Not Obedient Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Hugs, kisses, and, sorry

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 Lang Zhuoyu once made a promise to Lian Yin.

Strictly speaking, it was not a promise. For Lang Zhuoyu, it was a word of concern. Only Lian Yin, who was isolated and helpless, regarded it as a promise.

That was five years ago and Lian Yin had just entered the second year of high school.

In the first semester after the separation of arts and sciences, Lian Yin stayed in Lang Zhuoyu’s class because he was a liberal arts student.

Lang Zhuoyu was still a very young teacher at the time. The class he took over in the second year of high school was the first class he officially took, and the first class to accompany him until graduation, so he took great care of the students in his class.

At noon at the beginning of the semester, Lang Zhuoyu finished the last class in the morning and went to the cafeteria for lunch.

Although the teacher canteen was separate from the student canteen, it can only be reached through the student canteen. Lang Zhuoyu was on his way to get a meal when he saw Lian Yin sitting in the corner.

At that time, Lian Yin was much shorter than he was now, barely reaching 1.7 meters. Most of the boys started to grow crazily after the age of seventeen or eighteen. Lian Yin, who had not yet had his growth spurt, was a small and thin boy, shrunken in a large T-shirt.

In front of him was not dishes like the other children. Instead of oily rice bowls or fried meat, he only had a bowl of white rice and spinach soup. Lian Yin poured the spinach soup into the rice, froze, and then began to drink it into his mouth.

Rice and vegetable soup in the school cafeteria were free.

Obviously, Lian Yin did this because he had no money. In this way, you don’t need to spend money to eat and you can still satisfy your stomach, but if you continue to do this, you will suffer from insufficient protein intake. This will lead to malnutrition, and soaked rice is not good for your stomach.

Lang Zhuoyu observed the surrounding environment. Because there were pipes passing through this corner, there was no light and it was stuffy, so students didn’t like to sit here. Even during peak meal times, the two tables beside Lian Yin were empty.

The reason why he chose this position was obvious. Children of this age had high self-esteem. Even if there were real difficulties at home, they would not be willing to show embarrassment, because they were afraid of being teased. So he can only find a corner where no one is around and try his best not to let others notice him.

Lang Zhuoyu walked over quietly and silently sat down opposite Lian Yin.

Lian Yin’s action of burying his head to eat was obvious. His right hand squeezed the chopsticks tightly, and he was visibly nervous, and he dared not raise his head for a long time.

Being discovered, he felt ashamed.

Lang Zhuoyu guessed what he was thinking, but escaping was not the way. He could only ask him about his situation and solve the problem for him on the premise of maintaining the self-esteem of this little boy as much as possible.

“Lian Yin, would you like to talk to teacher?” Lang Zhuoyu spoke as gently as possible.

Lian Yin put down his chopsticks and slowly raised his head, his bright eyes hidden behind his long bangs.

Lang Zhuoyu thought that he didn’t want to say it, and had planned to persuade him with a long talk, but he didn’t expect Lian Yin to say it directly without hesitation.

“Does teacher want to ask me why I eat these free things?” The young man’s voice was clear and cold. He didn’t wait for Lang Zhuoyu to answer, he used almost offensive language to explain, “Isn’t it obvious, because I have no money. “

Lang Zhuoyu choked on this. Lian Yin lowered his head again, pretending not to care and continued to eat.

Before his lips touched the edge of the bowl, he was stopped by Lang Zhuoyu’s outstretched hand. Lang Zhuoyu put his hand on the mouth of the bowl, almost confiscated it, and touched the back of Lang Zhuoyu’s hand.

“Eat less soup and rice, it’s bad for your stomach. You wait here obediently.”

Lang Zhuoyu flicked him with his fingers, got up and ran to the window where the rice was served. He bought a small stir-fry for ten yuan. He brought it over and placed it in front of Lian Yin.

Lian Yin glanced at the stir fry, couldn’t hold back, and swallowed.

He hadn’t had a decent meal for two weeks.

Lang Zhuoyu noticed his small movements, and it was hard to hold back his laughter. But in order not to hurt his self-esteem, he still held back his laughter and pushed the dish to him: “Eat it.”

Lian Yin still hesitated and looked at Lang Zhuoyu.

Lang Zhuoyu said to him seriously: “I’m your teacher, I should take care of you, you don’t need to feel burdened.”

After hearing this, Lian Yin carefully picked up his chopsticks.

This move meant that the young man let his guard down. Lang Zhuoyu took this opportunity to ask, “Have you run out of living expenses?”

He swallowed the contents of his mouth, and said lightly, “My dad said he has no money.”

Lang Zhuoyu looked back and found that he had no impression of Lian Yin’s father at all. He was in his second year of high school, and there were several parent-teacher meetings, but he didn’t seem to have seen Lian Yin’s father once.

Another parent who didn’t care about their child.

