Not Obedient Chapter 34

Chapter 34 “Ah, because I like him.” 

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Before the car stopped, Lian Yin wanted to open the door and go out. Guan Shi looked helpless from the driver’s seat: “Don’t panic, I haven’t parked yet.” 

When the car parked in the parking space, the two got off together. Guan Shi opened the trunk, and Lian Yin took out his luggage and dragged it out, rushing to the door of the hotel.

    “Hello, Teacher Lang!” Lian Yin stood in front of Lang Zhuoyu, stretched out his hand and motioned for Lang Zhuoyu to shake hands, “I’m your new assistant, please take care of me.”

    Lang Zhuoyu and Lian Yin shook hands. However, he did not immediately let go, but held Lian Yin’s palm even tighter, tightening his wrists and pulling him closer to him.

    Lian Yin was dragged and lost his center of gravity, so he could only lean forward in obedience to Lang Zhuoyu’s strength. When he almost hit the other party’s chest, he was quickly hugged by the waist. His body stiffened and he used his strength to regain his balance.

Being touched at the waist, Lian Yin would feel uncomfortable, but because of the fabric, the reaction was not very big. After all, after so many years, there have been a lot of times when he was accidentally touched on his waist through clothes. As long as they were not directly touching his skin, he would only feel a little uncomfortable, and it would pass quickly.

    When he regained his center of gravity and looked back, Lian Yin realized that there was a person standing behind him just now, and he was blocking the other party’s way. Lang Zhuoyu was pulling himself to make way for others.

    “You really came to be my assistant.” Lang Zhuoyu let go of Lian Yin and said with a smile.

    “Yes, the task was assigned to me by the editor-in-chief. Teacher Lang, are you really not considering accepting our interview?” Lian Yin did not forget his own job.

    Guan Shi parked the car and left. Lang Zhuoyu glanced at him, turned and led Lian Yin into the hotel lobby.

    “Where are you staying this time?” Lang Zhuoyu did not answer Lian Yin’s request directly.

    Lian Yin was proud: “This is a business trip at the company’s expense and the room has been booked.”

    Lang Zhuoyu walked in front and brought Lian Yin to the front desk. Lian Yin first checked in with the front desk staff, then took a room card, ready to drop off his luggage.

    The two came to the elevator door and Lang Zhuoyu pressed the button and continued the topic just now: “I don’t really want to do a video interview.”

    “That’s why I was sent here. If you have any orders, just say it. The editor-in-chief said I need  to serve you so you’re too embarrassed to refuse.” 

When the elevator arrived, Lang Zhuoyu walked in first, while Lian Yin followed behind him.

    “Then what if I don’t agree anyways?”

    Lang Zhuoyu turned his head sideways, lowered his eyes slightly, and looked at Lian Yin.

    Lian Yin was locked by his gaze, inexplicably a little embarrassed. His eyes wandering, he stared at the wall of the elevator and answered imposingly: “Then I will write down the experience of getting along with you in the past few days and report it as a character report.”

    “So you have both hands ready.” Lang Zhuoyu chuckled.

    Lian Yin explained anxiously: “But you can’t reject me just because I have plan B, I still want a video interview!”

    “It will depend on your performance.”

    When the elevator arrived, there was a soft sound. Lang Zhuoyu stepped out, turned around and paused, waiting for Lian Yin to come out.

    The two stepped on the soft carpet of the hotel and walked to the door of Lian Yin’s room. Lian Yin swiped the door card to open the door, and before entering, he turned around and looked up at Lang Zhuoyu hesitantly.

    He opened his mouth and closed it again, as if hesitating about something.

    Lang Zhuoyu felt something, stood at the door and waited patiently for him.

    “Then…” Lian Yin pursed his lips, clenched the handle of the suitcase unconsciously, and finally said, “Then do you forgive me, Teacher Lang?”

    Lang Zhuoyu still had a smile on his face, and he didn’t answer immediately. He pushed Lian Yin’s shoulder.

    “Go in.”

    Lian Yin tried with all his strength, not wanting to go in. But in the end, he was half pushed into the room.

    “It depends on your performance.” Lang Zhuoyu said the same thing.

    After he finished speaking, he followed into the room and closed the door gently.

    After entering the room, Lian Yin put away his luggage and looked at Lang Zhuoyu, feeling a little nervous. He still didn’t know what to do as an assistant. Is it better to follow behind and just do some chores? Lang Zhuoyu had not said what he wanted until now.

    Did he need to figure out the holy will himself?

