Not Obedient Chapter 38

Chapter 38 This time someone speaks for Lian Yin 

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 After asking this sentence, Lian Yin quietly shut up, waiting for Lang Zhuoyu’s answer.

The car was driving on the wide road in the middle of the night and Lang Zhuoyu’s hand holding the steering wheel tightened.

His mind was full of complicated thoughts. He had no time to think about the purpose of Lian Yin asking this question.

So he really subconsciously thought about why he was angry.

The answer was about to come out.

From the moment he saw Lian Yin’s moments, Lang Zhuoyu had a breath of air stuck in his throat. This anger seemed to be menacing and was held back until just now, but after Lian Yin explained it clearly, Lang Zhuoyu also completed his emotional adjustment.

But then, another emotion similar to anger surged in his heart, but the object of anger was not Lian Yin, but his inexplicable anger that lasted all night.

No, it’s not so much anger, but his emotions being out of control.

Why would he feel unhappy about Lian Yin’s moments, why would he change the schedule temporarily and go back to Beicheng in advance, why would he come to Lian Yin like a stalker without saying it in advance.

All of these behaviors showed that he was out of control.

The red light ahead came on and Lang Zhuoyu stepped on the brakes. The weak inertia of the stop allowed him to get out of his entangled thoughts. He looked back at Lian Yin next to him, and Lian Yin turned his head quickly. Suddenly, a thought flashed in Lang Zhuoyu’s mind.

Did this guy ask this question on purpose?

Lian Yin shrunk in the passenger seat, the wide coat thrown aside. He was clearly peeking at Lang Zhuoyu, but his eyes hurried away before Lang Zhuoyu turned his head, pretending to look at the scenery.

Lang Zhuoyu took these small actions into his eyes, and immediately realized that Lian Yin must have sensed something, so he asked such a question. If he really answered, no matter what he said, he wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly, then he would have fallen into the other party’s trap.

Very brave, Lang Zhuoyu chuckled inwardly.

“I’ll take you home.” 

The red light went out and the green light came on. Lang Zhuoyu restarted the car, looked straight ahead, and directly ignored Lian Yin’s question.

About half an hour later, the car stopped downstairs at Lian Yin’s rental house.

It was very late, and the dilapidated old residential area was trapped in darkness and silence. Lian Yin pushed open the door and got out of the car. He recovered and said to Lang Zhuoyu who was in the car, “Goodbye, good night.” 

In a trance, it was like the two were back to a few months ago when Lian Yin was still dating Lang Zhuoyu as “Tong Tong”. After their appointment, they had watched an evening movie at this time, and then Lang Zhuoyu sent Lian Yin downstairs.

At that time, Lian Yin also said to him, “Goodbye, good night.” 

The scenery was the same, and the people were the same, Lang Zhuoyu felt a sense of illusion.

“Goodbye, good night, Teacher Lang.”

Lian Yin’s greeting suddenly sounded.

It was a male voice, and he called him “Teacher”.

Lang Zhuoyu came back to his senses. It turned out that the “good night” just now was his hallucination, but now it was Lian Yin’s voice.

It belonged to the voice of a boy, Lian Yin’s real voice.

Lian Yin, who was standing in front of him now, although he was still dressed as a real woman, he was real, he was him, not “Tong Tong”, not a woman, just Lian Yin.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t realize that the corner of his mouth rose slightly.

“Well, good night.”

After the two said good night to each other, Lian Yin closed Lang Zhuoyu’s car door and just walked a few steps when his phone suddenly rang.

There was nothing for the caller ID, it was an unfamiliar number. Lian Yin didn’t think about it too much and connected the call.

Before he could make a sound, a righteous young voice came from the opposite side: “Hello, are you Mr. Lian Yin? Your father is at the Beicheng West Station Police Station. He said that he has lost you. Please come here and pick him up from the police station.”

Lian Yin frowned suddenly, and asked blankly, “Father?”

The policeman opposite heard Lian Yin’s puzzled question, and continued to confirm: “Is your father named Lian Tiancheng, 50 years old, from Xicheng.”

“It’s him, but…” Lian Yin didn’t want to believe that Lian Tiancheng came to Beicheng, and subconsciously wanted to explain, but was interrupted.

“Yes, that’s right, please come to the police station to pick him up.” The policeman’s tone was a little eager, “It’s almost twelve o’clock in the evening, why are you as a child so irresponsible?”

