Not Obedient Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Stay with me, as long as you want

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 Lian Yin frowned, and his consciousness gradually became clear.

He slept so late last night that even though Lian Yin was awake now, his eyes couldn’t open. He slept in one position for several hours and his body was a little stiff. Lian Yin’s eyes were closed and he made two grunts in his throat, trying to turn over.

But he found himself stuck, unable to turn over because he had an arm around his shoulder.

Lian Yin, who was blocked from turning over, frowned a little unhappily, complaining about how there was an arm on his shoulder.

There’s an…arm on his shoulder! ?

Lian Yin suddenly woke up. He opened his eyelids, his eyes still dry and uncomfortable. He could barely see where he was at the moment and what posture he was in.

He was lying between the shoulders and neck of the other person. The other person’s arm passed by the back of his neck and wrapped his arms around him, while his own arm firmly wrapped around the other person’s waist, and his legs were unscrupulously straddling the other person’s legs.

Lang Zhuoyu still closed his eyes, breathing steadily, and seemed not to wake up.

The morning sunlight filtered in through the slits of the curtains, and the whole room was illuminated softly. Lang Zhuoyu’s hair was a little messy and small stubbles had appeared, but the handsome face was still perfect, it even added a bit more distinguished and exhausted temperament.

My god… Lian Yin couldn’t believe this situation, did he sleep with Lang Zhuoyu all night?

Lian Yin swallowed his saliva, froze in place for a while, forgetting what to do.

He just stared at Lang Zhuoyu silently for several seconds, until Lang Zhuoyu’s Adam’s apple slid unnaturally twice.

“Are you awake?” Lang Zhuoyu slowly opened his eyelids, his voice somewhat hoarse, something unique to the morning.

Lian Yin nodded stupidly.

Seeing his stupid look, Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth and asked him, “Is it comfortable to hold?”

Lian Yin answered humbly, “It’s okay.”

But he still had no intention of letting go.

Lang Zhuoyu was helpless, and moved the arm that Lian Yin was sleeping on with his head, and Lian Yin’s head was forced to be lifted up and down with the movement.

“Let me get up if you are awake, I want to go to the toilet.” Lang Zhuoyu said.

“Ah!” Only then did Lian Yin react. He hurriedly sat up, and at the same time retracted his limbs that had invaded Lang Zhuoyu’s territory. “I’m sorry.”

With numb arms, he got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom.

It was too late to chat last night, both of them were very sleepy. It was supposed to be a comforting hug, but they fell asleep unexpectedly.

In the morning, Lang Zhuoyu woke up early, and when he woke up, he felt heavy all over his body. When he looked up, he realized that Lian Yin’s half body was on top of him and his head was sleeping on his arm, and his eyes were closed tightly. Yes, there was no sign of waking up at all.

This was very hard for Lang Zhuoyu, he felt that his arm can’t recover today.

Lang Zhuoyu went to the toilet to wash up, while Lian Yin sat silently on the bed for a while, then quietly raised his hand and buried his face in the palm of his hand.

More than ten minutes later, Lang Zhuoyu came out of the toilet and asked Lian Yin to wash up.

Lang Zhuoyu always had new toothbrushes at home. One was used by Lian Yin yesterday, but there were not many mouthwash cups. Lang Zhuoyu went to the kitchen to get a drinking glass for Lian Yin. While he was walking, he wondered how Lian Yin rinsed his mouth? As a result, when he returned to the bathroom, he saw that Lian Yin was rinsing his mouth clean with water in his hands and his collar was splashed with water marks.

Lang Zhuoyu, who hadn’t lived with a young man for a long time, touched his forehead and raised the cup in his hand: “There are still cups at home.”

“Oh.” Lian Yin knew that he had made a fool of himself, and responded in a muffled voice.

In fact, he found it very convenient to use his hands.

“You brush your teeth this fast?” Lang Zhuoyu walked in and put the cup on the counter, “Did you brush it clean?”

Lian Yin raised his head and opened his mouth to show him: “It’s clean, ah——”

Lang Zhuoyu squeezed his chin naturally, lowered his head to check, and commented calmly: “Not bad, but next time brush for three minutes.”

Soon, he withdrew his hand, picked up the glass, and turned to leave the bathroom.