    The strange thoughts in his mind came one after another. Lang Zhuoyu looked at hia phone for a while, noticed that Lian Yin was no longer moving, and looked up.

    “Packed up?”

    Lian Yin nodded.

    Lang Zhuoyu put away the phone and said to Lian Yin, “I’m going to see a friend, come with me tonight. It’s almost time now, let’s go.” 

It was 5:40pm. The evening in the town was brightly lit, and the shadows of Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu were drawn long, walking on the bluestone road. Lang Zhuoyu held a paper bag in his hand, which was oil paper with Tang Bao Yao from the old days. Lian Yin offered to help him hold it, but was rejected.

    The scenery around the stone road became more and more familiar, and Lian Yin couldn’t hold back his curiosity. He wanted to ask where Lang Zhuoyu was going now, but when he raised his head and saw the warm setting sun shining on Lang Zhuoyu’s face, he suddenly forgot to speak.

    After a while, the destination arrived. Lian Yin saw the familiar door of the house, and suddenly realized that the question just now was unnecessary to ask.

    This is Granny Li’s homestay where he stayed last time he came to Nancheng.

    Lang Zhuoyu knocked on the door, and a familiar answer came from the door: “Wait, coming!” 

The door was quickly opened and Granny Li looked similar to the last time they met, with her silver-white hair tied into braids. She raised her head to see Lang Zhuoyu and Lian Yin, with a warm smile: “Are you the guests staying tonight?”

    Behind her were the same bluestone courtyard floor tiles, the weather-beaten two-story wooden building, and the fat golden retriever. Today, he didn’t follow Granny Li to welcome the guests and was eating his rice bowl.

    After seeing Lang Zhuoyu clearly, the smile on Granny Li’s face widened, and she said, “Why it’s you again! Come in.”

    Lang Zhuoyu followed her familiarly.

    “Good evening Granny, I haven’t finished the story I told you last time, so I’m here to disturb you again.” Lang Zhuoyu raised his hand and handed the oil-paper package to Granny Li, “This is the pastry you said you wanted to eat last time, just a little of my feelings.”

    Granny Li smiled with layers of folds on her face. She took the bag, and pointed to the living room facing the small courtyard: “Go and sit, I’m cooking, stay and eat.”

After finishing speaking, she carried the dessert into the kitchen without giving Lian Yin an extra look. It was estimated that the old granny was forgetful and could not remember.

    Lang Zhuoyu led Lian Yin to the living room to sit. In the center of Granny Li’s living room, there was a large table with a tea set. The floor was made of wood, with a layer of bamboo mats on it, and a few futons beside it for people to sit on.

    Lang Zhuoyu handed Lian Yin a futon and sat down himself.

    The last time Lian Yin came here, he basically stayed in his room, because he didn’t want to cause trouble to the old Granny. He also went out to solve his three meals by himself. This was the first time he sat in the living room and dining room.

    “What do you think of this place?” Lang Zhuoyu suddenly asked Lian Yin.

    Lian Yin followed his voice to look at him, then turned his head again, looked around the small and exquisite, life-like and poetic yard from the living room, and answered sincerely: “It’s very good, it feels very peaceful.”

    This was located in the depths of Yumian Town. You need to turn several alleys to find it. Occupying a quiet corner of the bustling tourist town, you can’t hear the hustle and bustle of the city. A square courtyard, a two-story wooden building, and a large golden retriever, hidden away in the city.

    “Yes. And the people here are also very good.” Lang Zhuoyu put one hand on his bent knee, “Granny Li’s husband died on the battlefield when he was young, and her son was also involved in a construction project and died in the line of work. She brought her young grandson back to her hometown by herself and raised him. After I came to Nancheng, I heard about her by chance, so I came here several times to hear her story.”

    Lian Yin didn’t expect a seemingly ordinary old Granny to have such a legendary experience, and he was instantly fascinated.

    Lang Zhuoyu watched his slender eyelashes tremble, reached out and stroked his hair, and moved Lian Yin’s hot and focused eyes.

    At this time, the big golden retriever, who was lying in the yard lazily after eating, suddenly stood up. As if sensing someone coming, he ran to the door and sat down. The next second, a thin young man pushed open the door and came in with a blank expression.

    The boy was about sixteen or seventeen years old. He was encased by a large school uniform. Seeing the two guests sitting in the living room, he bowed, then quickly diverted his attention to the Golden Retriever and rubbed it’s head.

    After teasing the dog, the boy walked to the living room, put his school bag on the ground, and said hello to the two of them: “Good evening.”

