Not Obedient Chapter 36

Chapter 36 The older man thought he was in control

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 Lang Zhuoyu’s words fell in his ears and before Lian Yin could react, he was caught by the collar.

    With a “click”, the thermos container smashed to the ground.

    Lian Yin was grasped by the collar, and a gentle but powerful force took him, turned half a circle, and stepped back.

    Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes focused on Lian Yin’s face. The bedroom door was not closed and the two retreated to the bed without hindrance.

    Then Lian Yin was pushed on his shoulders, lost his center of gravity, and fell onto the bed. The soft mattress and quilt supported his body and bounced back twice.

    Lian Yin subconsciously supported his arm and wanted to get up, but Lang Zhuoyu tapped a finger on his throat, and his movements stopped abruptly.

    Lang Zhuoyu knelt on one knee on the edge of the bed, leaned over slowly, and approached Lian Yin. Lian Yin was forced to lean back until his back was against the bed.

    Seeing his handsome face getting closer and closer and lying under him, his cheeks suddenly reddened. His eyes flickered twice, he raised his hand to cover his lips, and tilted his head to avoid it.

    Lang Zhuoyu’s expression moved slightly and stopped less than ten centimeters away from Lian Yin.

    “Why didn’t you resist? I didn’t exert much force,” he asked.

    When he said this, Lian Yin shivered suddenly.

    Yes, just now Lang Zhuoyu didn’t exert any force at all, whether it was pressing him on the door, or pulling him into the bedroom by the collar, and pushing him down on the bed, even when he wanted to get up just now, Lang Zhuoyu also just touched the Adam’s apple with one finger.

    As long as Lian Yin was a little unwilling, he could easily grab Lang Zhuoyu and stop him at any previous point.

    But Lian Yin didn’t.

    Lang Zhuoyu asked why, Lian Yin never thought about it, he subconsciously obeyed Lang Zhuoyu.

    “Get up.” Lang Zhuoyu said.

    He grabbed Lian Yin’s hand and pulled the young man up.

    Even after sitting up, he was still dizzy and dazed. It took a few seconds before he remembered and asked Lang Zhuoyu, “You just asked me to do you a favor, yes, what is it?”

    Lang Zhuoyu walked to the bedroom. Next to the wooden table by the window, he picked up a cup of tea there and drank it with his head up.

    “You have already helped me.” He said, “There is a plot in my book, a story about a teenager and a mature woman.”

    Lang Zhuoyu turned around and looked at Lian Yin: “The girl’s shy mood, it’s well written, but it’s hard to grasp the shy restraint of the teenager. I want to see it with my own eyes, so I offended you by not saying hello, sorry.”

    “Ah…” Lian Yin opened his mouth and scratched his cheeks helplessly. , “It’s alright.”

    These words could have stopped at this point, but for some reason, Lang Zhuoyu told the story in more detail.

    “The teenager had just come of age and is at an ignorant age. He secretly likes the divorced woman who just moved in. One day the woman asked him to help repair the computer. The boy was pushed down on the bed. The boy was half-pushed because he liked the women, what about you, what was your mood just now?”

    Lang Zhuoyu turned against the sunlight pouring in from the window, and he couldn’t even see his expression, so he didn’t understand the point of him asking. 

    Lian Yin’s whole body tightened involuntarily and the arm resting on the bed trembled slightly. He looked at Lang Zhuoyu, eager to break this moment and shout to him, “Because I like you too, I didn’t expect it!”

    But something sticky was blocking his throat, preventing him from speaking.

    In the end, Lian Yin avoided his eyes and said, “I was a little scared….”

    “Really.” Lang Zhuoyu approached, reaching out to support Lian Yin’s chin, forcing him to look directly at himself.

    The young man’s cheeks were flushed red. His eyes seemed to be soaked in water, his eyes were implicated, and the posture of looking up was almost like worshipping.

    Lian Yin thought that he had maintained an indifferent expression, which should have no flaws, but he didn’t know that his expression was childish and green, which was not enough in Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes.

