Not Obedient Chapter 54

Chapter 54 The truth of that year 

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In the warm western restaurant, Mo Ling finished speaking, stopped, and reached for the tea cup on the table. She seemed to be experiencing a turmoil in her heart and the hand holding the teacup trembled slightly.

Lang Zhuoyu was told by her again and again that he had no patience, and he directly urged: “If you have something to say, hurry up. If you didn’t say in the text that the matter was related to Lian Yin, I would not have come out to see you.”

The tone of these words was not at all gentle and soft, Mo Ling knew that she couldn’t continue to struggle any more. She came to ask for forgiveness today, and there was no need to hold on to her worthless pride. 

“At the beginning, the student named Lian Yin was found to have violated the school rules before the recommended quota was finalized. Everyone thought that he didn’t hand in his mobile phone honestly.” Mo Ling’s voice was soft when referring to the past. 

“But in fact, he was wronged.” She put down the teacup, lowered her eyes, and put away all expressions: “Because this matter was my brother, Mo Han’s doing. He stole the phone and put it under Lian Yin’s pillow.” 

Lang Zhuoyu turned serious, looking up at Mo Ling. 

The moment she told the truth, Mo Ling clearly felt that most of the stagnation that had been lingering in her chest since she arrived in Beicheng had dissipated. She went on more smoothly: “Three years ago, I went to deliver food to Mo Han for my mother. During dinner, I helped him get his coat and found a separate key inside. It was not the home key. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, I thought it might be the key of Mo Han’s dormitory cabinet.” 

“But then I saw that key in your bunch of keys.” Mo Ling’s fingernails unconsciously pinched on the tablecloth. “These two things didn’t attract my attention until later. I heard that a classmate in front of Mo Han was suddenly disqualified for the quota for violating the school rules.” 

Mo Ling laughed at herself: “Maybe it was a woman’s intuition, or maybe it was me knowing my brother too well. When I learned that the classmate was disqualified for hiding his mobile phone, my first thought was that it was my brother.” 

“I know you are used to locking students’ phones in the cabinet, and I know how eager my brother was for that spot. It happened so coincidentally that one had to be suspicious. So I went to ask Mo Han.”

Mo Ling raised her hand and covered her eyes with her white fingers. Her voice was finally trembling: “He didn’t deny it at all, he just admitted that he stole your key to open the cabinet.” 

“Then he begged me, he cried and begged me, saying that he needed this quota, and he couldn’t go to Beicheng University on his own. After all, he was my younger brother, and he studied for more than ten years for that dream and the recommended place was determined at that time. I thought about not making any extra ramifications… so I helped him hide the matter.” 

Mo Ling moved her hand away, tears welling up in her long and narrow eyes, she leaned forward eagerly and explained to Lang Zhuoyu: “I had asked you before to help my brother with the quota. It’s true that my parents also gave you something for this matter. But after you refused, our family actually gave up. My father, mother and I gave up. Although my family wanted to use this relationship, we had never thought of harming others.” 

A tear fell from the corner of her eyes, she raised her hand and wiped it away: “It’s my brother who was naive and ignorant…” 

When Mo Ling and Lang Zhuoyu broke up, a large part of it was because of this. Mo Ling and the family members of both parties took this favoritism for granted and put pressure on Lang Zhuoyu one by one. It was labeled beautifully that they were all going to be one family in the future, and they should support each other. 

Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t bear the disturbance and broke up with Mo Ling on the grounds of disagreement. He also took the opportunity for a job change and left his parents’ side. 

“Are you finished?” Lang Zhuoyu interrupted coldly, unable to listen any longer. 

Mo Ling was suddenly interrupted and her thoughts were entangled. She forgot her words for a while, and looked at Lang Zhuoyu blankly. 

Lang Zhuoyu’s expression was incompatible with the warm yellow light: “You’re only telling the truth now? Does it still make sense? Lian Yin has already been irretrievably affected by this incident. You asked me out to say this at this time? It’s just for your own peace of mind.” 

“No, no, it’s not meaningless.” Mo Ling was a little flustered, “I want to ask for your forgiveness. My brother is too obsessed with this matter and my parents think he can’t continue like this. if you can forgive him, he can go out and turn the matter over.”