    His voice was clear, and he didn’t speak loudly. He seems to be very bad at dealing with people.

    “Good evening, Lele.” Lang Zhuoyu should be very familiar with him, calling him his nickname.

    Li Changle lowered his head, glanced at Lang Zhuoyu a little embarrassedly, pointed to the kitchen, and said to the two of them, “I’ll go help my Grandma.” 

The boy disappeared at the corner of the veranda and went to the back kitchen. Lian Yin stared at his leaving back for a long time, stunned.

    He felt that Li Changle was very similar to his seventeen or eighteen-year-old self.

    His thin young stature was similar, and Li Changle’s eyebrows and eyes were also four or five points like Lian Yin’s, plus the “don’t come near me, I’m too lazy to pay attention to you” aura all over his body. Anyone who had seen Lian Yin in high school would sigh and say they were similar.

    “What’s wrong?” Lang Zhuoyu asked when Lian Yin was in a daze.

    Lian Yin shook his head. His attention returned, and he shook his head at Lang Zhuoyu: “It’s nothing.”

    Lang Zhuoyu frowned slightly, checked his expression carefully, and did not see anything unusual, so he got up and said to him: “Sit here, I’ll see if I can help.”


    Lang Zhuoyu walked into the small kitchen at the back, and Granny Li was carrying a plate of dishes and instructed Li Changle: “Le, you bring this bowl of soup.”

    She said this and walked out of the kitchen. Li Changle reached out to serve the soup. The soup bowl was huge, and the hot soup almost reached the edge of the bowl, so there was almost nowhere to hold. He covered his hands with his long sleeves and carried the bowl through them.

    Unexpectedly, Lang Zhuoyu suddenly said, “Do you need help?”

    Li Changle was taken aback. His sleeves were slippery, and being unstable, with a bang, the soup bowl fell heavily on the ground and the soup spilled cleanly, the bowl broken.

    Lang Zhuoyu was afraid that the hot soup would scald the person, so he pulled the boy’s arm and took a few steps back. Fortunately, he moved quickly, and only a small part of the hot soup flew onto Li Changle’s clothes.

    The sound of the bowl breaking alarmed Granny Li and Lian Yin, and the two hurried to the kitchen to check the situation.

    Granny Li hurriedly pulled her grandson: “Lele, are you alright!”

    Lang Zhuoyu backed away to make room for the duo. He explained, “It’s my fault, I suddenly startled him.”

    Granny Li complained, glancing at Li Changle: “This nerves of yours, aren’t you ashamed? Did you get burned?”

    Li Changle shook his head. Granny Li was relieved and waved them out: “Get out, this Granny will clean up this place. It’s fine if you’re not scalded, just sit and wait for dinner.”

    “I’ll clean it up.” Lang Zhuoyu felt this was mostly his fault.

    Granny Li continued to wave her hands in disgust: “Everyone go out, young people are sloppy, don’t mess up this old lady’s kitchen.”

“Let’s go.” Li Changle came to Lang Zhuoyu and followed the Granny’s intent to chase the people away.

    Lang Zhuoyu had no choice but to withdraw, and when he turned around, he saw Lian Yin standing at the door. He saw the whole thing just now.

    Lang Zhuoyu walked over to him and gently grabbed his upper arm: “Lian Yin? Why are you in a daze again?”

    Lian Yin returned to his senses, lowered his eyes, said nothing, and was taken out by Lang Zhuoyu’s strength. 

    Granny Li was old, but her hands and feet were still nimble. Ten minutes later, she not only cleaned up the mess, but also brought all the meals to the table.

    The four sat around the wooden table in the center of the living room, and Li Changle poured out drinks for the guests.

    When he poured Lian Yin a drink, he glanced at Lian Yin a little embarrassedly. Introverted and silent people feel more sensitive and he has long noticed that Lian Yin’s eyes always seemed to fall on him.

    After pouring the drinks, Granny Li greeted everyone for dinner. Lian Yin tasted the closest piece of meat dish to him, it was so delicious that he almost bit his tongue.

    He felt that the last time he came, it was too stupid of himself to go out to solve his three meals by himself, how much deliciousness did he miss.

    Granny Li used her chopstick and placed an eggplant into Li Changle’s bowl: “Don’t be picky eaters, eat this, it’s delicious.”

    Li Changle frowned. Perhaps because he was worried that there were guests, he just resisted in a low voice: “I don’t like it.”

    “Hey! I can’t do anything about you, that’s why you look like a skinny monkey.” Granny Li picked out the eggplant again and ate it herself.