    Lang Zhuoyu gently withdrew his hand, his fingertips seemed to slip through Lian Yin’s chin line and retreated from his figure.

    “Thank you for your help, I think I know how to write it now.”

    Lian Yin sat on the bed stupidly, watching Lang Zhuoyu turn and leave.

    Lian Yin rested on the bed for a while, then stood up and went to the entrance to find the thermos container that had just fallen on the ground. Fortunately, the quality of the thermos was good. He dropped it vertically in his hand and the container fell firmly on the ground, standing up.

    He lifted it, opened the lid, and checked that the food inside was okay.

    Then Lian Yin walked to the office area of ​​the suite, which was indeed the deepest part of the room. No wonder Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t hear him knocking on the door.

    Lang Zhuoyu had already sat back behind the desk and was typing on the keyboard intently.

    Lian Yin realized that Lang Zhuoyu could not be disturbed at this time, so he withdrew, walked to the living room, put the thermos container away, sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone and started watching stuff.

    After about an hour, Lian Yin moved his sore cervical vertebrae. Lang Zhuoyu just finished the work and walked out. Lian Yin hurriedly opened the thermos container and told him that these were some dishes he learned from Granny Li, and they should be edible.

    He raised his eyes and Lang Zhuoyu saw his expectant eyes clearly.

    The food had been placed in the thermos container for more than an hour, and the temperature was just right for eating. Lian Yin handed the chopsticks to Lang Zhuoyu and asked him to eat quickly.

    Lang Zhuoyu hesitated, then tasted the fried green bamboo shoots.

    “It’s delicious, thank you.”

    Lian Yin was a little overjoyed, but he still tried his best to keep his flattery, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t hold back a little.

    Lang Zhuoyu was eating his late lunch when there was a knock on the door. Lian Yin took the initiative to open the door, and saw Guan Shi standing at the door.

    Guan Shi greeted Lian Yin briefly, then walked in and said to Lang Zhuoyu: “Boss, the person in charge of xx bookstore said that he would like to show you some specific decisions about the joint activity.”

    “Show me.” Lang Zhuoyu put down his bowl and followed Guan Shi to the office area.

    After all, Lian Yin was an outsider and this kind of matter shouldn’t be overheard, so he obediently stayed in the living room.

    Determining the details was discussed very quickly. Lang Zhuoyu did not have strange requests, and was fine as long as it was reasonable. Ten minutes later, Guan Shi put away his tablet, looked at Lian Yin who was sitting on the sofa in a daze, and raised his eyebrows playfully.

    “Boss, he brought you food, it looks like he made it by himself?”


    Lang Zhuoyu leaned on the desk. The desk was not as tall as his legs even if the legs were inclined at an angle to the ground. The desk was just touching the end of his thigh.

    Guan Shi was short, and looked a little jealously. He found that if he stood like that, the desk might reach his upper buttocks or even his lower back, and he almost turned into lemon essence.

    Guan Shi smiled: “He really came to be an assistant and is this sincere?”

    “He is very serious.” Lang Zhuoyu said lightly.

    Guan Shi knew Lian Yin’s true sexual orientation, and probably knew about his boss’s sexual orientation. He didn’t know if the boss would mind this matter, so he said with a good intention of reminding him, “Where can there be such a dedicated assistant and you’re not even paying him? I’m afraid that only a wife will do this.”

    After he finished speaking, he observed Lang Zhuoyu’s expression and cleverly found a way out for himself: “It’s just an inappropriate analogy.”

    Lang Zhuoyu swept him a glance. He didn’t say anything, but walked directly back to the living room.

    “Lian Yin.” He shouted.

    Lian Yin was playing on his phone when his full name was called. He put away his phone nervously and even stood up.

    “I decided to accept the video interview you mentioned, but I have two requirements.”

    Lian Yin’s eyes widened, it was a pleasant surprise. He thought he would spend a long time here, but he didn’t expect that it would be only the second day where Lang Zhuoyu would change his mind.

