Not Obedient Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Go to my house and sleep together 

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Back downstairs at Lian Yin’s building, Lian Yin thought it would be fine to take Lian Tiancheng upstairs, but Lang Zhuoyu insisted on following up, so Lian Yin could only let him follow.

The old neighborhood at midnight exuded an old and decadent smell. In the corridors of the residential buildings, the cement was imbalanced with some high and some low. It seems that the construction workers were in the midst of free play when building the house. The flickering lights couldn’t illuminate the road under their feet, so one needed to always pay attention to prevent them from stepping on air.

The corridors were cramped and narrow, while Lang Zhuoyu was tall. Although he wouldn’t touch the ceiling, he was forced to lower his head subconsciously.

Silently climbing five floors, Lian Yin took out the key, walked to the door, opened the lock, and stepped in first.

This was the first time Lang Zhuoyu had entered Lian Yin’s house. Although he often sent Lian Yin home when they were dating before, because he thought Lian Yin was a girl at the time, he never asked to enter the house in order to avoid suspicion.

The place was small in size and can be seen from the door. The decoration was simple, with a bed, a desk, and a yellowed air conditioner. The kitchen and toilet were fairly well-equipped, which was the average level of rental housing for college students.

Lian Yin himself took a decent, good care of himself.

Lian Tiancheng felt disappointed when he saw it. As soon as he entered the door, he looked at the whole room in disgust, touched the bed in the east, the cabinet in the west, and then smacked his lips.

“Lian Yin, I thought you were doing well in the big city, but you ended up living in a place like this?”

Of course he was disappointed, he thought he could eat delicious food and live in a big house when he got to Beicheng.

After all, Lian Yin sent him tens of thousands of dollars with a wave of his hand. The moment he received the money, Lian Tiancheng was very shocked. He didn’t see Lian Yin saying that it was half a year’s living expenses until it was almost spent. When he asked for money, he saw the text message.

“If you are not satisfied, you can go sleep in the bridge hole.” Lian Yin walked to the bedside table, squatted down calmly, and locked a drawer.

Lian Tiancheng noticed his action, his eyes flashed, but he didn’t speak.

After locking the cabinet, Lian Yin reached out to Lian Tiancheng: “Bag.”

Lian Tiancheng didn’t move. Lian Yin said impatiently, and pointed to the desk: “Put it on the table.”

Lian Tiancheng put the bag down.

After putting away the bag, Lian Tiancheng began to look around in the small room. Lang Zhuoyu kept standing at the door and did not go inside. Lian Yin turned to him and said to him, “Thank you for today, Teacher Lang. It’s getting late, so you can go back first.”

Lang Zhuoyu looked down at him for a moment, then suddenly grabbed Lian Yin’s wrist and pulled him away and out the door.

The lights in the corridor just went out, and the two hid in the darkness and stood opposite each other.

No one turned on the light. Lang Zhuoyu asked softly in the dark, “Are you going to live with him?”

“Ah.” Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, then answered honestly, “Yes, that’s the only way, I’ll have him leave early tomorrow morning.”

If possible, Lian Yin didn’t want to be in the same room with Lian Tiancheng at all, but it was so late and he couldn’t drive Lian Tiancheng away, he had nowhere to go except here. If Lian Tiancheng was asked to stay in a hotel, he might go even further and make things worse, he could only go out later to see if there was a cheap place to rest for the night.

“Go to my house.” Lang Zhuoyu said.

Lian Yin was very surprised and raised his head to look at Lang Zhuoyu, but there was only a small beam of light from the crack of Lian Yin’s door in the dark corridor, making him unable to see the expression of the person opposite him.

“Pack up your important things and come with me.”

Lang Zhuoyu said that he would be waiting for him downstairs, and left first. Lian Yin stared blankly at his leaving figure for a long time before coming back to his senses. He re-entered the house, took out a backpack, collected a few changes of clothes, and loaded some important documents.

“Where are you going?” Lian Tiancheng had already taken off his shoes and was lying on the bed. His socks hadn’t been changed for a long time, giving off a stinky stench.

Lian Yin frowned and said angrily, “My bed is small, so the two of us can’t sleep here. You sleep by yourself, I’ll go out and find a place to spend the night.”

“Teacher Lang is gone?” Lian Tiancheng asked.

“He left early on.” Lian Yin put the bag on his shoulder and took out his mobile phone, “Give me your ID card and I’ll buy you a ticket.”

Lian Tiancheng turned over, faced the wall, closed his eyes and refused: “It’s too late, I’ll buy it tomorrow, I’m too lazy to get my ID card.”

