Not Obedient Chapter 35

Chapter 35 “Lian Yin, do me a favor.” 

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When the moon hung over the treetops in Granny Li’s home yard, Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu got up to say goodbye. Granny Li sat in the living room and Li Changle and the big golden retriever, who was beside him, escorted them to the door.

    After coming out of Granny Li’s house, a full moon hung in front of them. Lian Yin was a little behind, following Lang Zhuoyu, and walking towards the hotel on the bluestone road.

    Lian Yin secretly raised his eyes and peeked at Lang Zhuoyu from behind.

    He just realized his intentions in the warm yellow light and gentle atmosphere of Granny Li’s house.

   Young people had a kind of rampant energy. After realizing that his feelings for the person in front of him were called love, Lian Yin couldn’t help it, he had a stomach full of words he wanted to speak to Lang Zhuoyu.

    He opened his mouth and closed it again quickly.

    What can he say? Can he say directly “I like you” to Lang Zhuoyu now?

    He was afraid Teacher Lang would be frightened and give himself an ideological education class in turn.

    Lian Yin knew clearly that Lang Zhuoyu was a man who liked women. Otherwise, how could he have a blind date? Moreover, Teacher Lang’s temperament was straight-forward, like an old antique. Although he can’t be said to be very old, he was at the age of 30, and was 9 years older than him.

    A man who has been straight for 30 years, after hearing the confession of another man, especially if this man was his former student, what could his reaction be?

    Lian Yin can’t guess, but certainly, he would not willing accept.


    Is this feeling of his really “like”?

    Lian Yin was not quite sure. He had dated before, but he had never had the same feelings for a guy as he did now.

    He liked Zhou Xu, at least Zhou Xu’s face and figure. But this liking seemed to disappear very quickly. After Zhou Xu knew his true gender and cursed, this liking turned into disgust without interruption.

    Before Zhou Xu, Lian Yin also talked to other men with his real gender, and it took two or three days for them to identify the relationship. Then after only a month, Lian Yin would feel that the man was very troublesome, wanting to be with him at any time. Having to work part-time and study, he had no time to accompany him. So, in order to focus on his own affairs, Lian Yin broke up with that person, and until now, even the appearance of those other people has become blurred.

    If this is what like is, it is too bland and too undignified. It seems that saying such words to Lang Zhuoyu is blasphemy.

    No one had ever brought out the feelings he felt at this moment.

    This feeling was probably that even though the distance between himself and Lang Zhuoyu was only more than ten centimeters, him walking in front, he still wanted to pounce on him and hug him from behind.

    Suddenly, Lang Zhuoyu in front stopped without warning. Lian Yin was distracted, didn’t notice, and bumped into him.

    Lang Zhuoyu stretched out his hand to hold Lian Yin’s upper arm, and said helplessly: “What are you doing, you haven’t spoken since the beginning. You also won’t answer when I ask you things?”

    “Ah?” Trying to leave Lang Zhuoyu’s grip, he stood up and said, “Sorry, I was thinking about something.”

    “What are you thinking about?”

    Naturally, Lian Yin couldn’t tell Lang Zhuoyu what he was thinking. He rolled his eyes and raised his head. He said, “I’m thinking, have you brought Guan Shi to see Granny Li?”

    He looked straight at Lang Zhuoyu, not knowing how hot his eyes were. He was just wondering if the warm atmosphere tonight was common to Lang Zhuoyu and other ordinary people. Did it matter who the people around him were? Can he share it with them?

    Was he the only one who cherished this family-like atmosphere and only wanted to share it with someone special?

    Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know why Lian Yin asked this question, and answered honestly: “Of course not, he’s just my assistant.”

    Lian Yin’s heart jumped and he almost wanted to ask, “in your heart, what am I?”

    But reason stopped him, and he lowered his head, hiding the corners of his raised mouth.

