Not Obedient Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Looks like he doesn’t care, but is actually angry 

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It was an afternoon in the middle of the hot summer and the outdoor heat was steaming.

Today was Saturday. He should have had a day off, but last week he was called to work overtime because the summer time was one of the busiest times for the company. Fortunately, overtime didn’t take long to work today, that is, only half a day’s amount of work and it ended before four o’clock in the afternoon.

Most of his colleagues have left, and Lian Yin was still typing on the keyboard at the workstation. However, he was not working, but chatting.

Lian Yin: Teacher lang, when are you going back to Beicheng?

Teacher Lang: I will be interviewed on the 1st, I should come back the day before.

Since coming back from Nancheng, time has passed quickly, and more than 20 days have passed before he knew it.

During this period, Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu kept in touch with each other and chatted when they had nothing to do. Of course, most of the time, Lian Yin started the conversation.

After realizing his heart, it seemed that even a few days of separation seemed torturous. So Lian Yin secretly chatted with Lang Zhuoyu, but when he was chatting, he didn’t dare to say anything too obvious. He only dared to ask some questions that seemed to be normal, but actually contained careful thoughts.

For example, “When will you return to Beicheng?”

Now it was the 29th, and there were 31 days in this month. Thismeans that Lang Zhuoyu will return to Beicheng by the day after tomorrow.

Lian Yin actually wanted to eat with Teacher Lang, but he didn’t dare to mention it. In the past, when he didn’t like the other party, he made invitations to eat naturally and confidently. Now that he realized it, he was timid, as if he was doing something wrong.

A long time passed since getting off work time. Lian Yin stopped delaying his leave, packed his things and went home.

The subway was not crowded at this time. Lian Yin found a place to sit down and play with his mobile phone.

Xu Lin suddenly sent a message.

Xu Lin: Bao (treasure or precious; affectionate nickname), want to grab a meal?

Lian Yin: Where to?

Xu Lin: Hang Zhenze’s house. I was going to grab a drink tonight, but I called him and you know what he said? He said he wanted to cook at home by himself. Then asked me if I wanted to come, a housewarming dinner.

Lian Yin: Has he moved?

Xu Lin: He moved his *ss. I think he went out to live with his little boyfriend. Yes, you don’t know yet. In fact, Hang Zhenze’s family is rich. It would be easy for him to buy a house in Beicheng, yet he suddenly went out and rented a house. There must be something wrong with him or he wanted to live in a normal home with his little boyfriend, otherwise, why make it so troublesome?

Xu Lin: I met that little boyfriend before, he was very cute. He also told me that he was a straight man. I didn’t expect it to last so long and now they live together. Want to go and watch the fun?

Perhaps it is human nature to be unable to refuse gossip, so Lian Yin only thought for a moment before deciding to go.

Lian Yin: I’ll go, give me some time, I’ll get ready.

Xu Lin: What are you going to do? Steal a lover? I’ll pick you up later.

Lian Yin was just thinking. Although Hang Zhenze was handsome, how can he bend a straight man so easily? He wanted to know whether it was reliable to bend a straight man.

Almost an hour later, Xu Lin walked in front with disgust, coming out of Lian Yin’s house,, “Are you not agreeing to this relationship? Why are you dressing up so nicely? Who are you seducing?” 

Following behind him, Lian Yin wore a very short skirt and a suspender on his upper body. The most exaggerated thing was that he also specially made a fake chest to wear, a large part of the skin on the chest was exposed, and a butterfly tattoo was pasted on it. He was emitting a lot of charm.

He didn’t look like he was going to go eat, but more likely to go make a mess. 

Lian Yin pushed Xu Lin: “What do you know, let me test him for Xiao Hang.” 

“Sigh, I don’t understand you, let’s go.” Xu Lin had no choice but to call a car and take Lian Yin to Hang Zhenze’s house. 

After getting in the car, he couldn’t hold back, and asked Xu Lin again, “His boyfriend is really straight turnt bent?”

Xu Lin glanced at the driver sitting in front of him, guessing that the uncle in his fifties didn’t understand, he answered boldly: “Yes, why do you care so much about this?”

Lian Yin hid his eyes and said, “I’m curious.”