“Then tell me the ID number.” Lian Yin remained unmoved and insisted on buying a ticket.

“Shut up! I bought it myself, three days later. I just came to see you, yet look at you. I really hate seeing you, I’ll leave in three days!” Lian Tiancheng said impatiently.

Lian Tiancheng was acting like a rogue, and Lian Yin had no choice. He sighed, put away his phone, and prepared to leave.

“Where are you going to live?” Lian Tiancheng sat up and asked in hot pursuit.

Lian Yin understood his father and why this old man asked this question. 100%, he was guessing whether Lian Yin would go to Lang Zhuoyu’s house to live and he wanted to follow him shamelessly.

Lian Yin looked back at him with a cold light in his eyes, and replied coldly: “24-hour convenience store.”

Lian Tiancheng was speechless, laid back, and pretended to say: “Then be careful you don’t catch a cold.” 

Lian Yin came out, closed the door, and let out a weary breath.

Why does he have a blood relationship with such a person that he can’t get rid of? He had never fulfilled his father’s obligations and only gave himself a few bites of food when he was a child so that he would not starve to death, so why can he be so confident at this time to request things of him?

Lang Zhuoyu’s car was parked downstairs, half illuminated and half covered by shadows. Lian Yin walked over, opened the door, and got in the car.

The car started quickly and left the depressing rundown neighborhood.

When he came to Lang Zhuoyu’s house, it was almost two in the morning.

By this time, the two of them were very tired. Lang Zhuoyu took out a pair of slippers and handed them to Lian Yin: “No one has worn these, you can wear them.”

Lian Yin whispered thank you, took the shoes and put them on.

Lang Zhuoyu went back to the bedroom first. Lian Yin stood in the same place, feeling a little overwhelmed. Half a minute later, Lang Zhuoyu came out of the bedroom, holding a set of pajamas that had not taken off it’s tag.

“You’re wearing these pajamas, it’s new, I haven’t worn them.”

Lian Yin took the pajamas. Lang Zhuoyu took Lian Yin to the bathroom. Lian Yin looked at the big bathtub and blinked.

Lang Zhuoyu caught his eyes and asked with a smile, “Do you want to take a bath?”

“No no no.” Lian Yin was startled, feeling a little embarrassed, and quickly denied it, “I’ll just take a shower.”

“That’s right. I’m also afraid that you will fall asleep while soaking, take a shower and go to bed.” Lang Zhuoyu adjusted the temperature of the water, told Lian Yin which was the shower gel and which was the shampoo, and gave him the bath towel, and then backed out.

The bathroom door was closed, Lian Yin took off his clothes and put them outside before entering the shower.

After more than ten minutes, Lian Yin walked out of the bathroom while wiping his hair.

Lang Zhuoyu just came out of the room.

Lian Yin’s cheeks were flushed and moistened by the steam from the shower. He was impatient when blow drying his hair, so the ends of his hair were still wet and dripping with water. Even the oversized pajamas that Lian Yin was wearing were stained with water marks.

Lang Zhuoyu’s pajamas inevitably looked a little too big on Lian Yin. The neckline of the loose T-shirt was opened a little lower, revealing his collarbone. The shoulder line was also loose, as if it would slip off at any time.

Lang Zhuoyu looked away unconsciously, and then felt that his actions were absurd, so he looked back.

“I have something to tell you.” Lang Zhuoyu said.

Lian Yin stopped wiping his hair and looked over.

“When I bought the house and renovated it, I changed the other two rooms that were supposed to be guest bedrooms, so there is only one bedroom left in the house.”

  When those words were said, it sounded a bit nervous, but Lian Yin didn’t notice.

Lian Yin wanted to say that he could sleep on the sofa, but before he could say it, Lang Zhuoyu took him by his shoulder and brought him into the bedroom.

While walking, Lang Zhuoyu explained, “But I made a floor with a quilt, so I should be able to sleep there.” 

The master bedroom was very large, and most of the room was designed with tatami mats. The bed itself was very short and the empty tatami mats beside the bed was covered with a soft new quilt. If the middle and the bed were not separated by more than ten centimeters, it looked like the same widened bed.

“Thank you, Teacher Lang.” Lian Yin couldn’t say anything except thank you.

“It’s alright, let’s go to sleep.” 

Lian Yin laid down on the floor, in fact, it was the bed spread he was sleeping on. Because Lang Zhuoyu’s bed was very low, he could see the movement of Lang Zhuoyu lying down when he turned his head. It created an illusion that they were actually in the same bed.