    Back at the hotel, it was getting late. Lang Zhuoyu sent Lian Yin to the door of the room, raised his hand to touch Lian Yin’s head very naturally, smiled and said to him, “Good night. let’s go to the studio tomorrow morning.”

    After saying good night, Lang Zhuoyu turned and left. Lian Yin standing in front of the door of his room, watched him go back to the elevator at the other end of the corridor, and take the elevator to leave this floor.

    After seeing him leave, Lian Yin returned to the room, threw himself heavily on the bed, and buried half of his face in the soft pillow of the hotel.

    Unconsciously, he raised his hand and touched his head.

    At this time, in the suite on the third floor, Lang Zhuoyu just returned to the room.

    He put on slippers and loose pajamas and ruffled his hair loose. He walked into the bathroom while doing these actions.

    When passing the mirror, Lang Zhuoyu stopped unconsciously and looked at himself in the mirror. Then slowly, he took the hand off his head.

    The palm of the hand was facing him and the fingers were slightly curled.

    Tonight, he involuntarily touched Lian Yin’s head many times. Why this action?

    Touching the head represents love and pity. Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know what it meant to others, but to himself, this action also meant that he wanted to protect someone.

    Lang Zhuoyu was not young anymore, not a teenager who didn’t understand anything. In addition to touching his head, he also did a lot of things to Lian Yin that broke routine, such as letting him deceive himself and such as allowing him to come back to Nancheng. He seemed to have an unreasonable tolerance for this boy.

    He withdrew his gaze from the mirror, took off his clothes, and walked into the bathroom.

    The water rushed down. Lang Zhuoyu closed his eyes, raised his neck, and let the heat wash his skin.

    He let out a long sigh.

    Until today, he thought he just liked the “Tong Tong” that Lian Yin pretended to be…

    The next morning, the first note of the alarm clock sounded and Lian Yin rolled over and sat up.

    He still remembered what Lang Zhuoyu said last night, that he would go to the studio together in the morning. As a little assistant who came to bring tea and water to others, he should be more attentive.

    After getting dressed and taking a shower, Lian Yin went to Lang Zhuoyu’s room.

    “Knock knock.”

    Lian Yin knocked on the door of the room with an uneasy mood. The knock on the door echoed for a moment in the empty corridor, and soon it was silent, and there was no sound again.

    What’s the matter, is Teacher Lang still sleeping?

    Lian Yin took out his phone and checked the time. Guan Shi said that Lang Zhuoyu usually woke up at seven in the morning, but now it was half past seven.

    Probably overslept. Lian Yin decided to send a message to Lang Zhuoyu.

    After the message was sent, he waited patiently for a while, but received no reply. He called Lang Zhuoyu again.

    There was a beep, and a gentle but cold electronic female voice came from the phone: “The user you dialed cannot answer the phone right now…”

    Lian Yin was a little puzzled, and found Guan Shi’s WeChat.

    Lian Yin: Is Teacher Lang still sleeping at this time? Why is there no answer when I knock on the door and no one is answering the phone?

    Guan Shi was already up and he answered quickly: No one answered the phone when you knocked on the door? Just wait for me, I’ll be there soon.

    After receiving the message from Guan Shi, Lian Yin felt a little relieved and stood at the door waiting.

    After a few minutes, Guan Shi appeared from the corner of the corridor, and when he saw Lian Yin, he quickly walked over.

    He nodded to Lian Yin, then walked to the door, raised his hand and knocked: “Teacher Lang?”

    Still no reply.

    “Did he not get up? Could something have happened?” Lian Yin was a little worried.

    Guan Shi took back his hand on the door and said calmly: “In this case, it is very likely that Boss Lang has encountered some difficulties.”

    “What difficulties?” Lian Yin immediately asked.

    Guan Shi squeezed his chin and said very deeply: “It may be… writer’s block.”

    Lian Yin: “?”