Lian Yin buried his head low when he was eating. He didn’t know if this was his habit, or if he was embarrassed to face Lang Zhuoyu. The teenager was like a small hamster holding a bowl. Because of his small face, it was obvious that his cheeks were bulging a little, and only moved with the chewing action.

How could a beautiful boy with good grades and a quiet personality be treated so carelessly by his parents?

An emotion called pity penetrated Lang Zhuoyu’s whole heart.

“You can come to teacher if you encounter any difficulties in the future.” Lang Zhuoyu said solemnly.

Lian Yin stopped chewing and looked up at Lang Zhuoyu.

“You can trust me because I am your teacher, so I will help you no matter what.”

Lian Yin stared blankly at Lang Zhuoyu for a long time, then suddenly buried his head and made a scraping action to scoop the food, then vaguely said, “Thank you, teacher.”

When applying for the bursary that semester, Lang Zhuoyu called Lian Yin to the office specifically, and gave him the application form. He asked him to fill out the form when he returned home on the weekend.

Unexpectedly, after coming back on Monday, Lian Yin returned the blank form to Lang Zhuoyu, saying that he did not need it.

Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t ask the reason and Lian Yin just said that he didn’t need it anyway.

Later, Lang Zhuoyu never saw Lian Yin again in the cafeteria, so he didn’t know if he avoided it on purpose or if the situation improved. He didn’t seem to be any different from other students and it didn’t look like he was still having difficulties. Lang Zhuoyu gradually forgot about it and treated Lian Yin like an ordinary student.

It had been five years since this matter. If Lian Yin hadn’t mentioned it again at this time, Lang Zhuoyu would not have taken the initiative to think of it.

He didn’t expect Lian Yin to memorize his words for so long.

The night was gentle. Lang Zhuoyu leaned against the bed and looked at Lian Yin. The thin young man had grown taller. Although he was still thin, he had become a lot more cheerful. He was working hard to live a good life.

Lian Yin was a little embarrassed to be seen. He put his hands on his knees and rested his chin on his knees. He said, “I was greedy and not satisfied. At that time, the president of Beicheng University recommended a place, but I didn’t get it, so I blamed you for lying to me.”

After saying this, Lang Zhuoyu suddenly linked the help five years ago with Lian Yin’s inexplicable accusation against him when he graduated.

As a provincial key middle school, Xicheng No. 1 Middle School had a cooperation plan with Beicheng University. This cooperation plan was no longer available. Lian Yin’s class was the last batch of students to enjoy this policy.

This plan was a supplementary policy of Beicheng University’s self-enrollment. In addition to the competition and various training plans for science students, Xicheng No. 1 Middle School had a recommendation quota every year and would recommend the best one among the ordinary liberal arts college entrance examination students. The recommended students can enjoy the preferential treatment of admission.

It sounds like the principal had the final say in this recommended quota. In fact, the principal had no way to control the result. After all, the best students in the whole school knew who they were. Beicheng University would also personally review the grades and conduct of the recommended students.

In order to have an explicit rule and avoid injustice, the selection of this quota will last for about one semester, starting from the final exam of the last semester of high school, to the last mock exam. According to the ranking of scores, the student with the highest average ranking was recommended.

At that time, in the entire third year of liberal arts, only Lian Yin and Mo Han could be called contenders for this quota. They often ranked first and second, and the students in the third place changed a lot and were not stable.

Because Lian Yin and Mo Han were in the same class, the school asked Lang Zhuoyu to be in charge of the usual inspections for the final draft and to submit them for review.

After the results of the last mock test came out, Lian Yin’s average ranking was the highest, and Mo Han was only a few tenths lower than him, that is, the difference between one or more tests for second place. This quota should naturally be Lian Yin’s.

But just when the recommended quota was about to be submitted to the principal for review, Lian Yin was caught by the dean of school for violating the school rules, that his mobile phone was found under his pillow.

In the later stages of the third year of high school, some poor students became more undisciplined. During that time, there were several major violations of discipline in the school, and school spirit and discipline were strictly enforced. Lian Yin’s cell phone was pulled out from under Lian Yin’s pillow in front of the six people in a dormitory by the dean during the lunch break.

More than a dozen eyes saw it at the same time and Lian Yin was unable to argue.

No. 1 Middle School was a boarding school. Students can bring mobile phones, but mobile phones must be turned off and handed over to the head teacher after returning to school on Sunday evening.

In fact, this rule was not so strict. Students secretly took their mobile phones back to the dormitory and hid them. If they were not found, nothing would happen. Even if they were seen by the teacher, they will be confiscated and their parents will be called.

But whoever let this incident known, released it so many would know. Also, with the mobile phone being boldly placed under the pillow, it is hard not to make people think that this student was secretly lying down and playing with the mobile phone at any time. The dean of the school was so angry that he wanted him severely punished, to be used as an example.

Especially Lian Yin being a good student, the deterrent effect was even better.

Lang Zhuoyu was also shocked when he found out about this. If they really need to give Lian Yin a warning for violating school rules, the recommended place would definitely be gone. Beicheng University would not want a student who was undisciplined in high school.