“Do you sleep with the lights on?” Lang Zhuoyu asked before turning off the lights.

Lian Yin shook his head and replied, “You don’t need to leave the light on.”

“Okay.” Lang Zhuoyu said with a smile, and with a “click” sound, the room sank into darkness.

The dark environment was easy to make people drowsy, and after running around for a long time tonight, the two who should have been extremely tired and have fallen asleep, but no one fell asleep for a while.

Time passed slowly. Ten minutes later, the breathing sound of the two of them was still very obvious and they still maintained the frequency of when they were awake.

Lian Yin’s eyes were still open, and his eyes shone slightly because they reflected the night light outside the window. He quietly turned over and leaned closer to Lang Zhuoyu.

He was lying on his side, holding the quilt in front of him, looking at Lang Zhuoyu who had closed his eyes, pretending to sleep across the gap of ten centimeters between the floor and the bed.

“Teacher Lang.”

Lian Yin shouted in a louder voice.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t answer.

“Teacher Lang, I know you’re not asleep.” Lian Yin whispered to expose the fact that Lang Zhuoyu was pretending to be asleep.

“What are you doing, aren’t you sleepy?” Lang Zhuoyu answered reluctantly.

“I’m very sleepy, but I can’t sleep.” Lian Yin moved carefully again, making a rustling sound as the quilt rubbed together.

“Teacher Lang, why were you angry tonight?”

Lian Yin asked the question again.

Lang Zhuoyu turned over, turned his back to Lian Yin, ignored the question itself again, and instead urged Lian Yin: “Go to sleep quickly, don’t talk and fall asleep.” 

Lian Yin did not continue to ask, and the room was quiet for a while.

Just when Lang Zhuoyu breathed a sigh of relief and was about to readjust his state to fall asleep, he heard Lian Yin’s voice again.

“Teacher Lang, do you still remember the day I graduated, when I came to you and said you were a liar?”

Lian Yin’s thoughts flew far away, and he began to recall the past without warning.

In fact, Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t sleep either, and his mind unconsciously followed his words through time and space, and his memory gradually returned.

There was indeed such a thing. Before the graduation party after the college entrance examination, Lian Yin avoided all his classmates, ran to the office to find Lang Zhuoyu, and said to him without thinking: “Teacher Lang, when people graduate, they would always thank the teacher, and I will thank you, but at the same time, I will never forgive you.”

He still remembered that Lian Yin was a little more immature than now, and his youthful face was full of unhappiness, and he said coldly to himself: “Because you are a liar.”

Immediately afterwards, Lian Yin didn’t wait for him to answer, turned around and ran away, and he never appeared in front of him since that day.

Lang Zhuoyu remembered this, but if he didn’t mention it, he probably wouldn’t remember it.

Because there were too many things that happened at the same time during that time, and Lian Yin’s accusations were groundless. Lang Zhuoyu thought about the reasons, but he couldn’t figure it out, so he gradually forgot about it.

Now that Lian Yin mentioned it again, Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know what he meant, so he was silent and didn’t speak.

Lian Yin didn’t care about Lang Zhuoyu’s silence, and continued to talk to himself: “I said I would not forgive you at the time, but it has been so long, and now you have helped me so much… I was ignorant back then. In fact, you have no reason to help me unconditionally, it’s just…”

He realized that his words were incoherent and took a deep breath. His voice trembled slightly: “In short, what I want to say is that when you said that I can come to you when I encounter everything and I can trust you and you will help me, I really appreciated you. However, I was too greedy and made unreasonable demands on you. If the demands were not met, I complained about you for no reason, thus I said something like that to you when I graduated.” 

“I forgive you now.” Lian Yin’s tone was awkward, and he felt that it was wrong, so he quickly changed his words, “No, I mean, I’m sorry. I want to apologize to you, I was the one who spoke too much at that time. It was too much, I hope you forgive me.” 

Lian Yin said this and even sat up cross-legged. After speaking, he looked at Lang Zhuoyu eagerly. 

After meeting each other again, Lang Zhuoyu’s connivance and accommodation can almost be said to have no bottom line. If at this point, he still wanted to nitpick on things a few years ago that can’t be changed, then he would really be a scumbag. 

Moreover, after getting along during this period of time, no matter if Lang Zhuoyu had long forgotten what he said five years ago, he had already fulfilled his promise. 

Lang Zhuoyu sat up slowly, his expression was serious, and he looked at Lian Yin. 

Now, he remembered everything. 

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