    “It’s just that Boss Lang used to write something before going to bed every day. Recently, he is writing a new work, but he couldn’t write it in Beicheng. He followed Director Liu here to change his mood. It was very difficult for him to create this book, and this situation would occur one or two days in five days.” Guan Shi said.

    “If there is no important schedule for the next day, he will lock himself up until he writes it down.” Guan Shi patted Lian Yin’s shoulder, “It’s alright, don’t worry, he doesn’t have any schedule for the past few days. Let himbe.”

    Lian Yin grabbed Guan Shi who was about to leave: “Wait, then what will he do with his meals?”

    Guan Shi didn’t care: “Boss Lang is an adult and won’t starve himself. Besides, you also knocked and can’t open this door.”

    He didn’t know if Lang Zhuoyu had locked himself in the innermost corner, so he couldn’t hear him knocking on the door and he didn’t answer the phone.

    “Alright, let’s go, let’s have breakfast.” Guan Shi dragged Lian Yin away.

    In the room, the heavy door was locked. Lang Zhuoyu leaned back on the office chair, which was pressed into a huge obtuse angle by his weight.

    His face was covered with a book, and he remained motionless. Documents were displayed on the computer screen on the desktop, and several notebooks beside the computer were scattered openly. He didn’t know where his phone was thrown.

    After coming back last night, he sat in front of the computer as usual, ready to write a few hundred words before going to bed, but as soon as he wrote, he was stuck until now.

    All kinds of thoughts flashed in his mind, disturbing him, making him unable to concentrate.

    Even if he wrote, he felt dissatisfied, so he deleted it.

    Lang Zhuoyu reached out and took off the book covering his face, sat up straight again, and was ready to continue his efforts.

    As a result, he saw the sentence written by himself on the computer screen: “The young man laughed and immediately avoided his eyes…”

    Lian Yin’s face appeared in front of him again at an inappropriate time.

    Lang Zhuoyu closed his eyes and buried his head in the palm of his hand, and let out a sigh: “Ai…”

    It was noon soon. Lian Yin carrying a thermos container came to the door of Lang Zhuoyu’s room again.

    In the morning, he and Guan Shi went to eat breakfast and came back. Seeing that Lang Zhuoyu was still locked in his room, he obviously hadn’t come out for breakfast, so he couldn’t help but be a little worried. So he decided to borrow the kitchen of Granny Li’s house and asked Granny Li to teach him to cook a few dishes so that he could deliver a meal to Lang Zhuoyu.

    Although there was a chef in the hotel and the food was definitely better than his own, his intent was different. Lang Zhuoyu ate the hotel’s food every day, and it’s okay to change it occasionally.

    When it was time for lunch, Lian Yin hurried back.

    He raised his hand and knocked on the door, but unsurprisingly no one answered.

    Lian Yin sighed and raised his hand again. He knocked on the door again and shouted at the same time, “Teacher Lang, are you there?” 

There was still silence.

    He raised his hand again, but as soon as he touched the door panel, he felt the force of an obstacle withdraw and the door opened inward.

    Before Lian Yin could react, he was grabbed by his arm and pulled into the room. Immediately afterwards, he had a pain in his back and a muffled crash sounded. Looking up again, he saw Lang Zhuoyu’s face close at hand.

Even his breath was in reach.

    Finally, Lian Yin realized what happened to him now – he was grabbed by Lang Zhuoyu and pressed firmly on the door.

    His heart was beating wildly. Lian Yin didn’t expect this kind of development at all. He subconsciously grabbed the thermos container in his hand and moved it behind him.

    “Teacher Lang…?” Lian Yin heard his own voice tremble.

    “Lian Yin.” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was low, and he poured it into Lian Yin’s ear. He didn’t seem to think that there was anything wrong with this situation.

    He got closer, then tilted his head, aimed at Lian Yin’s ear.

    “Do me a favor, okay?” 

The heat hit the piece of skin where the ear was attached to the neck, and it shivered.

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