Lian Yin still kept his chin up and blushed in hindsight.

He slapped his face frantically, rubbed his face into a ball, looked at the mirror and spurned, Why! Why are you looking up! Why are you talking to him!

Ah! Lian Yin, what are you doing!

Outside the bathroom, Lang Zhuoyu almost dropped the cup. With quick eyes and quick hands, he caught the cup again and walked to the kitchen pretending to be calm.

After Lian Yin washed up, he walked out of the room and searched for a long time, but couldn’t find where Lang Zhuoyu was. He stood in the center of the room at a loss, and trotted over until he saw Lang Zhuoyu coming out of the kitchen.

“Sit down at the dining table and I’ll make breakfast.” Lang Zhuoyu pointed to the dining table.

“Need help?”

Lang Zhuoyu smiled and pushed him away: “No.” 

It didn’t take long for breakfast and in twenty minutes, Lang Zhuoyu brought the two meals to the table.

His was a cup of coffee, two slices of bread and a fried egg. Lian Yin’s was much richer: a big glass of milk, a whole cheese sandwich with two fried eggs, several slices of bacon, fruit, boiled eggs, just a whole lot.

Lian Yin looked at the food in front of him. He blinked and raised his hand: “Teacher Lang, it’s 10:30 right now. If I eat so much, I won’t need to eat at noon.”

“Eat more.” Lang Zhuoyu drank a sip of coffee, “Yesterday you mentioned the incident five years ago and now I found out that you probably haven’t eaten well since then, which is why you’re so thin.”

“No, it was only during that time, I’ve eaten well since then.” Lian Yin raised an objection.

“Really? Then why are you still so thin?”

“Uh…” Lian Yin replied tentatively, “Physical reasons?”

Lang Zhuoyu stared at him for a while with a serious face, then took a sip of coffee and said lightly: “Eat it all.”

Lian Yin was speechless, picked up the sandwich silently, and took a bite.

Why did he mention that incident five years ago last night…

Lian Yin’s breakfast seemed to be a lot, but it was neither greasy nor sweet. After eating, the burden was very small. Although he was full, he had no discomfort. 

After taking the last bite, Lian Yin supported his chin and his eyes looked a bit blank.

“Have you eaten enough?” Lang Zhuoyu asked.

Lian Yin was afraid that he still had something for him to eat, so he nodded quickly, indicating that he couldn’t hold any more.

“Wash the dishes and digest.” Lang Zhuoyu instructed.

“Okay.” Lian Yin stood up, put away the dishes on the table, and brought them to the kitchen.

Lang Zhuoyu’s house had a dishwasher, but he never used it. There are not many dishes, so hand-washing was fine. He took the dish towel, squeezed the dishwashing liquid, and started to wash the dishes.

Lang Zhuoyu usually worked for a while after eating in the morning. Today, Lian Yin was at his house, so he didn’t rush to turn on the computer, but stood at the door of the kitchen with his arms folded, watching Lian Yin wash the dishes.

With the sound of swishing water, Lang Zhuoyu asked, “How long will your father stay with you?”

Lian Yin moved his hand for a while, didn’t raise his head, and replied in a low voice, “He said he bought a ticket to go back three days later.”

He put a plate on the table and continued: “But I don’t believe it. He must have come found me for a reason and he won’t go back unless he achieves his goal.”

“Then if he lives in your house, what are you going to do next?”

Lian Yin was silent.

If Lian Tiancheng didn’t leave, it would be inconvenient for him to go home and live, but he couldn’t stay at Lang Zhuoyu’s house all the time. When Lang Zhuoyu asked this, the subtext was to remind himself to make plans early.

That’s right, he had no obligation to help him the entire time.

If he had money, it would be great. If he had money, he wouldn’t have to look at Lian Tiancheng’s face, he could just throw money at him to make him get out of the way. Even if he didn’t want to spend money on the old guy, he could just find a hotel to live in, or find another place to rent.

Unfortunately, he had no money.

Lian Yin was just an intern. If he hadn’t saved some money in his part-time job at the bar in the past two years, he would have basically had nothing left after paying the rent for his internship salary. He would eat the Northwest Wind every month (eat nothing). Lian Yin had no money to squander.