“Originally, we also thought that it was no longer meaningful to mention the past and wanted to hide it forever, but I received a call from my brother a few days ago. He said to me very suddenly, you still have feelings for me that he hoped I can come to Beicheng and explain things to you clearly. He also talked a lot about you and that classmate Lian Yin. He spoke about that classmate very badly, and it seemed that he was saying he was not worthy of you. “

“When I separated from you, I knew that we would never be able to be together. So when I heard my brother say that you still have feelings for me, I knew it was wrong. He is still obsessed with what happened three years ago. My father and mother hopes he can get out of that, that’s why I came to Beicheng and came to see you first when I arrived in Beicheng. I haven’t met Mo Han yet, I just told him that I’d be here. Because I want to tell you everything first…”

Mo Ling’s words were sincere, but every word was based on her own abacus. She came here just to save her family, and told the truth just to let Mo Han get out of his obsession, not to wash away Lian Yin’s grievances. 

Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t hear what she meant. His heart was full of anger, and his tone was frosty: “Why should I forgive you in order to help Mo Han get out of his obsession?” 

His eyes were like ice blades. He pinned Mo Ling straight: “Besides, it’s not me who you should apologize to and I’m not qualified to forgive you for Lian Yin.” 

Mo Ling quickly explained, “It’s not that I don’t want to apologize to that classmate, but… I really don’t have the face to see him. Like you said, the truth of this matter has no meaning. Even if I apologize, that classmate will not want it. But, but my brother needs forgiveness, he needs to come out from that matter.” 

Mo Ling buried her face in her hands, her posture was fragile, and he could no longer see the arrogance of the former. 

“I beg you, as long as I can get forgiveness, I can make a promise to compensate the classmate. He can ask for anything and our family will try our best to do it.” 

Lang Zhuoyu sat in the opposite seat calmly, looking coldly at the appearance of Mo Ling begging for her brother who was lost in obsession. There was no softening in his heart.

“There is no need for compensation, and you can’t compensate enough.” Lang Zhuoyu said, “How can you compensate for a young man’s most precious senior year? Your brother has been pursuing that dream for more than ten years, but what about Lian Yin?” At this point, the hope in Mo Ling’s heart was gradually extinguished, and she knew that she could not ask for it.

“However.” Lang Zhuoyu’s words changed. Mo Ling raised her head quickly, her eyes were shining, and she listened carefully to what he said next.

“The truth is not completely meaningless, and Lian Yin needs the truth to make him let go of this matter completely.”

Lang Zhuoyu took out his mobile phone, turned on the camera’s photography function, looked at Mo Ling and said, “You record this matter down. Once the truth is recorded, I will show it to Lian Yin. Whether or not he forgives you is up to him.”

“Thank you…” Mo Ling covered her mouth weakly.

When he came out of the restaurant, Lang Zhuoyu found that snow was falling in Beicheng. The snow fluttered with the wind, fell on the ground and turned into a pool of water. Winter was coming.

Lang Zhuoyu glanced at his watch and sighed, it was past eight o’clock. The conversation with Mo Ling and the video recording took too much time just now, Lian Yin must have been waiting at home for a long time.

Before returning home, Lang Zhuoyu sent a message to Lian Yin, saying that he had something to do and might have to come back later. The soup on the stove could be eaten as soon as it was heated. So far no reply had been received. He didn’t know if Lian Yin had eaten yet.

Driving back home, Lang Zhuoyu opened the door with the key.

Unexpectedly, the living room was dark and the lights were not turned on. Lang Zhuoyu thought that Lian Yin hadn’t come back, so he pushed open the door to change his shoes, and turned on the light, only to see Lian Yin curled up on the sofa, asleep with his eyes closed.

Lang Zhuoyu smiled unconsciously, changed his shoes and walked over. He found Mianmian squatting beside the sofa, looking up at Lian Yin, and seeing him approaching, he turned his head and gave him a “meow”.

Lang Zhuoyu sat down on the side of the sofa and rubbed Mianmian’s head: “It’s obviously a cat, so why does he sleep with its master like a dog.”

Mianmian shook his ears, and judged that Lang Zhuoyu was scolding himself, and swished away.

Lang Zhuoyu stopped caring about the cat, and turned to look at Lian Yin, who was sleeping with his eyes closed.