Lang Zhuoyu and the school leaders found Lian Yin and asked him what he was thinking and why he didn’t hand in his mobile phone honestly.

Lian Yin said: “I handed it in.”

Lang Zhuoyu was a little angry, and his tone was not good. He asked him: “You said you handed it in, so why did the phone appear under the pillow?”

Lian Yin was silent, and then stubbornly said: “I handed it in, I didn’t take the phone.”

Lang Zhuoyu put the phone on the table, turned it on, and asked him, “Is this your phone?”

“Yes.” Lian Yin admitted.

“You said you handed in your cell phone, but I saw that there was no cell phone in the cabinet, and you confirmed that this cell phone is yours. How do you explain it?” 

Lian Yin gritted his teeth: “I don’t know.”

No matter how Lang Zhuoyu asked after, Lian Yin insisted that he had handed over his mobile phone and did not play with it.

But when he was asked to explain why the phone appeared under the pillow, he would be silent for a while, and said, “I don’t know.”

This attitude made the dean even more certain that the student was being stubborn, and his perception of Lian Yin had fallen to the bottom. Lang Zhuoyu also lost his patience. After he received the mobile phones every week, he would put it in a locked cabinet as soon as possible. The lock of the cabinet was intact, and it was impossible for someone to pick the lock and take the mobile phone away.

If Lian Yin really handed over his cell phone, how could his cell phone appear under the pillow in the bedroom?

There is only one possibility, he lied.

Later, when the dean of the school and the school leaders were away, Lang Zhuoyu also specifically talked to Lian Yin alone, asking him to admit his mistakes and keep his attitude sincere. Maybe the school would consider it and not punish him, and the recommended quota could be kept. 

Lian Yin looked at Lang Zhuoyu stubbornly, and asked him, “I didn’t do it, teacher, don’t you believe me?”

Even if Lang Zhuoyu wanted to believe him, there was no evidence to prove that Lian Yin really didn’t do it.

Lang Zhuoyu looked away and said disappointedly, “How can I trust you? If you handed in your mobile phone, can the mobile phone run through the door of the cabinet and go under your pillow by itself? Lian Yin, don’t be so stubborn.”

Lian Yin squeezed his fist behind his back tightly, his lips moved, and finally he took a deep breath. A thousand words poured into his mouth, but it turned into one sentence: “I didn’t do it, I won’t admit it.” 

“Then there’s no other way, go back to self-study.” Lang Zhuoyu weakly sent the person away.

In the end, the school warned Lian Yin in the name of violating the school rules, and canceled his recommendation, and Mo Han, who ranked second, took his place.

There was more than a year between this incident and meeting Lian Yin in the cafeteria five years ago, so Lang Zhuoyu never considered the two matters together. At that time he just thought that Lian Yin was stubborn and couldn’t think things through.

But when the time came to today when everything had been settled and the past was brought up again, it may be that time has changed things, the important things have become weak, and the current state of mind was also very different; Lang Zhuoyu connected the two things together and thought of other possibilities.

“Are you blaming me for not believing you? Because I said that I will help you in any situation?” Lang Zhuoyu’s low voice sounded in the night.

Lian Yin hugged himself even tighter and nodded, “Yes. But now that I think about it, at that time, I really couldn’t prove that I didn’t do it. It’s normal that you didn’t believe me.”

“Then did you do it?” Lang Zhuoyu asked calmly.

After such a long time, time has washed away everything, and even through a small beam of light from the gaps in the curtains, he can vaguely see Lang Zhuoyu’s serious expression. 

He suddenly smiled lightly and said, “I didn’t have it, I handed over my phone.”

At this point, it was pointless to pursue the truth, and it would be pointless to lie if Lian Yin insisted on lying.

Lang Zhuoyu felt his left heart twitch suddenly. This time, he didn’t need any evidence. He believed Lian Yin’s words: he didn’t do it, he was innocent.

Lang Zhuoyu opened his mouth and found that his throat seemed to be strangled, and he couldn’t make a sound. He adjusted and patted the vacant seat beside him.

Then softly encouraging, he said to Lian Yin like an order: “Come here.”

The call fell in Lian Yin’s ears, causing an unknown electric current to flow through his entire spine, and he suddenly became nervous.

He tentatively got up from the floor where he slept, crossed the narrow gap, sat on Lang Zhuoyu’s bed, and came to Lang Zhuoyu’s side.

“Lie down.” Lang Zhuoyu said again.

Lian Yin laid down in response. His hands and feet were stiff as he stared blankly at Lang Zhuoyu with his eyes open.

Later, Lang Zhuoyu also laid down beside him, stretched out his arms to embrace the person, and took him tightly into his arms, his lips brushing his forehead.

“I’m sorry, good night.”

Lang Zhuoyu’s voice trembled imperceptibly.

The author has something to say:

The mobile phone will be explained clearly in the future, so don’t worry.

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