Not Obedient Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Mianmian: My dad and my dad seem to have a conflict 

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The next morning, Lang Zhuoyu packed his luggage and Lian Yin helped him lock the suitcase, stood up and looked at him.

Lang Zhuoyu noticed Lian Yin’s eyes, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek: “Wait for me to come back, you must eat well these days.”

Lian Yin nodded and gave him an embrace.

As a result, Lang Zhuoyu held his waist for a long time and didn’t let go. Lian Yin heard him chuckle in his ear: “Are you gaining a little weight?”

Lian Yin suddenly panicked, broke away from his arms, and touched his waist: “Really?”

“It’s good to be fatter, it’s comfortable to hold.” Lang Zhuoyu ruffled Lian Yin’s hair, pulled up the handle of the suitcase and walked towards the door, “I’m leaving, pay attention to safety when using water and electricity, Don’t play with your phone while cooking, and don’t write your thesis too late.”

“And remember to call every day.” Lian Yin grabbed the front of Lang Zhuoyu and said, “I know, Grandma Lang, you said it this morning. It’s already been two times.”

Lang Zhuoyu laughed and pointed his finger at him: “You think I’m long-winded? Then I’m really going to leave.”

After saying that, he changed his shoes, opened the door, looked back at Lian Yin, who was in front of him, and smiled gently: “Wait for me to come back.”

“Yeah.” Lian Yin nodded heavily.

With a “click”, the door closed and Lang Zhuoyu’s figure disappeared in front of him.

Lian Yin’s aura suddenly changed. His shoulders slumped, he slowly hugged his chest, buried his head in his arms, and squatted down at the entrance.

Mianmian seemed to sense the change in the master’s mood and took elegant small steps to Lian Yin’s side, meowing to him. Seeing that his master didn’t respond, he stretched out his small paws and pulled Lian Yin’s trousers.

Lian Yin finally raised his head and smiled at Mianmian: “He’s gone, let’s go too.”

Mianmian tilted his head. It didn’t understand what Lian Yin said, but intuitively felt that his owner was not happy, so when Lian Yin picked it up and put it in the cat bag, he didn’t struggle at all.

For the next hour, Lian Yin packed up his change of clothes, and packed up the cat food and cat toilet for Mian Mian. When opening the wardrobe to put on a coat, Lian Yin’s hand paused for a moment on his down jacket, then slipped onto another down jacket belonging to Lang Zhuoyu.

After hesitating for a moment, he took off the down jacket.

All packed up, Lian Yin called Xu Lin.

The phone was connected, and a confused voice came from the opposite side: “Hey, who is it?”

Xu Lin was obviously woken up when he was sleeping and Lian Yin took out the words that he had prepared a long time ago and said to him: “Xu Lin, I have a matter. I want you to help me take care of a cat, okay?” 

“Cat?” Xu Lin asked in a puzzled voice, “You have a cat? Wait a minute.”

Lian Yin listened to him speak. He seemed to hear unclear dialogue, Xu Lin seemed to be asking someone’s opinion: “My friend wants us to foster his cat for a bit, do you have any opinions?”

The person he asked should have not had time to express their opinions, because just after he finished speaking, Xu Lin said to Lian Yin presumptuously, “Okay, how many days will it be in foster care?”

“About three days.” Lian Yin replied.

“Okay, you can deliver it anytime, I’m at home today.” Xu Lin agreed readily.

“Thank you.” Lian Yin hung up the phone after thanking him.

After getting Mianmian’s things to go, Lianyin poked the kitten through the cat bag, and said to him, “I’m sorry, I’m going to send you to my friend’s house to raise you for a few days because I have something to do these days. “

Lian Yin put the cat on his back, pulled up the suitcase, walked to the entrance, turned around and looked around the house where he and Lang Zhuoyu lived for several months.

Habit is a very scary thing. In just a few months that Lian Yin lived here, living by Lang Zhuoyu’s side, he had become accustomed to this place, so accustomed that he almost forgot his life of the previous 20 years had nothing to do with the stability and spaciousness of this house and his tender and perfect lover.