Lian Yin took a long breath and lowered his voice. He said, “Okay, I’ll be right there.” 

He hung up the phone and stayed there for a while, then suddenly there was the sound of a car door being closed behind him, followed by Lang Zhuoyu’s questioning. 

“What happened, I see you’ve been standing still, who called?” Lang Zhuoyu asked.

It turned out that he hadn’t left and seeing that Lian Yin seemed to be stumbled by something, he got out of the car and asked.

“It’s my dad, he came to Beicheng.” Lian Yin was stunned, didn’t think much, and answered Lang Zhuoyu’s question like a conditioned reflex.

After answering, he was shocked to realize that he shouldn’t have told Lang Zhuoyu such a thing, the matter between him and Lian Tiancheng was hard to explain. Lian Yin didn’t want to be shown pity about what happened to him in the past. However, if he didn’t explain it, ordinary people wouldn’t understand why he hated his biological father so much.

Sure enough, Lang Zhuoyu asked according to the way of an ordinary person: “Is he coming to visit you? Are you going to pick him up?” 

He didn’t visit himself, and he didn’t want to pick him up, Lian Yin thought. But at that time, it became a sentence: “En, I guess.”

How could he explain to Lang Zhuoyu, saying that he didn’t want to watch over Lian Tiancheng, and it would be fine if he died and it had nothing to do with him?

“It’s getting late. At this time, the subway is out of service and there are no buses, I’ll take you.” Lang Zhuoyu suggested.

It was really inconvenient to travel at this time, so he thanked him, and then hesitated: “I may have to go up and change clothes. My dad… doesn’t know about my cross dressing.”

As soon as he said that, Lang Zhuoyu understood. The older generation of people may not be able to accept Lian Yin’s appearance. He nodded: “Go, I will wait for you in the car for a while.”

Lian Yin wanted to invite him to sit in his room for a while, but thinking of this old and broken building, that he would have to climb five floors to go up, that there were no lights on several floors, and his house was cramped and depressed, he dismissed the idea.

He could only go up to change clothes and remove his makeup as quickly as possible to not let Lang Zhuoyu wait for a long time.

More than ten minutes later, Lian Yin got into Lang Zhuoyu’s car again out of breath. The two drove to Beicheng West Station police station.

As it approached midnight, the train station where people came and went during the day seemed empty. Lang Zhuoyu parked the car in the parking lot, and the two went to the police station together.

The police station was brightly lit. There were several policemen on duty, one or two drunks who were still sober, and Lian Tiancheng, who sat opposite the drunks and snored with his head raised.

Lian Yin’s action of pushing the door caught the attention of a policeman on duty. He looked like he was in his early twenties and asked aloud, “What’s the matter?” 

The voice was the policeman who just called.

Lian Yin glanced at Lian Tiancheng and said to the policeman, “Hello, I’m Lian Tiancheng’s son.” 

The young policeman understood, came over and shook Lian Tiancheng’s shoulder, woke him up, pointed at Lian Yin and asked: “Uncle, is he your son?”

Lian Tiancheng was agitated, hugged his backpack tightly, woke up, saw Lian Yin, smiled, and spoke with a strong Xicheng accent: “Ah, yes yes yes!”

Lian Yin clenched his fists and remained silent.

“That’s good, uncle, go home with your son.” The young policeman was very pleased.

Lian Tiancheng gave him a thumbs up, thanking him endlessly: “Thank you, officer, you are such a good person!”

Then he turned around, and in a place that the police couldn’t see, he raised his head slightly, rolled his eyes, and gave Lian Yin a smug smile.

Lian Yin almost couldn’t help but want to punch him on the bridge of the nose.

The young policeman did not know about the silent confrontation between the father and son, so he only warned with concern: “Go home early.

“Okay.” Lian Tiancheng nodded, then said to Lian Yin: “Did you hear that? The policeman told us to hurry home.”

Lian Yin didn’t move. Lang Zhuoyu pinched his wrist and reminded: “Let’s get out of here first.”

Lian Yin relaxed his attitude, turned around and took Lian Tiancheng out of the police station.

The three of them walked onto the road, with Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu in front, and did not slow down to wait for Lian Tiancheng. Even if he called a few times from behind, Lian Yin turned a deaf ear to him. Lian Tiancheng could only follow step by step to the underground parking lot.