“I’ll ask my dad what he wants as soon as possible and then send him back. Before that, I can stay at a friend’s house.” Lian Yin lowered his eyes and said.

Lang Zhuoyu looked away, not aware of Lian Yin’s gradually declining mood, and did not answer.

The air was stagnant for a while.

Lian Yin felt that the awkward atmosphere had solidified. He wanted to pat his back, but the plate in his hand was not finished being washed, and Lang Zhuoyu was still standing at the door, so he could only endure it.

After finishing the last plate, Lian Yin turned off the faucet, and put the dishes into the cupboard with the high-tension atmosphere.

The cupboard was closed, and Lang Zhuoyu made a sound at the same time.

“You can stay with me.”

Lian Yin suddenly looked up. Lang Zhuoyu’s expression remained unchanged.

Lang Zhuoyu seemed to read something from Lian Yin’s eyes. In order to reassure Lian Yin, he added, “You can stay here as long as you want.”

After speaking, Lang Zhuoyu turned and left. Lian Yin stayed for a while, then quickly put away the plate and chased after.

“However, I only took one set of clothes, I didn’t bring anything else.”

Lang Zhuoyu stopped, turned around, and said, “Go back and get it. Bring back all the things you need and are important.”

Lian Yin was still a little dizzy and he was in a strange mood at the moment. It was obviously troublesome. If it was someone else, he would be reluctant because the debt he owed would be difficult to repay.

But at this time, he was very happy. Yes, very happy.

There was always some joy after something bad happens.

Lian Yin felt that this mood was a little inappropriate and restrained a little. In Lang Zhuoyu’s eyes, Lian Yin seemed to have become blank for a while.

So Lang Zhuoyu asked, “Is there too much stuff? Do you have a box at home or can I drive you? I can take a day off today.”

“No!” Lian Yin waved his hand and explained, “No need to send me, I just have a little… …Well, thank you Teacher Lang, I’ll just go by myself.”

“Okay, do you know which subway to take?”


“I’ll give you a key, you need it for the community gate.” Lang Zhuoyu took out the spare key.


“What else?”

Lian Yin scratched his cheek: “The suitcase.”

Lang Zhuoyu found a large suitcase for Lian Yin, took him to the door, said goodbye to him, and returned to the study after he left..

Lian Yin dragged the big suitcase and stood in front of the elevator, feeling that he was going to live at Lang Zhuoyu’s house.

Lang Zhuoyu’s house was still a little far from Lian Yin’s house and it took more than half an hour to take the subway one way. After arriving at the station, Lian Yin dragged the big suitcase and walked back to his rental house.

Half a block away from the rental house, Lian Yin met an old neighbor who was shopping for food and was going home. It was the old lady who watched anti-Japanese drama every day who lived across from him.

The old lady was a kind person. She wrinkled her face when she saw Lian Yin today, came over unhappy and complained, “Little Lian, what were you doing last night? You were so noisy, I couldn’t fall asleep!”

Lian Yin suddenly felt something wrong when he heard this and frowned. The old lady kept talking: “I know young people sleep late, but you must also pay attention to the time. In the middle of the night, bang bang bang, the sound can be heard in the whole building. Us old people have neurasthenia. If we wake up, we can’t fall back asleep.”

This must have been done by Lian Tiancheng, but Lian Yin couldn’t explain it to the old lady, so he apologized to her first, saying that he would never do this again and the old lady reluctantly accepted the apology in anger. 

After the old lady left, Lian Yin clenched the handle of the suitcase tightly and accelerated his pace to go home. 

A few minutes later, Lian Yin stood at the door of the house panting, and frantically took out the key to open the door. 

Lian Tiancheng was lying on the bed looking at his mobile phone. The sound of the video was played loudly and the brainwashing music and laughter made people irritated. 

Hearing the movement of the door, he looked up, and the moment he saw Lian Yin, he showed a stern smile. 

Lian Yin subconsciously looked at the locked cabinet by the bed. 

The lock was intact, but the drawer was broken open, and a hammer was still lying on the ground. 

Broken drawers were left on the ground, and their contents were displayed in the sunlight. 

The drawers were full of breasts and bras that Lian Yin occasionally used for cross dressing. 

“Lian Yin, I found something very interesting in your cabinet.”  

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