Xu Lin stared at him for a while, then showed a clear smile: “Hey, did you fall in love with a straight guy too?”

Lian Yin tilted his head and didn’t answer. 

This reaction was almost acquiescence. Xu Lin made a “f*ck” sound, grabbed Lian Yin’s shoulder and turned the person over to face him.

“When did it happen, why haven’t you leaked any news?” Xu Lin’s eyes were full of gossip.

Lian Yin patted his hand away: “It’s just a secret crush, it may not be possible, why should I talk about it.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Xu Lin retracted his gaze and said earnestly, “But this brother advises you, it’s better to stay away from straight men. They can take their kidneys, but not your their hearts. Nine times out of ten, straight men still think girls are better in the end.”

Lian Yin looked out of the car window and said nothing. Xu Lin knew that he was clear in his heart, and did not continue to deter him.

After a few minutes, Lian Yin seemed to have slowed down from the conversation just now, took out his mobile phone, and sent a message to his Moments with a picture.

Xu Lin leaned over to look, couldn’t hold back, and complained: “So you were taking so long in the toilet because you were taking picture? Are you a peacock? Are you taking this opportunity to spread your feathers?”

Lian Yin gave him a glance: “I haven’t worn women’s clothes for a long time. Ah, it took so long to dress up, it would be a waste not to take a picture and post it on my Moments.”

“Okay, compared to you, I feel like a straight man.” Xu Lin complained.

Lian Yin wrote: “Going to a handsome guy’s house for dinner”, and matched it with the best five pictures selected from dozens of photos, then sent it to his Moments extremely delicately.

He posted it on his Lillian Lian account, because the friends added to this account either thought he was a woman or knew that he dressed up as a woman.

After posting, Lian Yin put away his phone and chatted with Xu Lin.

Almost at the same time, at Nancheng International Airport, a thousand kilometers away, Lang Zhuoyu fell into silence while looking at the pictures of a beautiful woman on the phone screen.

Guan Shi was sitting next to him, talking about the next arrangement: “Boss, you can decide to go back early, rest for a few days, stop writing, and adjust your state.”

Lang Zhuoyu ignored him. Guan Shi turned around to see Lang Zhuoyu staring at his phone, as if in a daze.

“Boss?” Guan Shi called out to him.

Only then did Lang Zhuoyu react. He locked the screen of the phone and pressed the side of the screen to his lower abdomen as if guilty.

“En, it’s fine.”

He replied casually, but in fact his mind was full of the long bare legs and wide open chest in Lian Yin’s photo, as well as the accompanying text: Going to a handsome guy’s house for dinner.

This did not seem to have any impact on Lang Zhuoyu. He boarded the plane on time, closed his eyes and rested on the plane. After the plane landed more than two hours later, he and Guan Shi took a taxi into the city.

During this period, he did not look at Moments again, nor did he take the initiative to ask Lian Yin a word.

He didn’t seem to care about it at all until he and Guan Shi separated at the door of his house.

After Guan Shi escorted the boss home, he completed his work. He didn’t need to follow Lang Zhuoyu all the time in Beicheng, so he went home by himself after saying bye.

Lang Zhuoyu sent the person out and went back to the sofa to sit for a few minutes.

Then he decided to get up, take the elevator to the underground garage, and drive off a few minutes later.

When Lian Yin posted on the Moments, he had uploaded his position. This may be the habit of young people. Lang Zhuoyu didn’t understand it, but it was convenient for him to grab a person.

The location showed a community. This was a residential area. The community was connected by segments. Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know which community Lian Yin was in, so he could only find a street to park.

As a result, the car just stopped, and by coincidence, a group of young people came out.

Lian Yin was among the group of young people, wearing an unidentified coat, which was loose, trapping him inside. Because the coat was too long, his two long legs looked like they were not wearing pants at first glance, and they were exposed naked.

He wore a long wig and walked with a big boy about his height. The two talked and laughed, and even seemed to be very close.

Lang Zhuoyu unconsciously clenched the steering wheel.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and was about to get out of the car. The moment he opened the door, he suddenly saw Lian Yin hug the big boy beside him, leaned his face in, and dropped a kiss on the big boy’s cheek.