That day, he saw the scene of Lang Zhuoyu and Mo Han’s sister together, and a suspenseful feeling poured out of his heart uncontrollably.

Like walking a tightrope between a hundred-foot cliff, like the sword of Damocles, there was something crumbling in his relationship with Lang Zhuoyu.

After returning home, Lian Yin regained his sanity. He knew that what Mo Han said was false, and he knew that Lang Zhuoyu was not that kind of person.

His reason was right, because Lang Zhuoyu also went home on time that day. He kissed himself and cared about himself as usual, and he clearly had no nostalgia for his ex.

But Lian Yin can no longer find the state of getting along with Lang Zhuoyu before. Mo Han’s words were farts, but some of his words seemed to break through the hidden pain in his heart.

Lian Yin didn’t know what his mood was called and he didn’t know why he was like this. Therefore, he wanted to talk to Lang Zhuoyu, but he couldn’t say it.

He needed to find out for himself to find the answer.

In a familiar and warm home, it is difficult to understand. Now that school has come to an end, Lang Zhuoyu just left, this was a good opportunity for Lian Yin to think about what was wrong with him.

Pushing open the door, he left with Mianmian on his back.

When he came to Xu Lin’s house, he rang the doorbell and soon Xu Lin, who was wearing home clothes, opened the door and welcomed the person in.

“Wow, where are you going with such a big suitcase?” Xu Lin exclaimed when he saw Lian Yin dragging the suitcase, “Have you had a conflict with your partner?”

Lian Yin smiled and denied “No, I just want to do something. I didn’t tell him, he went to Yang Tao’s father’s wedding.”

Yang Tao was a friend of both Lian Yin and Xu Lin, and he was also Hang Zhenze’s boyfriend. His father was an entrepreneur who is marrying Wen Ting.

“And not all the luggage is mine, mainly Mianmian’s food.” Lian Yin handed the suitcase to Xu Lin, carrying a small bag by himself, “This is my luggage, just a few clothes.”

Xu Lin looked at him silently and listened to him. Lian Yin looked a little fatter than before, and his cheeks might have been blown red by the cold wind. His complexion was obviously very good, and his speech was normal, but the aura around him signaled his depression.

He wanted to ask what was wrong with Lian Yin, but he didn’t ask, but in a slightly solemn tone, persuaded him, “Go out to play for a few days, then remember to go home.”

Lian Yin opened the cat bag for a while. Raising his head to look at Xu Lin, his friend who was always giggling was expressionless at the moment, staring at him seriously.

Lian Yin looked away, carried Mianmian out, and said with a smile, “Of course I’ll go home.”

He put Mianmian on the ground, his voice calm: “Why would I be willing to leave.”

Xu Lin didn’t say anything more, but he squatted down, looked at Mianmian who was motionless because he was afraid, stretched out his hand and poked it then said with a smile, “It’s pretty cute.” 

The two talked at the entrance for a while, then another man came out of the room. Lian Yin looked up and recognized that he was Gao Hanzhi, who was living with Xu Lin recently.

Lian Yin greeted him, but unexpectedly got no response. Gao Hanzhi went to the kitchen, he should have gone to the refrigerator to eat.

The cat had been delivered. Lian Yin stood up, took out the cat toilet and cat food, told Xu Lin how to feed it, thanked him again, and was about to leave.

Before leaving, Xu Lin was still worried, stopped him and asked, “Where are you going to live these days?”

“I’ll go ask Hang Zhenze. If they aren’t willing, I’ll find a hotel.” Lian Yin already had a plan. If it wasn’t for someone in Xu Lin’s home, he would prefer to live with Xu Lin. However, Hang Zhenze and the others will also go abroad these days, so it won’t be too awkward to go there by himself.

Xu Lin knew that his home was inconvenient, so he sent the person to the door, told him a few words, and sent him away.