    He nodded quickly: “Teacher Lang, please say it.”

    “First, I want to read the interview outline. I have the right to refuse to answer some questions and I get to see the final film first.”

    “This is no problem.” Lian Yin nodded.

    It was originally a propaganda interview, as long as Lang Zhuoyu accepted an exclusive interview, they would win. These conditions had no effect at all.

    “Second, you go back to Beicheng immediately.”

    Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, not understanding why this request was made and he asked subconsciously, “Why?”

    “Didn’t you come here to persuade me to be interviewed? I accepted it. Of course, you don’t have to stay here.” Lang Zhuoyu explained.

    “Then I’ll come with the interviewers next time?”

    Lang Zhuoyu shook his head: “No, I will go back to Beicheng in the near future, and I will be interviewed after I return to Beicheng.”

    Lian Yin frowned: “Teacher Lang, when are you going back to Beicheng?”

    “About a month and a half later, after all the work here is over.”

    Lian Yin was obviously not very satisfied with this time. After a month and a half, although this interview did not have a strong timeliness, the editor-in-chief definitely thought the sooner the better.

    “Teacher Lang, it’s the same if we come to Nancheng for an interview, you just need to spare an afternoon.” Lian Yin suggested.

    “Then on the 1st of next month, there are 28 days until then.” Lang Zhuoyu glanced at Guan Shi and instructed, “Please write this interview into my itinerary.”

    After saying this, he looked back at Lian Yin: “How is it?”

    He made a unilateral decision. What reason does Lian Yin have for refusing? Even if he doesn’t know why Lang Zhuoyu must not be interviewed in Nancheng, Lian Yin shouldn’t continue pushing him. He was afraid that Lang Zhuoyu would refuse to do it.

    It can only be said that Lian Yin was still young and can’t compete with Lang Zhuoyu in terms of momentum.

    “That’s it.” Lang Zhuoyu smiled, reached out and shook Lian Yin’s hand, and then immediately drew his hand out.

    Before Lian Yin could react, he felt that his palm was empty and Lang Zhuoyu’s sudden estrangement made him raise a thought for no reason.

    Is Lang Zhuoyu driving himself away?

    As soon as this idea appeared, Lian Yin felt that it could not be explained and even felt that he had a bit of self-consciousness. Before he went to Nancheng, he told Lang Zhuoyu, and Lang Zhuoyu liked it.

    How could the attitude become completely different after only one day?

    And what reason does Lang Zhuoyu have to drive him away? One more assistant to bring tea and water and he doesn’t need to pay him, what’s wrong with that?

    Is it because he thought he was being clever by making food and made Lang Zhuoyu feel he was a hindrance?

    Lian Yin swallowed his saliva and tried his best not to think about it because there was no reason for this idea, it was just a thought that occurred to him inexplicably when shaking hands just now. It may not be right, it may even be just an illusion .

    After the matter was settled, Lian Yin left first to return the thermos container to Granny Li, leaving Lang Zhuoyu and Guan Shi in the room.

    Guan Shi seemed to notice something: “Boss, why do you have to let him go back to Beicheng?”

    Lang Zhuoyu sat back behind the desk and began to organize the books on the table.

    “Guan Shi, I know what you want to say.”

    Guan Shi shut up.

    “Lian Yin has to go back to Beicheng. If he stays here, the focus of his entire life and work will inevitably be on me.” Lang Zhuoyu’s words were indifferent and rational, as if analyzing an article.

    “After returning to Beicheng, he has his own life and his own friends, so he doesn’t have to always revolve around me like he is here.”

    Lang Zhuoyu put the book upright, shoved it on the table, and asked a question without warning: “How long did you date for the last time you dated?”

    Guan Shi was confused, but he still answered honestly: “More than a month? It’s not much.”

    “Right, more than a month.” Lang Zhuoyu said, “Enough to make him gradually get rid of the kind of feelings he should not have for me.”

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