He was curled up, his hands and feet desperately tucked into his chest, forming a ball. Probably because of the heat, Lang Zhuoyu’s coat was thrown aside by him, and he had nothing on his body except a thin sweater.

Lang Zhuoyu touched Lian Yin’s hand, which was cold, and patted his face, trying to wake him up to go to bed.

“Lian Yin? Lian Yin?” Lang Zhuoyu called in a warm voice.

Lian Yin frowned, slowly opened his eyes, and saw the person in front of him in a daze.

“Go to bed, it’s uncomfortable here and your hands are cold, be careful you will catch a cold.” Lang Zhuoyu muttered.

Lian Yin was still stunned and it took a long time for him to react. His voice was soft because he had just woken up: “Are you back?”

Lang Zhuoyu was amused by his stunned appearance, pinched his face, and said: ” Yes. Have you eaten? Are you so tired today that you fell asleep on the sofa?”

“I’m a little tired.” Lian Yin said sullenly, “I was waiting for you, but I fell asleep.

Sensing that Lian Yin was a little unhappy, Lang Zhuoyu asked, “I woke you up, do you feel like getting up? Why are you unhappy?”

“No, school is just a little annoying.” Lian Yin said casually and then he leaned on Lang Zhuoyu “Are you going abroad to attend Teacher Wen Ting’s wedding tomorrow?”

Wen Ting was the heroine of the film written by Lang Zhuoyu. She recently had a happy event approaching and she was going to hold a wedding on a subtropical island, and she invited Lang Zhuoyu to attend. 

Lang Zhuoyu kissed Lian Yin’s hair and replied, “Yes, you really don’t plan to come with me?”

Lian Yin shook his head: “I don’t have a passport and Teacher Wen didn’t invite me.”

“I should be there for about three days, and I’ll come back immediately after attending the ceremony.” Lang Zhuoyu said.

Lian Yin said “En”, then his voice gradually disappeared.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t notice. Thinking about how to tell Lian Yin about seeing Mo Ling tonight, he was silent for a while before saying, “I have something…”

He said, then turned his head to look at Lian Yin. He found that the child’s head began to feel sleepy bit by bit. He must be tired today.

He sighed. This matter is not in a hurry anyway, he can talk about it later when he finds a chance. Lang Zhuoyu picked up Lian Yin and walked to the bedroom.

Let him sleep first.

Lian Yin was gently placed on the soft bed. Lang Zhuoyu turned around and went to the bathroom to wash up.

The sound of water in the bathroom sounded and Lian Yin on the bed opened his eyes again.

His eyes were looking at the air, his eyes empty, and a tear silently fell into the pillow.

Lian Yin felt very bad.

Really bad that he didn’t believe Lang Zhuoyu for even a moment today.

Lian Yin knew that Mo Han’s words were not credible. Whether it was a few years ago or now, Lang Zhuoyu would never do anything for his own sake, let alone something so important.

At the same time, Lang Zhuoyu never mentioned his ex-girlfriend when he was with him, and there was no trace of his ex around him. Mo Han said that Lang Zhuoyu was obsessed with his ex, which was ridiculous.

After calming down at this time, as long as he thought for a while, he knew that Mo Han was lying.

However, when he saw the picture of Lang Zhuoyu sitting with that woman, he couldn’t deny it, his heartache was real and the momentary panic was real.

Lian Yin didn’t know what was going on and what his mood was at that moment.

There was a problem between him and Lang Zhuoyu, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

Lang Zhuoyu treated himself very well. He was gentle, mature, and tolerant of himself. No matter what, he was gentle and easy-going. They had been together for a few months, and Lang Zhuoyu had left everything under his control.

They had no quarrels, no contradictions, and Lang Zhuoyu was perfect.

But Lian Yin felt that something was missing. Was he too sensitive, or was he too greedy?

The author has something to say:

Teacher Lang has not said “I love you” to Lian Yin.

↑I’ll give you the spoiler directly, so that you don’t think I’m forcibly dragging it. 

(Sigh, the story was conceived in advance and even when I started the piece, I talked with the editor about the plot for two days, so I felt that it was not a forced misunderstanding… The misunderstanding will be resolved soon, and it will be over when it is resolved. The end is coming.)

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