“Bang!” Lang Zhuoyu slammed the door and got out of the car.

The group of young people didn’t notice Lang Zhuoyu who was walking this way.

A taller boy saw Lian Yin’s actions and rushed up to pull Lian Yin away. Lian Yin’s center of gravity was unstable, and he was about to fall to the ground.

Lang Zhuoyu took a few steps quickly and supported Lian Yin in time. Then he pulled Lian Yin behind him and took a step forward to block off Lian Yin.

The moment Lian Yin saw Lang Zhuoyu, it was like a little mouse that saw a cat. He was stunned and huddled behind him without saying a word.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know whether these young people knew about Lian Yin’s hobby of dressing in women’s clothing. Lian Yin’s cross dressing can be said to be flawless. In addition, the image he usually shows on social media was as a woman, so this group of people might very likely think that Lian Yin was a real girl.

So in order not to expose Lian Yin in front of everyone, he looked directly at the big boy on the opposite side, with a stern tone: “Has your mother not taught you, you should properly take care of ladies?”

This was not very pleasant to hear. To put it bluntly, it was saying he had a poor upbringing.

The big boy seemed to be a little familiar, and Lang Zhuoyu narrowed his eyes and remembered him.

On the set, this boy came to make a cameo. He no longer remembered the other person’s name, but he still remembered that Lian Yin had a very close interaction with this person at that time.

Thinking of this, Lang Zhuoyu clenched his hand unconsciously and Lian Yin felt a pain from the squeeze: “Ugh…”

The big boy opposite, namely Hang Zhenze, was also surging with anger at this moment. He directly choked: “Who are you, suddenly appearing here to meddle in our business?”

Lang Zhuoyu had a restrained temperament. Thus compared to Hang Zhenze, he seemed more friendly and good-natured, but after all, Hang Zhenze was still young and the two were similar in body shape, so he couldn’t put pressure on Lang Zhuoyu.

He lied without a thought. He boldly and righteously stated: “He is my partner. If you bully him, then it’s my business.”

Behind Lian Yin’s breathing stagnated, his heart suddenly beating fast.

“Really, then please take care of your object.” Hang Zhenze was young and impulsive, took a step forward, and seemed to be unable to hold his temper.

“Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding, calm down.” The boy beside him quickly stopped him and dragged him away.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t bother to talk to the young man, grabbed Lian Yin’s hand tightly, and dragged the person to his car.

During this period, Lian Yin kept his head down, as if he knew that he had done something wrong. He couldn’t raise the momentum to resist, and followed behind obediently.

Lang Zhuoyu opened the passenger seat door for Lian Yin, released his hand, and motioned him to sit inside.

Lian Yin was extraordinarily obedient at this time, doing whatever he said, and immediately got into the car. Lang Zhuoyu closed the car door for him, circled the car for half a circle, then got into the driver’s seat.

Lang Zhuoyu just sat down and Lian Yin hurriedly explained: “Actually, they are all friends, they know that I am a boy and that I wear women’s clothes just to have fun. Besides, the two people just now were a couple, I’m… it ‘s just a joke.”

After hearing Lian Yin’s explanation, Lang Zhuoyu calmed down a little, but then another wave of trouble came over him.

He pointed to the clothes on Lian Yin’s body: “Whose is it?”

Lian Yin quickly took it off and threw it aside, as if he was in a hurry to clear the relationship.

“It’s just a little cold at night, so I borrowed a friend’s clothes to wear.” 

Lang Zhuoyu exhaled a long breath and started the car: “If it’s cold, wear it.”

The car started to drive. Lian Yin sat on the side, peeked at his expression, and asked tentatively, “Teacher Lang, you’re not angry right?” 

There was no need to be angry, Lian Yin has already explained it, it was just a gathering of friends. Moreover, the two boys they have just met, in their gesture and atmosphere, anyone with a discerning eye can see the intimacy, he didn’t lie. Lang Zhuoyu was not a vexatious person either.

“En.” Lang Zhuoyu responded, his voice muffled.

Lian Yin also exhaled, then, looking over with anticipation, asked a fatal question.

“Then why were you angry just now?”

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