After leaving Xu Lin’s house, he carried his bag and took a taxi to the house that Hang Zhenze rented.

Hang Zhenze lived with his boyfriend Yang Tao. They were going to go abroad by plane to attend the wedding tonight. According to the time estimate, they should be packing their luggage at home at this time.

Sure enough, when Lian Yin knocked on the door, Yang Tao still had a swimming trunk in his hand and unexpectedly looked at Lian Yin who came over without telling him in advance.

Yang Tao didn’t react, staring blankly at Lian Yin. He stared at Lian Yin until he felt a little embarrassed. He lifted the collar of his down jacket uncomfortably, buried the lower half of his face in the collar, and greeted him in a low voice: “Good afternoon.”

Yang Tao then reacted, turned sideways, and welcomed him in: “Good afternoon, please come in.”

“Excuse me, do I need to change shoes?” Lian Yin saw that Yang Tao’s house was clean and spotless in stark contrast to Xu Lin’s home just now and asked unconsciously.

Yang Tao waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, we are going to leave anyway, and we must clean up again when we come back.”

After speaking, he pointed to the sofa and asked him to sit down. Lian Yin still stood at the entrance, lowered his head, and the words in his heart rolled over several times, not knowing how to speak.

At this time, Hang Zhenze just came out of the room. Seeing that he was hesitant, he asked first, “What happened to you?”

Since he had been asked, Lian Yin was no longer entangled. He directly asked: “I… I want to stay here for a few days and I will leave before you come back. I will pay the rent and water and electricity bills according to the time I live here.”

Yang Tao heard this, then without any hesitation agreed with a smile: “Of course there is no problem. You can borrow it, you don’t need to give money, and the house is empty anyway.”

It went well unexpectedly and Lian Yin thanked them.

The two of them had just finished packing their luggage, put on their coats and were about to leave. Lian Yin, who was a guest, took them to the door in turn. Yang Tao gave him the key, smiled with his big white teeth, and patted his back: “I feel like you’ve gained a bit of weight recently, that’s good, you should eat more .”

Lian Yin was stunned for a moment. This was the second time he heard someone say he was fatter today. It seemed that Lang Zhuoyu didn’t mean to tease him in the morning. In the past few months, Lang Zhuoyu and he have eaten regularly every day, and occasionally went out to eat delicious food, and he really did gain weight.

Hang Zhenze glanced at his mobile phone outside the door and urged, “Tao, the car is coming.”

Yang Tao waved to Lian Yin and said cheerfully, “Bye bye! Be careful!”

Lian Yin slowly spread a smile on his face: “Thank you, you are the ones who need to pay attention to safety, goodbye.” 

The door was closed and Yang Tao’s laughter was cut off. The room suddenly became quiet. Lian Yin stood there for a while, then came back to his senses and sat back on the sofa.

This small two-bedroom house was very neat and full of life. It can be seen that Hang Zhenze and his other half lived very well here. Lian Yin sat on the sofa and slowly hugged his legs to his chest.

Originally, he wanted to change places for peace and quiet but coming to another place filled with a happy atmosphere, in this kind of place, his whole person soaked in warmth, what was the difference from his home.

Lian Yin unconsciously put his fingernail into his mouth and took two bites.

During this half-day of running around, he gradually got a clue about his current state of mind. Because of this, he hated himself a little bit.

Is Lang Zhuoyu not doing well enough? Was he getting an inch and wanting a mile?


A sudden brittle sound came from the sound of nails being bitten off. Lian Yin suddenly returned to his senses, took his fingers out of his mouth, looked at the missing nail, and retracted his hand into his sleeve in annoyance. 

It was getting dark outside the window, the neighbors might have started cooking. The cooking oil was sizzling and the kitchen knife fell on the chopping board.

The room was so quiet that Lian Yin didn’t know how long he had been sitting on the sofa. He didn’t know when he took out his mobile phone and was looking through the ticket purchase procedure.

The screen showed the flight ticket information from Beicheng to Xicheng.

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