    Lian Yin watched the interaction between the grandparent and grandchild and did not continue to use chopsticks for a long time. Lang Zhuoyu, who was sitting beside him, noticed that. He leaned slightly closer to Lian Yin’s ear, and asked, “Do you want me to serve you?”

    “Huh?” Lian Yin didn’t hear him clearly and only saw Lang Zhuoyu smile helplessly then give him a piece of meat.

    “Eat more, you’re thin too.”

    Lian Yin looked at the oily lean meat on the white rice. For some reason, an unprecedented feeling rose up in his heart. It was soft and sour, like eating a candy that was very popular in childhood. It had a layer of sour powder. However, after licking off the sour powder of the, it was sweet in the heart.

    His eye sockets were also inexplicably swollen, like a balloon full of air, with some water in it, and when it swelled to the max, tears would roll out.

    Lian Yin silently denied his opinion dozens of minutes ago.

    Li Changle was nothing like himself.

    He also knocked over something once when he was a child and that was the only time he knocked over Lian Tiancheng’s wine glass. The wine splashed into his eyes, causing it to burn painfully. But Lian Tiancheng didn’t care whether he was injured or not.

    The man only saw that the wine he was about to drink was knocked over by a naughty child. It caused him great anger, and he took out his belt and hit Lian Yin on the body.

    Lian Yin cried very hard that time, because not only did his body hurt, but his eyes also hurt.

    His mother was gone at that time, and no one could speak for him. He beat his son behind closed doors. Even if the neighbors heard Lian Yin’s cry, they would not care.

    But Li Changle was not like this, he had his Granny’s concern and even Lang Zhuoyu speaks for him.

    That’s fine, that’s what a normal child should be treated like.

    Lian Yin lowered his eyes and silently picked up the bowl of rice.

    After dinner, Granny Li turned on the TV and rambled about her life story with the sound of news broadcasts. Li Changle went back to his room to do his homework, while Lang Zhuoyu sat opposite Granny Li and listened silently, echoing a few words from time to time. The voices of the two of them talking loudly resounded.

    Lian Yin was sitting at the door of the living room, with a big golden retriever lying beside his feet, it was panting with heat, its soft and smooth hair was sticking to Lian Yin’s calf, sleepy with his eyes closed.

    Lian Yin reached out and pinched its big ears. It swatted its ears in disdain, and closed its eyes again.

    The whole small courtyard was gradually shrouded in darkness. The living room radiated warm yellow lights, the night bugs in the flowerbed came out to sing, and the cool breeze at night blew the scattered hair in front of Lian Yin’s forehead. He was drowsy.

    Suddenly, there was a soft sound of footsteps beside him, and Lang Zhuoyu immediately sat beside Lian Yin.

    “Granny Li went to answer the phone.” Lang Zhuoyu pointed inside and explained. He looked at Lian Yin attentively and tenderly, and asked, “Was it a little boring?”

    Lian Yin shook his head: “No, it’s fine.”

    As he said this, he rubbed the golden retriever’s head. This was his heart’s words. This kind of leisurely life was something he had never experienced before. Even after escaping from Lian Tiancheng and going to college, Lian Yin was always busy with part-time jobs and studies. He occasionally had a weekend to take a break, but he had never felt this way at home alone.

    This kind of feeling of having such a close person around was like having one’s whole heart soaked in warm water. There was no need to worry about the wind and rain outside, this place was the safest and warmest.

    “That’s good, I’m afraid you will find it boring.” Lang Zhuoyu smiled gently, reaching out and stroking Lian Yin’s hair.

    The warm touch fell on his head and he looked back against the light. Lang Zhuoyu’s profound facial features were softened and blurred by the warm yellow light.

    His eyes looked over, and the flashing light inside completely reflected Lian Yin’s figure. Anyone who was looked at by such focused eyes would automatically feel their hearts tighten and then have it throb.

    A secret emotion that had been sleeping in Lian Yin’s heart for a long time slowly awoken.

    Why would I involuntarily approach Lang Zhuoyu and crave every minute to be around him? Even if I knew that the blind date thing was lying to him, why did I still irrationally continue to stay by his side in that way? Why did he feel sour and sad because he deceived him, then leave his job and half a month’s salary desperately to go to Nancheng to find him?

    Lian Yin didn’t dare to blink, and wanted to engrave Lang Zhuoyu at this moment into his heart.

    The golden retriever shook his ears, the night worm quietly stopped singing, and the breeze rustled through the leaves.

    Ah, because I like him.

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