After entering the parking lot, Lian Yin had no hesitation, turned around and asked, “What did you come to me for? What did you promise me?”

His voice was particularly loud in the empty underground parking lot.

Lian Tiancheng snorted and said, “Didn’t you break your promise first? Of course I don’t have to abide by it.”

Lian Yin was in a hurry: “How did I break my promise? You spent half a year’s money at one time and you should be responsible for the consequences. I won’t give you any more money before half a year.”

“You didn’t make it clear, how can you blame me?” Lian Tiancheng was playing a rogue.

“You!” Lian Yin wanted to curse, but realized the existence of Lang Zhuoyu in time, and swallowed the words back in his stomach.

He took a few deep breaths and said to Lang Zhuoyu, “Teacher Lang, thank you for taking me here. I’ll take a taxi with my dad, you should go home first.”

“Teacher Lang?”

Lang Zhuoyu did not say a word. Lian Tiancheng was the first to get excited and shouted loudly, taking a few steps to Lang Zhuoyu. He looked at him carefully, and said excitedly, “It’s actually Teacher Lang! It’s really fate for the teacher to also be in Beicheng. Ah, our family’s Lian Yin will have to bother you to take care of him.” 

As he said that, he stretched out his hand to shake Lang Zhuoyu’s hand.

When he was at the police station just now, Lian Tiancheng felt that Lang Zhuoyu was familiar, but he really hadn’t been to Lian Yin’s school very much. That is, he attended a parent-teacher meeting when he was a freshman in high school, but he didn’t stay until the end. To have him sit there for one afternoon would kill him, so he slipped away halfway.

Therefore, he also met Lang Zhuoyu once. If it wasn’t for Lian Yin calling him Teacher Lang, he would not remember this person at all.

This person had an extraordinary aura, he looked like a rich man, so he couldn’t miss the chance to flatter him.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t stretch out his hand, just nodded lightly: “Hello.”

Lian Tiancheng retracted his hand in embarrassment and wiped it on his stomach.

Lang Zhuoyu said to Lian Yin, “I’ll take you back.”

Lian Yin didn’t have the heart to shirk him off now. He lowered his eyes and said thank you to Lang Zhuoyu, then turned to Lian Tiancheng and said, “Get in the car.”

After Lian Tiancheng was in a hurry to take a seat. Lian Yin sat in the co-pilot, and Lang Zhuoyu finally got into the car. The car started slowly in suffocating silence.

The silence lasted for a few minutes, then Lian Tiancheng shamelessly spoke to Lang Zhuoyu, and abruptly asked him why he had stopped being a teacher, what he was doing now, and whether he was making a lot of money.

“You buy a ticket to go back to Xicheng early tomorrow morning.”

Lian Yin couldn’t bear it any longer.

Relying on the presence of an outsider, Lian Tiancheng raised his chin, put on a father-like posture, and reprimanded Lian Yin: “Your father came to see you, can’t I just stay for a few days, why are you in such a hurry to drive me away? Even a dog would wag a tail at me, you ungrateful ingrate.”

Lian Yin gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. With Lang Zhuoyu present, he can’t quarrel with his father too much, it will make Lang Zhuoyu feel awkward and it will also make him embarrassed.

He didn’t speak any further.

But at this time, Lang Zhuoyu said unexpectedly: “Sir, I think even parents should maintain the most basic courtesy with their adult children.”

He glanced at the company in the back row in the rearview mirror.

“Even if you are Lian Yin’s father, if you want to come to visit, you have to talk to your children. If Lian Yin finds it inconvenient, you as a father should be considerate to him instead of forcing him.”

He paused, his tone cold: “What’s more, Lian Yin is not willing to take you in, why are you acting so righteous?”

Lian Yin was stunned, he did not expect Lang Zhuoyu to speak for himself, and even seemed rude and reckless because of this. He opened his eyes wide and looked at Lang Zhuoyu in surprise.

The orange-yellow light on the roadside hit Lang Zhuoyu’s face through the window glass. The light and dark were scattered and his expression was sharp.

The author has something to say: 

The comment area is not allowed to say that the police is not good. He is doing things according to common sense. It seems that the anger is only because the relationship between the father and son is deformed.

Everyone else can say it, but don’t say it too harshly.

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