the phone back in his pocket, and said with a flat mouth, “I needed to use my phone, but I couldn’t see you, so I was afraid you’ll miss me, so I held a sign.”

    Lian Yin wanted to give him a punch: “That’s how you treat guests?”

    “Ha!” Guan Shi snorted coldly, “What guest? Are you a guest? Didn’t you come here to be Boss Lang’s assistant? Strictly speaking, I am your senior, senior.”

    Saying that, Guan Shi slapped the sign on Lian Yin’s chest: “Take it.”

    Lian Yin took the sign with a tone of disbelief: “Did you change? Where is that good boy assistant from before? Where did he go?”

    Guan Shi was walking in front of him with his head down, and when he heard Lian Yin’s words, he didn’t know which part offended him. He turned around and shouted, “Ask yourself!”

    After shouting, he ran away.

    Lian Yin looked dazed and quickly followed.

    Getting in the car, Guan Shi turned around and asked Lian Yin, “Where are you staying this time?”

    “This time I am on a business trip at the company’s expense. The company reimbursed me for staying at Teacher Lang’s hotel.” Lian Yin was quite proud.

    After knowing the destination, Guan Shi started the car and drove towards Yumian Town.

    Lian Yin saw him concentrate on driving and the air in the car became quiet for a while, so he cleared his throat to say, “That… I don’t know what Teacher Lang’s assistant is going to do?”

    Guan Shi replied, “The boss has nothing much to do, just arrange some stuff, talk about the mode of travel, accommodation and work schedule. I could have done it all by myself, it is useless for you to come. Just focus on pleasing him and having him accept your request.

He quickly stared at Lian Yin again and said, “But I’m guessing the video interview would not work out. The boss doesn’t like it very much, so you can figure it out.” 

What Guan Shi said was very useful as he was not obliged to tell Lian Yin so much. He sincerely thanked him: “Thank you.”

    Second time passing the road from the airport to Yumian Town, time seemed to pass faster, and they entered the town before dinner.

    The car slowly drove on the bluestone road soaked in time in Yumian Town, and the speed slowed down.

    The hotel appeared in front of him from a distance, and after a second, he saw a familiar figure at the entrance of the hotel from a distance.

    “Teacher Lang!” Lian Yin called him. The distance was too far, so the sound was blown away by the wind and he wondered if it had reached the other side.

    Lang Zhuoyu put one hand in his pocket and stood at the gate of the hotel. Fortunately, he was in a full attire of high-end brands and had an outstanding temperament, otherwise, people who didn’t know would think that he was a security guard.

    He saw Lian Yin poking his head out of the car, waving at him, and a smile spread across his mouth.

    “Lian Yin.”

    He called Lian Yin’s name.

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